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Aqara Home is an app for smart home automation and control. With Aqara Home, you can:
1. control Aqara accessories anywhere and anytime where there is Internet access;
2. create homes and rooms and assign accessories to the rooms;
3. control your Aqara accessories and check the status of connected appliances. For example:
• adjust the brightness of lights and check the power consumption of home appliances;
• monitor the temperature, humidity and air pressure;
• detect water leak, and human movement.
4. create Automations to automate your home. For example:
• set a timer to turn on or off an appliance connected to a smart plug;
• use a Door and Window Sensor to trigger lights: turn on lights automatically when the door opens.
5. create Scenes to control multiple accessories. For example, add a Scene to turn on multiple lights and fans;
Aqara Home app supports following Aqara accessories: Aqara Hub, Smart Plug, Wireless Remote Switch, LED Light Bulb, Door and Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Vibration Sensor, and Water Leak Sensor. This is not a complete list. Please see for more details.


Fixed known issues.


40 comentarios en "Aqara Home MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is a total train-wreck on Z-fold 4. Basically unusable. It can’t negotiate a ratio that fits the screen so that it’s functional. No matter what size window I open it in, no matter if the device is open or closed, This app has huge sections inaccessible since the screen isn’t sizeable or pan/scannable, leaving required buttons and images off-screen

  2. I was able to get it working…. Barely. The alarm sounds are horrible, not even a chirp chirp for home mode, but really long bad sounding sirens. You cannot use your own ringtones. I wanted to set up a notification for night mode but no notification for home mode but notifications cannot be turned off, except from your phone which disables them all. Also, the notifications are not grouped together to be swiped away as one but each individual one has to be dismissed

  3. B S dice:

    Confusing menu structure, missing complete support for air pressure units. Lack of support for inHg for US market is silly omition, easy picking, but for some reason the developer can’t figure it out. ,🤔 Another one: the time zone is not set correctly and everything is off by one hour:logs,actions,etc. And there is no way to correct/set the time. It seems that the developer not only doesn’t test the app, but refuses to fix bugs.

  4. Does enough for what I need. Clearly an app based out of China with certain features, such as the sunset/sunrise automation feature locked down and only working with China. Instead of giving a friendly error saying feature unavailable outside of China, it gives a random illegal location error. As a developer myself, I figured out the feature is locked to China only and confirmed that via opening a support ticket. As of now, there is no date estimate as to when the feature expands. So…fyi.

  5. Love the product, not a fan of the app. It needs to be updated. Sometimes it takes an hour to get push notifications. Other times, I don’t get the push notifications until I open the app. I have the app running in the background but it rarely notifies me of the door sensor status. I linked it to IFTTT and get notification within a few seconds.

  6. Bo Gul dice:

    Overall Aqara works great for me. It’s very easy to setup and the app is easy to use, I find it’s weak on scheduling, I would like a fan to come on every 3 hours, for example. This requires a rule for each one. How about an hourly schedule option? Or, for lights, a random option – x times, about y minutes duration between these hours?

  7. Kevin Lai dice:

    Decided to buy the D1 switches after hearing good reviews from a friend – unfortunately, due to the changes made by Aqara, things went south quick. Found out after a recent firmware update, THERE IS NOW A REGION-LOCK ON THE SWITCHES (PSA for everyone). As a result, none of my switches were able to link with Google Home, and I’ve only about 50% of the original functionality of the Smart switch since it can’t take voice commands or additional automation with other linked devices..

  8. HJT VU dice:

    Used to be able to create direct shortcuts to specific accessories but it’s no longer available. This means that to check a camera you have to open the app, go through the interface and then check. It was much easier when I could have the baby camera as a separate shortcut on my Android homepage. Even good hardware can be ruined by bad software.

  9. Mark H dice:

    Unless you own an iphone, the aqara brand is pointless. Can’t control any non aqara branded devices. It kind of integrates with alexa, but the wireless mini switch doesn’t. No integration with home assistant. Will be packing up the £220 worth of aqara devices including hub and sending them back to amazon if the matter integration doesn’t come this month as promised – and improve android functionality. Shame, cause their devices look smart and reasonably priced. Just rubbish for android.

  10. Notifications no longer work, nor can they be adjusted. Specifically, it is a sensor (Door and Windows Sensor) that reports when the door is open or closed. Reinstallation did not solve the problem. I allowed all possible rights to the application, but that didn’t help either. I tried with another mobile phone, but the same problem. Deleting and adding sensors also did not help. In the report from the application, it is properly written when the door is opened and closed. but no notific.

  11. Initial review..very poor and un-intuative app. Integration with Google home and assistant not as advertised – devices cannot be linked in UK/EU. Not a good initial experience. Will consider whether keep devices or not.

  12. Functional app to control radiator smart valves, but with 2 major drawbacks that need fixing: First the temperature slider is too sensitive, I always mess up the temperature setting when I just want to scroll up and down the information page. Please make it sensitive to horizontal scroll only! And second, what is it with this daily schedule setting? What happens if I set start 8pm and end 8am next day? Or start 8am and end 8pm next day? And pls add more than 1 schedule too! And curve defined 🙂

  13. Relatively easy setup, integration with Alexa and Google home easy enough. Hopefully it will continue with updates and integrates 100% with Matter, the new smart home standard.

  14. I try to connect with google home and I have this error: “No compatible devices were found in your Aqara for EU and UK account You may need to set up these devices with Aqara for EU and UK first. |f you have already set up devices, they may not support Google Home.In other cases, devices may not be available due to a temporary error. Please wait a few minutes and try again”.On the box write that is compatible with google assist but is not working.I write to Aqara supprt I hope to get an answer.

  15. Terrible experience, total deception. Many limitations and incompatibility, returning all devices and removing app

  16. Lp Lp dice:

    Terrible new interface facelift, app is becoming unusable. Failed automation actions on power outlets causing expenses. Devices only work in some servers… Opting out to HomeAssistant OS asap.

  17. The latest updates have removed the push notifications, so a once useful and helpful app for monitoring your home security at a glance, is now fairly useless.

  18. Update 07/11/2022 Aqara App missing many sites in the UK! For example Lincoln, Boston!! Just open UK map and copy them!! Easy 😜. Still very low rating. Useless App!!! In water leak, you get only push notifications!! No alarm in the App!! If away from home or asleep you would never be alarmed about water leak!!!

  19. Very poor customer service when there is issues and the App is no help. Have had a better devices and apps that I will be returning too.

  20. Reliable and easy to automatically open blinds, do please add an OFFSET to sunrise and sunset times to allow for twilight.

  21. Commissioning hub with Wi-Fi and the home app was difficult, finally found a tip somewhere else with 10 clicks then 2 clicks: Google it. Once running, did a number of updates and since then it’s been smooth sailing. Adding devices was really easy other than the hub. Only have temp/humidity/pressure sensors (so far) so cannot speak to the home automation features. UI took a moment to grok but now seems to work more or less for me.

  22. Cr Gr dice:

    ‘Full scale’ on SmartPlug shows 4400W, but SmartPlug have power 2300W. Stupid scale system ever.

  23. All good for now thank you for replying. Overall app needs more work, way too many bugs.

  24. Please add system theme support and improve Notification channels

  25. I wish this application can be improved can view multi-camera. And can view On the watch

  26. Alan dice:

    Not working the way I thought it would getting no video playback from the thing

  27. E1 hub won’t connect to 2.4ghz network at all. Garbage app and hub.

  28. thatdude dice:

    They updated the app and now it no longer crashes ! Thank you aqara!

  29. Works great. I have G3 Camera, sensors for doors, plugs, temperature-humidity-atmpressure sensor, controllers and smart button. All works without any issues. Created many actions and scenes.

  30. User dice:

    I was reluctant to install this app due to the bad reviews but this app works much better than expected. In fact it’s even better than the Mi Home except that it can only connect to Aqara devices. The device notifications are more reliable and appear faster than Mi Home. It also has more details about what triggered a specific automation. What could be improved is to enhance integration with 3rd party services such as Alexa and Google Home. Also add the ability to sort cards in the room view.

  31. The App have a bug. The applications closes when you enter it! It’s not possible !

  32. Doesn’t work if you deny files/photos access, which it asks during loading. I have several smart-home apps, including MI home – they all work without storage access. Don’t see option to add xiaomi devices. Only limeted choice of aqara’s own devices. Great brand theoretically, not so in practice.

  33. App confused. Requires Internet to see sensors. My sensors are in my house, not someone else’s! It’s really confusing. Badly coded, broken. I have sensors, but can’t read their output without Internet. If I wanted sensors that only use the Internet I wouldn’t buy zigbee! This is supposed to be a smart home, not a dumb home. I’ve wasted my money on false advertising. Sort it out.

  34. em dice:

    With the latest changes the vibration sensors have become too sensitive, even with sensitivity set to LOW. Now I am getting vibration alarms all day long, even when everything is quiet. Even bigger issue, I had the vibration sensors included in the night alarm feature. After getting several false alarms caused by false vibration detection, I have decided to remove the vibration sensors from the night alarm settings and, surprise, surprise, I still get alarms at night from vibration sensors.

  35. I can’t connect hub to this app. It says sending network configuration, then error code 10004. I have Chinese version, mainland region selected. I pressed button 10 times, I here information about settings (in Chinese). Then I press button twice within 10 seconds, and nothing happens.

  36. If you add functionality to alert if a door sensor has been open for x seconds instead of the minimum of 1 minute I’ll upgrade to five stars 🤩🤩 also, it would be good to send an alert to Google home for an announce. Other than that, it’s a good app

  37. The app demands giving it access to the device’s storage, no explanation nor a real need for this kind of app to have this access (it’s not a file manager after all). Uninstall and return the product. Edit: still the same version 2.3.3 from 15.03, although an update was promised Edit 2: got fixed after update

  38. Just got the M2 hub and 3 wireless switches. All added and recognized in the App using the USA server. However both Alexa and Google Home claim I have no devices. I tested with IFTT and the switches were found. I purchased it to use with Alexa not with IFTT.

  39. It doesn’t work. I can’t sign up. At first after I type in a password it says: “This account has been registered”. When I’m trying to log in it says: “This account hasn’t been registered”. Also while I’m trying to register with verification code it can says: “Verification code is expired” even if I received it a minute ago…

  40. Out of sudden, there is no more notification in my phone(samsung note10) 😣 any idea why? I had check on the notification setting and all is on. Update: it works back as usual after update and i receive the notification. Thanks

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