Roku Smart Home MODDED 2022

Set up your devices, customize settings, and monitor your home—from anywhere
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The simple way to a smarter home. The Roku Smart Home mobile app is the only smart home manager you need for your Roku Smart Home devices—indoor and outdoor home security cameras, video doorbells, smart bulbs, smart light strips, smart plugs, and more. Easily set up your smart home devices, customize your settings, and more all in the Roku Smart Home device manager. See all your devices in one place and group them to control your entire house at once.

The Roku Smart Home mobile app is your one and only home camera app. With your smart home manager, you can easily set up Roku home security cameras and video doorbells and customize camera settings in a tap. Monitor your home from anywhere in the app—get instant motion or sound notifications when there’s activity, pull up live footage from your home security camera or video doorbell, and even have a chat with two-way audio. You can customize notifications and motion detection zones, so you only get the alerts you want. With a Roku Smart Home subscription, you can unlock cloud storage and view motion-triggered recordings for up to 14 days. Also included in the subscription is smart detection, which identifies people, pets, packages, and cars and allows you to filter alerts—so you only get the ones you decide are important.* Home security has never been this easy.

Roku smart lights brighten up any space in your home with customizable LED bulbs and smart light strips. Your smart home manager also allows you to quickly and easily customize light settings for your smart bulbs and smart light strips with a tap. Change colors, save custom presets, adjust brightness, and create rules that put your lights on your schedule—even when you’re not home.

With Roku smart plugs, control indoor lamps, outdoor holiday lights, or any compatible device remotely in the app. Customize your plug’s settings in your smart home manager to give your home power when you need it. Create custom schedules for your plugs to switch on or off. You’re in full control.

When it comes to installing your smart home devices, your smart home manager makes setup a breeze. All Roku Smart Home products have a surprisingly simple guided setup in the Roku Smart Home mobile app.

*Sign up for Roku Smart Home subscription by logging into your Roku account.
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- Fixed an intermittent recording error.
- Fixed an intermittent app crash when trying to change light scene.
- Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Roku Smart Home MODDED 2022"

  1. The cameras and app are “Helpful to have” But there are flaws… – Glitchy recording. – The recorded videos are clear motion. The videos are played in segments, not one motion. – Errors that prevent recording. – Trouble having more than one mobile device “staying connected” to the App, making it unable to view camera feed or past events. – No 24 hour live recording availabile. It’s minimal. Good enough. But not worth the trouble.

  2. The camera and microphone quality are incredible, but the software is not caught up. Every time I set up alerts or actions, they never save. I continually have to turn on a camera, turn on the notifications, turn on the cloud uploads when it should be all-encompassing. Once the software is as good as the hardware, this will be a 5-star review.

  3. Long time Roku streaming fan so I was happy to see a new direction and integration to make your streaming better. The app itself is extremely easy to use, any setting I would have wanted to adjust or mess with I have found and have been able to. One of my favorite things was when setting up the product for first time use, the app guides you step by step with illustrations on how to do it. I don’t think it could have been easier to setup my Roku using the app.

  4. I had color changing lights that I ordered on Amazon and used the PlusMinus app. Loved those and all the options for changing colors and animations. They consistently turned on and off for me and rotated colors as I wanted. I was excited to see Roku lights were less expensive when they went out. Alas, less expensive means no options. I can only chose a color that will not change. Thried figuring out how to make a rule, but it didn’t work. Will order the other lights again when these go out.

  5. All schedules erase after I leave the page. Frequent errors appear when I open the app. Plug turns on and off at random times. If you turn on/off certain settings and you click on them again, they will not change. Ex. I turned on a timer and went to turn it off, but when I clicked on it again, it was still on.

  6. Love the bulbs and cameras so far. However, I am having issues with the two-way radio feature of the indoor camera se. The audio coming from the onboard speaker is not very loud and one would have to have their ear next to the camera to hear anything. The audio the camera picks up works. The siren is loud and setup messages can be heard well enough. I cannot seem to find answers on the support forum.

  7. Steve dice:

    I love this app but wish the color light bulbs could be set to alternate colors automatically. I also have the Roku floodlight camera and I have to say I love it, the picture and sound quality are excellent. Being able to view it on my Roku device or my phone is a plus and the LED lights on it are super bright and with all of the settings available in the app I can control every aspect of it. I absolutely love Roku, thank you for the excellent quality TV and smart home products.

  8. Tony Tony dice:

    Awesome! Definitely needs widgets so you can quickly turn on and off lights Edit: The app is okay but the fact that it went down for hours and I can’t control my lights or cameras takes it from a good experience to an absolute nightmare! Unacceptable! I’m probably going to have to return all of the equipment and find a more reliable application/company. Very disappointing

  9. I need the cameras to work NOW….and they won’t connect. I can’t disconnect them to try to reconnect them, so I uninstalled the app. When I try to reinstall, I find out the app is down. Just great. Running out of minutes before these NEED to be operational, and the system is DOWN!!! (Hoping to give a better review if I don’t have to return these)

  10. chris dice:

    Help how the heck do you make it so a sound goes off when you get a notification. It wont make any sound just does the little pop up. I have it turned on to make a sound. I even went into my phones system settings and try to change the notifation sound n that still does Nothing. Having a sound when the notification pops up is pretty important otherwise I don’t know that there was a motion detected unless I actually have my telephone in my hand and see that it’s popped up

  11. I really love this app, but there is a issue with opening event recording option in individual camera settings it will load for a considerable time period and then states Network Timed Out, it has been causing issues with Event Recordings being accurate. Please fix this Bug. I will gladly give 5 stars if I could do more I would

  12. Roku has destroyed this product! I came from Wyze (who originally created these cameras) and I am not happy what they have done to it. There is NO playback. Even if you have an SD card inserted, you have to pull the card out and view via a computer. This doesn’t make sense for the outdoor camera. It’s all a ruse to force you to purchase the subscription. I ran out of my free trial, and now it doesn’t even record motion event at all… What a waste of money! I will buy from Wyze from now on!

  13. Noah Snow dice:

    I have just bought some led strips and light bulbs hoping they would be better than the cheap amazon ones. I set everything up and they can’t do some of the simplest things. Roku if you are seeing this please update both smart bulb se color and smart light strip se so they can do breathing animations or turn on and off when they hear a sound. Anyway I have had a good experience with the app and I know these items are a little new.

  14. Great app, but please add a strobe/breathing/transition light animation to the Smart Bulb SE settings. They have the capability, but it’s not utilized. Otherwise, 10/10 great app. Just need a software update to do that. The UI is super clean, and everything is super simple and easy to use.

  15. The camera quality is amazing. And the smart tracker has been pretty good as well. HOWEVER, it no longer saves anything I can only view live feed. If I ever click on events it says “failed to load error code 2001” my camera is basically non operational because of this stupid error.

  16. susan dice:

    the camera won’t always video the motion. A lot of the things that move at night are only in the first and last frames. The video player keeps shutting off and on.

  17. I like the roku camera. But when I get notifications, I go to view the recording. Most times it has a “?” And it says video not available. Have to reset camera and it record’s Motion for maybe a few times and then I have to reset camera again. And sometimes it’s fine and works good. Just wish the bugs get fixed fast so I don’t have to worry about my children’s safety.

  18. G. R. dice:

    After the error fixes today Jan 8 my system is not working. My cameras have SD cards and continuous recordings but nothing is being recorded, nothing is being shown on the events. I can’t add a new device because nothing shows up and every page I go to it always says at the bottom failed. Also it says failed to update. I just got my cameras a week ago and now the whole system is not working. I’m so disappointed

  19. Not dependable. I use the Roku Smart plugs as timers. They don’t dependable turn on when set. This is a super basic function and they can’t even do that right. It gives me no hope in Roku Smart products.

  20. The camera itself works fine enough but the app is glitchy, fails to load all the time, can’t turn off camera with it, can’t turn off notifications and I’m sure a bevy of other features you can’t use. I don’t normally write reviews but I expect more from a company like Roku, hence why I purchased the camera.

  21. The quality and microphone are great. My problem is being sent a notification for movement or a person and not being able to view video. It let me on the first day of installation but never again after.

  22. Can’t use this app. Every time I go to change the settings for a bulb it asks me to do an update that never completes. I’ve tried uninstalling the app I’ve tried force stop. I would like to be able to use the four bulbs I purchased. But I cannot get past this update firmware issue.

  23. Rosa dice:

    Light bulbs/ 1 star because they do light up but that’s it. They worked for about an hour then stopped, they wont change colors or turn on or off remotely. We have to still use the light switch. Bulb or app issues we don’t know. Unless there is a fix these we will not be recommending these to our very big family. Please advise.

  24. Tim Geiss dice:

    I’m trying to find/fix my Roku Ultra remote from some Roku site. Tried Roku support on web and faq. Everything has been working fine since installing about 2 months ago. As of last week remote won’t turn on/off TV. Have to manually turn on TV from Vizio remote then Roku functions work. Then manually turn TV off. Tried pairing again, reset up remote, checked auto power off function, and made sure CEC on TV still enabled. I figured a bug in a recent Roku update. Can you help?

  25. Cannot update , I bought the Roku led strips and put them in my room and I can’t even use the app because it’s “unable to update” I tried restarting my phone deleting app signing out even using another phone and STILL doesn’t work and it can’t be my internet because my router is literally right near it I’m not outside or nothing. Please stop making excuses for your poor app and actually fix it please, thank you.

  26. Paul S dice:

    Update: Subscription required to view video in app. DO NOT RECOMMEND UI is crowded and confusing. I have to view ALL the recordings in one place, instead of via the camera’s specific menu/settings. Adding equipment wasn’t intuitive, and the instructions are literally 2 steps, with no additional help. What do the color lights mean when firmware is updating? The app could tell me.

  27. Great app but one thing that needs to be added is the color # so that I can add my own color without using the wheel if I wish or make sure all the lights match instead of each one being slightly off from one another when making a rule or allow me to chose one of my already made perset colors. Also when choosing your color from the wheel it will jump down after you deslect it and change the color. I have tried with my finger and a pen and it does the same thing.

  28. Theresa K dice:

    Smart plugs won’t connect. I tap to add device, doesn’t even seem to be searching. Searched name of smart plug, nothing. Yes, the light is blinking in pairing mode. Nothing wrong with WiFi. This plug isn’t Bluetooth capable. Update so I can see the response

  29. Works fine and easy to connect new devices, however needs more options. Should be able to set lights on certain modes like pulse or color rotate. Also needs color number integration. Widgets would be extremely helpful on Android. On an aside there should be a windows compatible app to adjust my light from my PC.

  30. this app is really bad. I am trying to connect my color light bulb and it said that the wifi is not a 2.4 ghz wifi. I changed the name now it’s working but it is just not connecting. Edit: It is working now even though it was taking forever but idk it just was annoying that I had to change one of the network names for it to work so I put a 5 star. I apologize, Roku inc.

  31. Mike Cote dice:

    I have the indoor camera I also have the light bulbs which are awesome. One of the features of the light bulbs is vacation mode where I can have different lights turn on and off in different rooms so it makes it look like we are home I just really like that feature. The indoor camera is awesome I can pull it up on my Roku smart app and the camera itself is really amazing the clarity. I have a brand new smart home and I’ve been able to add these lights one in our bedroom one in the family room .

  32. Ben James dice:

    Roku floodlight cameras do not work properly. When Floodlights first activate after sunset they stay on indefinitely instead of automatically switching on and off with motion. They must be shut off manually from the app before they work properly. Reviewing cam recordings on mobile app is awkward with no way to search for a specific time and date. If you’re thinking of purchasing this system I would wait until product is mature. Clearly roku has a long way to go yet.

  33. This app is really smooth and easy to use and follow. I am using it for the smart and the camera. I would love to see smart plug get a feature where you can set a schedule to turn on off. I use it to not have my standing fan running all night but spurts of it.

  34. Not sure what is up with the app I am using android… when I try to add a new device after I hit the + it opens the page but it is blank there is no listing of the type of devices to pick from? Please advise… I tried updating the app did change, I currently have 1 camera that is working but can’t add the second one. When I go back to the main page is says “failed to update devices list (error code 2001)”

  35. This is a great app, for great products. I have the Roku camera, and the Roku smart lights. I love the products, and haven’t experienced any issues since purchasing. Another great feature with the camera is I can watch the live feed on my roku tv.

  36. Yari dice:

    I like the app since it’s pretty similar to Waze and has easy device setup. What i will like more about the app that if there was light animations or patterns that you can activate with the app or your voice. I will also like that ur able to use a Roku tv as a device trigger in the rules.

  37. Rio T dice:

    I was incredibly excited when I discovered that Roku was entering into the smart home market and would be releasing a large assortment of different products. Not long after the products hit the market, I managed to get ahold of a couple of color changing smart lights, a smart plug and an indoor smart camera, and I’m happy to say that they all were very easy to set up and work exceptionally well!

  38. It is very easy to set up. I like that it doesn’t need any hub to connect to and set up. Love the grafix when you pick light options. Prices are incredibly low when you compare the products to Philips hue.

  39. So far I’ve only used it for the Roku color bulbs. It’s really easy to use and I love the colors. My only complaint so far, keeping me from giving a 5 star rating, is the color is fixed. I would love to have an option to set the colors to rotate different colors.

  40. I had to update my review because after reinstalling the app the things I complained about were fixed. Wyze makes the cameras so I don’t see a point in a separate app when the apps are identical. Especially since I have to switch apps to do stuff. Google home with a nest hub helps but only with the hub.

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