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Decorate your house or apartment and furnish it with the best floor plan creator and homestyler app. Get inspiration from predesigned layouts for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. Our room designer gives you home interior decor ideas to start your project.

Room visualization & house design planning at its finest.

You can choose interior items from a comprehensive catalogue of products to plan and furnish your home the way you have always wanted, and you can see what everything will look like in 3D virtual reality. It’s as easy as playing a game. Many call it the most complete home design & interior decor app for a reason!

See why millions of users trust our room design app as a styler and interior decorator to find home interior design ideas and for remodeling, renovation, decoration, house design, room planning, and furniture planning projects.

With the home design and room plan application, you can:
– Visualize your dream home and get a better idea of what it will really look like
– Enrich your place with furniture from world-famous brands – change anything in the picture, from the color on the walls to the layout of the furniture
– Share your interior design ideas with your partner, roommate, or contractor – it’s as easy as playing a game
– Use it online and offline

Start from one of the existing plans made by industry professionals or create your own. Change furniture, decoration, add new items from famous brands, observe your home from different points, create realistic snapshots, and see how your image becomes reality.

Looking for ideas to design your home? This interior decor app has design themes for decorating a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, hall, home office, baby and kid’s room, and more. It is super handy to help you remodel, decorate, or renovate, your place. It can even help you build a house!

Additional features like ready-made designs, a full furniture catalog (5,000 products), an unlimited number of rooms to build, and realistic HD renders are available through an auto-renewable subscription for a week, month, or year. Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal, in accordance with your plan, within 24 hours of the end of the current period. You can manage auto-renew preferences in your Google Play account settings any time after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.

This home & decor app includes the most popular products from different brands.


40 comentarios en "Room Planner: Home Interior 3D FULL"

  1. El F dice:

    I used to have this app on an iPhone many years ago, it was a lot better back then. Now they have locked the vast majority of furniture, and basic features like putting in the length of a wall, behind a ridiculously expensive subscription service. I would be willing to watch some ads, or MAYBE pay 3 or 5 dollars one single time to unlock these features, but the app wants to charge $6 a WEEK for this… ridiculous.

  2. Olga S dice:

    Very useful and easy to use, great connection of paid and free furniture pieces. Allows to use exact measurements of your room. Love that it has high end and cheaper options of furniture and color options. Allows to add a few of your own items for free as well. First app for me that actually worked well without glitches and allowed to fully plan my new living room and pick correct size and color.

  3. At 1st I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to use it. I have never used any apps, especially a design one. But after a while, it became very user friendly. I did not purchase the upgraded version so I was somewhat limited on my color choices, but as I was using it to remodel my own bedroom, it was perfect. I would recommend trying it if you are like me and have a touch time trying to fit many things into a tiny area! Thank You, it made things so much easier!!! Lisa

  4. LOVE IT!! I am hoping to go to college for archetecture or work in interior design, and this is a perfect start! Even if you don’t have pro, you have access to a ton of options, but one thing that should be able to do is change bedding color without pro and put items on the desks of loft beds. Other than that, this app is amazing!

  5. Really buggy and glitchy app. Really expensive too ; I pay for pro because free version sucks. Good app overall, but it has way too many bugs, when you select an item it gets hard to move, Items go to another room you didn’t select and it freezes too many times. It’s slow to run, photos don’t get published sometimes and overall it’s very buggy and clumsy. Considering using other software for interior design sketches. Customer service 👎 they need to add more rooms and fix the bugs and glitches.

  6. Lisa F dice:

    Free version pretty much worthless. Each time you try to move a wall or do anything a pop-up for the paid version gets in the way. No real control over anything. I’m not a cheapskate. I have Home Designer Pro on desktop. The aggressive manner in which Room Planner pushes for subscription before giving a chance to try it out is totally off-putting. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

  7. Okay, on the surface this app is very helpful but for the free version, the developers make use of a lot of antipatterns and “dark patterns” which intent to aggravate the user into upgrading to the pro version. Some of the behavior are intentionally making angle and length adjustments of walls land on unusual/non standard measurements. In one situation, I could get a perpendicular wall to sit a simple 90° to the connecting wall.

  8. This is a very high quality app and I expected something simpler and more common when I downloaded it, instead I got my wildest dreams for the type of app that could come up. However, possibly due to the servers, the app commonly has glitches, such as freezing completley, not allowing objects to be enlarged and refusing to spawn things or spawning them in random locations, such as out of bounds.

  9. Very difficult to select things properly. You will try to click on an object and it will select another object. You can try to move the camera to make sure an object is in front, but it won’t help. You can try to move something in the room after you finally select it, and more than half the time it will change the scale, and you cant lock it. Will auto rotate the resolution even if you turn it off from your phone’s menu. Over priced.

  10. This app is awesome! However, the pro version is a bit pricey for someone who doesn’t do interior design for a living and just wants to re model my house here and there. This app helped my ideas become a reality and I’m almost finished completing the first room in my house. Easy to navigate, good product selections and great graphics. It would be great to have more furniture selections for corners. I would definitely give 5 stars if they could come down on the price for the pro version.

  11. This was way better than expected. I wanted to be able to build a general layout using similar pieces but the added decorating options just really pushed this over the edge for me. The realistic photo is a great bonus. All of these great features and abilities really is giving me the confidence in investing in the Pro version. No one wants to pay full price not knowing if it’s going to meet your expectations, this one really does. So very pleased!

  12. After using it for awhile I realise it’s pretty neat. It doesn’t ask you to collect coins to purchase things which is super nice. You don’t have to do tasks it’s free design. The products are from companies which are basically used as ads and it’s great because no video ads. The only real complaint is how the controls are just a little rough when moving around the house.

  13. By far the best app that’s closer to an architecture planner. It has so many options to design a room and plan an structure. There are a few things that required a subscription, but it’s not big deal unless you’re a picker and perfectionist person. It’s basic for architecture students and for people who want to design their own house. I would recommend adding a few more closet options, that’s all

  14. Easy to use for a free app. Of course most of the finishes and wall treatments (stone, etc.) that I want to see are only available on the Pro version. I also can’t split a wall horizontally or vertically, which is what I’d like to do, but it gets me enough that I can use my imagination to fill in the rest of what my basement remodel might look like. (Basements are also not one of the room choices on the free version, but it was easy to create from scratch.) Very easy to use and that’s important

  15. 1. Pro upgrade ad is intrusive. EVERY SINGLE TIME you switch to another app, it pops up upon return. So if checking a reference photo every 30 seconds you’ll have to dismiss the upgrade ad every. 30. Seconds. It’s also just a black screen at first. 2. User interface lacks. If I drag an object to the edge and hold it there, the screen should pan in that direction. 3. Subscription is too expensive. Should have a cheap one day or free trial period.

  16. This is the best design app. You have options for different rooms and you can resize both the space of the room and furnitures. I was looking for an app where I can properly invision how my room can be after reorganizing it. I was able to replicate the look of my room. It’s easy to use without having to work with complicated dimensions etc. There are plenty of furniture options and decorative options. This app is exactly what I was looking for.

  17. It’s a great app! Exactly what I downloaded it for. I wanted to design my own house. This app is easy to use, there’s no ads luckyily, and lots of options to add to your design, and the dimensions of the rooms and items. I’m giving it 4 stars because the POV is hard for me to navigate, and the pro stuff is really annoying, I couldn’t add some things I wanted. And it took up a lot of battery percentage but oh well.

  18. The only advantage this has to other room design apps is that it has a lot of furniture to choose from, but the game is made unusable by the awful controls. You can’t use the 2d mode to walk around, it will just erratically zoom in to where you want to go and when you place items, they will be floating. For example, I have had sinks get stuck in the ground and washers and dryers floating in the ceiling. The game is completely ruined because of the controls.

  19. Relatively easy to use. Placing items on items is frustrating, sometimes won’t, like books on shelves or pillows on beds. I appreciate the auto-save feature, never have to worry about losing what you worked on. Not much variety in style types, but still a clear idea of a completed room. Biggest negative is Pro option, teases with items useable only with sign-up to pay weekly, monthly, or annual membership. Previously free items tend to jump into Pro option. Overall a great motivator!

  20. mik yyy dice:

    Love the features except the viewing. It is horrible, should take some notes from anuman home 3d design. Their viewing is much simpler. Also it lags a lot when moving windows, doors, wall lengths. Please fix this issue. It will stop in the middle of moving for a few seconds then completely move way too much. Hope you guys see this and take this into consideration to make the app better.

  21. This app is really neat….my favorite part is being able to turn your design into a realistic photo….the only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because it sometimes wants to give you a hard time when you’re trying to place something or size it…and because you have to pay if you want the good decorations, etc. I mean, I get it….gotta make money somehow…it just sucks tho, when you don’t have the money to spend on something you’re really gonna only use once or twice.

  22. Very unstable app. We buy apps because we love the free version. We don’t buy apps because the free version is so messed up, that from aggravation we want the paid app, just to be able to use it properly.i really wanted to buy this app as I would use it a lot for work, but it is terrible in its free version. I would happily work with the developer to make this a great app.(also the paid version is rediculous expensive. You have to keep paying weekly,monthly or yearly? Crazy!)

  23. This app is awsome. Super great for full ability to customize. However I paid for pro. and I just really wanted it so I can put a picture on the wall that I will be possibly placing in my room that is being remodeled. Just everytime I click the thing to add image from my gallery it glitches and freezes the whole app. pretty annoying bc I payed for it specifically for the ability to do this. If there was a way for someone to fix this glitch then I have zero complains about the app.

  24. ARANDERS dice:

    Constantly pushes for you to buy premium. Doesn’t allow simple changes in internal wall size without it (I could not change the length of a 3ft wall). the windows are buggy & you can only see through them one-way even if you turn “view” off. I spent several minutes trying to select a door and drag it to a better spot on the wall and it would just deselect every time I tried. unable to put both carpet and flooring in the same room, I had to improvise with carpets. Wish I could rant more. 0/10

  25. TPD3 J. dice:

    I absolutely LOVE to build & design. The graphics on this are top noch, unfortunately the gameplay is not. The ads are intrusive & disrupt as do the bugs. The the controls as re wonky & the undo button doesn’t undo the last thing so much as a random project you already worked to perfect. The price for pro is a no when I can get better games for less. This has major potential & I like that it doesn’t utterly drain my battery.

  26. Get this app!! You won’t regret it. The pictures come out beautifully. The inventory is expansive and priced if you want to buy it. The learning curve is relatively easy. No limit to your creativity. Lots of inspiration from other people on the app. Extremely customizable and helpful if your using it for real life. Absolutely amazing!!

  27. Decent app. Just a couple things. 1. There are a crazy amount of glitches. If I’m trying to look around a room in 3d, it will just spin in a circle constantly or I’ll get stuck on a wall, and it won’t let me go through the doors at times. It’s become extremely frustrating. 2. I think it’s quite a bit over priced however, there are definitely plenty of options even if you don’t go pro. I’ll be deleting and reinstalling to see if there’s a difference.

  28. Horrible rip off Tried creating a simple floor plan and as soon as I tried to set a dimension the app was requiring a membership which is not cheap. Tutorials not helpful either. Plays music while you watch someone moving things on the screen. What a waste. If I were a designer and wanted a professional app, there are better options. Would not pay for this one.

  29. Really nice app for planning a room. Free version is useful enough for the average person, not all items are available but enough to give you a good idea of what your room would look like. I’d give 5 stars but the shopping list feature is buggy, it’s not allowing me to uncheck items/ unchecked items somehow become checked again. Otherwise, it’s a nice, user friendly, fun app.

  30. wendy dice:

    Just trying a few diff apps. This one was the simplest and easiest to work on. Took a lot less time to put together than the others. No acct required. There are paid options for furniture but i did not need exact pieces, just general idea. I dont think it’s necessary to go for the paid plan unless you need exact measurements. Lets you adjust size of walls, doors, furniture pieces, fixtures. There is a 3d jump into the room option so you can see it from more than just a 2d blueprint. Good app.

  31. This app is basically worthless unless you pay for the pro version. The pro version has some good things going on, but others incredibly frustrating. Like putting in a sloped ceiling. The element will not face the correct direction, but snaps to the middle of the room like the opposite of a vaulted ceiling. Rotating the element to get it to face the correct direction takes endless finagling, and even once it’s in place correctly, will not stay put!

  32. This app is a great idea but very buggy. I thought it wasn’t adding some of the furniture because I didn’t have the pro version, decided to pay for it, but nope, still doesn’t add most of the furniture selections. Not only that, if I pick a pre-designed room, all the furniture disappear when I open the design to modify. Annoyed that I spent money which apparently is non-refundable, so now I have a month’s subscription for an app that doesn’t even work.

  33. when i first play i get a advertisement for their pro which is already a sketchy start. the options are very big and lots of different things to make. but there are lots of different controls and the quality is not as great. all the controls have more than 2 features to them, it is difficult to figure out what to do with the controls once you get used to how to use it. 3 stars.

  34. I subscribed to the Pro version ($5 per week). We’re planning on doing renovations this year and in my opinion it’s definitely been worth the money. I started designing with SketchUp before using this app, comparatively this has been much more intuitive. You can design quickly and it’s easier to collaborate and share ideas since it’s on the phone. Highly recommend!

  35. I’m no interior decorator by nature so it’s taken some study and practice to figure out a color and design scheme for my home. This app allows me to mimic my exact floor plan and see how my ideas will work in my space. I only have 2 complaints: 1) My furnishings are limited by the items available in the app. It would be nice to be able to import items from elsewhere. 2) It would be helpful if once a color is used the app would place it in a ‘recently used’ spot to make it easy to find again.

  36. Setting objects in exact locations is a real struggle. As soon as I get close to where I want to put an object, the object locks in place and I can’t move it. Then I grab and hold, and move object, it jumps really far from my desired placement. It gets really frustrating to use this app for that reason. App looks good but definitely has bugs that make it not user friendly. Not wasting subscription money on this app anymore.

  37. Quick, Intuitive, and Powerful. I am truly impressed with what this app is capable of. Even in the free version it is so easy to get a reasonably accurate floor plan and outfit your design with actual furniture that you could then go and pick up from a store. The features available in the paid version seem well worth the price tag.

  38. This is a pretty good app. What I don’t like about it is ; I like to relax and design and although this app gives you a good amount of options to be creative , I don’t like finishing a room and then trying to fix the yellow outlined walls. I don’t care bout width and height too much so I should be able to draw a wall and be done . Definitely not relaxing if I’m trying to fix walls so it’ll be complete

  39. The free version is laughable. They charge for the ability to accurately set dimensions for a room. There are preset dimensions that are odd and skip large sections. Want to make a 7×9′ bathroom, too bad. I understand apps are not cheap to make, but this app is obviously working with IKEA and if you want to charge for something at least make it a bonus item, furniture skins, ability to export/import. Don’t make it the absolute basic first thing a person needs to do.

  40. The adjustments to not remain as you placed them, and it is impossible to alter sizes once in place. Incredibly frustrating ap. I gave up after 30 minutes of trying to readjust the size of the room once it changed when I added windows and doors. Not worth the time wasted, it would be easier to move everything by hand and try out different layouts in person.

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