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“Try on” any Sherwin-Williams paint color with augmented reality or a photo.
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Instantly see any Sherwin-Williams color on your own walls, in real time. With ColorSnap Visualizer’s Paint features, you can use augmented reality or a photo of your space, and tap the wall to change its color instantly. Other features let you match the colors in a photo and quickly get color details, like where to find it in our stores and what colors complement it. Get ready to make faster, more confident color decisions with ColorSnap—only from Sherwin-Williams. In addition to overall enhancements, you can now:
• Always get to the feature you want, using the Explore, Paint and Resources tabs at the bottom of your screen
• In Explore see all our colors on the digital color wall, match a photo or scan a color number.
• In Paint see our colors in context with Instant Paint or Paint a Photo.
• In Resources to find a store, figure out how much paint you need and log into mySW to see any colors you’ve saved, even if you did it on your computer or tablet.
• More easily create, save and share your own paint color palettes
• Quickly share images of rooms you’ve “painted” in the app


Minor updates and bug fixes to improve your color exploration experience


40 comentarios en "ColorSnap® Visualizer MODDED"

  1. Good for looking up colors and their LRV, hex etc. Not good for just about everything else. Color depiction is inaccurate as it adds an artificial shadow around the scene. Worst UI I have ever seen on a professional app makes it near impossible to navigate. I must’ve started and lost a palete 10x before finally figuring out how to save one. Paint a scene only let’s you use one color (or the UI is so poor I can’t figure put how to add a second one without loosing all progress). I could go on…

  2. Daniel G dice:

    Does not work as well as other paint apps out there. I am using it like most people are probably using the app, which is to paint your walls virtually or in a picture. It seems like the app is posterizing your picture, and creating lines where none exist. This basically leads to one of two outcomes: no paint on parts off the wall you chose, or paint on every surface of the room including the wall. Other paint brand apps work just fine this one does not

  3. Like everyone is saying, this app looks good and could be great, but it doesn’t actually function the way it should. If you use one of their very few stock photos, you can edit the colors with some accuracy, though they tend to look very computer-generated and unrealistic. However, if you upload a photo of your own, which is what most of us are trying to do with this, you cannot edit individual items within the photo with any sort of accuracy whatsoever and the colors don’t even look right. Sad

  4. The interface is good looking and features would be super useful and well conceived IF THEY ACTUALLY WORKED. I’m pulling my hair out because after spending time picking out colors for a palette, saving the palette, and getting a confirmation that it was saved, as soon as i back out of the screen I’m on or just go to the “my ideas” section, the palette is gone. Nevermind that the actual paint a photo feature is clunky and lacks the features of any basic editor…

  5. This is quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever ATTEMPTED to use. Did you guys take this to a kindergarten science fair for the design phase? You can’t choose a color and then get back to the photo. If you somehow manage to, chances are the color will just fill the whole screen. You can’t switch between colors so making a pallette is pointless and if you do manage to get the color where it was intended the fill is terrible. Who in the world tested this and thought “yep that’s the product”

  6. This app is helpful in paint ONE WALL. You can’t paint more than one color in a picture. Once you pick your color, itll change everytime you pick a different one. It being sherwin williams i really thought itd have more creative outlet to it but i guess not Edit: tried reusing 3 years later and somehow its even worse smh the one wall painting put the color on everything light (curtains, ceiling, etc) the option to choose a photo jist shuts down the entire app

  7. Well, I think it TRIES to do what the description says, but I can’t upload any photos to paint the colors I’ve matched onto. It just crashes. I can use the augmented reality camera to get an idea – sort of. I get the impression that it would only paint a wall completely if it was lit perfect from the front. But, again, if I try pretty much anything other than matching color to an image, the app crashes. And I’ve had it crash a few times just doing that too.

  8. App is ok.. it has the potential to be good. I do like the “explore colors” function. But things like having a limited number of colors you are able to put in the palette, is frustrating. Also, it would be nice to have more pictures of rooms to visualize what the color may look like on a wall. The instant paint feature has not worked that well for me because it doesn’t always know which surface is a wall.

  9. This app does a great job at manifesting the paint color on a live picture of your wall. But once I choose colors to try, there is no way to get back to the screen where it shows you the wall! The back button returns you to the initial page that says “start painting”. The developers need to work heavily on the navigation because in its current state the app is unusable.

  10. Probably could be improved, but relative to all the paint visualizers offered by other major paint companies non pros like myself will likely encounter, this one is straightforward and intuitive to use. It’s easy to figure out how to upload a photo of the space you want to paint and then try out colors. It’s a mystery why other companies complicate this or even fail to offer what a color might look like in your own space. I don’t care what a color looks like in some random house.

  11. For five minutes I was happy that this one works better than Home Depots version, but then it started crashing and I’ve never gotten it to work again. Also, it’s saving HUNDREDS of weird blue and black images to my phone. My image is neutral colored, not blue and black. It’s like it’s saving an image of the highlighted area it painted with each touch. Even after deleting more than 200 rendered photos, it was still crashing.

  12. Just to echo what others have said, the app has potential but is currently useless. The only two tools to paint a scene are the “fill” tool (aka the “paint bucket” tool), where it tries to figure out where the edges of something you want to paint and fill it in, and an eraser tool. The problem is the edge detection algorithm for the fill tool is so bad it ends up filling in 3/4 of your photo, and then without a brush tool it’s virtually impossible to just highlight areas on your own.

  13. This app assisted me in choosing a color which normally is frustrating for me. I only used the app once, but was impressed that it allows to select a palette and show them in your photo without creating an account. If you are a painter or design professional it might be helpful to have an account to save selections…. but for a homeowner just painting your house that would be annoying for me. Probably would have been even better if I had a higher quality camera on my phone.

  14. I am working on redoing a couple rooms in my house. Picking paint is one of the harder things for me to do. I was hoping this app would help me be able to visualize what the color would look like. The app does exactly what I wanted it to do and does it fairly well. However, the app is not well developed and was completely unusable. It would not flip from landscape to portrait consistently and when it did it would often times take me a completely different place. The controls are also clunky.

  15. I have used the app on a computer multiple times, and it works most of the time. The mobile application needs work, everyone I try to “paint an imagine” it gives me less options to paint what I want painted, and for whatever reason color snap will save 30+ photos on my phone all in blue and red. Super annoying. I wish I could post a screen shot of what I mean.

  16. my issues: you can’t save your photo in the app, you have to take a screen shot. There is no paint brush, you can’t “tape” off areas you don’t want painted. I used this to try to see what a green wall would look like painted and what went on the wall was a totally different color than what I selected; white was dark gray. Also, you can only select one color at a time. It would be great if I could see what trim AND the wall would look like painted.

  17. I’ve tried so many times with this app. I love SW paint, so I wanted to love this app and I wanted it to be useful. When I can even get it to work (rarely) it’s sketchy at best. Color goes on splotchy if at all, and god help you if you want to choose a different color from the starting palette. I usually just ended up starting over repeatedly but never getting anywhere. The UI leaves much to be desired. And by “much” I mean “basic, understandable functionality”

  18. The app can be fussy at times but when it works it’s good. It doesn’t do well at seeing wall lines, but that’s what erase is for I guess. It is better for dark colors, lighter colors all show tan grey. It’d be nice to be able to paint different walls different colors. Instead you have to choose a color, screenshot it to use that as your next photo, and then repaint a wall.

  19. How are apps from companies with the money to make good ones always so awful? They should change “pallets” to “alternatives”, since you can only ever use one color at a time in the entire picture. The fill algorithm is worse than MS Paint. It has NO edge finding at all. Important for finding different structures in a photo that might be roughly similar shades. Random crashes are also fun. Seriously, get it together.

  20. Great idea but it doesn’t work very well at all. The first time, I was able to “paint” my room with my chosen color. This time, it kept going back and defaulting to experts choices. Plus, the color isn’t very good and the view is janky at best. Deleting. Thankful I have my own color books to choose my colors from (dad was a painter).

  21. Once upon a time I said “never again” a few years later one of my SW reps said they had fixed a bunch of the issues. It still has its issues; for example getting the visualizer to use more than one color is nearly impossible, but it has improved greatly. Seriously how are you supposed to select a pallet if you have to screenshot it to get the next color. Also the fact that I have to save the pallet each time I open it or it gets erased, come on…

  22. Impressively horrible! You can’t just keep painting your uploaded picture new colors, you can’t even fill them in yourself or adjust brightness, it’s horribly unintuitive AND I’M A PROGRAMMER! The list of downfalls and frustrations goes on and on the more you use it, and you can’t even click around for help. Don’t waste your time, try another app. This is a great example of what not to do.

  23. Pretty much uninstalled immediately. This app was difficult to use and I had trouble picking the colors I actually wanted. Then when I went to try to colors on my house the fill option was very poor and just colored the entire background. I also feel like the color it put on the picture did not match the true color of the paint at all. Waste of time. Would not recommend. You are better off just going and buying a paint sample from Lowe’s.

  24. Disappointing. I wanted to virtually paint a house exterior to choose siding and trim colors before getting new windows and shingles in real life. The app couldn’t tell the difference between any of the colors in a day lit real estate photo. When I tried to “paint” the garage door, the app selected the door, all the siding, roof and all the grass and trees in the photo as well. I tried multiple times. Useless!

  25. Navigation through the app is unintuitive, clumsy, frustrating, and overall HORRIBLE. It could be good but it is so frustrating I’m writing a review. For example, trying to change color in a picture, you must figure out how to add a color to a list which is not simple. Clearing the search bar, backs you out of the search page. Backing out instead of swiping down restarts process completely, erasing your color selections and forcing you to reselect the picture. I rage quit the app.

  26. In order for this app to get more than 2 stars it has a lot of improvements to go. It has the potential to really help users, but it’s missing the mark at its current functionality space. I followed the instructions for this app but it doesn’t work when snapping a photo of the wall, you can’t get back to the photo to even use the color on the photo after finding one. Holding your phone in the location and using a color is just as bad… Just use it for color reference on the pics in app.

  27. It’s a great idea. However the app is clunky. The cora don’t translate well to photos and don’t reflect the color chosen. Also, picking a color and pallette is not easy and often needs to be replicated. Needs work for the kinks to be ironed out. But this app has been th same for at least a year now.

  28. Applying the paint to the picture results in patchy, unrealistic looking walls. And the eraser tool isn’t adjustable so it’s a one size, circle eraser, making it hard to be accurate and create even a semi-realistic look. The colors don’t match the sample at all once they’re applied to the picture. I personally feel like this app isn’t user friendly and isn’t at all helpful.

  29. The best I can figure out is you need to pick colors, save palette, exit, log in again, pick your saved palette, and then you can test it- the app needs a lot of work, it’s super frustrating how many times I needed to, or accidentally exed out trying to apply the color. It just resets everything if you hit back, and there’s no option for getting out of the color picker.

  30. The app is good, some functionality issues with saving palettes. Sometimes a saved palette will randomly disappear from your account. It’s a challenge to update a palette. The app will usually save it as a new palette each time you add a new color. Sometimes it will add it to the palette you’re trying to edit. I really like the color snap function, it’s just saving a color palette scheme is not intuitive.

  31. The ideology behind the app is great but unfortunately it is not executed correctly. Paint color goes on in panels, or covers entire photo: counters, floors, windows, etc. The colors also vary dramatically with only the slightest change in lighting. This app has potential but it needs a lot of work to perfect its purpose.

  32. I picked my colors via color search. Saved the palette. When I got back to the paint screen, the pallette was gone. It kept saving weird color combinations that I didn’t even choose under “my ideas” and there was no way to get rid of them. Once I did manage to save a pallette, these weird combinations would mysteriously replace them, so that I had 10 duplicates of ideas that weren’t mine and that I couldn’t get rid of. Finally I deleted the darn thing.

  33. I primarily used the app to try to apply colors to a photo. It is not intuitive to use. I have had to remake and save the pallettes multiple times. I logged in a day later and they are no longer saved. If you need to back out of searching colors, it doesn’t back you out to the photo you had already selected, but rather backs you out to slecting the photo and started again. It seems like there are so many small fixes that could be made to make this app concept 5x easier to use.

  34. The colors and photos you pick do not save, if you want to change colors, you hit back but then it makes you go through your camera and select the photo and start all over with the process. Oh and I chose 3 colors, a grey, a taupe and a sage green and when you go to put them on the wall, it’s all the same one beige color. Probably the worst app I’ve ever used.

  35. It seems to have few bugs, I can no longer log in. When I tried to change my password, I got an email that has 2 links. One is to reset the password and the other is for help. Both lead me to the same log in page. That page has 2 options. Log in or cancel. Of course, if I could log in, I wouldn’t be there; and cancel just takes me to a 401 page. I use the app all the time and recommended to clients who are having a hard time with color. You’ll get your five stars back when you get it running.

  36. J. dice:

    App needs quite a bit of work to both the UI and to the engine that selects the area to apply color to. I’ve tried many different pictures and it didn’t work for any of them. Even when it’s just a wall/ceiling/floor picture. It’s a nice concept but I hope they actually make it usable one day. They’d be surprised how many more sales they could generate if this worked properly. I don’t want to deal with a sales rep and schedule appointments for them to use a better app. Just let me use it.

  37. Does a very poor job of recognizing wall surfaces, and when it does, it fills the color in very poorly with too many irregularities. The color also changes too much while you’re just trying to hold the camera steady. Also, there’s no way to “take a picture” so I end up having to take a screenshot. Pretty far from ideal.

  38. Color Visualizer does not work. I tried to use the camera outside to take a photo. First, it did not recognize the wall because it said it was too dark and I should turn on more lights. Its a sunny blue sky kind of day so I am sure it would struggle indoors. Then, after several attempts, I realized you cannot take a photo; you have to stand there for an unimaginable amount of time holding your arm out. If you bring the camera down to your hip during viewing it will say you are moving too much.

  39. Really bad app. The picture I took to paint was compressed to look like 440p. The paint feature was awful at picking out what to actually paint. It chose to paint the ceiling and floor and walls at the same time while I was trying to paint one wall. There is an eraser feature that works but then only is a pain to use. You could only paint something one color and could only paint something once so if what you want doesn’t get colored you have to re do the whole thing. Just not a functional app.

  40. Wow. This app has so much potential but the user experience is awful. I’m not sure that any of the developers have actually tried it out because it’s infuriating to try to apply paint to a room. Picking your color palette traps you in that menu, then when you get back to the photo screen to paint it, I don’t even have words for the nonsense that ensues. Please. Please. Please fix this. It’s got so much potential.

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