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Control your ecobee thermostat or switch+ remotely on your Android smartphone.
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An ecobee home learns and adapts based on your needs, behaviors and preferences, offering comfort when you’re there, and peace of mind when you’re away. The ecobee mobile app is simply an extension of this experience. We update the app regularly to include newly released features and enhancements.

Download the app to:

– Install your device with step-by-step instructions.
– Save even more energy by adjusting your thermostat settings and turning off unnecessary lights directly from your smartphone.
– Keep track of the comings and goings in your home with ecobee Smart Security, our smart home monitoring solution.
– Monitor entryways, windows, drawers, and cabinets with intelligent alerts.
– Get a clear view of home when SmartCamera detects unexpected activity.

At ecobee, we value our customers’ feedback. Have a question or a suggestion about the app? Tell us what you think at [email protected]

ecobee. Smart that makes a difference.


Firefox users may have trouble signing in. Please use the "Open in app" option from the menu in the top right.

We're bringing the improved user interface from our 2 new thermostats to all our existing thermostat users! Mobile updates will come this winter. Updates to the thermostat experience will come shortly after. We hope you enjoy!

Questions or comments? Let us know what you think of this update at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "ecobee FULL"

  1. Where did the slide go to change Temps? The UX has been changed in the app, and I have to admit I’m not a fan. Customers used to be able to adjust the thermostat temp from the home screen with the swipe of a finger. Now it takes several clicks. Feels like the UX design has moved backwards a bit. Would love to see the return of the previous design

  2. The 01/20/23 update changed it back!! Thank you for listening. Back to four stars! The latest update which I received on 01/11/23 adds an additional step just to be able to adjust the setpoints with the sliders. Please change it back. I am sure most people only have one home and one thermostat and don’t need the initial page. This may work for multiple thermostats, but adds steps for most users. Two stars.

  3. Sam B dice:

    The app is not in synch with the thermostat at times, both have different temperatures. Can’t set the timezone from app (why doesn’t it set it automatically from the address?). Crashed during setup, so some settings had to be done after it reset. Many settings can only be changed on the device or the website. What’s with the Vacation mode on the main menu? Do people use it every other day? Thermostat couldn’t synch so it was removed and the app asked to add it again. Really?

  4. Lately the app changes are frustrating. Was finally used to it and now you have to perform extra steps to do the same thing you did in one. App is getting worse over time and more complicated. The Nest app is so much easier. I really want ecobee to do better. Edit: App is back to working the way it was before. Or so it seems. Raising to three stars.

  5. I had high hopes for this thermostats and being using two for six months now, but the software is extremely buggy. Vacation mode sometimes decides not to work, changes in the app don’t get saved (but you also don’t get an error message), the external sensors sometimes report wildly inaccurate temperatures, presence detection doesn’t always work, etc. The hardware feels nice and premium, but the overall experience is not great.

  6. This app is terrible at doing the one thing that should be its primary function, changing the temperature. When I attempt to change it, the temperature immediately changes back to the scheduled temp. So I go to change the schedule and I find that the schedule is locked as well. I finally discover that the schedule is set based on the comfort settings. I am able to finally change the temperature be changing the comfort settings. Yay, so intuitive.

  7. I’ve used multiple thermos/apps & this is the worst. 1. You can select vacation mode from the main menu, but have to go through multiple layers to toggle home / away. Doesn’t make sense since most people take a few vacays a year, but leave the house several times a day. 2. No historic data. If I want to see what the thermo has done, I have to go to the web page which doesn’t display well on mobile. 3. App is too focused on pushing other products / services like filter subscriptions.

  8. X Cannon dice:

    Have had an ecobee for over a year now and haven’t always had good luck with the app. However, this newest update has changed everything, and it’s amazing. So much easier to navigate and use, and it doesn’t have all the bugs the previous version had. Look forward to seeing this update on the thermostat itself. Will make it so much easier to change the temp and additional settings

  9. Not found!?!?!?! Every time I try to sign in to the app takes me to a webpage and when I enter my sign in information it just leads me to a page that says “Not Found”. After speaking with Customer Service, turned out I was using Firefox as a default on my phone and that was getting in the way of the app finishing the setup. They got me up and running within a few hours.

  10. Just the worst. Instead of thinking about the actual end-user experience and being able to easily manage your “comfort settings” and schedule within two selections of the home screen, this absolute miscarriage of an app hides those options in ambiguously phrased sub-menus in an attempt to prevent you from changing your own programmable settings. To be clear – this app actively tries to prevent you from using the best features of a “smart” thermostat. If I didn’t rent I’d 100% be using Nest.

  11. David A. dice:

    Edit: after multiple issues with the app not communicating since I’ve owned the thermostat, and now a continuous outage, all on top of a very not user friendly UI, I regret buying this and should have gone with Nest. Seem to get a lot of “…trouble connecting…” and I have to wait a bit. Also the temperature slider is annoying if you have to slide up to the top as you lose fine control over selecting a temp (same with the physical display) Edit: just keeps getting worse. But no room to explai

  12. Trevor D dice:

    I had a lot of issues with this app / thermostat for quite a while. Long story short, I reached a very good support person and he fixed everything. The system is running great again. Thanks. Feature requests: I wish that the system could recognize if one room is much warmer and another room is much cooler and then turn the fan on rather than the heat to even out the temperature. Also to have a little more control how long to run the fan rather than just 1 hour, 2 hour indefinitely. Thanks.

  13. Brii Brii dice:

    I often get a an error message when trying to control the thermostat from the app. I have to get up and change the settings from the thermostat or my desired temperature will not save. App is sluggish and unresponsive. Customer service is also extremely unhelpful after being on hold for so long. Overall I am very disappointed and will probably end up getting a nest.

  14. Darla dice:

    What happened in the update? I had no previous issues changing temps, I set it and all good. Now, it doesn’t respond on my android. UPDATE: I had to go to device settings and change duration to something else and back again, then I could change the temp on my phone for the last couple of weeks. Not sure why but it worked. The last few days I have had no issue changing temps on my phone. I’m happy about that! 😀

  15. I’m not sure I trust the information on the app anymore. I’ve had a ecobee thermostat and sensors for 5 years and seen a lot of different things with this system and the app. Lately, I see the status of the thermostat switch between updated (probably) information and outdated numbers. It’s like it’s calling their api every few seconds but somehow caching an old state so the thermostat and sensor temp flips between these two states. It’s definitely a bug that the calculated temp is inaccurate.

  16. Designed by an idiot? I have two ecobee thermostats in the house. After the app redesign it takes six clicks after opening the app to adjust the temperature. It’s ridiculously more complicated than it should be. It’s like no UX testing was performed before unleashing this on the pubic. Quite honestly, I won’t buy another Ecobee thermostat purely because of the app. It really is that bad. Other issues have existed for years. Like you can’t adjust the temperature for a granular length of time.

  17. The new version no longer defaults to the prior display. I had to stumble around to find that display. The new version makes sense for the few people with more than one thermostat but for people with only one, the prior versions works better. Going to rate lower until this is fixed.

  18. Looks like someone convinced someone the UI had to be updated to advance their own career. Before it was a simple dragging a number up or down. Now it’s clicking a number, dragging it, then clicking the number again to confirm. How did the extra steps improve things? Sure there’s a plus and minus arrow for those that dislike dragging but that could have been added without burying things behind a confirmation. I like the comfort settings and scheduling but I’m worried they’ll update it as well.

  19. Terrible GeoFence and phone-to-thermostat sync. The ecobee is supposed to regulate according to home and away comfort settings. This does not function, more often than not, and the obviousness of being home doesn’t auto sync (phone data NOR wifi), so the home stays cold. This app has been shiet for a while and the location of menu functions is NOT intuitive.

  20. The latest update to the app has made everything look discombobulated. The font for what the thermostat is set to is a different font from everything else on the screen. I now have to take extra steps to set the temp now that I have to click the temp for the slider. It just looks weird now, and is more difficult to use.

  21. This app is an Excellent companion to the ecobee smart thermostat. It’s a must have! UPDATE… The app updated this morning making it really difficult to use. I contacted ecobee Support who told me there’s no way to uninstall the update. If the developer can fix it or give me the option to go back to the original version of the mobile app, I’ll change my review back to 5 stars.

  22. I’ve used ecobee thermostats for the past 5 years or so. Decent thermostat, but the app keeps going downhill somehow. The UI is meh but I’m used to it. The sluggishness gets really frustrating though. I open the app and sometimes wait 10+ seconds for it to update with my current temp, while it’s still showing what the app showed last time I closed it. And finally, just got an Alexa, and going through the steps to link it from the app eventually lands me on a “page not found” page.

  23. Inherently unreliable. This app continuously errors out when you try to do things. Thermostats are great. App needs some QA. The vacation function is extremely unreliable. if you are using this app on a 2nd home and need remote capability, I would advise against using ecobee. I like the product and would love to see them fix the mobile app, but in its current state, I would not wish this aggravation on anyone.

  24. Latest update December 14, 2022 has destroyed the app. Galaxy Z Fold 3. Main screen shows no devices connected now. I have to go into settings and back out 2 times until my thermostat shows up. Then I cannot delete the schedule or edit it. It just says something went wrong. Fed up with this.the scheduler was already clunky and unwieldy before this.

  25. I wrote you guys an email. Up till the December app update I never had a problem. The thermostat for example is on 64 I put the temperature up to 69 and it kicks on and I go about my business all of a sudden it shuts off I go back to the app it says that it’s set to turn off at 65 no I actually turned it on 69. I did it again to turn it on 69 and sure enough it got to 66 and changed back to 66. It just does this intermittently. Now it’s on 69 and it stayed on 69 this time. Frustrating

  26. Really wish I didn’t buy this thermostat got sucked in by the rebate offer 2 years ago. It’s ridiculous on the temperature adjustment the slide thing is useless unless you don’t care about accuracy. Just went to adjust my fan to indefinitely and it’s not working what a junkie thermostat for such a large price well never again I’ll replace it soon since it’s just not user-friendly in my opinion. I prefer to tap the heat up like my honey-well t-stat it’s way easier to use and works all the time.

  27. Worst update ever. Never lost my update to Wi-Fi before, but since you’re update suddenly my thermostat can’t connect to my Wi-Fi network that is been connected to for 2 years. The interface is horrible on the app. I now have to click on extra screens and numbers to accomplish the same thing I did before with one tap.

  28. Tanesha dice:

    Extremely, highly annoying!!! When it works out works, but more often than not it doesn’t!! The schedule works fine but if I want to adjust it manually in the app, I have to do it several times before it actually accepts the change. Think I’m going to switch to Google nest. I’ve wanted to throw my phone with how annoying this app can be😡

  29. seth738 dice:

    Would rate it higher if it didnt error all of the time, and also was able to run the fan during windows of time and not just on or off or on for 1 or 2 hours. The interface seems to be the case where they sketched out the user experience once and then convinced themselves that this experience is their brand instead of actually making a great app by paying attention to what the user routinely wants to do, and make that the easiest to do. Even changing the temperature is painfully awkward.

  30. E R dice:

    Update: Keep getting an error trying to change the temperature. At this point I would rather go back to having a dial on the wall. This app needs a redesign. Too many menus for basic settings. Why does vacation have one of the 3 main buttons? How often does anyone use that feature? Put comfort, schedule, or weather there. My sensors aren’t even following the participation schedule. So disappointed with the app and device.

  31. “There was a error while saving. Please try again.” What a pain in the butt. Inexplicably only rudimentary commands can be edited with the app and I have to go to the thermostat itself for other changes. What is the point in that? I should be able to change any setting remotely. Defeats the purpose of a supposedly smart device. In addition, the temperature selection slider is very poorly thought out and never sets the temperature correctly the first second or even third time.

  32. Functional but with couple of major flaws. First is the sensitivity of temperature setting, slider responds super slow and then, super fast. It is not very convenient to move up the setting just couple of degrees. Why not just two icons, one for + and one for -? Second flaw is that not all functions are available as those on the thermostat itself. App tries to look just like the device but fails to emulate it completely.

  33. I tried to like this app and the thermostats but similar to other reviews, I’m tired of the app not working properly. I frequently experience issues where it won’t save the changes made in the app. Temporary temp changes, schedule changes, etc are always suspect and often don’t save. I bought the ecobee thermostat because they have remote sensors when most other smart thermostats didn’t have that option. The competition now has remote sensors and I’m considering buying something different.

  34. App is generally good, decent UI, easy to find and change things. However, like half the time I try to change the schedule or comfort setting, I get an “error while saving. Try again”. Trying again doesn’t help, and neither does restarting the app. Just have to wait a while and hope it works next time. Not a good experience

  35. The thermostat is a 10/10! This app has a very poor UX and is super unintuitive for such a simple piece of hardware. Do y’all know how to turn on/off the heat/cool/fan of your thermostat? Simple right? Not in this app. Doing these simple things is very convoluted, buried, and takes exploration and lots of clicking. Why is vacation and discover the primary CTAs on an app who’s primary function is to control the temperature of your house. We’re not all going on vacation everyday.

  36. UnderDog dice:

    App slow sometimes. Says it’s updating at the top of the screen when I change the temp. And sometimes it does not change the temp and I have to go to the thermostat to change it myself. And after a month of using it’s saying I have to add an ecobee device again. But I already did that when I first installed it. I had nest app before, I liked it much better. The entire screen was turned blue when it was running. Ecobee has a snowflake but it’s grayed out most of the time even when HVAC on

  37. Worked for about 1 week. Geofencing quit working. Spent at least 45 min. on phone with support. The only thing that worked was uninstalling the app and then reinstalling. This worked for a day. Now it won’t work at all. I reinstalled the app several times. All I get is a message saying error while saving. Try again. $250.00 for something that doesn’t work is ridiculous. Especially when support has no idea how to fix it. I do not recommend this product!

  38. Frustrating, and unintuitive. Had a nest learning thermostat installed before ecobee 6. It’s a complete head change in working and managing your A/C. As it gets cooler, the need for the house to stay that cooled is less, and this app makes it hard to navigate/find those settings, and permanently change the temp to meet the new needs. I do spend more time than I like the app because I search like 10 menus to find it.

  39. The last update broke the ability to turn off the fan. I set a fan hold to indefinitely in quick settings on both my ecobees, and now the link to Cancel fan Hold in the app doesn’t do anything. It acts like it’s saving when clicked, but the option never goes away and I can’t turn off the fan. It also doesn’t show a hold to remove on the device, so it’s impossible to turn off the fan unless I toggle away mode or update comfort settings!

  40. Weimen Li dice:

    The UI is confusing and therefore terrible! I have two ecobees in my home because I have a dual zone HVAC system. The front page controls I need to have are simple: Set a temperature, set heating or cooling, and one tap into a preset. Instead, I have multiple layers of menus through icons that defy standard convention.. gear means set preset, sandwich icon means a menu of menus where I hit another menu on whether I’m heating or cooling… Really just a bad UI/UX design!

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