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Map-based search app for apartments and homes for rent.
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We know that finding an apartment can be stressful. Well make it a breeze with the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app! Peruse the largest collection of available homes for rent in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a cheap apartment in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Omaha, or Miami; the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app has got the places you want and you can now search for them on-the-go. We have a team of wizards working their magic 24/7 to provide the most accurate and up-to-date rentals just for you. Quickly contact landlords, gawk property photos, explore area stats, and save as many favorites as you would like.

Some of Our Splendid Features

– Search Alerts: No need to constantly check up on new rentals. Looking for a cheap apt in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood or a condo near the L in Chicago? Name your price on quintessential neighborhoods and our search alerts will notify you when new rentals are listed!

– Share Listings: Sharing is caring! Show off those cool apts for rent in Philadelphia you’ve found with all of your friends (don’t be shy!).

– Advanced Filters: Fiddle with the filters to find senior housing communities in Miami for grandma, student housing for your recent graduate in Austin, or cheap low-income restricted houses in Atlanta. Our filters allow you to find homes tailor-made to fit your exact needs. Find diamonds in the rough by using our keyword search to find listings that mention backyard or landlords that accept Section 8.

– Listing Views: Toggle between our List and Map Views to get a better feel for cities like LA, Denver, New York, and D.C. With HotPads as your guide, It’ll make your apartment search easier and faster.

Let the HotPads Apartments and Home Rentals app be your guide and get you a home, today!

Currently, HotPads only supports the United States

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- Improvements and bug fixes.
Good luck finding your next apartment!


40 comentarios en "HotPads Apartments & Home Rentals MODDED 2022"

  1. Every single day I get a dozen notifications for the same 85 “new” properties that are I actuality the same ones over and over, and was h time I open the notification it takes me to a property that is marked “unavailable as of” at least a week ago. It’s one thing to send a few annoying notifications but you’re going to keep notifying me about properties that weren’t available the last 85 times you buzzed my phone? Worse than useless

  2. Decent UI. The barrage of recommendations notifications (that often are irrelevant to my searches) that are enabled by default are awful (and disabling them doesn’t even do that). The inability to specify multiple areas also makes it instantly worse than searching on StreetEasy. However, the ability to exclude things in its filter, to look specifically for places accepting dogs, wins it a point.

  3. H dice:

    Decent app that collects listings from multiple sites and puts them in one place. However sometimes the listings are not as up to date as where they were originally posted. Also, options for New York are limited. For example, I can’t specify the borough I’m looking in as The Bronx because it doesn’t exist as an option. Like I said, decent. Could use some work

  4. Nice, but a few serious problems. For one, and it may be abuse by listers, is that every few days i get alerts for a “new” listing which isn’t new and if “updated” there’s certainly no change been made to the listing. More recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of new listings with no photos, but the same property on a Zillow has photos. Seems like your scraping or sharing process with Zillow isn’t capturing the photos. While I prefer HotPads’ presentation, I may have to switch to Zillow.

  5. Alot easier to find places using the area map system, good for people to navigate with. Hotpads have more listings for town homes and duplexes/ single homes more so than most listenings online. It notifies me when new listing a posted around areas I wish to move to and when favored listenings are taken. Best of all, I haven’t noticed any advertisements outside of the app. All around very good and highly recommend.

  6. Serves its purpose. Easy to use, different icons for different types is nice, but I’d consider changing the icons or map layout. The apt buildings can block the houses and it gets difficult to choose the one you want to look at without accidentally hitting the wrong one.

  7. The best app for finding a rental. All the info is right on the listing so you won’t need to click each one to see if your drive time is doable. Square feet, pet policy, etc is right there. I also used 5 other sites but none were as easy to use. You are able to also quickly click on “map” to easily view the satellite image of the property. In my case it was important to have grass for our dog in the yard- in the desert some yards are literally rocks.

  8. Makayla dice:

    Easy to use app/non-confusing… I truly appreciate the transparency of the listings as well (i.e. if its shared, common, or an actual studio or 1 bed). Other sites slightly hide this info until you read the fine print. HotPadz tells you upfront; so again, thank you for the transparency in this area, as well as other areas. Really great at matching recommendations according to preferences…

  9. I like this app and would give it 5 stars except for one thing: their notifications. I keep getting notifications for “recommended” properties, which meet none of my search criteria. This wouldn’t be so bad if the option to turn them off actually worked, but unfortunately that setting never, ever, ever sticks. I turn it off several times a week, only to suddenly begin getting bombarded with notifications I don’t want again, and of course they are are magically turned on…again. Why?

  10. I just downloaded this today. Within 30 minutes, I had two appointments set up. Super easy and someone messages you right away when you inquire about a rental property. i will say, however, i for some reason could only search city by city. i wish there was a way i could search the whole county at once for a place… could just be me that couldn’t figure it out though, who knows. Other than that, this app made finding a place a lot easier than expected!!

  11. I give this up five stars because it’s very helpful very useful. The app is (almost) accurate. there’s a few of the apartment listings, that was very misleading. They over exaggerate their property, to get you interested in their apartments, but when schedule an appointment to view the apartments, it’s a big letdown, and you’ve wasted your time. “HotPads” needs to do a little bit more vetting of these listings. But other than that, I still think it’s the best app for finding an apartment.

  12. Easy to use and set preferences. I also just figured out that you can click the “trash” icon on the screen if you mo longer wish to have a property show up in your search. That way you’re not weeding through all the places you already know you do not care for. I have been using this app for so long and only the other realized this, but I’m very happy! Thx hotpads!

  13. Eric Damm dice:

    For this last housing search, I used 4 different apps, but quickly found Hotpads to be the best, because it provides more info (including how many people are competing for any given property you’d like to rent). It also has a message center where you can keep track of all the places you contact, and monitor all the communications from various complexes and landlords. Looking for a new place can be a real bringdown, but Hotpads makes it fairly simple and straightforward. Highly recommended!

  14. This app is the best for Finding an apartment, but there could be a few improvements. Finally you can search by commute, but only from one place. I have two jobs, and I go to school. Being able to see the commute for all three would be amazing, but even just two would help narrow down the search, and keep my options a little more central to where I need to be. ALSO, PLEASE DEVELOPERS, FIND A WAY TO MARK AN APARTMENT AS CONTACTED. Zumper has a great example for this.

  15. This app is really awesome for finding a place to live. If you start early enough, it will even notify you as time goes on about listings that are similar to the ones you have been looking at. Every notification about a listing has been spot on. The app never crashes and has a super simple yet cute interface. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re searching for a new place!!

  16. This definitely is helping me as I continue my apartment hunt and look for my next place to live. Overall it’s pretty user friendly and easy to navigate. However, after my last search it saved completely different search settings and has started showing me options that are very far out of my price range. I have also started receiving notifications for places that are no longer available, which is a bit of a bummer.

  17. This was my preferred app when searching for a new place. It’s easy to navigate and great to use to contact places for viewings. The street view is helpful since some places that are nice on the inside but in sketchy areas and you get a holistic picture of where you’d be coming home to. Though I didn’t use it, the feature that allows you to create an application and use it for multiple listings seems like a great idea. Highly recommend this app.

  18. makes it very easy to get in contact with properties. one flaw though is when you look at properties on their map, it could be off by about 8 blocks.. needs to be fixed. only noticed this with a couple places. Update: rental recommendations could be improved if they relate it to what you search for i.e. as a pet owner I don’t need numerous places that don’t allow pets.. pretty useless.

  19. I honestly really love this app! It’s beyond accurate! I get all the same listings as all the other places including rooms for rent! I do wish they still had the for sale listings option but love it either way. You can look via list view or map view. Which is my favorite because then I can see what areas the apartments are in! Filters are super great too! Some listings even will say if there is a move in special too! Which is pretty cool!

  20. Where do I begin. I dont think I have ever shoved an app into peoples faces to quickly. What an amazing home search engine. I appreciate HotPads ability to search by price range, and their great messaging system to communicate with management. I was able to find a great home for me and my roommates that I couldnt find as easily anywhere else. Fantastic app. 0 downsides.

  21. Its the best search app for rentals. However, it keeps sending me emails about apartments for $2,000 when my budget is $600. I did go in and change my preferences and hopefully it will be able to limit email notifications now. With some fiddling around I set my preferences to under $600, cats accepted.There was no save button to confirm afterwards. 1 result out of 314 listings…maybe I should move to a cheaper part of the country. This market is rough…not the developers fault, I know.

  22. I got notified of places available for rent within the parameters chosen. I set up search areas I wanted to live with filters for amount of rent,bedrooms, square feet etc. Very nice filter list. I was notified by either email or push notification when new listings were added to the search areas. The application even reminded me to contact the properties of interest, and to follow up with them. Invaluable when looking at 100’s of places to live in more than one city or town. I would use again.

  23. Its a really good app, generally has more/newer listings than other apps. Everything is nicely laid out and easy to read/use. My only complaint is that there isn’t a separate option for small dogs or large dogs (i have a large dog); since its lumped into one option (dogs allowed), it tends to be rather time consuming to look through to find which listings are right for me.

  24. This app kind of sucks. they make it very difficult to search for apartments in a particular area. I want to look within 10 Mi radius of one particular town, and I have not been able to figure out a way to do it. they also do not show you where are the nearest schools are to a certain Apartments location. everything I tried to search for on this app is frustrating.

  25. So far I’m loving the app. Way better user experience than the website. I don’t know why, but the site glitches and lags on my laptop. The app is fast and just looks better in my opinion. The only thing I would change about HP is adding a filter for buildings with elevators, and for included utilities. Also stricter vetting of details. For example, I’ve noticed that a lot of properties put that there is laundry in unit when there’s shared laundry, or that a unit is furnished bc it has a fridge.

  26. The app review prompt appeared and I clicked “Rate Now” accidentally. I hate rating things because I write too much about something I don’t care about. However, my love of this app is keeping me from touching the back button quicker than when I see a listing with “no pets”. Why do I love this app? Zillow is a good app, but HotPads takes the cake (Trulia just copies everything off Zillow). HotPads has same listings and more. Too many apps only really focus on apartments which I don’t want. They have many types of homes. Easy to use, attractive design, favorites list, enough filters for the shopping around stage. Cons: – The little house icons on the map sometimes come and go when I zoom in or out. It’s hard to keep track of what is really available when they all blend together after a while. – Prices are occasionally inaccurate, especially in private communities. That’s likely the fault of the leasing office. – I would really like the ability to circle areas I would like to live in. I live near Wilmington Delaware, but I don’t want listings in the city. I could live in West Chester PA, but I don’t want Philly listings showing up. The more listing icons that pop up, the quicker it just looks like anxiety on a map. Not that house hunting is ever stress free, but it would be a nice feature to have, if it’s not much code. Hey Devs: Zillow has this feature… Just use their code. They won’t notice, they’re too busy counting apartment and condos to add. Haha Like I said, I write too much. What on Earth, that was a freaking half hour. Skål!

  27. Better than other realty apps. The listings here tend to be more detailed and the advanced filtering options are a plus. They let you remove specific listings from your feed too, which is great for me as I have lots of search alerts set up and get tons of listings each day, so it’s easier to clean it up once Ive gone through it.

  28. I would give no stars if I could. Don’t waste your time and money! You pay the fees and never get a response from the property manager. The background/credit check required by landlords is not good for all listings on hotpads as stated. Each landlord/property management company requires additional, high fees and they can’t access the reports you pay for through hotpads. I feel hotpads is a scam and I want my application fee back, as I got absolutely NOTHING for my $90. A total rip off. BEWARE!!

  29. Realtors don’t reply fast enough from hot pads . It’s really frustrating to see a listing you’ve been trying to get for 3 months or 2 months filled an off the market. Then they will text you one email to the hot pads mail and when you ask them a question they have no reply in regards to the listings. Time consuming and very poor service. All I need is yes,no answer that’s all simple second response. It made me go on other websites. Now I get quick responses for same listings.

  30. This app sucks…..doesn’t matter what your search criteria is, it literally shows me rentals in every area EXCEPT where I want to live, and constantly recommends studio and 1 bedrooms (also out of the area) when I need 2 or more. Extremely frustrating waste of time and energy having to sort through a TON of irrelevant, unwanted listings. A simple Google search is faster.

  31. Great app but… The app is great technically and being able to get instant updates on new listings is great. My only issue is that 70% of properties I saw in person seem to be way more distressed compared to listings. Listings have great photos, clean outside and I terior etc as if the photos are from when the property was brand new. Some of the properties I saw looked as though the photos were taking over decade ago.T Leaving 5 stars as this isn’t a fault of the app but individual listings.

  32. excellent app. I would like the option to view the favorite list on a map and sometimes property updates were not timely. I was able to find my new home even though I was over 1000 miles away. I like the filters and that it pulls properties form multiple sources in one easy to use app. Pictures display nice and the alerts are helpful.

  33. Hell of an app, this is the reason why you should try atleast a few apps for anything you need instead of just going to the most popular/best reveiwed one. I like it more than zillow/trulia and it performs a lot better on my phone. It gives you a copy of any rentals you contacted in your email in case the landlord doesn’t respond which happens quite a bit. The only reason to use atleast an additional app is to make sure you don’t miss out on a rental that hotpads didn’t see, other than that A1.

  34. Love how user friendly it is. Just seems to be a hit or miss when it actually comes down to someone genuinely returning my initial contact of interest. Which that’s not necessarily the apps fault, just don’t know if information isn’t getting to point of contact in a timely manner. Always seems to be too late or already rented, never hearing back from anyone or if I try to reach out to contact listed its normally automated.. Just frustrating. Been trying to rent a house since August 2020.

  35. back button doesnt work in many of the windows. my recommendations also seem worse and different than the ones i get in my emails. also you can’t zoom in and out on the smaller map view like you can in the browser. downloaded the app because i was no longer able to favorite things for some reason. not an improvement over the browser unfortunately

  36. Great app, easy to use and connect with potential apartments. I live in NYC and finding a place can be very challenging, especially in this current corona situation, but this app really helps cut through and build a list of viable potential places and gives you the information you need to be able to whittle that list down baded on needs and means and then connect with the landlord/broker. Well done!

  37. Ryan dice:

    Super annoying because it doesn’t show you the availability of apartments. It just shows you what floorplans the apartment buildings have, but if you want to find out the availability you have to actually email or call the apartment, unless you take the time to look up the availability on a whole different site.

  38. Before moving to Seattle, I had never even heard of Hotpads, usually using Zillow or Trulia to look for places to rent. Used this app to look for and secure a place to rent and the app just streamlined the whole process. I just think the interface works much better than any other home buying/renting app out there. Definitely my Zillow replacement going forward.

  39. The filters don’t truly work. Everytime I filter out the “house” option, I get results for houses. I then go back to filter and see that “houses” had been selected again, unselect it, and the same thing happens. It can be frustrating.

  40. I have been using this app annually when my lease expires. I have found my last couple rentals through hotpads. I like the layout, the ease of use, the alerts, and the fact that the postings are immediate and current. It has remained my favorite place to find local rentals all in one location.

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