Beat Shot 3D – edm Bullet Rush MODDED


2021 Superb EDM music games with GUN sounds & Spicy songs! Enjoy music feast!
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A special game in different genres of EDM games with wonderful gameplay!

💖Do you want to experience different music games? Then Beat Shot is the game designed for you!

🎶You can find worldwide Epic masterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker, Alone by Marshmello … and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautiful melody, relax your pressure with this EDM music game!

🔥Beat Shot combines one-finger control gameplay with carefully selected EDM songs to create an experience you have ever seen before. Immerse yourself in a 3D scene combining beautiful music and gunfire, you will find yourself loving this music game.

How to play:
-Blocks appear and follow the rhythm of the music.
-Slide your finger to adjust the direction of the gun to break the blocks.
-Do not miss any tiles to keep the game going.
– Collect coins and gems to unlock new songs.

Game Features:
-Realistic 3D visuals and effects.
-Fantastic EDM music and gun-sound effects.
-Easy one-finger control.

Test your reflexes & finger speed. Try it now! Music lovers will definitely love it!

If any music producers or labels have a problem with the music and images used in the game, or any players have any advice to help us improve, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


- weapon effects ajusted🎶
- new camera effects added🔥
- bugs with custom song fixed💖


40 comentarios en "Beat Shot 3D – edm Bullet Rush MODDED"

  1. Pineapple dice:

    Edit: I have not played it in a while but the problem I run into is the way the blocks go around you makes lining up the cross hairs to the targets more of a guessing game. Just the way the field of view works, it’s hard to know if your shot will hit the target or not. I do enjoy beat fire and hope you guys continue it’s support for a long time. Beat fire is 10/10. Edit 2: You guys are amazing devs. I’m raising to a 4 based purely off of effort to improve and kindness. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Really good, smooth game. I can tell you were mainly wanting to make a more, 3D version of beat fire, and it turned out great. I would also like if you could add a few meme songs like Coffin Dance, or Megalovania and stuff like that, if it’s not on there already, and I haven’t seen it. Keep up on the good work!

  3. After my sister said that she can access the songs, I installed it again but it doesn’t work anymore. Not even one can be imported! I can’t play or import one and that’s what makes me 😡. I love the app but I like the feature more than anything so please fix this ASAP. This is my third installation already. Minus 1 star for you!

  4. Enjoyed this game and I’m hooked already. Tested the first song, and everything is much more perfect. The controls are much more simplistic than Beat Fire and the visuals are much more beautiful. Hope you can update this more regularly and I’m looking forward to it. EDIT : Also looking forward to see some Beat Fire features being implemented into the game, like difficulty, levels and different types of targets as well!

  5. It’s a nice game & all but there’s just one problem to me, there isn’t enough songs. And most of the songs are songs that most people don’t know about. How about adding some popular songs from 2020-2022? Some of Olivia Rodrigo songs or songs from small artists? Take ‘DARKSIDE’ from Neoni for an example. The beats would be perfect for such songs 🎵, that’s the only reason I don’t like to play this game much often, so I really hope that this could work soon..

  6. yurnero dice:

    This game is literally the best . The songs are amazing . The back ground is so cool . I really like every thing about this game . Thanks so much for this masterpieces. edit : but there is something that annoyed me so much . Before i start a match and click on bullet skins And watch an ad to get a skin i like . But it make me watch 3 or 4 ads . And after that i dont even get the skin . Fix this as soon as possible because its so annoying !

  7. This game is for sure a five-star! There is no lag if you are on a stable device, and ads aren’t an issue. I just downloaded the game and everything is so smooth and the backgrounds and transitions are beautiful! Keep up the amazing work! I recommend this and again this is for sure one of the best I’ve played.

  8. Awsome game but the only problem is that the songs aren’t loading. I can only enjoy monody , unity and run nothing else. Please fix it edit – thanks for the reply but the problem of downloading the songs it still the same . But overall the game is still a 5 star . I only want that the song ‘feelings’ can be downloaded. Thank you

  9. I describe this game as a good game especially its music, its great music the wallpaper of the game is also beatiful i want to encourage others to download in order to, get the music experience the only problem is that you need to watch a video in order to unlock some, songs that really is bad but so far its all well i look forward to more games like this

  10. Great game and I love the music selection. The one main reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is the ads. Create an option to pay and remove ads. Even if it cost $3.00-$5.00 a month your making more money then by ad revenue with so many people downloading n playing this. I will change my review once this action is completed.

  11. Major disappointment. I did the first two songs, bought a third, had little promise, but it still did not load. Also, the whole mechanic of the bullet being pushed back is neat ‘n all, but remove the part of it so it doesn’t get pushed off to the side (s).

  12. This game is amazing….the brst part is the songs. I love it how it uses edm and elektronic music and those kinds of music is my favourite. Anothor good part is the themes cuase MY GOD the themes are amazing, including the weapons you use to shoot…but kinda hoping for you to add new songs and themes…like new songs from Tobu, TheFatRat, and more. Overall, definetly a five star game….;)

  13. Very good 😊 you can buy songs with diamonds and it already has free song to play and you can watch some adds to buy some songs but the problem is sometimes when I watch some adds it won’t play a add to buy a song and to be alive again so please fix it but I enjoy the game and it never hangs so Ii is pretty good 😊

  14. Great app but the ad songs don’t load the ad or the song. Also please.make your ads less Intrusive. Change these things and I’ll give you 5 stars.

  15. Fun game, cool unlocks, good selection of tunes. Suffers only from being in the style of a subway runner type game. “So one star demoted for aesthetic stagnation within a sphere of game design that is overpopulated by too many products within the genre. Don’t have the player, ate the game.!’ – Cornsmith Hoggswaggle, 1804

  16. Fun to play, great graphics and the backround scenery looks great. Fun variety of weapons. Would be great if they made other sounds than just gunfire

  17. Overall amazing👍👍👍👍👍. One thing I like that it has exactly same songs and the gameplay is very comfortable. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺. But one thing you should add more songs. This songs you should add please like alone, believer, on my way, faded etc. Hope you will add these songs. But amazing game 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  18. First i enjoyed lot… Nice music… But there are only 2 musics are free… After that even buying with coins.. It shows network error… Even though im having high internet speed… Highly disappointed 😣😵

  19. Deleting the app immediately, i tried the “My song” and whenever i choose something from my playlist, it just stops on 50% and not even work after all.

  20. My experience was really really really bad.Whenever i shoot the tiles it doesnt make any sound the background music doesnt come out but when i exit the background music starts playing and also when i unlocked a song aand try to play it loads halfway and stops at 50% Pls fix this🙏

  21. I’m giving a five because I love the songs and the gameplay! The only problem here is that the sensitivity at 1:1 is not really 1:1 on my phone, so maybe you can add in some code about fitting the sensitivity exactly to width of screen? That wil/ help. Thanks!

  22. I absolutely loved this game but i couldn’t download musics it just tells me that my internet connection is bad while its high! Hope this game to be better every day

  23. Very Cool game!!!I love it soo much!Awesome musics with Magical effects!! Hope more effects and features soon! Between I love this. Game😍❤

  24. Cool and simple game! Very fun,and basic.Must reccomend! Also apologies for my rude review for one of your other apps,this app is so far your best.The ads are not forced but the ad prizes do work,which makes it easier!

  25. Very great game overall but could use the option to add in your own songs. Other than that its really great! Keep up the excellent work!

  26. I like this game very much. the only thing that I gave it 4* star is that there are not too many weapons you see there are only 8 weapons so add more weapons & also some new scenes & also add few more songs please like: legend never die,courtesy call,faded,believer, thunder and the sun goes down & star comes up and some way to get the mjolnir without watching ads like getting the mjolnir permanently with coins that it what I wanted to say & i love the way how you have not added inappurchase tq ☺

  27. First of all, it is a really good game. I like it. I was looking for a game that I can play. Then I saw this game. So, I tried it. NOW, I am fully addicted to it. I can also play it with my own songs. It’s just what I wanted. Thank you for this wonderful game. Second of all, when I play the full song and at the time of playing there were bombs but too many bombs. Can please you reduce the number of bombs? Lastly I totally recommend this legendary game.

  28. Really good game. Super challenging if you play alot and unlock harder levels. I dont understand why i saw 4 stars and 3 stars before i downloaded. Keep up the great work, pal.

  29. IKRΛM dice:

    Really really a great game I liked how you balanced the ad thing I am giving 4 star only because of the visual. The visuals are flat or its not impressive but the controls and sfx are top notch hope you guys improve it overtime❤️

  30. I love this game so much,It’s so easy to play And all of the music are just Amazing,The reason why i gave it 4 star because If i wanna play with my own Music And when it lands on 50% It stops And doesn’t continue can you pls Fix it,But overall this game is Awesome

  31. Well for 1 the music selection is very limited and basically just EDM that’s not a bad thing necessary but the best doesn’t really sync to the gun and the cubes u shoot

  32. I love the game but most if the levels requre ads and its very annoying(especially the fact that it keeps on saying “failed to load ad”) but its still cool

  33. when i frist hear this my friends were talking about it and i was like”i should play this app and see how great it is” and its super great i even play this befor i go to bed its fun to play no lags maybe a little bit lag but i still enjoy it!!!

  34. C0ldW0lf dice:

    Look sorry to say but beat fires better and this game just has to many glitches. Beat fire has a better angle and a better look to it rather then this one. This game just doesnt compare to beat fires level.

  35. I really like it butttt it’s a bit boring and uhhh not challenging??? But hey I like the concept tho but for now I’ll give you a four stars first keep up the good work!

  36. It just music playing in the background nothing much of a game ,just try skipping every box in the game and it will still make the sound of it bursting just a little in lower volume

  37. Izeakil dice:

    The only issue I have is that it keeps on saying ‘Failed to load ad’ but when it randomly aooears the ads work :/ apart from thats its kind of a good game

  38. Great game! I love it. Please, make more songs that everybody loves, like Believer, Coffin Dance and more songs. Thank you so much for making this game!

  39. superb game man and graphics too but i am giving 4 stars only because I saw other reviews they are same problems as I have with this game allthough this is a good game .you can look at others reviews to improve this game and ha plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz decrese number of ads I know that you can’t remove them but plzzzzzz decrese the numbers

  40. I like this game!! It’s really cool but thats very hard, nevermind i’ll just play others music Do you like this game or not?? Well, its about to easily very perfect!

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