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Rhythm action game, O2Jam
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The description of O2Jam – Music & Game
Enjoy the new classic rhythm game for everyone!

– Perfect Single Play
We have focused on heightening the most important qualities of music games, by taking into consideration the feedback from game enthusiasts,
from sync to note angles, note size, note and background color, as well as types of categorized judgment criteria.

– Compete Against the Globally Renowned
There is not only a graph which enables you to view the player’s skills in a glance, a social feature which gives you a chance to boast to your friends.

– New Skin System Full of Individuality
A strong customizing system is supported where separate skin patches can be fused or a completed set is available.
Enjoy ‘O2Jam – Music & Game’ on your own personalized play screen.
Don’t miss out the fun changing appearances of each skin type as you level up ‘Fever’ stages.

– Offline Mode Where You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime
A feature where you can play freely disregarding the network connection has been added.
The best rhythm game available where you can play anywhere, anytime, such as the bus, subway, or even on the airplane.

※ ※ O2Jam – Music & Game Special Features ※ ※
– Original sound best suited for rhythm games
– Level selection of Easy, Normal, Hard, 3Key, 4Key, 5Key play per song
– Short notes and long notes differentiated by light taps and prolonged touches respectively
– Touch & Drag features supported
– Judgment results: Perfect, Good, Miss
– Combo and 4 level fever system
– Result Rank Levels STAR, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E
– Multiplay ranking and song ranking available
– Customize the skin according to your taste
– Song sample available depending on user’s selection
– Available in multiple languages

※ O2Jam Music ※
– Over Basic 100 songs
– Additional updated over 500 songs (Subscription needed)

※ O2Jam Subscription ※
The O2Jam subscription service offers unlimited access to over 100 basic songs, over 500 additional updated songs, and all future songs and [My Music]’s Bag1 ~ Bag8. for $0.99 per month.

– Price and period: $0.99 / month

Subscription Terms: Payment is charged to your Google PlayStore Account.
Subscription is automatically renews unless turned off in Account Setting at least 24h before current period ends.
You can cancel and manage your subscription in your Google PlayStore Account Setting.

@ Terms of O2Jam Service : http://cs.o2jam.com/policies/policy_o2jam.php?lang=en&type=terms
@ Privacy for O2Jam : http://cs.o2jam.com/policies/policy_o2jam.php?lang=en&type=privacy

@ O2Jam Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/O2JAM
@ O2Jam Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/o2jam

ⓒ VALOFE Co., Ltd. & O2Jam Company ltd., All Rights Reserved.


40 comentarios en "O2Jam – Music & Game MODDED 2022"

  1. T A dice:

    Terrible UI. No filtering system. Album art usually doesn’t match song. Search functionality is annoying to use (e.g., when you choose a song and it turns out not to be the song you want (because, as stated before, album art does not match song title usually), you’ll have to search for the song title or song artist when you go back to the song selection screen). Such a shame because the gameplay and songs are really good.

  2. Throwback memories of o2jam pc wayback in 2004, hope you can added the skill option such as panic ring, ramdon ring, mirror ring, hidden and shadow ring for more challenging option as well as the PvP for scoring win lose record

  3. Ben N dice:

    I hope there is another way to get new songs not just by subscribing. I mean we already paid for the game. Also cant connect to google play. Sad.

  4. Very very few free music. A far cry from the PC game. But also the clicker thing. I had a clicker installed that I used to auto skip dialogue in certain games, and the game won’t run with it just ‘installed’? It’s not even running? I haven’t even used it in months, I forgot I had it. How is that such an issue? But nevermind that, the main issue is the music selection. The subscription is NOT worth it. Only got it for month or two for nostalgia. Other than that the game offers nothing else.

  5. Doesnt seem to be designed for newer devices, screens didnt fill the whole display, and for a $3 premium didnt have enough collections for it. The game is also buggy for some devices including my Oneplus 7 which plays the game in full speed but the sound plays in slow which made the game unplayable. The music also have no keysounds. This alone seems terrible enough for a music game.

  6. Really expecting it to be like it was before. The songs are not in sync with the game and it’s making it harder to play when i always have to exit the game and go back to the settings to set the appropriate sync.

  7. To be honest, i love it, Some of the songs were in mute, but i hope you can fix it on the next update, I’ve always been a jam of 02jam, when it was release on the PC, now i can play it on my android device, YES!, Thanks for the game!, I hope you can find a way for it to be compatible with other devices, because i think my smartphone had a problem on multi touching buttons

  8. Some songs have bugs. I’ll give at least 4 stars if you can fix the songs like “A little dream” wherein there’s no sound at all. Already tried reinstalling the game and clearing the cache but same issue. **EDIT** Changed my rating from 1 star to 5 star. They did listen to my feedback and immediately fixed the issue. Job well done, devs 🙂

  9. Overall the Game is Great, loved the fact i can play o2jam anywhere now. -tho would love to have additional Sound Options, volume is too low on earphones -also the Keys are sticky, there are moments when i know my fingers are off but it still catches the bar, and i don’t like getting getting high scores that i didn’t earn.

  10. Ive been subscribed for 2 months now. Hopefully whoever developing this game would add more songs like Xepher, blue zenith, fool’s night, no. 7, You and many other more. Im running out of songs to play. Also no harm with adding at least anime songs, just make sure the map syncs with the song perfectly.

  11. little did i know that there is a subscription fee to access some of the songs, i was hoping to try some old songs (free ones) that i have been playing on the PC version, but after paying for the mobile version, i was disappointed as it wasnt free.

  12. I just uninstalled and requested for refund. Reason: No Multiplayer. I was expecting that there’s still multiplayer like before and would not mind about the $1 monthly fee (just like old times pc games: pay to play). I just wish they’d bring that back up.

  13. M R dice:

    great mobile rhythm game. For a fair price, you get access to a LOT of charts in easy, medium and hard, lots of great bangers from the pc version. Wish they gave us more skins to choose from, and the option to change the lane perspective

  14. I cancelled my subscription as the game doesn’t work anymore since the last patch on my one plus phone. The moment I open the app, it kinda force closes by itself. This never happened before. I’m quite disappointed as this was one of the music games I kinda enjoyed in mobile.

  15. Chriz dice:

    I refunded. sorry but this game is very different from what I experienced before with korean version here on google play. The key press detection are awful, the song selections are very very few from being a paid game, No free weekly use songs. I wouldn’t mind paying for a monthly subscription if the base game feels premium already but sadly it isn’t. I am sorry but I am very very dissapointed. My first impression about this game is Pure Greed. I could be wrong but i have mixed feelings.

  16. Super nostalgic! Really love this game! I just hope that instead of having a subscription, it would be best that the tracks can be bought like the original o2jam on pc. That’s why I gave it a 4 out of 5.

  17. Shaw Ping dice:

    Nostalgic! Songs are the same, key patterns also very similar. Volume abit soft and there is no multiplayer. Please put in multiplayer. This game will definitely become a hit again.

  18. Ryan Bear dice:

    The overall gameplay is good. But do you know that there is a slight delay music of around 2-3s if you are using bluetooth earphone? Maybe if you can fix this. It wil really be the best. And if you can please update more songs

  19. I paid for subscription first week of november and it work. But now its second week of my playing, the game detected this as something terminated or not working, causing some premium songs are disabled in music list and wont play

  20. Good Day! I Love This Game But Since im a player of this last 2005-2006 I will not give s 5star.it needs improvements.. its better to portait style because some other phones have 6-7inches, so its harder to tap in 5keys..The display content, everytime it downs, its harder to see compare to the last game we played..dont zoom the display content when it downs, make it regular size to see better display so everyone will appreciate the display.I would like to stream this Game to become popular again

  21. The Game was awesome i play this game since it released in PC, but in mobile it disappoint me, when i pressing perfectly the note and it mark miss lots of misses, then the keys wont work until the game will over. Please fix the bug, ill rate it 1 star for now.

  22. Very few music i cant play my favorite musics. I wish i can play them without subscription. I will play this everyday if the subscription is gone.

  23. App seems to be disturbed by our pakket analyzer, > “[Packet Capture] Tool detected, Please delete the tool and re-launch this application” is the message.. what data is it, that you are sending from our devices, you don’t like us to capture or see?!?

  24. Review can be prone to changes. Pros: O2jam songs Cons: No vertical mode Songs are locked even though we paid for the full game Colors are different from the old one Kinda buggy Not worth the money (at this moment).

  25. KiBa HB dice:

    Wow nostalgic songs i remember o2 jam in pc ill really love it thank you 🤗🤗🤗 but please fix some bugs and add portrait mode. Can you please back like the old one o2jam like in pc that there’s a character’s please since our phone now can carry large ram

  26. Cannot login into google play games

  27. Winter dice:

    Game and Music is OK but i don’t know if my cellphone or game has the problem whenever i go for full 4 keys some might work i can only tap and hold 3 keys at a time which is sucks its like forcing to have miss/misses notes hoping to fix this and i will make 5 star review IF this thing fix

  28. Jaka RP dice:

    I loved this game since first released on PC back then. I hope you add 7 keys option so when I play this game on emulator I can feel like old times. Maybe you can release a PC version with 7 keys.

  29. PRIME dice:

    App is not full screen, Songs dose not sync feels like tapping random blocks while song is playing on background. Also lots of songs are boring, I feel sleepy

  30. Not totally satisfied, not like the previous version App is not updated for newer devices. Also new version of app doesnt allowed me to play in portrait mode.

  31. Game is pretty still easy to perform and ting is good sync perfect. The gameplay still feel smoother, it’s a good thing I downloaded for free today no cost. No guys it’s easy you need more practice!

  32. Andrew Ng dice:

    All of the songs have no music at all?! I’m just tapping the keys without music. I have restarted the game a few times and still it doesn’t solve this issue?! I want a refund!

  33. S W dice:

    I was really excited to play this game as I’ve been playing O2jam since the first mobile game came out several years ago. Unfortunately it was a waste of money and my time since it doesn’t work. I reached out to the developers about the problems I’ve been having almost a week ago but I haven’t heard back from them. It’s very disappointing.

  34. Good quality game. Maybe you guys can add sociometry, forever and apocalypse of dirge swan. 3 star only because sometimes the game do late respond on the tapping instead of synchronizing.

  35. Like the game but disappointed in subscription fee. I know it cheap but the game already pay2play now with this subscription? Other game free2play and offer premium song to unlock for few play by watch ads or unlimited play by purchase the song pack.

  36. Artzler x dice:

    It’s quite fun, the subscription is a bit annoying since i did pay for the game on my old phone and still had to keep paying its still fun either way.

  37. Fix needed for the music, I was playing on a Huawei Mate 20 X and the sound effects and the music all sounded eerily slow and robotic. Not sure what is wrong.

  38. Still can’t play with rooted phone. I rooted my phone to removed a bunch of bloatware and now I can’t revert it back and play this game. So much restriction for this kind of game and I don’t see any reason why.

  39. Brian dice:

    Good enough for me. The best rhythm game I’ve enjoyed playing + nostalgia. Still needs a lot of improvements tho. I’d say this game is currently 2/5 of its potential.

  40. Currently installing the app now, and this truly brings back memories 😍 I just hope that I get to see all those songs from the pc version. Definitely a good call getting this into gplay!

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