Pacaso MODDED 2022


Browse luxury homes, share listings, book stays, track spending.
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Pacaso is making second home ownership possible and enjoyable for more people. Our LLC co-ownership model enables buyers to purchase ⅛ ownership of a home, and collectively own a luxury single-family second home at a fraction of the cost. Our streamlined process offers you all the benefits of whole home ownership with less hassle and expense. In addition, we provide ongoing professional management, so you simply show up, relax and enjoy.

The Pacaso app includes the resources and information you need to understand co-ownership, plus a breakdown of each home’s share price and operating expenses. And the best part — you can browse our amazing listings and start to imagine your future dream home. Listings include Pacaso homes, which are available now, and Pacaso Preview listings, which are under consideration for co-ownership.

Pacaso owners can easily access the app’s owner menu to manage and enjoy time at their home. The SmartStay™ scheduling system makes booking time easy and equitable for owners based on the number of shares owned. Owners can also use the app to track operating expenses, see how many stay nights they have available, refer friends or quickly contact their home’s local property manager.


We've updated our app with minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


19 comentarios en "Pacaso MODDED 2022"

  1. Glad we can finally use this app without owning a Pacaso..yet 😋. Pretty intuitive experience, though I think they could benefit from some onboarding explaining what they do and offer. Feature request – Would love to be able to favorite or remove listings from the feed. Also would like to filter by theme like “beach” or “ski”. Other than that love the design and simplicity!

  2. Very good functionality. There are some pop up windows that occluded operation sometimes

  3. Love. This. Concept. Check it out. I’m one of the founding home buyers of the first property in Park City. The app is easy to use. Super intuitive. The UI and client success team have both reached out for feedback. Excited to watch this evolve and grow!

  4. Jessica M dice:

    App is easy to use, has excellent pictures and all the information I needed to learn more about owing a beautiful home.

  5. I am excited to be able to brouse the homes without actually being a home owner just yet. Sleek and user friendly. I am looking forward to see how this platform will grow.

  6. Great! 👍🏿 Precisely tailored to fit an individual or group needs

  7. Great looking homes! Can’t wait to see more markets added

  8. App is very stylish and easy to use.

  9. I’m looking for my first bad place and I’m a 5-star guy looking for my bachelor pad oh my own that kids that my wife and just to get old with myself Liverpool

  10. Ash dice:

    I didnt download this. I dont kbow where it cane from

  11. Houses are absolutely beautiful, speechless

  12. Would like to know if I have an percentage in A Property with Pacaso

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