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Control your Vivint Smart Home with the next generation Vivint App.
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The Vivint app brings home to the palm of your hand. Whether you’re on the go or at home, controlling your smart security system has never felt so easy. The Vivint app allows you to:

Arm or disarm your security system
Control your whole system anytime, anywhere with the touch of a button. Including arming and disarming your system and setting up custom actions to automate your smart home.

View live camera feeds and recordings
Keep your home safer with cameras and security that work together. Check on what’s happening around your home day and night, and rewatch important events with 30-day DVR recording and Smart Clips. 

Receive alerts and notifications
Know if one of your cameras has deterred a lurker, your garage door was left open, a package has been delivered, and so much more.

Answer your doorbell
See and speak with visitors through your doorbell from anywhere with 2-way talk and clear 180×180 HD video.

Control lights
Create custom schedules for your lights and easily turn them on and off from anywhere.

Lock and unlock doors
Know your home is secure by checking the status of your smart locks and easily lock or unlock your doors with a swipe.

Open and Close your garage door
Check to see if the garage door is open through the status indicator on the app and be alerted right away if you happen to leave it open.

Note: Vivint Smart Home System and service subscription required. Call 877.788.2697 for information on a new System.
Note: If you’re looking for the app that supports the Vivint Go!Control Panel, search and download the “Vivint Classic” app.


• Bug fixes and stability improvements. If you have any questions or experience any problems, please reach out to us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Vivint 2022"

  1. Cody Cox dice:

    Video feed is astonishingly slow, kind of defeats the purpose of a live video camera when it has to buffer for 10+ seconds. Notifications are incredibly annoying as well. Movement alert, swipe it away, pops back up, swipe away again, instantly alerts again. Events will occasionally not load and give an error, and never be able to view.

  2. The Vivint app was ok until the video clip start having problems. When you try to use it you get a bunch of errors when you open it. It has been like this for almost a year. The customer should be able to have some money deducted from the vivint equipment because the product cost too much money to have problems like it is having. Very disappointed that I have not received any word from the technicians that they have resolved the problem. Also, the camera buffers ALL THE TIME.

  3. The app is completely useless! How are we supposed to monitor our home and feel safe when when the app rarely, if ever, works? If I’m lucky, the cameras lag, at best, but most of the time, it’s just a spinning circle. Extremely frustrating! I have the best internet you can get and have no issues with any other devices, so it can’t be that. I’m seriously considering switching to Ring! My advice, don’t waste your time or money on Vivint.

  4. Jorge S dice:

    8/15/22: Still terrible connection issues. Even when I am at home next to my wifi and checking my cameras it takes over 30 seconds to get a live feed. God forbid I’m not home and something does happen probably wouldn’t be able to report a problem because it will all have been done, by the time I can see what’s happening. Oh, and the app crashes all the time randomly as I am viewing my cameras. I wish I could get out of this contract. This app needs a negative. Still the worst ever!!!

  5. Much the same as many other reviews. Takes an unreasonably long time for the camera image to load in the app. It also takes too long for the doorbell to ring at home and in the app after being pushed. One other thing to note is not having recordings of events after they happen. Mysteriously those are the only sections of the recording missing.

  6. Been a user for 5 years now and it started pretty good. The alarm system is still good but the smart home is mediocre at best. The app has been getting steadily worse over the last couple years. Now it hangs half the time just trying to open. The cameras are so slow to open even on the lowest quality option. My internet may not be the fastest, but it works fine with other heavy data (streaming remotely). It’s Vivint’s app/infrastructure.

  7. The app renders the service almost useless, for one specific, big reason: I hear something outside. Open the app and click on the correct camera to see what it is. And… Watch an icon indicate the image is loading. It takes more than two full minutes to see anything, if it works at all. By then, it’s quiet, and there’s nothing out there. So I click “rewind”… And wait again. This is great for seeing what was out there earlier, but my $40 wildlife cams do that.

  8. 11/16 Update: This is STILL the most USELESS security system, hands down. This company should be paying ME to use this garbage. The app itself is completely useless. Forget about the live feed. It’s basically non-existent due to the CONSTANT buffering and crashing. And it’s definitely not my internet connection. I have fiber internet, and have absolutely ZERO issues with any of my other devices. This app is the only issue. I’m definitely switching companies.

  9. kepeli59 dice:

    I have updated my review from two stars to four stars. After complaints about the camera recording / viewing function of the app not working properly, perhaps the developers change something. I received an update and now the camera function is working perfectly – so far. Other functions of the app seem to be working pretty well except for the system status widget, which doesn’t always properly reflect the status of the system.

  10. Cameras constantly go off line. Router satellite is approximately 16′ away and measures as an excellent signal. Camera buffers when needed immediately, have to wait 3 or 4 minutes to get a feed. There are much better systems available for much less nowadays and very user friendly. Figured we would use it because it came with the house. Oh well. Buyer beware.

  11. The worst system ever! Wanted it removed the morning after they installed it for a “trial period” when they kept transferring me and didn’t come out to get rid of it. Then told me I had to keep it and pay $3000 to get rid of it. The front door camera goes offline every couple hours and you have to reboot it if that even works. I’ve called to try to fix the issues after they refused to end my trial and they continued to redirect me to other people without fixing my issue and add more. Just awful

  12. The biggest annoyance for me is getting logged out every few days recently. Did not do that before. Example: leaving for work…( I was logged in at night when securing the house) Going to load up the app to secure it when leaving in the driveway, and oh wait, I have to log in, look for my password, etc… More hold ups that I have time for in the am. I also have several laggy videos, and the rewind feature is a mess. You’re lucky if it works. Over all thr app needs lots of work.

  13. This app is always crashing and freezing no matter what I do. I live in a sketchy area and I need my camera to be available to me and most the time it’s not. And when I lock the door or arm my house it has an error sometimes or just doesn’t even work. ETA after the update, the playback doesn’t even work anymore. Ever. At all. So… What’s the point in the service? So it can randomly go off when no one is there? To beep at the mailman?

  14. Spends alot of time buffering. Can’t see my events videos. Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and problems still exi8. It’s not great quality for what I paid. Could have gotten similar service from a much less inexpensive product or vendor. Unfortunately, I’m going to be paying for installed equipment for a few more years.

  15. The app used to work great, but now when I go to view the door bell camera it just shows a snapshot not live video. Called support and they had me reboot everything after which it briefly worked, until I got off the phone. At the control panel I have no problem viewing live video. The app leaves a lot to be desired.

  16. Extremely unfriendly interface. There seems to be no way to scroll through the lights or rules without clicking on one of the first ones; I’ve had to resort to third party apps. Routinely pops up notifications and shows status of pending notifications, but no way to find where to read those notifications once the app opens.

  17. Currently the app is functional smoothly. It’s just the rare occasions when I hear outside noises and need to quickly access my exterior cameras that this falls short on. The camera feed just loads and loads and loads. I end up closing the app, reopen it and hope for the best. Not ideal.

  18. App freezes or takes forever to load the video feed. Tech support only reads from a manual and cannot determine the issue with their devices from their backend. Some of their devices do not work properly with each other. They are giving me instructions to follow but there are no options in the app either.

  19. The app and the equipment (cameras) are completely unreliable and unsafe. Both never seem to work and are constantly freezing up or not detecting/recording people on our property. This is for home security so my family and I are not safe, secure, or comfortable continuing with Vivint any longer. Save yourself the time, headache, and money and find something better. You won’t regret it.

  20. Samsung Note 20. Latest Vivint app has a blank screen on the settings page, nothing shows up. All sensors, locks and cameras should be there. I noticed this when trying to setup a new smart drive. The smart drive did not show up anywhere in the app. My indoor camera image also turns to static when zoomed in. My fix was to uninstall the new version and install the apk file for 9/30/22. All working good now for me.

  21. If you have smart assistant on the Thermostat control doesn’t work if you don’t give it your location you can’t even go back you’ll have to close the entire app then go to settings to turn off smart assistant. Also my door lock wasn’t deep enough to fully extend the bolt so the app just said it couldn’t lock but it did, leaving me unable to unlock the door with the app. Still no fix for these issues.

  22. App works smoothly! Got installed on 1/4/23 and love the convenience/customization of the app. Cameras video and audio feed is clear & accurate real time. I have 1 Gig Fiber internet. Low-star reviews about app lag or logging them out may be due to their phone settings. The app lets you choose between a code login, fingerprint login, or no login to see system. Also, older phones with high storage use may also lower performance of this dynamic app.

  23. When I open the app to view my camera it doesn’t record daily activities of coming to and from. It’s frustrating when I know i have activity of coming and going everyday and it’s not being picked up by the camera on a consistent basis so I thought getting the Vivint Hard Drive would fix the problem, since it suppose to record continuously for 30 days. I still have the same oroblem. Not happy!!!

  24. Mike Bell dice:

    I love the system over all, but my video lags. For example, there was a ten minute delay between real time and what the app shows. And would glitch showing older clips from previously in the day. Other than that, super easy-to-use app!

  25. 11/16/22 App worse than ever before! Once contracts expires, canceling system. Not worth all those $70$ on equipment and $70 on service..Yet Nothing Works! Unable to playback footage and rewind. Clearly images are there when scrubbing through the video, but once I press play just a black screen. Increasingly annoyed with app glitches regularly!! Pay all these dues monthly for faulty functionality? And it’s only operational using a phone app and no alternative using the computer. 😡

  26. Works so well, contently. I use my phone to set alarm or adjust temperature from the second floor. Prevents me from needing a second panel. I love the convenience and practicality. Remote viewing and ability to speak to people from wherever I am is helpful.

  27. Absolutely worthless. Why are we paying for this service when the cameras won’t load? Works on the panel, slightly, but for the app? Nothing. What good are notifications if it won’t load cameras on the app, the videos won’t buffer (back when they did open), and even the “image from x minutes ago” is showing from the previous day at the earliest?

  28. I have been a Vivint customer for a long time. My biggest complaint is this app. I recently purchased a new phone. My phone is an android. My prior phone was an android. In late August 2022 I was receiving notifications of any event. In the second week of September I stopped receiving notifications. I called customer support 3 separate times during a 3 week period. I was told that notifications no longer show up due to a software upgrade. I receive activities, but no notifications.

  29. App trending down for me now. I did like it but now it wont allow me to simply back out of app, person detection points are no longer displayed on video replay and occasionally live feed and playback seem to be toggling/fighting with each other to view or just black screen with audio (useless). Figures after I made the decision to pay off equipment this happens. I would have just taken the credit hit and cancelled payment method if all of this and some of the other unmentioned things continued

  30. Paul L dice:

    Don’t get this system… I have had it a little over 2 years and I cannot wait for the contract to expire. The app crashes alot. The cameras don’t track well. They have severe motion blur, even with tracking slow walking speed. We have new fiber optic internet with a Gigabyte of speed. The internet has improved every streaming, gaming, and electronic device in the house. However, its the same problems with Vivint… save your money and look somewhere else…

  31. Too bad I can’t give it minus numbers. I didn’t think it was possible to get worse, but I was obviously wrong. In addition to Buffering until the threat is no longer visible, it continually shows old footage, turns off, moves detection settings whenever it gets ready, or misses everything for days at a time. Now no Security Feed on Halloween! Really? Again…In effect, leaving us TOTALLY UNPROTECTED.

  32. The app is frustrating. When you need to use the cameras most, thats when they don’t load. And it feels like I’ll enable my “away” feature, but it will not activate, and my house will be disarmed all day. Same with the “detect” feature. It will turn on and off when it feels like it sometimes. I can’t wait till this loan is paid off so I can remove the system. It has been nothing but a hassle. Update:when someone rings my doorbell, the video will not upload and the camera will go offline. H8 it

  33. Horrible app, if I wasn’t in a contract I wouldn’t be a customer based on this app alone. I can’t look at recorded clips, I can’t live feed 8 out of 10 times, if I ever try to rewind, the large majority of the time it takes me to December 31 at 7pm and freezes, even though it’s July, and on the off chance that I can somehow download a clip, it often times saves the wrong clip. Oh, and that garage door opener that’s supposed to work with the app? It doesn’t, never has, even the tech couldn’t.

  34. This app is awful. It had always had issues, but now, it wont even let us rewind and playback. It defaults to a random date months ago, depending on which device we use, and then still wont even play back that date. Just a black screen and the grey spinning circle of disappointment. This entire system is useless if it doesn’t allow playback. We have done everything it says to do in the troubleshooting app, several times, and it doesn’t fix it.

  35. Edit 9/12/22: App was stuck on the splash screen even after trying multiple times. Then I forced stopped it, kicked me out of the account. Now I can’t even log into it because it keeps on saying maintenance is being done. I just used it less than 30 minutes ago before it wasn’t doing anything for a long time. All I was is to disarm the system 🤷🏻‍♀️ This has been happening a lot and is very inconvenient. Please fix. Original Review: Works great. Haven’t had issues so far

  36. Edit: still broken 🤬 I’m soooo frustrated. The guy that sold me the system bragged about how you could do all this camera access from your phone. Yeah, right… I can watch in “real time” sometimes. Sometimes it crashes. Seems like they fixed the continuous crashing, but if I click rewind, it goes to 12/31 @0700 and you can’t move it forward. I didn’t even have this system on 12/31. I just got it in July and have had nothing but problems since. 🤬

  37. Y R dice:

    I’ve had the system since 2020. At first it was great, now not so much. The app crashes ALL the time. The main screen monitor always says not connected. Even though everything else in the home is working perfectly with the Internet. I regret getting this system!!!! It’s pointless to have really, when I truly need it; it doesn’t work. Currently waiting to finish paying and end it completely with them. You get penalized for ending the contract early. Save your self the money and headache.

  38. Update: Its now 2022, a year later. Still hasn’t been fixed. Worked great in the beginning but this app sucks. I can’t save clips like I used to be able too. I can’t even view my doorbell camera. I don’t get notifications and when I do get one it’s 10+ minutes after the fact. Certain parts of the camera get blanked out when we go to review footage. It’s ridiculous.

  39. If I could give a zero, that would be generous. Amazing how app worked when equipment was initially installed. Almost a year later, the app crashes continuously. Three quarters of the time, it doesn’t register that someone’s at my front door. I try accessing the camera and the app idles or gives a blank screen. I’ve uninstalled and installed and still doesn’t work. About as bad as AT&T.

  40. Ty S dice:

    Like so many others have stated, I am no longer able to rewind. When I rewind (try to) I get the spinning circle of death on a black screen. The whole point of cameras is so I can see things live, as well as past events, the fact that the rewind function is unavailable is UNACCEPTABLE! ETA: It’s 09/19/2022 I’m still unable to rewind! The app has undergone several updates, and this issue still isn’t fixed. There was also another update today, and now the app won’t open; this is so frustrating!

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