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View houses and apartments for rent, updated daily.
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Zillow Rentals is your one-stop shop for houses and apartments for rent. Get notifications when new listings hit the market. When you’re ready, contact landlords and property managers directly.

Key Features:
• Search for apartments and houses for rent by address, city or ZIP code, or draw custom search boundaries.
• Filter for-rent listings by size and amenities, including in-unit laundry, on-site parking and pet-friendly homes.
• Get instant notifications when houses and apartments matching your search criteria become available.
• Contact landlords and property managers right away by phone or email. Those contacts are automatically added to your Favorites so you can track who’s who.
• View your Favorites on a map and get directions to visit listings.
• Use Rent Zestimates® as a starting point to compare fair-market values of apartments and houses.
• Receive daily notifications to stay up to date on new apartments and homes for rent.
• View for-rent apartments, houses, condos and townhomes in a list or on a map.
• Set up your Renter Profile to quickly respond to apartment listings.
• Filter rental listings by drive time and keep your commute fast.
• Use the “days on Zillow” filter to spot new listings faster.
• Check your recently viewed and saved rental listings.

Zillow Rentals includes all the information and features you’ll ever need to find the perfect apartment or home for rent.


We are always working hard to improve our apps. This is a small update to fix a few bugs. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected]. We appreciate it.


40 comentarios en "Apartments & Rentals – Zillow MODDED 2022"

  1. A comprehensive and easy to use app however the lag and glitches are awful. I find a listing, click it images don’t show up – just a loading circle, constantly spinning. Also, I have my push notifications on so I get some updates but when in tap to open to see the recommended listing, blank white screen. Otherwise, this would be a super helpful resource. Ah wait one more complaint! I can’t heart 🤍 /save listening! I tap the heart outline, nothing happens.

  2. Although I haven’t had much success in finding some place affordable for me to rent it isn’t because of the app. This app is intuitive and even has a dark mode that saves my eyes. Saves multiple searches with filters of your choice. The only drawback is that some of the property managers don’t utilize the features it seems. Most don’t take the time to use the app to it’s potential. And that problem is the same in most apartment rental apps. If you’re a property manager, take the time, dangit!

  3. I love Zillow! You can view the map and see the actual locations of places to rent. Finding a place to call home is so much easier with the filters, location, and favorites folder. All the important information landlord’s want to know is already ready to go to make contacting properties so much easier than doing it over and over again for each property. I’ve tried allot of other apps like this but this one is my favorite!

  4. While zillow gives you access to hundreds of properties the app is really inefficient in helping to find properties that fit your specific needs, so it’s often overwhelming to use the app. There are no block or remove options for properties you are NOT interested in, which would be VERY HELPFUL. Also there is no way to access messages in the app, so ultimately you have to use the website. At best, the app is moderately functional, but for best results, go to the website.

  5. If you like slow loading times, even on an internet connection, that zips along with every other app. If you’re looking for an app that you have a hard time signing into. And if you’re looking for an app that seems to ignore the filters that you input. look no further. You have found it. I do also love how many places aren’t available that are listed.

  6. this has been super easy for looking at places that would be a good rental for us. you can personalize search settings to suit ur situation. The app doesn’t bug you by sending tons of notifications like some other apps do. Really, it’s worth a try you can always remove it if you find it’s not as user friendly as I believe it has been.

  7. Hard to navigate within a clicking map. Hate it. Depending on area, apt selections are jumbled together, on top of each other. So, you end up clicking on the wrong apt, quite frustrating. Rather visually see apt. Then, chose to view more by clicking on pic of property. Love Zillow. But, hate rhe new navigation. Therefore, no longer using. Nor, recommending.

  8. Jin Choe dice:

    At first worked great, able to find what i need. However all of a sudden from around a week ago, the app doesnt load any info about listings. It would show all the searches on the map according to my filter but when i press one for more detail, just shows pictures and the rest of the posting is blank. Makes the app literally not usable. Whats even more annoying is that when i try to use zillow on mobile via chrome, it constantly tries to load the info on the app instead of chrome. Plz fix

  9. You went from the best and most effective apartments and homes finder app to the absolute dumbest. And I weigh my words. Two apps to download instead of one. Plus so demanding it is ridiculous. Others started doing what you were doing that made you my favorite app in the past. Now, also, with the covid, all the more reason for having the pictures to aide with decision making but you go the opposite route. I am therfore deleting your app. Not usefull to me, and a waist of my time.

  10. Basic features are absent. Can’t track which properties you’ve applied to our requested a visit. No confirmation email confirming you sent one to a proper, no virtual sure on the property listing you’ve been in contact. They are focused on monetization though. They make the application so difficult to complete you have to pay them to store the data of you may go mad. The map and search creatures do work well. Integration with Google maps is flawless. Search is well designed.

  11. For one, it says there are no rentals in my area, which I know there are. And yes, some of them at least should be listed with Zillow. Secondly, I can’t even maneuver enough within the app to change the mileage I’m willing to travel to move from where I currently live without just changing the entire city, AND it still says there’s nothing available, so why even bother using it? I’ve loved using Zillow in the past and I hope whatever is going in with it lately gets fixed soon. Thanks 🙂

  12. The app is ok. The main thing I don’t like is when we pay the $29.00 for unlimited apps with the screening for the credit checks. we end up paying for it twice once with the zillow app and once with the person u see when you view the aparment. I don’t think thats right to charge us and we still end up having to for a screening everytime we fill out for a place

  13. The price filter slider will not let me set the number I want to set. You can drag the slider bar to 3300 and you move it a little bit ahead and it will make it 4200. You cannot set it to anything between these 2 numbers. Better would be to simply give a text box to enter the number manually instead of giving a slider. Uninstalling the app now.

  14. App does not work. Any time I try to load it up it constantly sends out an error that won’t go away no matter how many times I tap refresh all filters. Please fix this.

  15. No one ever responds. I uploaded all of my data, filled out the application and paid the $29 no one calls back. Use a property manager. These listings are gone by the time you see them.

  16. Ian K dice:

    Totally unusable when selecting more than three filters. the app errors out and says there are no available properties even when the map showed 20 plus options before the error message appeared.

  17. Does not have a lot of listings. Constant errors. Apartment Finder App is better.

  18. Ray dice:

    This app is pure trash, filters and layout are a joke and I guess I’m blind because I can’t find any useful features on here. Way to take a great idea and spend no effort on app design

  19. I think this app is excellent I think that it is very well put together and I like the fact that even if your connection isn’t super fast everything does not take a long time to load it is definitely easy to use

  20. App doesn’t work. Keep getting an error message to reset my filters when I have none set. Doesn’t fo anything besides pop up the error message.

  21. Used to be one of the best, most accurate real estate apps. Now it’s absolutely the worst. It tells you there are a certain number of houses next to one of your searches, but when you open the search there’s nothing there. I have written them so many times and sent screenshots, but they just don’t get it. Basically they tell me I don’t know how to use their app. And this rental app is even worse! A complete waste of time with both apps.

  22. K T dice:

    Quite possibly the worst app I have ever used. The lags are incredibly long, sometimes up to 5 minutes for a photo to load on high speed Wi-Fi. I’ll get notifications of a rental and click on the notification and the app will load and then freeze. There are so many glitches and bugs, It makes it almost impossible to do heavy searching.

  23. App crashes, sometimes doesn’t respond to buttons, or does something other than what the button says, no way to filter for handicap access.

  24. the very best option to me as far as housing searches are concerned,very easy to use app,and very fast reply times.

  25. Doesn’t let me save all homes. Only shows the save button for some of them. If I can’t save the things I like, why am I even using this app?

  26. I want to use this app because you’re the only one that shows places in my price range but it won’t even let me sign in or save or save any of my searches and keeps bugging out making me refresh the page for some error. Incredibly disappointing.

  27. One of my filters is that I have a pet. This app continues to show me rentals that have a no pet policy. Very disappointing

  28. easy to navigate and find different options.

  29. Everytime I search (by) for a city/State it says the same stupid error message

  30. Way too many ads. Navigating site was a pain in the @$$ !!

  31. Nic Tyler dice:

    Won’t load properly. Doesn’t seem to remember “saved homes”. When I get a notification and try to click into it it spins and spins loading, but never loads. Terrible app.

  32. Zillow has a lot of rentals listed for rent! The issue is::They need to find a lot more that are in the thousand dollar range! Plus, it doesn’t always let you apply! It says, “heading to Zillow and then it just freezes up! 😃💕🤩👍

  33. The ability to filter by a rental’s lease term would be very helpful as someone who is often looking for a place to stay during the summer, when I am not in school and living in the residence halls.

  34. I haven’t had this app on my new phone for very long but I am extremely excited about finding a place to live for myself and my friends.

  35. I really appreciate it and finding a 5 bedroom 21/2bathroom houses with a finished basement with a fire pit garden and a front porch one garage. I really appreciate it and thank you.

  36. Worked 1 time n never worked again, i cant find nothing it sais sorry cant find your request please try again ive even force stopped it n restarted it n it still didnt work

  37. Candice dice:

    Horrible.. nothing is income based. Everything is so high.. I need a 3 bed but the 1 beds alone are over 1,000 a month ..

  38. Go use apartment list way easier better layout I use to love Zillow but apartment list is sooo much better and easier to use

  39. Everything else seems great, but you can’t hide listings that you are not interested in. It sucks that I keep clicking on the same listing I have passed on before as unfeasible.

  40. This app has made me so mad I have paid twice already for their application rental fees only to be told by the homeowners or Realtors that they do not accept zillow’s applications. This has gotten me nowhere in the past 4 months. I am very disappointed that I spent the money on this

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