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The Workday Mobile App gives you the tools, insights, and answers you need to maintain workplace productivity – all in one convenient place.


The Workday app is the ultimate mobile solution that gives you instant access to nearly all your Workday tasks, from checking in to work and requesting time off to connecting with teammates and learning new skills.

– Get push notification reminders so you never forget important tasks
– Submit timesheets and expenses
– View your payslips
– Request time off
– Learn about your teammates
– Check in and out of work
– Learn new skills with training videos
– Find new internal opportunities at your organization through gigs and jobs

Plus HR and employee management features just for managers:

– Approve employee requests with a tap
– View team and employee profiles
– Adjust employee roles
– Manage payroll and request compensation changes
– Give performance reviews
– Use the hours tracker and view employee timesheets
– Browse interactive reports and dashboards


The Workday Mobile App is incredibly easy to use, organizing everything you need to do your best work in one intuitive app.


Get quick access to the workplace tools, insights, and actions you need most, so you can manage your work life anywhere, any time.


Lost or stolen device? Don’t worry – your account is protected by best-in-class Workday security and mobile-native technology like biometric authentication. Plus, because your information is stored in the cloud, not on your device, you can rest easy knowing that your data is not only secure, it’s always up to date.


This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Workday MOD"

  1. Terrible! It gives the options to “remember me” and “stay signed in”, but it ALWAYS logs me out each time I close the app despite me selecting both options. In addition to having to physically type my login and password each time I open the app, it them immediately requires me to answer one of my security questions (which also notifies my email every time) before allowing me to finally access everything. Such a waste of time, and inconvenient in so many ways! Props to employer for requiring it..

  2. Kellie R dice:

    So much time is wasted trying to clock in or sign in (repeatedly), or dealing w/errors. Too many issues w/using this app to list them all. Rn, we have a list of learning tasks to show mastery so we can get a raise. Each task (just to check it off) 5 clicks/pages. No way to resume where you left off, so you have to click thru each pg (some are 99 tasks), until you find where you were. Figuring out reimbursement also awful. Definitely NOT user friendly. Need push notifications of jobs posted.

  3. Have to constantly update manual entries, system freezes me out of check-in checkout, very buggy. Difficult and cumbersome to use. Too difficult to log into multiple times a day. The more I use this app the less I like it. Now when I’m checked in it says I’m not checked, and therefore have unmatched time so I constantly have to go back and manually fix all the things it won’t let me do as I’m required to do throughout the day so the end of the day is spent fixing check-ins and outs.

  4. Bs of an app. Not only do we have to sign in every time, but also do the multifactor authentication. It also doesn’t remember the password so I have to type it in every time. Also when you put in all your hours at once it glitches out after 2 entries so you have to clear the app and sign in again. I hate it sm. Actually one of the reasons I’m quitting my job

  5. It is very convenient to clock in and manage work business on my phone. It is quick and convenient and secure with biometric recognition. But, when you have to change passwords unexpectedly (which seems unnecessary with biometric recognition) getting back to use is difficult and frustrating.

  6. It’s ok but could definitely use a bunch of upgrades. It needs to allow signing in with fingerprints or other biometrics and it also needs to allow saving log in information instead of having to type all the time. Entering time can be improved as well to not glitch as much. Overall it gets the job done but def can use a bunch more modernization in terms of what other apps are capable of.

  7. psbox362 dice:

    Frustrating beyond belief. The app makes you change your password every couple of months. I only use the app to use my sick days, which becomes an enormous headache as I spend more time changing passwords and struggling to remember years-old security questions than I do actually using the app. The app is also annoyingly quick to automatically log you out for inactivity. Security should be a concern for apps like this, but the security features all trip over each other and simply get in the way.

  8. It’s relatively easy to use and looks very streamline but i find it lacking compared to our old system. Sure, I can now find the contact info for everyone in the company and it makes looking for potential job openings easier, which is cool, but not features I’d use regularly. Since we’ve switched to this new system, I’m no longer able to make changes to my pay distribution or set up new direct deposits, both features I used quite a bit.

  9. Excellent layout, but there are a few minor inconveniences. For example, the option to use 24 hour clock would be easier so I don’t have to tap the minutes slot when I’m submitting my time. I also sometimes have lag when I’m putting in my time which can get frustrating. This is rare though. Overall very effective and easy to use app! Also a huge fan of the career tab where you can see who is the boss of who and get into contact with anyone for professional development.

  10. The navigation is kind of clunky and convoluted. It requires you to get a verification code through texts or phone calls to login every time. Why not just have trusted devices or fingerprint login? Also, it wont allow anyone to request days off through it; it says that the service is unavailable at the time or that it just simply isn’t available at all. I’m not sure if these problems are specifically with the design of my company’s version, but so far I’m not a fan.

  11. This app is buggy and stammers from the passcode screen onward. I find that particularly strange and frustrating since my phone runs what appears to be a 99% stock version of the Android OS. The interface is unintuitive, graphically busy and and FAR too monochromatic. I only use it when I absolutely must and because of the confusing interface and the overall limitations of the app, I’m usually supremely frustrated during those times. Why do I have to go to my PC for so many of the things that I begin in this app? It just doesn’t feel as useful as most apps, in my experience.

  12. Limited functionality, compared to the website, which makes the app pretty pointless. It also doesn’t keep consistency with the section labels between the app and site. For example, the site is labeled “Absence” and the site calls that section “Time Off”. This may not sound like a big deal but when you’re trying to learn something new it’s very disorienting.

  13. Amy Moua dice:

    Very frustrating. Sometimes my password works sometimes it doesnt. I make sure I type it in correctly. So I’m sure it’s just a glitch in the app. Also when I click reset password I do not receive a link. And I know forsure the email I type in is the one linked to my account. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling still doesnt work. When it works it’s great…but too many times it has occurred where my password would suddenly not work. Also my credentials got deleted outta the blue..

  14. This app has potential. There are a few features that I found to be an improvement on the previous website that my company used (and still does for many things). But there are a great number of things that just come up just short of being good. Completed learning can’t be accessed if it is accidentally restarted. Quickly viewing pay stubs in the familiar layout is a no go, you have to wait until it loads it which doesn’t always happen on the first try.

  15. On Android there are a few issues. First it will not remember login information, on IOS it does, with face ID and the other options it has. On Android you can set up the thumb print, eye and face, it won’t take it. It always challenges the device, even when you have checked do not challenge again. The app gets stuck from time to time, depending on what you are doing. The app is good for quick things, but the log in part needs work.

  16. This app has been buggy since I first downloaded it, but at least it used to mostly work. It won’t even let me clock in or out anymore, just says the session has expired even if it just started. Please get this fixed, it’s so annoying having to whip out my laptop every single time to connect to the web and clock in or out. Sometimes I’m not in a secure enough area to do that!

  17. Benefits enrollment is incredibly difficult. Interface is unintuitive and hard to use, in particular the screens for adding beneficiaries. When reviewing your benefits if there is an error it does not highlight the option that needs changed making you guess at what you need to modify. On top of that, there is a bug preventing me from adding a beneficiary which in turn prevents me from completing my enrollment. Save time and just use the website.

  18. This app is an unfinished dumpster fire. The menus are difficult to navigate, the information is displayed in confusing and ridiculous ways, the menu naming scheme does not explain what the menu is supposed to do. There are pointless bar graphs to show data, but the numbering scheme renders the bar graphs functionally useless. Tables in the app do not provide any useful functionality, when you select an entry it just brings up a bigger font of the data, it is not linked to anything.

  19. This app is terrible. It loads slowly and crashes a lot. It takes 5 different screens just to clock in, each taking 5+ seconds to load. I used to be able to use fingerprint login, but that stopped working and isn’t an option anymore. No one at my company can figure out the scheduling so I get tons of warnings submitting my time and we have to use a different system. I can’t check any of my notifications on the app, it makes me log in on a browser.

  20. My company recently switched to this system… that being said, this app is HORRIBLE. It is designed for use on a PC or laptop and does not appear to be properly integrated for smartphone use. I can not resize the screen to fit and instead have to scroll and scroll; there is no sliding notice to see where you are on any given page. The “settings” are none existent: since when does “version” and “website” constitute settings??? You can’t set up notifications, or preferences or anything. Ugh

  21. Nancy G. dice:

    Has a lot of issues, sometimes the time tracking doesn’t show up. It doesn’t allow you to use fingerprint to sign in all the time, other times it always has you re enter a verification code even if you have previously done so. Then re enter a pin. Other times it works fine. It’s very inconsistent. It’s tedious to sign in. They need to fix these bugs.

  22. Barely functional. My employer had all us employees begin using this app. I’ve used it a whole 2 times since implementation over a year ago. It touts convenience, but in my case, I can’t even see convenience. I’m supposed to see my pay statements, but it circles me back to a main menu. This app doesn’t switch from desktop mode to mobile device screen mode. Everytime I use a main menu to expand on a topic, it either struggles to connect or turns back around to return me to a menu. Screw this app!

  23. If you thinking about using Workday for Supply Chain then look else where, like anything else would be better than this. I’ve used Workday for supply chain for over a year and since it was released and it is still terrible. There are countless problems with the app and it is extremely inefficient when trying to do any function. The mobile version barely supports any functions so you have to use the web version most of the time anyways.

  24. Very poor software. The password reset does not work. I try to email reset and it does not work. the app constantly locks me out because it forces me to change a password every month or so. The company I work for only uses this because we are already locked in to using it. It is such a headache. Even when I can log into the software it hardly works. I advise anyone looking into this app to look elsewhere if they want something to help their business.

  25. Useless app. Makes you change your password more then all other things I login into combined. No bank or credit card or medical records, you know, real things that would need you to change you password make me do it. After that, it tells me my security questions are wrong which they aren’t. Makes you jump through so many hoops that they can’t even keep them straight. Maybe if I could consistently get in without having to change a password….

  26. Forced to use this crappy app! I have to constantly log in, it won’t keep my info even though I have it checked. I have to always wait for the pin to text me, which is 80% of the time expired. (wtheck?), yes it says its EXPIRED, then I have to do it all over again. I have to DOWNLOAD my pay stub to just LOOK at it. The topping now, I can’t look at my schedule on my phone! I have to take an extra half hour or more to go to work (or stay late) to get on the computer & play w/ printing it! SUCKS!

  27. It would be nice if this app could remember anything about me or the company I work for. Having to enter every single piece of my information, from scratch, every single time, is infuriating. You’ve put a little “Remember Me” box there that does nothing if checked. This company is so widely used, it’s insanity that the app lacks this basic functionality. Also, some of the tiles are missing on the mobile version, which is a pointless limitation, especially with so many working from home.

  28. Really frustrated w security. I try to log on and it says session expired. I close the app and log in again. It takes me to duo and then says session expired. If I just need to use the website, then just tell me to do that and don’t direct me to an app that never seems to connect. When it does connect, it’s decent, but that’s pretty rare.

  29. Ever since an update around June this app has been completely dead. I cannot get past the login page, once i login i just get a blank screen with the workday logo and the settings button at the top. There doesnt appear to be a way to get past this and it drives me crazy because the app used to be functional. Hopefully they actually fix this for samsung users.

  30. I hate this app. The app indiscriminately boots me out and I have to reset passwords, and refollow the steps to set up a pin, won’t connect to the internet even though the phone is connected, and once a month uninstall and reinstall. Recently it started freezing after any time entry, and goes back to the log in screen. Entering time is a 10 min process waiting, freezing, reentering data… It is a pain!!! I hate it.

  31. Too complicated to navigate, shows same notifications over and over again even if you push the “not show again” box. Then it forgets your 4 digit pin number and I donot understandwhy ithasto be linked to the other app just to verify you are the rightful acct owner. Too slow. I think they have HUGE!! room for improvement and better development, the way it works now seems very archaic to me. I think windowa is not the best platform for an app like this. I hope for a lot of improvements.

  32. While this app works passably most of the time – aside from seemingly every update adding a new page to load in the queue of pages between you and actually clocking in, providing one a practical reason to be a little early every day – it will sometimes mess up in very inconvenient ways. Be ready to look for double clock ins, outs, clock in clock out clock ins, and times when you lose connection halfway through and the app gives up on life and has you go through all the login pages again. It’s not the worst app in the world, but as someone who uses it just to clock in and out every day it’s a bit cumbersome and sometimes unreliable. As one coworker remarked when we started using this app, it’s got “someone’s nephew programmed an app” energy.

  33. Jada D. dice:

    Our company transitioned from WhenIWork to Workday in an effort to streamline all of the documents and tasks we use often. On first impression, I didn’t like Workday. It had a basic interface, way too many “folders” to go through to get to what you want, and the app is just clunky. I thought it was just growing pains and would take time to adjust, but months later, I think I hate it even more. My least favorite thing? There’s no way to export your schedule to your calendar!! 🙄

  34. Jess G dice:

    App crashes every time I try to go into Time Tracking which is primarily why I use the app. Frustrating! It’s mostly unusable and wasting memory on my phone. But, I haven’t uninstalled it because I need it for my job. And I am hoping that someday I will try to use Time Tracking and it won’t crash. It would be courteous if the app developer would respond to some of the MANY negative comments to provide some sort of explanation and/or estimated time that these issues will be fixed.

  35. While the app is functional, there is a very basic function that it does poorly. Periodic feedbacks and appraisals take time. As you key in the feedback, the app times out the session and loses the content that is typed in. It could be executed in way the typed content is not lost. This happened to me several times over the years and it is very disappointing experience to lose all the feedback that took several minutes to key in.

  36. App keeps telling me Authentication Required and to put in my username and password. Once I do put in my info and tap “sign in,” the same message pops up “Authentication Required” right after. The app isn’t telling me if I’m getting it wrong or not and the message will keep popping up. I have even uninstalled the application a couples times. It’s pretty much useless at this point.

  37. Would be great if it worked consistently, sometimes you can sign in, but 11 times out of 15 tries it just gives a connection error message and then will randomly work after multiple attempts and restarts. Not ideal when you need to submit your hours by a certain time and you cant trust that it will let you log on.

  38. Login Issues. Was able to login without any issues when first installed, but then an update was installed and now it won’t recognize my login or password. Have used every password that was ever associated with my work account and nothing. Corporate office has been made aware of the issue and they’re looking into getting rid of this service.

  39. This is not a great app when it even works. interactions are weird, lengthy and unclear. But recently, with Okta login, it stopped working altogether. I complete the login and reach a blank white page. I have the W at the top and a settings icon, but nothing can be done otherwise. Restarting the app takes me back to the login page where i need to login again. Useless.

  40. Annoying and completely ruins the entire point of using the app to enter information versus logging in on a desktop. App constantly keeps having errors which results in user having to re-enter username and password even when you’ve checked the box to “remember” them. This on top of the lack of functionality makes this app a waste of time and space on your phone.

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