Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent MOD 2022

Houses for Sale & Homes for Rent: Buy Homes, Rent Apartments & Sell Real Estate
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Find tools to buy, sell or rent a home and keep millions of listings right at your fingertips with the Zillow app. Change starts here.

BUY A HOME – Find your place with immersive photos, virtual tours, and the most listings, including things you won’t find anywhere else.

RENT A HOME – From shopping on the largest rental network to automating applications, we’ve created a seamless online experience for renters.

The Zillow app gives you resources and tools you won’t find anywhere else, so you can shop smarter for your next home:

• The most listings and constant updates so you never miss out¹
• 3D Home Tours so you can picture yourself in a home and narrow down which houses to visit in person
• Self Tour for Zillow-owned homes, with no appointment and no pressure. Stop by when it’s convenient and unlock the door with the app
• Zestimate®, the industry-leading independent home valuation tool, calculated daily
• Robust filters for school districts, views, pricing, pets, HOAs, and more
• Easier co-shopping: Tag your favorite home features and share your favorites to coordinate your search with a partner or roommate
• Push notifications to let you know when houses come to market, have a sale pending, or drop in price
• Neighborhood details including restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and coffee shops
• Easy access to Zillow Premier Agents, local real estate experts who meet Zillow’s bar for quality customer service
• All the pricing and details you need to compare homes & apartments for rent
• A personal renter profile so you can visit a house rental and engage directly with potential landlords and property managers who rent homes

1. Most listing based on direct site comparisons


We are always working hard to improve our apps. This is a small update to fix a few bugs. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected]. We appreciate it.


40 comentarios en "Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent MOD 2022"

  1. Really? This thing has 4.7 stars? People have a really low bar for excellence! Sigh. Where to begin? After zooming in, zooming out is a chore. It hardly works sometimes. People have wide screens; Zillow chose to occupy the bottom half which makes the map hard to use, and they occupy the lower right third of the screen with the listings photos. This app has a very poor ui design. I tried to login with my Google account but it never worked. Geez, is that hard? It does have lots of properties tho!

  2. Use the app alot. Wish they had a way to filter out properties in subdivisions though. I also wish the location of the property was on the map correct. I hate having to go looking for the correct location on the map. It would also be nice if they all had propertie lines & correct ones. Other than that I use this app alot looking for new properties.

  3. Laura B dice:

    The app has been basically unusable the past few months. Every few days I get a popup saying “Request Error Homes could not be loaded. Please reset your filters and try again.” with the options to either calcen or reset all filters. Whether I cancel or reset I will get the same message repeatedly a few times until either it loads a blank map or an unfiltered one. However when I then try to add filters I get the same popup. I cannot see my saved searches or homes in this state either.

  4. Has not worked at all since the update. Very frustrating as I am house hunting for an upcoming job relocation. It has always been my go-to app; it has more listings than other real estate apps, better settings, its a breeze to use, and I enjoy the map feature more than other apps. However its all for not because It. Never. Loads. Anything. Ever.

  5. I want to filter by school. You can do that on the website, but not easily on the app. It only found one school I was filtering by. Didn’t find the other. The draw feature doesn’t let you move the map. So you can’t tell which streets you’re hitting because you have to zoom out too far. Trying to move the map keeps selecting random houses. That’s annoying.

  6. SERIOUSLY! do you guys even fix any bugs when you push out an update? because in my personal experience, things just get worse. In my last review (roughly 3 versions ago) that you add a house to your favorites and some are randomly gone the next day. now it’s after the app freezes and forces shut, reopen and all the houses I added aren’t on the favorite list anymore. I’m done with you, zillow! I’ll come back when you fix things + have a better material UI.

  7. Darren D dice:

    Request Error. Just downloaded the app. Typed in my zip code and found houses near me for sale (great). When I go to look atound the map that is not in my zip code area, I am immediately interrupted by a message that says requst error. Which means that I cant look around in other areas or cities without actually typing them in. I like to look around the state to see adjacent cities and states. How annoying. The message will not go away if you click the 2 options for dismissal. Wake up zillow.

  8. Please fix the interface issue with the Surface Duo, this is the only app that freezes the phone when the app is minimized by flicking it up, instead of minimizing the app window is bizarrely reduced in size… The power button brings access back to the phone but there seems to be an issue with the app as it happens on a consistent basis. Otherwise the best go to app for house hunting…

  9. Good app, but currently has a bug. After only a few minutes of use I get a “request error”, then the app is unusable. Canceling the error brings it back within a second or two. This started only very recently. I’ll change the rating once the bug is fixed. More or less just letting the developers know.

  10. Ted Alden dice:

    Good filtering for houses. In the map view, it automatically selects a listing anytime you change the zoom level, which is a completely useless feature. I’d complain to the support team about it, but the “Customer Support” button doesn’t work.

  11. The app says the city and town I entered doesn’t exist even though it manifested in the predictive text box. The one time it did work, it told me there were only 2 very expensive houses matching my criteria (1 acre lot) but I have been searching the market for a week and know there are many reasonably priced homes for sale with this criteria. Then it just started crashing.

  12. Crashes and buggy! Zillow used to be a great app easy to use, easy to find homes, easy to look at neighborhoods. Then they updated it. Now, it crashes and I continually get an error that search filters cannot be loaded and fall into a constant loop of ‘ok’ or ‘cancel’ to just get the error again. The only bugger fall from grace was Weather underground. Maybe Zillow got acquired by the weather channel?

  13. For the past several years, Zillow was my Go To real estate search app; it used to be easy to use, quick and accurate, and I recommended it to all my friends. Over the past year or so it has deteriorated to the point where now it won’t even re filter or re sort at all. It randomly lists only some properties in my search area, and prioritizes new construction listings even when I deselect them. Hope they ‘sort’ out their bugs soon. I miss their reliability.

  14. I generally prefer the website when I’m on my PC, but do like viewing individual homes when I get alerts. I like the convenience. One glitch is the mapping feature, specifically the directions. First, it selects your current location as the start, which is rarely what a user needs. Second, it immediately starts the navigation, which is annoying because that is normally set to full volume.

  15. Edit: now I can’t even sign in. Nothing happens when I enter my email address. But somehow, I still get listing updates (which I cannot access). I can’t believe this is still happening. What a wreck of an app. There must’ve been an app update. The app has barely worked (if at all) for the past 3-4 weeks. Can’t search, can’t view saved searches, blank white screen when opening a link, it’s unusable.

  16. It doesn’t always open into the app when you click on notifications. When I go into the app the updates tab doesn’t always work either. Most of the time it’s a blank page. While I think they sometimes have houses listed you can’t find on other apps it doesn’t compete very well with ease of access. Makes it frustrating to use and not worth searching continuously on here.

  17. Me Mine dice:

    Over the past 2 or 3 updates, the app rarely works properly. It hangs when loading properties, and almost never shows all the properties available in a given area unless you zoom way, way in. Even then, some properties don’t show as active until you click on the address. It’s fun to browse homes when the app works, but it’s working less and less with every update.

  18. A lot of bugs. Basically forced to use the app with online searches. Once the app link is clicked, only a minority of the time does the app open appropriately. I typically get a white screen as others have described. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with the same result. I just really wish when choosing a Zillow link online, you aren’t forced to use this unreliable app.

  19. I can’t even log in anymore. I attempted to open a ticket through the app and it’s saying I have no internet connection, which I do. It was working fine until a few weeks back. I’m assuming an update broke something because the app is completely useless now. I can’t open up any listings. Any notifications will not load once clicked. Please fix whatever you broke.

  20. When I get notifications and I click on them it takes me to a blank screen. Then when I just reset the app by swiping it off of my screen and going back to it, I tried to view my recently viewed houses and it just keeps loading and never goes to the correct screen. This has been happening for the last few weeks. And I seen that they just did an update on the 22nd of September. I don’t know what’s going on but they need to hurry up and fix this there are so many other apps out there

  21. When I open notifications from this app (rentals or houses for sale in my area), 4 out of 5 times the app stops on a blank screen and the listing never opens. Because it doesn’t load, it is not cached in my “saved/recently viewed” list, and gets lost. Add that to the consistent instances of listings not opening from within the app itself (ie clicking on a listing from the map, but it only showing a blank screen), and this app simply isn’t worth the effort. Pick another MLS app instead.

  22. Was working great, but after either last app update or the Android 13 update, the app constantly hangs, just shows a white screen, doesn’t return data from a search. I get notifications, so it’s doing “something” at least in the background, but when I try to open the listing from the notification it about 90% of the time the app just has a white screen that never updates.

  23. 1sept22 update completely broke the new and favorites pages. The only way i can get them to display content is clear data and cache, then log in again…. For about a day until it breaks again. Sort sequence is working normally again. I really wish there was a setting to disable the in-app browser. Its great that so many county assessor links are available, but none of them work properly with the in-app browser. “Recommended” must be paid advertising, because it’s nowhere close to saved anything

  24. UI gets in the way of viewing a list of property photos. When browsing a property, there’s a drawer tab thing from the bottom of the screen with basic listing info that covers 30% of the screen in portrait and 75% in landscape. I don’t need to see the basic info by the time I’m looking at the photos.

  25. Okay, I thought it was just me. But I see now that everyone is currently having an issue with app not working properly. It was working fine before the recent updates. Now the home pictures won’t load on when you click on them and both my saved searches and saved homes are gone! Why are updates making things worst? I thought they are supposed to fix issues? 🙁

  26. j baer dice:

    “Hide” feature is long overdue, but I still get notifications on hidden homes! Totally useless! It should also be an option for whole cities/zip codes so as to not waste time with a bunch of notifications on homes in areas you won’t consider. Buggy-frequent notifications for “new listings” that I’ve already seen, saved – or even hidden! And saved homes that are sold, then rented, still show up in favorites, so I get more rental suggestions! I have no interest in rentals!

  27. It was my go to then about 2 weeks ago with the latest update it just quit working. The notifications just white screen once the app opens, the results aren’t consistent, I get recommendations for homes that aren’t within my search parameters, and it won’t save my log-in. I have to relogin every couple of hours for my account and emails to stay consistent. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next update or I’ll have to find a new app for house searching.

  28. Please fix your app! I have not been able to load any photos of properties for over a month. I cleared the cache and uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times from the Google Play Store to no avail. Now I can’t even log in after reinstalling the app since I can not get past the “Continue” button when I enter my email on the sign in screen. Furthermore, I can’t even submit feedback directly through the app since nothing happens when I choose “Customer support”!?!?!

  29. Filters are terrible. When I filter to “house”, expecting to see only single family homes, all property types continue to show. I assume this is because people list their properties incorrectly to get visibility. If you list a condo as a single family home, I don’t want to see it when I am looking for a house. Zillow…don’t you guys have data on property type that you can use to make the filter better and stop relying on seller input data???

  30. For a couple of months now; this app hasn’t been working. I will click on a property and nothing comes up…just a white screen and the words, “pre qyalify”. I have deleted and re-enstalled it, cleared the data and cache. My phone is updated so I don’t understand the issue. It’s great when its working.

  31. This app has a few issues that make it no better than the old newspaper ads. Mainly, there seems to be no moderation on listings. Many are for senior living facilities, affordable housing programs, or are really apartments for rent, and have zero indication. If I can’t rely on information to be accurate, then this app is mostly useless.

  32. I have been using Zillow for long time, having always a positive outcome. But, for the last 3 weeks, I have not been able to see the pics on any of the properties. When I “click” to select and see the house pics, then the Zillow app as well as the internet Zillow will start spinning showing a blank screen with no results. Zillow customer service doesn’t work. Will uninstalled. REDFIN app is an excellent alternative & solution.

  33. Easy to look around but if you want to contact a rental, good luck. Spend lots of time with delayed messages that are hard to find. Don’t spend a dime in the app, you need to contact the other party (good luck) and pay their fees to get anywhere anyways. Been looking for a rental for a month and haven’t made actual connections with anyone’s through the app, made more progress just looking at the properties and finding open houses.

  34. Not user friendly. I used this app 2 years ago, no problem, to find a rental house. Now that I have to do that again, I can’t find how to modify my saved searches and I’m not getting phone alerts on new listings. In general, I’m not confident that I am seeing everything that’s on Zillow anymore that might fit my interests.

  35. The app doesn’t even deserve one star. The search doesn’t work, regardless of whether the filters had been reset or not. It was working before and then it suddenly couldn’t find any results anywhere. I updated this app to the newest version and it has the same problems.. all I get now is “Homes could not be loaded, please try your search again.”

  36. Works well for me in viewing properties, getting a visual of the topography, and gauging distances to surrounding amenities. Occasionally, I select filters, and it doesn’t show any properties, but can see on the listing map they’re a red dot, and upon opening several in the area of where I’m looking w/those selected filters, I see they should be a result. Doesn’t happen often, a little annoying when it does. Otherwise, for me, seems to give me lots of information and details I’m seeking.

  37. Unfortunately the app has a lot of issues. I have contacted the developer and sent a few screen recordings to show the issues. They all started after an update. I Uninstaller and reinstalled, cleared cache, etc.. However I only received emails back saying problem resolved, but it wasn’t. Another one saying that updates are fine, seemed like blowing me off since I sent recordings showing it wasnt.

  38. Denise dice:

    Too often, boundary lines are not visible on the map view. My primary wish though is that the “Hidden Homes” button would be available on the desk top version of Zillow. It’s really nice to see it on the app version. It used to be a feature on the desk top version a long time ago. Please being it back ! Update: The button is on my tablet, but not on my phone or desk top. The app is updated on both my phone and tablet – yet have different features ? I’m confused.

  39. Pleeeeeeeeeease stop automatically switching the selected house when moving the map. It’s suuuper annoying, I always lose the house I have currently selected and I am not able to find it again. I don’t even understand what kind of feature this is supposed to be. Also, putting the Reset button at the very same position as the Filter button is a very bad UI XP: it can happen very easy to accidentally reset the filters when clicking too fast. Frustrating as hell

  40. Don’t “claim” your home, unless you just want to hide the pictures. You’d think claiming your house would give the opportunity to access more details and setting, but it actually just bypasses/disables features. The only thing I could really do was hide or show all of the pictures of the house; but couldn’t look at them myself. The facts and details also get bloated with ads to refinance or apply for new mortgages. The app is great when you’re looking for a house, but seems horrible otherwise.

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