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A new kind of grocery delivery
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Available today in Northwest Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta, Phoenix, the DC metro area, and parts of Southeast Florida!

Walmart InHome is a new delivery service that gets the to-dos done. InHome uses smart entry technology to let our full-time, safety-trained associates deliver Walmart groceries and household essentials beyond your door. You can either set up your home’s own keypad or get a smart device installed by our team to let associates bring in and neatly put away items into your home (even into your fridge). Head to to sign up and get started.

How to use Walmart InHome:

• See if your address is eligible, then sign up for InHome membership at

• After you’ve joined, place your order for store delivery in the Walmart app or on and make sure “InHome Delivery” is selected at checkout

• Your first order will arrive at your doorstep, so you can meet our team. Then, schedule an installation of a smart device (or set up your home’s keypad) in our app to enable delivery into your home.

Key Features of the Walmart InHome app:

• Track the status of your Walmart store delivery orders handled by InHome

• Customers with devices set up can watch a video recording of every delivery into their home—they’re available as soon as 15 minutes after delivery completion, and are watchable for up to a week after

• Get notifications at every step of your delivery—including when your order is on its way to your house and when the delivery has finished

• See the InHome delivery associate who’ll deliver your groceries

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40 comentarios en "Walmart InHome Delivery MODDED 2022"

  1. A largely useless app. It gives very little information about orders, doesn’t allow any form of communication with the driver, those handling the order, etc., and for most things, it hands off responsibility to the Walmart app, which is better, but not nearly enough. I Home delivery needs a lot of work and this app would be a good place to start.

  2. Very little flexibility, not enough options to communicate with either the store or the driver. FAR TOO LIMITED on what it does. This is supposed to be the Ultimate Premium service, but the app doesn’t allow you to do anything except a very narrow number of settings. Sent me multiple conflicting notices on when (within my *8 hour* delivery window) the groceries were arriving. CS options are also limited and CSR had no ability to fix anything. No place to rate the order/delivery person. 🙁

  3. Paul T. dice:

    I guess it’s okay if you truly need someone to bring your groceries inside. However the very concept seems like a liability hazard (imo). This paid add-on advertises as ”tip-free” and “fee-free” but there is still a fee when ordering below the $35 minimum just as with the regular membership. If I’m paying additional for the add-on, at least give me the benefit of ABSOLUTELY no fees. I thought that’s what I was getting.

  4. I’ve been on trial with InHome for maybe 2 weeks. before my car broke, I’d go to Walmart maybe 2 -3 times a day. I have a shopping addiction. At least I can admit that. but now I do my grocery deliver with Walmart + and I like it. The InHome im really Loving. No Tip! I know that sounds selfish, but I order almost everyday and $7 a day adds up.I still tip,it’s respectful. but I always have to adjust my budget to make the $35 minimum purchase and tip fit my spending budget to last the week.

  5. Cloud79 dice:

    Not useful, you cannot contact the driver or even leave a note as to where you want the items. It only gives you options if you have a key pad lock or something. Otherwise they leave it at your door. They cancel orders and don’t say why and hold your money hostage for 10 days . Who can afford that? You can’t even order more groceries until they put your money back. Makes no sense.

  6. So far, I am enjoying the In Home delivery, though I still get door delivery. I have the option to change. I upgraded to eliminate the tip w/each delivery. It added up fast. So “In home” is cheaper for me. Free shipping on less than $35 buy helps me to ship little gifts to my nieces 🥰 for good reports and such. I had a few serious problems with the W+ delivery. They should be eliminated since “In Home” service drivers use Walmart trucks, not their own cars. 4⭐’s, need more time to give 5 ⭐’s.

  7. This service is total trash. You pay $40 and can’t even choose the deliver time. In addition, the app does NOT have an option to cancel the membership. Not to say 1/3 of the items are always removed before delivery. I do not recommend this horrible service.

  8. 3 of the 4 InHome orders I have made have been “Delayed” 20 mins after getting an email indicating my order would arrive within the next 1 1/2 hours. The next day I’m told they will deliver it, but they don’t. 1 1/2 to 3 days after the order is delayed it’s cancelled by Walmart. A week after the last order was “Delayed” I still have $140 hold on my account. I can’t pay bills. I bought groceries elsewhere. I’m disabled. This was supposed to help, but it has been a hinderance & waste of money.

  9. Needs lots of work. You get stuck with a delivery location that is a hassle to change. If you set up Garage Deliveries by MyQ for an order, it is a Major hassle to change your next order to In the Kitchen Refrigerator or Leave at the front door. MyQ needs special workaround in some locations such as mine. Where I want my groceries left depends on the day and the contents of the order. It should be easy to select where you want an order, but it is NOT. Maybe they will work on this soon. ¯_(ツ)_/

  10. Robert dice:

    I love it i automatically save delivery fee and 20% i would have given for a tip. That like a whole other bag of groceries. And you can still have them deliver to your door step instead of coming in. I am here all the time so i have my groceries brought in and left on my bar so I can put them up myself. The delivery guy is cool and knows me by name.

  11. App dosnt act like a App but rather a Slingshot to a Internet web vs a Actual App. Plus when you get in the thing for a delivery it shows the regular Walmart Delivery as if it’s the other App but with a charge fee tips and all. They need to rework the app or something so it acts like a App then some send you to a website to a Dead end.

  12. Nancy dice:

    I have used InHome 3 or 4 times now. The delivery has been several hours late twice. I’m sure it’s staffing issues and people are doing what they can but it’s difficult to plan.

  13. I received half of my order and half of someone else’s order. My previous order was completely someone else’s order, but I caught it in time and sent the entire order back with the delivery person/s. Each time I have to request a refund and then re-order.

  14. Won’t let me sign in with Walmart login so I had to make a new acct with same info as Walmart login. Says “Looks like you’re not an in home member yet” when I already had the option to make a purchase and have it delivered “in home” through Walmart app. The apps do not coincide. It’s frustrating and I can’t figure out how to cancel. There’s no cancel option on the app

  15. CD dice:

    Galaxy S8 phone app launches and when I try to sign in the screen to log in show’s up for a second and then goes white screen. Took me 15 tries to get a screen shot of it asking for email address. Really sad it works so poorly. Yes my phone is a bit old but works just fine.

  16. great delivery (in deep snow) from Anjelika. Items were packed so neatly in reusable, recyclable bags. This is exactly what grocery delivery needed. Many thanks to you for bringing the things we needed with care. We appreciate the service and associates.

  17. Catherine was awesome! She filled my order and delivered it. I’ve never had better service. I love it that the pulled my order because it was done so nice and efficiently. I hope I have Catherine every time.

  18. Absolutely love it. I am 60 years old and I’m getting to the point where f****** all that stuff from the store to the car to the car to the house I don’t mind this one also they don’t charge you they have the same perks as when you buy clothes. So ultimately there’s no shipping fees. And Walmart has so many deals that I buy my house apply for

  19. ttna77 dice:

    Give us the option in the app of you leaving them at the front door. Not everyone wants people coming into their home. I was told when pitched this in home service that Walmart employees would be delivering in refrigerated trucks and we wouldn’t need to tip. So… we can’t choose this service without allowing people inside our homes? Weird. Fix the app.

  20. The ads REALLY rub me the wrong way with how they’re ALL of women. There are people out there who will infantilize and sexualize women even more when they think about “oo woman delivery to my homee!” Having ALL the ad images depict women pushes the stereotype that women are just here for other’s comfort, when we’re not. Not every woman is “soft, gentle, kind, harmless, and wanting to serve.” Stop infantilizing women in advertising. It is not that hard to just make ads with BOTH genders.

  21. Great service. Items were delivered with care. Instructions were followed. Delivery person (Ronnie) was awesome, polite, respectful, and friendly. I experienced this service on a trial. I will officially become a member. Thank you ☺️

  22. Great idea for service, but when they said our delivery would arrive between 9am-1pm and it doesn’t actually arrive until 3:30pm, a whole day is wasted waiting! Our time is valuable, so losing that time on a failed delivery window is frustrating.

  23. in home is the most convenient idea since…. the olden days when we had grocery boys. Problem is, electric cars don’t have power to run refrigerant so all our frozen items totally melted! I mean utterly liquified. Several edibles destroyed. Walmart need use REAL vehicles.

  24. This service is very worth it,combined with Walmart can get a time frame for delivery. The delivery person named John is very friendly and professional. no tipping, this service pays for itself in a jiffy.

  25. They had a window of 9am to 1pm and it was still late. It was all stuffed in one paper bag and the handle came right off because it was too full. Horrible service!

  26. Dewanna is an amazing person! you couldn’t find anyone better than her! I’d had several bad experiences with delivery, but I’m sticking around because of the service from Dewanna! thank you so much! My delivery was perfect, on time, kept cold in a cooler till it got to me. Dewanna was kind , thoughtful, and respectful, and an all around gracious person!

  27. I’m so excited about my Walmart In-Home Delivery Service. I totally trust Ben, who’s been with Walmart for 18 years! I’m a Disabled Senior Citizen and it’s difficult for me to carry groceries from the front door to the kitchen. Ben learned where I want things to be put away from the first visit. I’m housebound, so it’s nice to have a kind person to deliver my groceries. Ben always has a big smile and friendly greeting for me. He recycles the bags and takes back my Walmart returns.

  28. App crashes constantly. Love the service. App is useless. Keeps saying “cannot connect to server.” Can’t see past OR current orders. Have uninstalled and redownloaded multiple times and having the same problem. Please help!

  29. This app is awesome. The convenience of not worrying about my groceries. Someone puts it away in the freezer and refrigerator, no worries about melted ice cream if I can’t get home in time. This app in conjunction with Wal-Mart is a big money saver and relief as a caretaker for my parents.

  30. This app has been hit or miss lately. Same issue…can add products to my cart and then I get the message “having difficulties. Try again later” or sometime I get lucky and don’t get that message. Currently trying to add to my current order and checkout and for 4 hrs I’ve gotten “try again “

  31. The Walmart Associate was very nice but forgot all my cold stuff. Was refunded, but now have to reorder all the missing items for another delivery.

  32. I thought there was an error but I found another bag. Customer service was polite and understanding. The driver is actually great.

  33. Carlo dice:

    A great app for a great service, is all I can say. Walmart hit this one out of the park. For me, the Walmart InHome service is worth it.

  34. Can’t login to the app. The login screen flashes quickly, but then shows nothing but a blank white screen. And I can’t place an In Home delivery on the website, so this is completely worthless, and I will delete my In Home account before the free-trial ends.

  35. InHome gave me a time frame of 9-1 I called at 3 it was still in preparing. 25 minutes later received a delivery notice. They did not deliver it to me.

  36. Horrible! Buggy. Frustrating. Makes you flip back and forth w wm app. One says delivered one says on way. Not clear which to order from, in home won’t allow me to select *or* add items. Oftentimes it is a blank screen. It says my food is coming @9am then later says 6pm. Why does it waste my time? Shocked they went live w this useless app that u can’t use unless u have the other wm app as well. Food gets jammed into bags-bananas were on bottom of bag w hard plastic above. Veggies damaged.

  37. So convenient, I just love how easy is to place my order and how I’m saving money and time with this app.

  38. it’s ok, I like not having to tip extra, but they only deliver next day which isn’t as convenient.

  39. No real options .. I’m having a problem w walmarts delivery service. I have had 2 deliveries in 3 days not delivered because they don’t have any drivers(they use a 3rd party company) I thought using in home I would get my groceries actually delivered but it doesn’t give me the option to deliver to my porch just my kitchen n garage. Looks like I will be canceling after my 30 days free.

  40. I have a MyQ device, like the one they’re installing, for my garage door already. There’s nowhere to link it to my InHome app.

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