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Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus, an AWESOME mobile music game.
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❖Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus❖

Check the screenshots and you will see an AWESOME mobile music game!
Just PLAY and ENJOY!


– 200 songs and 400 variations, including many from famous composers around the world

– Beautiful hand-drawn art style (as illustrated in the screenshots)

– Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types of notes

– Different display modes allow player-friendly previewing of notes

– Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback for taps

– More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges

– Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM ‘N BASS and many more

– Connect to Facebook and show off your Cytus skills


– Follow along the Active Scan Line
– Tap each note as the line passes through
– Time your taps as the line is at the center of the note for a higher score!


In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the world are robots.

They are the last remnant of the human spirit.

However, mankind is not dead.

Technology exists that is capable of transferring memories to these robots.

But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwrite the old.

To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away, the robots resorted to converting the emotions to music, and storing them in a place called Cytus.

The robots use these songs to experience human emotion and dream that souls exists in each of them…

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- Compatibility issues fixed


4 comentarios en "Cytus 2022"

  1. Bradlee Lucas dice:

    This game is by far the BEST rhythm game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is unique and so much fun, with an easy mode and hard mode option for each song ranging from levels 1-9. The music is really good. There’s over 7 hours of music (not including the DLC) and I listen to it even when i’m not playing, just working or studying. My only complaint is that you can’t play it offline unless you load it online. Anyways, I love this, and I can’t wait till have the money to purchase and try out Cytus II!

  2. Sarah Bell dice:

    For only 2 dollars, this is a steal. Rhythm games dont generally work well woth mobile format. Cytus changes that. The whole screen is for tapping, but a scrolling vertical line focuses your tapping. This leads to very cool dynamic and flowing gameplay. The charts here are more structural than Cytus II. They spoil you with 120 songs. Stylistically, are classic rhythm game (compare to Cytus II, which is more modern, ‘poppier’) of classic-electronic trancey hardcore, but have a great range.

  3. Isaak Ivey dice:

    The game is great. The song choice is great too. There’s just one major problem. Nowadays, nobody has a headphone jack. People have to use Bluetooth earbuds because companies decided they wanted even more money. Why is this a problem? Well, Bluetooth has a delay. Making games like this impossible to play, not to mention unfun. All you need is a way to calibrate the timing of the notes. It can and has been done. Do this and the game is an easy 5/5. Wait! There is! Oh. Sorry then, 5/5 🙂

  4. C Younger dice:

    There is definitely something for everybody interested here, with songs that go to 2 or 3 tps or songs that go as high as 9. There are paid songs but there are over a 130 songs or so for free and unlocked from the start. Rhythm is great, graphics are great, no complaints apart from sometimes the feeling of being inhuman to do some levels such as hard freedom dive and halcyon

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