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Swipe through your matches reviewing amenities, rent specials and 100s of HDs photos and floor plans. See one you like? Swipe right and save to your short list. Love the place? Text or call the property immediately, schedule a tour instantly or take a 3D virtual tour through the app. The swiping functionality allows you to easily narrow down 100s of apartments to the only best options for you. This helps save you time and allows you to easily compare or contact all your top choices in one place. Find the rental home of your dreams on Apartment List.

Search apartments for rent, pick your favorites, then just sign and rent!

Apartment List Features:

● Home Search with Personalized Matches
– Search apartments and find homes that best match your preferences, even places you didn’t think to search for.
– Rent apartments from over 4 million available options – we show you a wide variety of homes, prices, and amenities.

● Rental Property Categories
– Apartment finder groups your matches into categories so you can quickly get an overview of all your rental options.

● Home Finder with the Best Data
– Apartments for rent with a ton of high quality photos, up to date availability and pricing, and all the details you care about like pet policy and move in fees.
– Apartment List will even keep track of updates for you!

● Apartment Short List
– Search apartments and quickly create a short list of rentals you like.
– Compare apartment rentals and pick your top apartments.
– Access your list from anywhere – phone, computer, or tablet!

Check out our apartment finder app and find your next rental now! Apartment List is just getting started so check back often for awesome new features.

Let us know what you think at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!


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40 comentarios en "Apartment List MOD"

  1. Kit Horne dice:

    Pixel 7 App opens normally, shows an error message when trying to log in via Google, and cannot login. If you skip login and search for a location, it does not show options for anything entered, and you cannot continue without selecting an area (which can’t be done). App in it’s current state is unusable. You may select the “here’s the most popular places” options and proceed, so I hope you enjoy looking in only 6 cities for a place to live

  2. Mia jones dice:

    I love the app! EXCEPT, I keep getting “matches” supposedly for me… But out of my price range. Not just a little but several $100 out of my price range. Packing and moving are extremely stressful and trying to find the right place that’s clean, safe AND affordable is almost impossible. It makes me feel bad that I can’t afford it… I cried a couple of times when I got a “supposed” match from the app and loved it, only then to realize I couldn’t afford it… But I do like everything else…

  3. I care about location more than anything, but there’s no option for map search and almost all of the listings it shows me are not in the locations i specified (even when choosing “stay in location, flex on everything else”!!!). Useless if the filters don’t actually filter anything out. Also, only displays info about commute time on like half the options. The app is cute, but ultimately a waste of time if you have any specific requirements you cannot compromise on.

  4. Leekaylee dice:

    It’s easy to use with a few annoying clunks like it allows you to favorite a place but doesn’t allow you to easily remove said favorite the same way. Another annoying thing was they ask for a criteria and then don’t actually use that criteria to find anywhere. So they kept suggesting places out of the budget and location I ask for. That defeats the whole purpose of the filter.

  5. This app has definitely made searching easier for a better apartment options. It has helped narrow down my options but also accommodate for what I’m looking for. Plus it somewhat feels like a dating app setup, but with apartments instead. Which is a unique and helpful design. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  6. Want a personal assistant to take care of the hardest part of apartment hunting? This is hands down the best apartment searching app, does all the work for you and leaves you with nothing left but to call and/or apply to the complexes/buildings you might actually want to live at. the amount of time this app cuts out of your search is unbelievable. Save yourself the headache of all the other apps and just download this one, its so good its worth paying for but luckily, you don’t have to.

  7. Eli dice:

    What’s the point of gathering all our preferences but leaving out square footage, arguably in the top 3 most important items factored into a move? Every single suggestion this app gave me was too small or was in a location I specifically didn’t list. Until the app improves it’s search it’s next to worthless. But hey, it has a flashy UI similar to tinder.

  8. My main reason to deal with this app is that it’s the only one (to my knowledge) to include the income requirements, which is extremely essential for renters with a lower/fixed income for not going through the trouble if unnecessary search. Having access to this information enables a faster and more effective searching by eliminating the ones out of your budget and limiting the search to your own qualifications.✍️

  9. Mr. Guess dice:

    WOW! This application has been amazing. I feel like it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m back on my feet. I have to explore it more to see if there is a feature write notes about properties, search for places that will assist you for example move in specials, wave of security deposit, etc something to help people that might need a little extra help. We all need a little extra help sometimes.

  10. This is such a fantastic app! very user friendly. great graphics and design. I just wish there was a way to move properties you previously disliked into your liked area (in case of accidental swipes the wrong direction). I tried and it doesn’t seem to show up in the right place. overall amazing service and amazing app. they literally do all the apartment hunting for you.

  11. For the last 2 days it has been nice to look through. It is very easy to use and visually appealing. The quick swipe left/right/up for the one i like is a nice touch easy to toss my selections in a yes or no pile. It’s a fast way to sift through a lot of options. On each ‘card’ for lack of a better word, it highlights the items that you want which helps the sifting move quickly. My grievances are that I am missing more options to search. Particularly i would like to search by apartments that offer utilities included or some included. As of yet I have been unable to find that option in the app. what makes this app easy to use is probably the downfall for someone looking for a very specific criteria since it’s simplifying the search method.

  12. Joe dice:

    After three months of searching for a really specific list of criteria, apartment list came out on top as the easiest way to see your options quickly. Other apps required a lot of scrolling through places that are kind of what you want, forcing you to do a final gut check yourself. Apartment list tells you up front how many options exactly match your criteria, and then let’s you choose to relax one expectation at a time to see what you can get if you’re a touch less picky.

  13. So convenient and effective! I love that it asks you all your preferences first, then finds your best matches and categorizes them so you can compare and contrast easily. The information is up-to-date. I wish I’d had this when I was looking last year! It helps make something incredibly stressful into something that’s almost fun. I started looking last night and I’ve already been contacted by a few of my top picks and had my questions answered. Impressive!

  14. Set up in a way that allows you to define what you are looking for with detail, clearly, and quickly, so that you can find a variety of places based on what you’re looking for with ease and honestly ten times faster than other apps or websites. One cool feature is that it also lists when different apartments have deals going on. Plus the over head view of all the places that you have decided you are interested in helps you compare distance from your work place, downtown, etc. Super useful!

  15. Nice selection and use of filters, the app is really accurate at helping me find what I’m looking for and will even give you other options outside of what you’re looking at that still stay close to the original search. It also gives you push notifications when more places become available in your chosen area. All around, I think it’s one of the better apps to use when you’re apartment hunting.

  16. Excellent choice for one searching for the different options and considerations in getting just the right place to call home. They actually make a big effort to keep you in the loop when changes occur on their list. They categorize your selections to reflect your budget, (Of Course!), But also have lists made for ‘amenities’ (which were chosen by the apartment-hunter), and another list for possibilities slightly above your comfortable budget. All in all, it’s a great assistant for all.

  17. I was able to find my new apartment with this app. It was help from the start. It helped me find apartments that fit my standards and my budget. Super easy to use. Love the mapping option. It lists all the fees and all the amenities. Wish they didnt send so many notifications. I had to manually turn them off. I was only interested in 5 apartments at the end and I would have at least wanted to get notifications for them. When you swip to find an apartment, I wish you could see some details.

  18. The app is great for searching for apartments. It is able to filter based on what you are looking for with added flexibility. Everytime I love an apartment, I get an email every single time. I turned off push emails and they still come. Additionally, the app sends emails to properties I like on my behalf. Sends my name and number to these properties. Now I am getting emails from the properties to tell them I am not interested in a tour because I am just looking. This has become burdensome.

  19. Great idea, but this app has one of the worst interfaces of any of the apartment searchers. Info about the rental isnt easy to see, and changes completely based on which list you open the info page from, whether or not you’ve liked the house, and (probably) phase of the moon. I will cocede that I am looking for a rental with more than one bedroom, which may be why I had such a hard time with it. I dont know. All I know is that Zillow and Craigslist have been wildly more helpful to us.

  20. I haven’t successfully moved into a new place yet, but I feel like if any website or app is going to help facilitate that, this will be the one! It’s super user-friendly and straight forward, and certainly not lacking when it comes to quantity of listings. My only complaint is they send WAY too many emails – every time I exhibit interest in any listing it seems like I receive another email from Apartment List following up on the most basic things. I intend to change those settings if possible.

  21. Some ok apartments, seems limited to me. Either you can spend an arm and a leg or you can be in sketchy areas. I know the DFW area has more to offer. Also, I can’t stand how the app automatically notifies the complex if you click like/love. They end up emailing and calling you. You shouldn’t have to have your information given out just for creating a list of potential places you might want to look into. This app is invasive for that reason alone!!! Update the app!

  22. It’s been really helpful finding an apartment in a new state, but I wish there were just some extra ways to search. I don’t know a lot of the towns so being able to go to a map and draw to create a search radius would be great. I also would like the “nitty gritty” on the swipe screen, that way I don’t have to swipe and send my info to a complex if their nitty gritty doesn’t actually fit with what I want.

  23. A great way to search for apartments that I didn’t see listed on CL, FB, or any other websites. They ask all the right questions, and I’ve had responses from locations much faster than when i reach out on my own. Only suggestion is that they should make the “already passed on” section ascending from most recent pass… it would be nice to swipe no, then be able to immediately change your mind and go back. Or just an undo button!

  24. What I like is that you can hit the 💜 love or 👍 a place, and it gets saved in your list. It also breaks up the places by feature, locations, a combo of both. Or it would also show a list of places that has everything you want in a place plus if you don’t mind paying more, or just stay in your price range. Your list is a good reference for future searches and keeping an eye on the price if it fluctuates.

  25. This App is honestly pretty wonderful in theory, and does a decent job to help you look for apartment listings. It’s like going through a catalog of the city’s (of your choice of course) available apartments (or soon to be available) with a digital filter. You start by selecting your apartment preferences (make sure they are exact, I will explain why). Once you’ve established your preferences, the App will automatically take into account all of the available listings and categorize them for you

  26. I really, really wanted to like this app. In fact, it’s amazing in terms of UI and usability. However, I get flooded with emails about listings I like or even view. I received a text message from someone’s listing I didn’t even like, I only viewed it. This is an unacceptable amount of spam with no option to turn notifications off.

  27. Its like tinder for apartments. Does lots of number crunching for me, I appreciate how it consolidates the search effort – calculated commute to work is very handy, and shows lots of floorplans. So far its a great way to get a first and second pass. You can always look up the apartments outside of the app to confirm deals/find out more but so far this has been pretty comprehensive. It would be great if there was some type of ranking or yelp/Google reviews incuded, but I’m not complaining.

  28. Not well suited for my search tastes. To expand on my previous review: This app matches randomly based on a set of choices. One of those choice – commute location – will search within a certain radius around your commute (like an office). However it is not perfect. It does not take into account that you may want to live closer to a city center vs. out in the middle of nowhere. There is no map view to choose from and no option to filter out specific areas. Very randomized and not accurate.

  29. A very novel approach to apartment searching! I like the idea of applying a Tinder-esq swipe right/left, the information about commuter time is AWESOME, and the curated batches of results are very helpful. However, not including square footage makes this so much less useful for me. Pictures can be so deceptive, without square footage it’s hard to tell if it’s the size I need, so every match is a maybe. Please begin including this and this will be my #1 search app!

  30. This app has been really helpful in getting me to identify what I do and don’t want in my apartment search. I think a few things could improve, like it’s hard to compare properties and manage the list at the same time. I also don’t like that even though I’ve calculated my own range, it suggests apartments 3-500 above what I can pay. Regardless it’s a great app and it’s made the search easier.

  31. Have found many apartments in the states I’m researching. The inquiry messages do get answered by phone and/ or email. It would be great if the messaging could be done through the app, rather than email or calls, specially because of time differences and my schedule. A little hard to match the emails to the listed properties , specially if using multiple sources. Sometimes, can’t find the property again in the app. Overall, best apartment search app I have used.

  32. This is a really good app (mostly), but I have two issues with it. One is that I wish I could clear apartments I did NOT match with or already viewed, but to clear the short list, it removes every single apartment that I’ve been shown, which is kind of frustrating. The only other issue I have is that it asks you to set a price, but im not sure why it bothers, since the app will continue to show you places 300-400 dollars more expensive than you’ve listed.

  33. Super easy-to-use & customizable it’s like having a full-service agency working full-time to help with my search. After a few questions to get a feel for what you are looking for the app gets to work- Separating properties into categories according to your preferences, has One-click to contact the ones you like, and that’s just the beginning. I love this app bcuz it takes the guess work out of the searching making it amazingly easier to navigate than other apps.

  34. Overall best apartment searching app I’ve used. It shows you so many options based on your criteria. The only thing I wish it had was a way to sort the short list (favorites) because the app recommends so many listings that you end up with a very long list of apartments. For example, sort from rent least to highest or distance. A ranking system would be cool too. Like spot #1 favorite, spot#10 least favorite.

  35. It gave lots of options and different reasons “why *those* options,” per specifications,, and the apps usability is great! The properties I was interested in responded right away, and their communication and the follow-up/alerts from the app are informative but not overly intrusive in marketing the properties. The app interface is clean and sleek and not busy, which is great– keeps the focus on the content of the properties.

  36. Nothing relevant to my search preferences at all. I entered very few (as in 2) specific amenities and a very realistic rent budget in several areas. The only things they showed me were way over budget, out of all the areas I selected, or different number of bedrooms. I had signed up last year when our lease was ending and had the same issue. I re-downloaded thinking it must have been fixed by now but it wasn’t. Super disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised. App is very hard to navigate.

  37. Convenient app with some great features. Problems I’ve noticed is that Apt. loactions shown on the their map is incorrect form time to time (as compared to Google Maps). Also, some Apt. listings show list certain amenities and then discover they don’t have it. Great app, but mapping and fact checking info would go along way to improve the value the app can provide.

  38. It’s the perfect app when looking for an apartment. I love that it includes the amenities and segregates the results into perfect matches and “flexible” matches. So you can easily find the places that meet your amenities requirements, but you also get to know about places that may not meet all your requirements but could still be a potential good fit. The app also provides a commute option. You enter your lost visited place (work or school) and the results show you a best fit and other options

  39. Terrible app. Needlessly complicated to make it seem “hip” like Tinder with the swipe function. Can’t just look at a map to see nearby listings with prices without swiping through useless listings first. I specifically listed one city with specific neighborhoods, and chose the option to only search my area, but it still only showed me results from the nearby bigger city (that I specifically said no to.) Don’t download. There are better, more clear, easy to use, precise apps and websites to use.

  40. Clean and mostly easy to navigate. The notifications can be somewhat annoying until you tailor them. Would like there to be a consolidation of hits, say if there’s multiple buildings/different addresses with openings for a single community. Would also like the option to select and keep a preferred location. Right now, you can add cities and neighborhoods, but trying to select a specific one to focus on doesn’t stick. Otherwise, it’s easy to use!

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