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Real estate app to find homes for sale or rent in the right neighborhood for you
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When searching for a new home, the more you know about the home and neighborhood, the more you know it’s right. Trulia helps you discover the perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent. Get a genuine feel of what it’s like to live there before you buy with 33 neighborhood map overlays like schools, 30M+ neighborhood reviews from locals, and virtual neighborhood tours. Browse 1M+ real-time MLS listings with Trulia’s robust search filters, easily plan open houses, and customize instant alerts to stay ahead of the real estate market.

Trulia Real Estate Key Features:

NEW! Trulia Neighborhoods – more neighborhood details than any real estate app

• Browse 33 neighborhood heat overlay maps such as schools, amenities, and commute
• Tour the neighborhood with original photos, local stories, and drone footage
• Learn about everyday life with the What Locals Say feature, ranging from whether people feel it is safe to get packages delivered to if neighborhoods are friendly.
• Research schools in the neighborhood with trustworthy reviews from parents

Over 1M+ Real Estate Listings – sourced from MLS databases, take your search on-the-go

• Browse and save your favorites listings and searches to easily access them later
• Get an overview of the surrounding area with Street View
• Access the map in normal, satellite or terrain mode
• Connect with highly rated agents to find a home you love

Search Customization Tools – find a home and neighborhood uniquely suited for you

• Draw your own map boundaries to focus on the neighborhoods you care most about
• Be in control with 30+ filters and custom keyword search
• Find any type of property such as a condo, apartment, single family homes, or foreclosures

Detailed Home Listings

– simplify your home search with an intuitive experience
• Browse large and beautiful photos of homes
• Get the financial details you need like property tax, sales history, and more
• Leverage pricing info on recently sold homes to spot high-value properties
• Calculate multiple commutes by different transportation modes
• Understand local LGBT non-discrimination laws for housing, employment, and public accommodations

House Buying Alerts – take your search on-the-go and never miss a listing

• Stay up to date on the market and neighborhoods with alerts on new listing recommendations, price drops, or nearby open homes
• Customize email and push notification alerts to only see what you care about
• Check out your daily feed of new listing recommendations based on your search behavior and favorites

Open Homes Scheduling Tool

• Plan and manage open houses with calendar sync and mapping directions
• Get open house recommendations near you

Affordability Calculators

• Calculate the full cost of owning your dream home like mortgage, interest rate, HOA, homeowners insurance, and property taxes

Trulia Rentals Key Features:


• Contact landlords and rental property managers on the go with just one click – it’s that easy!
• Set yourself apart by easily applying with our rental resume


• Discover diverse listings in a beautiful, intuitive way
• Check out floor plans and availabilities


• Find rentals near transit and calculate commutes
• Sort for properties by whether they allow cats or dogs

Discover a place you’ll love to live.

We love feedback and requests! Send us yours anytime at [email protected].


We are continuously working on making the Trulia app better. In this release we've made some performance improvements and fixed some bugs. Thank you for choosing Trulia.


40 comentarios en "Trulia: Homes For Sale & Rent 2022"

  1. M S dice:

    Pretty neat of an app, helps get me the options I’m looking for in apartments and housing with a variety of different search options. I also like that it gives demographic, shopping, and other convenient details of neighborhoods I’m potentially interested in. I’m not sure if they still have it but I wish they still have recent crime information within neighborhoods.

  2. Very useful App. I do recommend a few things though. 1 – Allow more flexibility when setting price range. As of now, it only has increments in $50K dollars, which is a high dollar amount for areas where home values aren’t through the roof. 2 – Add the ability to sort by price per square foot. 3 – The save option is great, but having a “Not Interested” or “Dont Show Again” option would also be helpful. I don’t want a house to keep popping up in my search query if I’m not interested in it.

  3. Overall I think the app is great! I love the crime heat map, the fact that you can enter in your commute and the school ratings for the area. What is very frustrating with this app is that VERY often I will save a property but will receive an error message. This happens over and over and over. Also, a lot of times when I try to go into my feed or saved homes it’ll show that I have nothing saved- as if EVERYTHING got wiped out. I then have to exit out of the app and wait a bit to try again.

  4. Could be better. It is a huge waste of time but could be fixed pretty easily. The feed shows houses that do not meet the criteria that I searched for. Also there should be an option to cross off properties that I have looked at and decided against. We look at so many, and there hundreds, so it is hard to remember. Plus that way, only ones that could be a match and I have NOT seen will come up. Problem solved.

  5. Good app with more listings than others — but neighborhood boundaries are nearly pointless and impossible to turn off! 50% of the time I try to tap on a house, it selects the neighborhood instead, draws a boundary, and eliminates outside listings. This is an unnecessary feature and should at least be possible to turn off. I’m going back to the other app if this doesn’t change. Also, the default notifications are overkill, and a pain to turn off one by one.

  6. Other than an occasional address that is not where it says it is on the map, and the realtor button located in a place that is easy to hit on accident, this app is wonderful. It is great for seeing what is available on the market. It also gives great visuals, that allow you to zoom in so you can see bettter, and provides a lot of other great information about the properties.

  7. Used to love this app. The most recent update with uber integration messed it up. I would select get directions to see how far away from my job, my husband’s job, and our parents house was when looking for potential houses. This has a big impact on our house we will be selecting. Now when I select get directions it just brings me straight to the uber app and no longer shows directions. I think its great to be able to select uber. But you should also be able to select see directions if you want.

  8. what is going on with this app?? i used to love it. but it’s very clunky now and the touch sensitivity is all off. the “neighborhoods” feature would be nice if it was a map overlay, like the crime stats. but when you’re trying to browse a larger area and you touch too close to the neighborhoods label, it auto zooms in. this is infuriating when you are not interested in seeing any particular neighborhood but just want to see all properties within a specific radius.

  9. The “neighborhoods” that you tap on are an absolutely horrible idea. You should just be able to zoom in on an area and tap on individual listings. If there are more than one then just list them together (like you already do). Please fix this issue asap, it hinders the usability of your app and I’m needing to use it to find a new house. I’m also getting an error message when trying to view my saved homes “oops looks like something went wrong, please try again later”. App definitely needs work…

  10. Galaxy s10+: Browsing properties works well. I’d like for the in app map to link to google maps to make it easier to determine the property’s distance from my work. BIGGEST ISSUE the “Request Info” banner spreads accross the entire bottom of the phone. the s10+ is a big phone and practically the entire front of the phone is screen space. This has made it very easy to accidentally request more information (I’ve done this 3+ times). I then become needlessly harrased with texts and phone calls.

  11. I used to use this app as my only real estate finding tool for years. The last few updates have been horrendous. Now in alerts, they have removed the location and price of the home and the thumbnail photos of the property are so tiny you cant see anything unless you click the listing and wait for it to load. Wastes a ton of time when you have to view every single listing just to find out it’s not even a place you’d remotely be interested in.

  12. I like the mortgage calculator and photo “see all” options over Zillow’s. What I don’t like is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to see your saved searches to remove or modify them. And worse, it doesn’t seem to update the properties I’m being shown when I change the filter parameters. Frustrating.

  13. I have friends moving to FL soon and my husband and i have been looking for property close by them. I’ve had this app for approximately 2 months and up until recently l absolutley loved it. It updated on April 15th and since then it will not load the map where the property is listed. And when you search for properties in a certain area, it used to show you all of them on a map so you could pick the one you wanted. Now it just gives you a list of the properties in photos with no map load.

  14. I love the intuitive usability of the Trulia App. It marks the price of properties on the map and allows for removal of boundaries, however it also continues to show properties on the map outside of the personal boundaries set in the filter options. The ability to pull up property photos is also done in a user friendly manner that allows the user to view all photos in a pulldown screen as opposed to swiping on individual images. It’s by far the best app to use when looking at properties!

  15. B A dice:

    The “minutes to commute” feature is really useful to get a rough idea of the time needed to travel from a listed property to different destination points (like work, church, in-laws). You can even add commutes by bicycle and public transportation. That can save a lot of switching back and forth to a maps app. Although, I still double-check the commute to work, because in Google Maps I can adjust for rush hour.

  16. If developers would like this to be the go to real estate app, some changes should be made to enhance it. 1. Favorites drop off. I’m not certain how many houses you can save as a favorite; but when you reach that number houses previously saved drop off and show up as new again. 2. Allowing you to see just your favorites on the map to look at specific areas would be helpful; and 3) You should be able to search your favorites for features or by city. Current abilities are limited.

  17. It’s a decent app for house hunting. It doesn’t seem to have all the features and filters that Zillow has, but it’s not far off. The chief complaint I have is that despite having a saved search with specific parameters (i.e. minimum lot size, location, etc.), the “recommended homes” that I receive do not stay within those parameters, often recommending homes on properties much smaller than I have set, and often in locations well outside of the area I specified.

  18. Overall, Very good. Love the crime rate, schools, street view functions. The commute function does not usually function properly. If it did then it should be really great. It takes some work to filter out the construction plans from the existing houses. There is always room for improvement but again, overall very good.

  19. Pretty good app but filters are incorrect. Add filter for garage & half the results disappear. Remove it, see a ton of listings that have garages. Make the people listing the property fill out all fields. Also I would like to exclude a property if I do not like it. I do not want a property with half the appliances missing. I keep seeing the same results. Unless the listing changed, I do not wish to see it anymore. Give an option to hide it unless the listing has updated info. Overall good UI.

  20. Love Trulia App because it’s so easy to navigate, and the number of properties, land, etc., on the site is fantastic. I love the amount of information available to you on the app whether you are buying, selling, or just browsing trying to get ideas. This app has it all from mortgage calculator, to beautiful pictures of properties; even virtual tours of certain homes. You will find what you’re looking for on Trulia. It’s just the best app I’ve visited for real estate, land, etc. Happy hunting!

  21. The information on the app contains everything buyers need to search for the perfect home allowing them to filter specifics. It could use a few more filter options such as more flexible price ranges and let you search for single- or two-story homes or those with/without a pool, for example, but overall, it is a great and useful tool!

  22. Properties fall off my favorites list at random. The minutes to commute feature stopped working. It won’t accept my work address, which was previously working fine. It also doesn’t accept any addresses of nearby businesses. There is no explanation of the problem. I tried my current home address as a test. It accepted it fine, but that’s not helpful. Since one of my main goals is a better commute, having this feature not work makes the app much less useful.

  23. App is okay but could be alot better. The lack of any ability to configure my feed for my preferences is very annoying. Ex. I am not interested in rentals of any kind. I constantly receive notifications (which i disabled) from the LA region which I am not remotely located near. The development and product teams should consider providing users with the ability to configure their experience to their preferences. If not, I suggest NEVER look at regions where you don’t want to see in your feed.

  24. Your crime tab does not work. Both my boyfriend and myself have different phones and we’ve updated, logged in and out, closed and reopened the app and nothing makes it work. It used to work spotty, and tell you every now and then what happened, but doesn’t work at all now. It highlights the spots where there has been crime, but then the page just circles and circles but doesn’t tell you what happened in those areas. That’s kind of important to people trying to move cross country.

  25. It’s a great app when it is up and running. However, it logged me out I think for an update, and now I can’t seem to log back in. I tried the FB login button, and it just kept taking me back to the normal sign-in page. So I typed in my e-mail and then it spun for a while before telling me I needed to use the FB button, which just sends me in a loop because it doesn’t do anything at all. Please fix! I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge, if that helps at all. I still can’t log in even after the update. 🙁

  26. Easiest app for looking up houses. Most listings are great, just need more pictures of the house…not the furniture. The last update has allowed off market houses to show up in new listing emails… which is highly annoying. Also, there are problems in several listings including lot size when there is no lot included(you have to move the trailer), bdrm/bath qty, having no pictures at all in some cases, and having no pictures of things that make a big difference like bathrms/boiler/basement.

  27. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I could immediately (in less than 1 minute) was looking at houses! The “filters” are excellent and since I’m looking for my sister, who lives in Denver, was able to send via text OR to her email. And my boys will soon start looking for a house too so was able to send it to them as well. I give Trulia 10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐’s the reason I gave a “not sure” for app experience is bc I didn’t read the app description (I only knew it was for looking at houses, etc)

  28. Excellent app. I have two complaints. When I am using the map to search and try to click on a home, it almost always clicks on a neighborhood tag instead which then creates a boundry that I didn’t want. Another thing is, the auction listings are for a small specific type of buyer. It’s annoying not being able to filter them from searches.

  29. This app seems great, but nonstop notifications. Even after disabling all but one, which is supposed to be for my search criteria, keeps sending about things outside of what I am actually looking for, in both pricing, location, and even type of housing. Would be nice to not get push notifications at 2 AM about something I wasn’t interested in to begin with.

  30. Its convenient and pretty decent. I wish I can customize the alerts and notifications I get. For example, I only care about when a place is for sale within a certain price range and x amount of bedrooms and minimum of x amount of square space in a specific city, state, or area (like from drawing on the map). That way I don’t have to manually go through all alerts/notifications to just clear it. And/or it would be nice to do an anti-alert. Like don’t show me or notify me that is 50+ yrs old.

  31. Functional app with touch sensitivity issues. I will be looking at one home near a neighborhood and it will be about one full finger span away from what I am trying to touch, and the app will select the neighborhood and zoom in even more than necessary every time. Infuriating, but otherwise that app does what its supposed to.

  32. I personally did not care for the app. The notifications are about a week later than the Realtor app. And the notifications are annoying and repetitive. For example; I would receive a notification about a home in my saved search, and it would notify me about a week later than realtor, and continue to send the same notification about every other day, even after I open the app and open the notification.

  33. Why fix what’s not broken? The previous version worked for me, this one has lost my previously saved searches and properties. Also I cannot get the commute function to finish loading. From a web designer’s perspective, this wasn’t well thought of. just because something is shiny and spins, it doesn’t mean its efficient. Each time there is a big change in UI there will be kickbacks from some consumers, but there has to be substantial improvements to offset that kickback. to me it missed the mark.

  34. The app is really good, but could be better. I love the Crime map. But wish I could remove saved searches. There are important fields to renters that aren’t always visible on the app, but they are on the desktop version. Fields like Photo Thumbnails so you can browse faster when you are looking for a grassy back yard. Always the very last photo!. Also, Pet restrictions and Availability Date should be required to be entered by the poster. Would save a lot of unnecessary phonecalls!

  35. Overall I like the app, but I keep getting recommendation notifications for new construction properties for sale on the other side of the country. I don’t want to disable notifications given that I’m looking for properties, but I’m only interested in rentals that are thousands of miles away from these homes so it’d be great if I could customize at least the area I get notifications for.

  36. JL Ross dice:

    Trulia gives me access to properties I can’t always see on others, especially regarding rentals, but also for sale. If the same property comes up on other ap, it always shows up after it does on Trulia. For this reason I give it 5 stars. It’s just easier to use and more reliable. It does have a bug in the crime map. That never seems to be working, unless absolutely everywhere is completely crime free, no. The bug in the school info was fixed. I still wish they would use the GreatSchools feature.

  37. Good app but with caveats. Pro: Clean layout. Available for almost all markets. Can swipe through pictures without having to click into each house. Con: Not as much info as sites like RedFin that give room dimensions & what level each room is on. Very annoying: Request Call/Email pop up button on every screen causes false presses. To fix: put the contact button not as a pop-up & somewhere else (at the bottom of the house stats page)/have a 2-step verification/have a setting to turn it off.

  38. I have had nothing but an excellent experience with the Trulia app. They have the most and best listing, and you can’t beat the 1 tap application feature. Not only was I able to find two great places to live thru them over the years, everyone I have told about the app who used it had nothing but props to give. If and when I decide to relocate again, I’ll stick with Trulia to find it.

  39. I have been loving the app for a few weeks and check it several times a day. This haopened before a few years back. Now again. The search and feed are on the same spot and i like doing the feed. The dots on the map are hard ro manuver. Any suggestion? Also checked my alert button and it doesnt show my list as it did before. Very frustrating as i am trying to find a home

  40. Easy to navigate and filter specifics and control notifications and updates. Informative and updated content with mortgage breakdown that’s easy to customize for your numbers and excellent examples of similar properties. Different views so you can see photos and google street views so you literally “drive” around your potential neighborhood and see, reliably, what you’re really looking at. No complaints. Very good app. Right Alex? Lol

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