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When you need to hire someone – a landscaper, a DJ, a mover, any expert – Thumbtack helps you find them for free.

Hire local pros near you for any project — from home improvement to fitness coaching. You can treat your home with an interior design contractor in your neighborhood and price range. Search for contractors or services, check prices and reviews and chat directly with professionals. Start your project today.


► Thumbtack finds professionals and house services and shows you a list of available pros in your area. You can quickly find the one that’s right for you and book a service directly in the app.
► You’re guaranteed to find a variety of talented pros on Thumbtack — whether you need help with home improvement, house cleaning, home design projects, moving, or painting — book them all in one app.


► We track millions of cost estimates for thousands of projects, from home maintenance to repair and delivery services, to see what different kinds of services really cost. Find out what other users have paid for similar projects in the app.
► See cost estimates and get detailed business information for top experts and contractors. Compare professional service prices, read reviews and hire local contractors whose skills and price range best match your needs.

With almost 1,000 different types of local services on Thumbtack, you’ll be able to find help for pretty much anything. Find a handyman, electrician, fitness coach, plumber, interior designer, repairman, mover, cleaning services, event planner, dog walker, professional local contractors and more.


Looking for a contractor to install a fireplace for the winter? From chimney installation to swimming pool maintenance, interior design to landscaping —we’ve got thousands of local professionals on hand to help out. Hire contractors near you for home maintenance, house remodeling and repair services, including;

• Home repairs – handymen, electricians, plumbers, and appliance repair
• Home improvement – cleaning pros, roofers, movers, home decorators, and furniture removal and delivery
• Home renovations – kitchen and bathroom remodeling
• House painting – interior and exterior house painting
• Outdoor landscaping and design
• Fence and gate installation
• Tree trimming and removal
• Concrete installation
• Home flooring – installation and replacement
• Full-service lawn care professionals
• HVAC maintenance and repairs
• Deck and porch remodels or additions
• Central air conditioning installation and repair
• Swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and removal
• Gutter cleaning and maintenance
• Siding, deck, staining and sealing


We cover a huge variety of local contractors and professionals so you can always get the help you need. Let’s check some stuff off that to-do list with contractors in the following areas:

• Photography: commercial and wedding photographers
• Business: data entry and logo design
• Design and web: software engineering, animation
• Pets: dog walking, pet care, and other pet services
• Lessons: yoga instructors, math tutors and other experts
• Crafts: custom jewelry artists, songwriters
• Personal: fitness experts, life coaches, and wardrobe consultants
• Repair and tech: device repair and data recovery specialists
• Writing: translation, editors, content copywriters
• Events: caterers, makeup artists, entertainment services
• Wedding: officiants, wedding planners and vendors
• Estate planning

Thumbtack saves you time by searching through hundreds of profiles so you can find local professionals that suit your project. From talented house design experts to handymen with Thumbtack, you can discover and book services for any house or personal project in the app.

Download Thumbtack and hire local pros today.
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40 comentarios en "Thumbtack: Hire Service Pros FULL"

  1. cmderrx dice:

    App is buggie. When typing the keyboard jumps so that you end up misspelling words. Why am I prompted with a “make a payment” button when just messaging back an forth. List of choices is not realistic. For example, I was looking for a fence repair. My fence choice was wood, aluminum or I don’t know. No PvC! The app is really lacking real usefulness. I could go on but there won’t be enough room.

  2. It’s not easy to work with. I never problems years ago when I used it. Trying to set my prices and a pop up box appears and blocks my ability to complete the process. I have several clients I’m trying to respond back to but it makes it very difficult to complete what’s needed to finish the set up. I’ve already sent an email to Support but haven’t heard back, which makes it ever more maddening. Please fix!

  3. Jay T dice:

    Excellent app. Makes finding the right company for your job super easy. Everything is layed out, all the questions about who your hiring, what there rates are and reviews. I found an excellent handyman for my small project and completed it in one day. In the past I would have spent lots more time trying to find the right company for the job, And have to deal with the back and forth phone calls and not knowing if they were reliable or not. Not anymore. I highly recommend thumbtack

  4. Horrible Experience!!! Can’t contact businesses directly via phone. First co. never showed up. Second company kept changing appt. times. I did change it myself 1 time, but that’s not how you do business. Rescheduling 1 time on both parties is ok, but 3 or 4 times is too much! Not a fan of the app. Very complex to use. Not user friendly. Can’t save any businesses except if you set up a project. Not worth the hassle. Save your time & use Google!

  5. I have been using Thumbtack for closer to 2 years. The app is updated frequently and becomes less user friendly with each update. I receive a ton of emails from Thumbtack but not when a pro is actually reaching out to me. Lately I have had to hunt those down. Also, I am offered a limited list of contractors (that I’m sure have paid an extra fee) to contact for each inquiry. I see the same contractors regardless of the gig. I don’t mind prioritization but it would be great to have more options.

  6. Like the idea of this app, but it could use a little work. It would be nice if there was a way to validate the licensure of contractors without having to ask each time. I don’t like asking as I think it gives an impression of distrust or skepticism off the bat. If this was part of each pro’s profile, that would really make things easier. Also, for some reason, I don’t get new message notifications despite having push notifications enabled. I frequently have to recheck the app as a result.

  7. Overall, Thumbtack has been a lifesaver! It’s such a smart idea and the app is pretty easy to use. I’ve had a few jobs successfully completed and will continue to use it. However, I wish there were a way to signal to other companies that you’ve found who you’re going with. Additionally, sometimes the conversation moves to text and Thumbtack doesn’t know this and keeps notifying you to respond tp their message.

  8. I’ve used the Thumbtack app on two occasions when I needed some local movers. The app is easy to use. Thus far, the contractors have been pretty responsive, and I really like the fact that the app allows you to have direct communication with the contractors which allows you to better communicate the services you need and negotiate rates (something the Bunji app does not allow, which is a huge turn off). I would definitely recommend Thumbtack to others and will continue to use it myself.

  9. i used to create a project and get contacted by pros and could easily find the best fit for the job. they changed how it works now and makes finding someone for a project 10 times harder after update. you have to select one person at a time and send them the info. I’m not sure why Thumbtack would worsen the experience overtime, seems counterintuitive….going to look for other options

  10. Very easy to use App. You can get in contact with responsive technicians/maintenance pros without sharing your personal data until you reach an agreement on the job/project to be performed. It is much faster than the “List” and you can take care of everything using just your cellphone (no need for a laptop). Again, super fast and convenient y will use this App a lot!!!!

  11. I love this app! It’s the only thing I use to connect with professionals for household needs, etc. Other apps/sites actually have people calling and bombarding your phone. I like that you can keep the messaging in the app. The review system helps to decide if a professional is what I’m looking for. Everything about this app just makes processes so streamlined. Also, it gives small businesses a fair shot, all are equal just based on who does the best job as far as ratings, no fancy advertising.

  12. Great concept but the app is garbage. After installing, it requires I verify my email. I click on the link that says “Go to the app” but get an error message “Sorry, looks like there was an error completing your reuest.” Called customer service which is based overseas and they have not idea. Massive waste of time. Just look for the best providers on Yelp and bypass this not-ready-for-prime-time app. Extremely dissapointing.

  13. Finding workmen when you move to a new location is a nightmare. Since word of mouth recs are my preference, I tried getting referrals from acquaintances in the area. No luck there. I tried another app with minor success. Then, I tried Thumbtack…the results have been great. What I was unable to get done in 4 months was finished in 1 month using Thumbtack!

  14. Using the website was kind of extra work…typing, scrolling, connecting. I’ve downloaded the app now. Maybe that will shorten the process. The work done by CH Lisc. Screening was EXCELLENT!! They kept in touch, worked steadily at a quick but not rushed pace, left NO mess and were some of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met! It’s nice to see thumbtack has a large variety of products in ONE place. I’ll be using alot of their services.

  15. Used this app for various services recently. Not disappointed one bit. Found professionals every time. Only complaint is it currently doesn’t show you all unavailable options as well to see if you might want to change your schedule to meet other people to work with. You currently have to continually modify your search to get a few more options.

  16. Good app, I have been able to find some excellent pros with such little effort! Will say I wish there were a few functions that could make it better. Undoing/reversing a cancelation on a project would be keen for one, as well as a function that could let Thumbtack know I’ve hired someone instead of constant reminders to find a pro. One more would be to edit a review, more for typos than anything else. Perhaps a function for pros who never answered or got back to you as opposed to a rating.

  17. I really love the idea and actually use it! That said, the app is super clunky, doesnt give clear directions to follow through/hire service providers and the user experience suffers tremendously. I feel like I’m flying blind most of the time when hiring someone, so its a good thing talented providers are in their network because everything is left up to them. With some tweaking, this app/service could be the industry leader…get it together Thumbtack!

  18. What I like the most in this app is how fast contractors apply and how you can help local people to achieve success in their areas. Also mostly they have a lot of reviews which help when you have to choose between a couple of people offering services. You have the option to opt for no people calling you and only reach by email, which is a good thing for me.

  19. Really impressive user interface. I anticipated some kind of set back because finding movers felt like a chore, but this app took all of that agonizing pain out of it. The overall experience was easy and didn’t feel sketchy. Never heard of this app before. The movers we talked to referred us to this, and glad they did. This app service is a keeper.

  20. App notifications settings are completely broken. Push notifications do not work so I miss all the responses from businesses that have answered my request. Most of my projects are time sensitive so this is a problem. Also you cannot delete projects if you change your mind, or edit reviews. A very primitive, unintuitive, and feature-less app that could use a lot of overhaul.

  21. This app is incredibly intuitive, easy, and extremely helpful. It aggregates all feedback and useful information from multiple sources, and gathers professionals in every field I need. I’ve used competitors before and never had any luck (slow/no responses, inability to find the right match, poor interface…), but so far I’ve set up three services through the Thumbtack app and could not be happier! Very fast responses, easy to find ratings, and almost any service you could need!

  22. Got tree trimming help that I needed. Looking forward to getting help with more such jobs. Taking a star off for the difficulty around navigation within the app. E.g. It was not intuitive at all that to rate and review a contractor for their work I needed to open the chat box where I texted with them back and forth. I bet many contractors miss out on reviews because customers can’t find this most of the time.

  23. A confusing mess. I submitted a project. Then I received names of four contractors. Entered app on laptop, but told that there it doesn’t recognized me. Entered by phone, and my project had disappeared. Meanwhile, I’m getting emails from contractors sent to my email account, but I cant access them without logging into app. Once in app, it’s all gone. Deleting.

  24. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but was happy with the results. One change/addition I woukd suggest is the ability to save to favorites. There are times I’m either not ready to do the job or I want to compare multiple businesses. A save/favorites feature would be help in that instance.

  25. I used to love thumbtack. I used 3 different services and I was very happy with them. Before I would place job specs and I would have business contacting me with quote options. Now I have to contact a bunch of businesses separately to get quotes. I might as well do a Google search. Still a nice app and easy to use, but I think they missed the opportunity from the consumer’s perspective.

  26. Vikram M dice:

    Great app, has some minor UX issues like some text boxes that don’t automatically wrap the text being typed when it expands over the width (horizontal) of the screen. More importantly there isn’t a great selection of professionals yet even though I’m in a large metro; for most types of work I usually only get a couple matching professionals/companies. Hopefully the app will get more usage and the selection will increase over time.

  27. Love love this app! It’s so convenient, and free! I’ve hired 3 people off it so far and they were great. Best thing? I can contact people on my phone, Thumbtack asks to send it to other contractors, I can ask all my questions and compare them all with out having to track numbers down and have to have a pen and paper. Best part, I’ve done it after 7pm when I actually have time and not having to wait for them to open and also remembering to do it. Get stuff done way faster and easier. Love it!

  28. I think the app is good. It’s a great idea! I am happy it exists. I’m not sure if I’m being clear or not when I contact professionals, because when I look back it’s only the standard field prompt answers. Does it send that whole message when I select additional professionals after the first one?? Also when I take pics in app, would be nice if I could, in future chats, send them to other professionals too. It skips my local phone storage, and I had to screenshot my in app pics.

  29. As a pro this is not cost effective, and a frivolous waste of your money most of the time! It’s designed to make it really easy for the customer to make a “contact” but I’ve had dozens of people “chose” me that never replied to the first message I sent. NOT REAL contacts worth paying for!!! I wish people would just go back to looking something up asking people they know and doing a little research. I dont mixed paying for job leads or “contacts” but what it considers a contact is impractical.

  30. CJ O (CJ) dice:

    Has worked well and gained popularity but even with all the changes it is a little dicey with the way the pricing works and now that I’m getting the best possible price as a pro, I don’t immediately see what I’m being charged anymore. And as a customer you are not informed well about how what you put in really affects the pros you reach out to. More clarity and less $25 fees, esp for a contact to a $100 job. Mostly great!

  31. Diber 27 dice:

    Quality going downhill fast. This app used to be my go to and I’ve done several projects over the last few years. But this year and last year even, it has been going downhill fast. The quality of the contractors is very bad and they are getting very rude and flakey. Never had a no show to a project till last year. Now I’ve had 5 in a row. Clearly the quality of screening isn’t there anymore. Very disappointed and I hope the team at thumbtack can do something to help the customer.

  32. A useful app, but I have a small gripe. I really like the Thumbtack app. It’s highly useful, well-designed, and has not frozen or failed me yet. However, I strongly dislike its insistence on orienting itself only in portrait mode on my Android tablet. Come on, guys! This is 2020. Surely you can find a design team that can make your app look attractive and work as well in landscape mode as in portrait.

  33. Way better than “that other pro finder service”. I’ve had nothing but good results with thumbtack since day one. I have found several quality professionals in all variations of services over the years. Some that I still use regularly til this day. I’ve never had a bad experience. And the app always works perfectly. Never had a single glitch.

  34. Jennifer dice:

    A ‘go to’ app that’s easy to use, sets you up with all kinds of professionals in different fields, in your exact area. And you just have to list what you’re looking for once, then the professionals find you! The notary I dealt with was, in my opinion and experience, the best you could find. The app checks in with you, not vice versa, to make sure your needs are being met, if not, they give you avenues for help. Finally, high quality professionals in an app, and not miles away, where you are!

  35. It’s been a while since I used Thumbtack, but you used to be able to post a project and then the pros would send bids. Either I’m missing something, or that’s no longer an option. Having a limited set of predefined answers also does more harm, than good, since what I’m looking for falls outside the scope of the choices I was given, I’m going elsewhere.

  36. I like this service but the app seems not to work very well. I asked for no emails yet get constant reminders by notifications and email. Also I find no way to cancel a project so continually get notices for a project I already hired someone for outside of the app. And I contacted one provider directly for a quote and got contacted by two others that I didn’t contact. So they saw my posting somehow when I didn’t want them to. It is too much sometimes to have so many people to consider at once!

  37. Thumbtack itself seems like a great service, but this app is very bad. Every time I use it, it kills my phone’s connection to the wireless network so I have to restart my phone. It also constantly drops the keyboard while I’m in the middle of typing descriptions in the app. Very problematic and annoying.

  38. I was looking for a personal trainer and it gave me 7 choices. This app made messaging each one super simple by asking me if I want to use the same message I used on the last one. I got quick responses from most of them… And I felt like was able to shop for the best one without the in person haggling schemes that alot of businesses do…you will love this app!

  39. NOT GOOD FOR PROFESSIONALS!! Their pricing is all over the place and never consistent. When you ask for them to explain it, they even say it’s confusing. I was charged $18 for what they felt was a perfect match. I had no contact with the potential client and I was charged. When I reached out and booked a client, I was charged $8. I would not recommend for any professional to use Thumbtack.

  40. I was looking for a straight forward way to find, interview and then select professionals to help me get things done. This app has made that happen twice already and I have only had it a couple months. My house has been painted (after 3 offers received) and our Trust documents have been completed. Very happy and I recommend the app to neighbors!

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