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Belgian real estate platform. Houses and apartments for sale or for rent
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Immoweb, the 1st real estate website in Belgium, with more than 150,000 houses, apartments and other properties for sale and for rent available.

Looking for a house or an apartment for sale? Immoweb is the first real estate platform in Belgium with more than 150,000 houses, apartments and other properties for sale and for rent available. Our application offers the widest range of real estate in Belgium (houses, apartments, lands, offices, shops, garages, …). The catalogue of offers is updated several times a day and is enriched every day with more than 1,000 new properties.

Why download the Immoweb app?
1. With our search engine and the largest real estate offer in Belgium, your dream home is really at the tap of your finger!
2. Save your search criteria to make your life easier
3. Save the properties you are interested in and find them quickly
4. Share the properties that interest you with your loved ones through your favourite apps (WhatsApp, Facebook …)
5. Contact sellers to get more info about a property or to arrange a visit
6. And many other features to discover!

Thx for using Immoweb.
The Immoweb Team


We regularly update and improve the app and we are open to feedback. Feel free to send us your experience via [email protected]. It is highly appreciated.

The Immoweb Team


40 comentarios en "Immoweb MODDED 2022"

  1. Jules S. dice:

    Ok app, but frustrating sometimes. If I get a notification about a new apartment, open the app and tap the photos, when I tap back instead of being taken to the ad, I get sent to the main app screen. And there’s no view history, so I’ll often not be able to find the ad again 🙁

  2. Could be great, if it worked…BUT: even though I do receive push notifications conform to my searches, 99% of the time the app does not open the item I tap on in my notification list. I see either the one I had opened the last time, or something entirely random, even if it’s still among my search results. Once I clicked the notification, and it doesn’t show me that appartmemt, I lose it completely as the recent search results shown in the app don’t always align with my notifications. Too bad.

  3. Sending a message to the agency is very buggy. I write my own message and press send, but the agency receive generic/default message.

  4. Terrible to navigate. Useless, no addresses, saved searches not accessible, horrible photos

  5. Has been unable to display results in a list view format for about 2 months now. I have tried reinstalling the app to no success.

  6. Zuky dice:

    The app shows different search results on tablet versus smartphone. Can the developers look into this? Also, it would be nice to have an additional option to filter out the properties that are already under option. For therest, it is quite a good app.

  7. The app is really nice for browsing through all kind of real estate to buy, rent or just out of curiosity. Search criterias are quite expansive to get what you really looking for. One thing I would add is the ability to look for a house / appartement by its PEB (energy performance) and the monthly charges for the apartments. Other than that, keep up the good work 👍🇧🇪

  8. Does not work properly, I received late notifications and when I click on an ad if I take a step back I’m losing the ad

  9. App works good now: no logout issue, and it finally redirects me to the correct announcement. Well done!

  10. This is possibly one of the best housing apps I’ve ever used. Super smooth and well laid out.

  11. The last update has a big constraint. The search results are not displayed in a map, nor the filter can apply area distance from a specific city. You must go out of the app and check on Google maps where the town is.

  12. Ever since the update the app crashes when opening a property listing. Also the saved searches and properties don’t load. Cannot save new listings… please fix these bugs. In my experience there weren’t issues prior to the update.

  13. I cannot save the location(neither district or comune) for the saved research…. They said that I should save by zip code but that’s just not ideal as an district have many zip codes. That’s what happens when you really don’t have an alternative app, they take advantage of the users…

  14. Basic app allowing to make simple searches. All additional functionalities simply do not work. Use the web version for something decent. EDIT: No change after the updates, I even have the feeling that there are no more new offers coming to the app compared to website.

  15. The update destroyed this app, can’t look on map. Doesn’t save my information and I can barely send any mails. Using the browser is a lot better

  16. Ben Samyn dice:

    Used to be good but so many bugs lately.

  17. Search no longer works. So I can see sponsored ads but not look for houses. It’s now useless. 🤔 “This service is temporarily not available” has been greeting me for a few weeks now. That’s some long temporary outage.

  18. Al Arafat dice:

    The text in the description can not be copied any more. Given contact number or to copy to translate can not be done without this function. Before recent update it was working.

  19. After yet another update (05.11.18) this app STILL doesn’t work. You can’t save properties or searches. I would never advertise a property with Immoweb.

  20. Comprehensive real estate search engine. Only feature that would improve would be the ability to hide/remove listings from your search that do not interest you

  21. Logging in doesn’t work (nothing happens), password reset doesn’t work (oops, sorry). Errors when trying to save searches…

  22. I found my previous house & my current house through this app, and I saw how enormously the app improved the last few months! Keep up the good work!

  23. Hello, please add an option to filter properties by floor and to hide properties that are already sold / rented. Thank you in advance.

  24. This app is sleek and well built. Should include more filters like start and end date/Period of rent. Furnished options like washing machine, dishwasher etc.

  25. Sam Madi dice:

    Amazing app and absolutely 💯 👌🏻 useful, please keep doing updates so we can have more features in such a fine app. Thanks

  26. It works very well,just i would like to have the option to save more than 4 searches.

  27. Slow and not good interface….there is fee for advertisement,not sure should be free

  28. Some properties don’t show the full address and they don’t answer or reply to our sent emails

  29. Comfortable, easy, very accurate and professional.

  30. I have been using this for a few years whenever there’s a need. It’s practical and easy to use. I have no problems with it.

  31. App no longer is able to save properties or load previous saved properties and searches

  32. Saved searches cannot be used in the app version. Worthless….

  33. Keeps crashing. Impossible to use it.

  34. Really like this app, one of the best and easy to use Immo searching apps in Belgium.

  35. Liked user experience and accurate information.

  36. Some missing features, but in progress

  37. Simple to use, very intuitive app

  38. Good helping the people 👏

  39. does not synchronise with web-based account-saved property does not correspond the list saved online via pc

  40. There should be floor option in search menu

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