Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule MOD 2022


The app that helps you keep your home clean and organized.
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Sweepy – the app that helps you keep your home clean and organized. Split your household chores with your family and turn your cleaning routine into a game.

– Track the cleanliness of each room;
– Prioritize the tasks that need urgent cleaning;
– Distribute the workload among the residents in your home;
– Automatically generate a daily schedule for each member;
– Synchronize between devices;
– Stay motivated by seeing your progress;
– Fight for the top spot in the leaderboard.


Bug fix: incorrect current state when editing a task


40 comentarios en "Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule MOD 2022"

  1. This app has been incredible! I struggle with any form of organization, including maintaining a schedule, and being able to open Sweepy and see what needs to be done (even the little things you don’t typically think of) has been life changing. The paid version is great (& inexpensive) but it’s not necessary to have. Sweepy is just as useful without the additional features. That’s refreshing to see in an app. I’ll continue to recommend Sweepy to anyone who might need it.

  2. It’s like sims but for real life tasks. I love it. It keeps me motivated to accomplish at least one task a day which usually leads to more. I decided to add tasks as I do them so I don’t get overwhelmed with a long list of todos without any accomplishments. Every time I add a new task I feel good about it because I’ve already done it! Definitely recommend!

  3. Nama King dice:

    Really like how this breaks down the room and gives a lot of common chores to be done as well as determining ease of each chore. I have MS and a lot of mobility and memory problems so being able to play catch up or see where I’m at at a bit of a glance is really nice. I haven’t tried the challenges yet, but I figure after I recover a bit from the latest relapse and get the usual caught up I’ll give the decluttering challenge a whirl.

  4. So far, so good! I just started using it the other day and I’m loving it! it does have the occasional glitch when I try to make a custom task where it starts flashing back and forth between the custom task and the suggested task. Other than that, super easy to use, not overwhelming at all, and helps make cleaning feel more manageable!

  5. I love the effort rating and being able to schedule effort points for each day of the week. I wish I could see that when I’m scrolling through the schedule (such as 10/12 effort points scheduled). I also can’t figure out how to view all of my tasks in one list so I can see everything that currently needs to be done, without having to go into each separate room. This is one of my favorite apps and I use it daily!

  6. I used the free version myself for a couple months and really liked it, so I upgraded to the paid version to get the premium family features. The app helps reduce mental load. I no longer have to make lists every weekend for myself. I don’t have to think of tasks on the spot when my family gives low effort offers to help (and then sneak off when I don’t answer fast enough). Now I just say look at sweepy. 🙂 I do wish there was a way to submit feedback & feature requests?

  7. Andrea C dice:

    I’ve used this app for a week so far. it is a little labor intensive up front but helpful. I can’t justify paying for premium right now & can’t tell what you get extra without doing 3 day trial. But so far much more helpful than lists I’ve made over & over, index cards, phone reminders. once you set up each “room” – and keep in mind you can be creative, don’t limit yourself to physical rooms – you identify tasks within that area, current state, when last done. I added pets & plants too

  8. Ive been using this app for a while and really like it. I do wish that you could see a master list of all tasks that need to be done if you dont want to check room by room. Also, I think some of the achievements are bugged. I cant get the word of mouth one to unlock despite inviting multiple friends to the app, several of which continue to use it.

  9. Really enjoying this app, even my daughter got excited about it and set up a cleaning schedule for herself! I just use the free version and it doesn’t have a lot of ads! It’s satisfying when you check off a completed task and also helps you keep organized and not forget what needs to be cleaned/done 👍

  10. For reference, I pay for the premium version. It’s a very small price for all of the extra help I get from it! I appreciate that even if I deviate and do tasks other than what was on my schedule, the other ones count towards my daily task points! I’ve also used this for self care (because I struggle with executive dysfunction) and it’s super helpful to have all together on the same list. I just created a custom room called “Body”. Absolutely love it!

  11. Having a daily cleaning tasks that takes into account how much effort each task takes is awesome, and the app is great looking. However, there are 2 things that REALLY bother me. There is no history for any task, which is something that I like to reference. I had this in another app I was using. Also, tasks appear red, aka time to do them, days before it’s technically time to do them. A task is due every month and it will say it’s time to do it a week before the month is up. That drives me CRAZY

  12. Best app I’ve tried so far. It’s really easy to use and I like that I can pick tasks by schedule, room, or dirtiest. I have a “room” for pet care, my car, and self-care tasks. I recommend this app along with the book “how to keep house while drowning” which is about creating a self-compassionate, healthy mindset about taking care of your home so your home can take care of you.

  13. Liv J dice:

    I have ADHD and this app is seriously the only thing to help me. I like to put not just cleaning, but also other tasks like eating or brushing my teeth because the layout, colors, and design are perfect for my brain and help me keep track. I like the deteriorating bars, it feels rewarding to have green bars, which motivates me to keep going and stay on top of things. The effort points are perfect. The app is perfectly streamlined, friendly, and minimalist. Don’t change a thing! I love it!!

  14. I’ve used this app to track my cleaning for a while now. I use the app to do a modified FlyLady/zone cleaning schedule with daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Generally, it works really well for my needs, better than several other apps I tried. I do wish the schedule function worked a little better. It’s a little clunky and schedules tasks out of the order I want to do them. I would like to change the order of the rooms on the schedule or at least have them in the order of the Home section.

  15. This app is everything I have been dreaming of for years! It has so many different features. Not only does it let me track my chores, but I added a “room” and named it Adulting, and that is where I add one time tasks that are important things I haven’t been able to get to… like ordering a credit report, calling the insurance company, etc. I added a member to the home called Super Human and assigned all the extra effort points to it. This way, when I’m having a good day, I can do more.

  16. All the cleaning/task features of the app are great and incredibly helpful. However, the app doesn’t properly sync or record progress if you don’t fully restart it every time, and there are no warnings it’s going to lose your changes. Very hard to keep a streak when it’s constantly not recording what you’ve accomplished.

  17. Tris dice:

    I love this app. Being able to set a assign a frequency and difficulty level for cleaning tasks is super helpful, especially for chores I need to do semiannually or annually. It’s essentially a master list for every chore I can think of, and has significantly decreased the stress of purchasing my first home.

  18. I wish it was a little more customizable, but all in all, a great app! It has helped me keep on task and accomplish things all week. I have always, ALWAYS, had trouble staying on task and remembering to get things done. With this app, everything is broken down into much smaller tasks, making them much less daunting and easier to tackle. Now for a shout out to YouTuber, Yo Samdy Sam, without whom, I never would have known of this app!

  19. A lot of depth and a lot to like, but one massive (IMO) oversight is the action when you tap a notification to approve a task completion. If I tap a notification it should open the app directly to the task mentioned in the notification. Instead it just opens the app to the main menu and then I have to drill down and hunt for the task. Hopefully an easy feature to implement that will provide a massive QoL improvement.

  20. It’s a great app that helps keep you on task. I wouldn’t, however, pay for the app. $2.99 a month for it to give you a cleaning plan seems a bit much. The developers have done a great job with the free version and I’ll keep using that. Simple, clean design, and easy to use. Like that it comes preloaded with cleaning ideas per room, so that was helpful, and you can add and edit jobs you have.

  21. Really liking this app so far! The only thing I would change is I’d like to have the option to be able to have the app give me separate notifications for each cleaning task, or a daily notification that lists all the cleaning tasks for that day. That way, I could know what cleaning tasks need to be done each day w/o having to go into the app and look at each room’s cleaning tasks separately. Other than that, it’s a very useful app and it’s really helped me a lot!

  22. M Larsen dice:

    I’ve used Sweepy for 2 months myself and just upgraded to add my partner and use the schedule. My verdict is that it’s easy to use, not intrusive, and the little messages & sound make completing chores more fun. In premium, already I like that the scheduling makes regularly keeping up with it much more manageable. Easy setup: I used template tasks to start and adjusted effort and broke out tasks as I felt needed after doing each room. Definitely recommend. Tried 3 other apps. Way above the rest!

  23. I love the app! It’s great for a single or multiple adults to get reminders on what needs to be cleaned, and see progress of things you’ve already cleaned! I love that there’s a vacation function to pause all tasks, I also use the function when I’m sick. Great app for brain fog or ADHD adults. I also love that it can be customized for the cleaning tasks unique to your home setup, but has suggestions on cleaning ready to go for you. Gets glitchy if WIFI signal is weak, fully dies if WiFi down.

  24. Easy to use, very adaptable, and low pressure for tasks that don’t get completed on time. I didn’t want an app that nagged, I just needed one that tracked, and this does it. I do wish there was an option for assigning push notifications to specific tasks or times (it sends a general push notification once a day, but that’s not really very helpful), though. I took the plunge and paid for a year right away, and while it’s a good app, I don’t know think I’ll renew without a notification feature.

  25. I have ADHD and this app has been a godsend in helping me schedule chores and keep myself accountable. It keeps track of when I’ve done routine tasks (which I have a hard time with) and makes it really easy to see when things are coming up. I would give it 5 stars, but I don’t love that the full version of the app is on an annual subscription basis (I would have preferred a one-time payment). The scheduling algorithm isn’t quite perfect either, and there are some small glitches with the widget.

  26. Great idea. Very fun and cute look. However, the schedule tab only showed random things that needed to be done on any given day instead of the whole checklist, rendering the main reason I got the app useless. Also, it would close down randomly, which is annoying. I restarted my phone after adjusting my info just in case, even waited until the next day, but the same problems persisted. Too bad, because it looks like a great app!

  27. It’s an excellent app! The simple accessibility and highly visual interface make it so much easier to keep track of your household without all the mental load. Only 4/5 stars for now because it is easy to accidentally mess up while adding a new room. I’ve had rooms I had to redo three times because I either saved it too early, or canceled the process without meaning to. You can add and edit tasks individually afterwards, but this is far more time-consuming than the initial quick suggestions list

  28. Pixie dice:

    I’m still new to the app and absolutely love it so far. For anyone used to the Tody app, this is very similar to that only it seems cleaner and well put together. It doesn’t require a subscription to use, but if you want to complete tasks with others, then one person in the house will need a subscription (unlike Tody where all users need a subscription). Everything seems great so far, my only suggestion is to make seasonal recurring tasks. For example, we can’t cut the grass in the winter.

  29. Pretty great app. Only issue thus far is deleting a task if I accidentally click done or choose the wrong person to complete it from the scoreboard. There’s also a problem with scrolling on the first screen with all the rooms. Another thing that would be great is making scheduling a little more user friendly. Thus far I don’t see a way to easily create your own schedule other than deleting all the ones that are automatically made. I’m a competitive person and this app has helped me greatly 😊

  30. I’m pleasantly surprised by Sweepy. I’m struggling to adjust to owning and maintaining a house, and it’s easy to set up rooms and break everything into manageable tasks. At first I didn’t like the system of alerting me to tasks based on passage of time instead of scheduled days, but it actually works better. I’m also thrilled that the streak days are based on doing any cleaning rather than cleaning everything. I just wish premium features were a one-time purchase, not an ongoing subscription.

  31. T. Stubbs dice:

    While the idea is good in theory, the app leaves a lot to be desired. – Redeemable features are behind a subscription paywall. – When adding to the schedule, there is no option for browsing all the possible chores. Anything added that isn’t the apps suggestion for the particular area has to be “custom”. -Terms and Conditions do not allow you to cancel your account without contacting them in a very specific way and by email that is not listed anywhere but hidden in the ToC.

  32. love this app! major motivation when I get things done and just a wonderful place to keep a running list of things to do in each room and how often to do them and when the last time was that they were done. My only complaint would be that when you delete items that you realized that you don’t really want on there anymore, you lose your streak. would be awesome if you could delete things just for future and not lose the past times that you did them. would love to be able to see history also.

  33. Honestly, this is the best app of this kind that I have found. Everything you need is free (and no ads!). The upgrade is only $12/year or so. It’s so user friendly. The only things that would make it better would be perhaps more challenges, such as a one room crisis clean, or getting ready for holidays. Oh! I have a task that needs done 4X a day. I know you can set it to hourly, but I don’t want the notifications when I sleep.

  34. I absolutely love it! My only complaints are: 1) no way to email a link to join your house or download the app 2) if we could combine tasks that would be awesome. Like, I sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom at the same time, but I have to either have two separate tasks or one that has extra notes. It would be great if we could somehow combine tasks so it automatically asks if Y was also done when we did X.

  35. Love it! Fun, easy, customizable, and cute! I am considering getting the premium version so my husband and I can use it together. It also justifies my feelings about the house. Messes stress me out, and this app helps me troubleshoot the most problem areas quickly. Even if I can’t clean the whole room at once, I can make great progress. I have a suggestion: a place for chores that aren’t so time consistent. Eg sometimes we run the dishwasher every two days, sometimes every two weeks. Thoughts?

  36. This app is very useful to write down tasks to do in the home and it has very well written suggestion tasks for each room. I wish you didn’t have to become a premium member to be able to have a schedule of when to do tasks while is a downside to the app. I wish you could change the colors of the background or be able to customize it a little more in some way. 4/5 easy to use, wish it had more capabilities without paying especially during this covid time and some people may not have enough money

  37. I must say, as someone who struggles with mental health, keeping a clean home and organized schedule for my clean home helps relieve the stress and this app has been amazing for exactly that. At like $13 for a whole year, you can’t go wrong, super cheap for a super helpful tool. You simply list out all your task that’s separated by room and/or category, choose how often the task is reoccurring, and the app does the rest for you. Love this app!

  38. Karen N dice:

    This is a great little app! easy to use, and makes remembering the little things so easy! The free version is great, but paying the VERY low fee gives the added benefit of the app giving you a cleaning schedule for each day, which is a great reminder to do the little tgings, like cleaning light switches, vacuuming under tge washer and dryer, and such.

  39. I’ve enjoyed the help quite a bit. Mostly for the specifics of each room, rather than walking into the room and wondering, “What do I need to do in here today?” Sleepy lists it out for me, piece of cake! I’ve even considered upgrading to the paid version. However it’s way too expensive for what the paid version offers, and I can’t see what other benefit I would gain besides being able to schedule and add an additional person, which I don’t necessarily need or want to do. Overall it’s helpful!

  40. I really love this app. It helps me manage my home and keep it clean without putting a huge mental load of organizing tasks. The one thing I wish this app had was a “priority” feature, so I can designate some tasks to take highest priority in the daily schedule. Cleaning the counters can go a day past it’s due date, but changing the litter boxes absolutely can’t. Highly recommend!

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