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Introducing: NPT Backyard 2.1. With a freshly upgraded look and feel, it’s easier than ever to use our swimming pool designer to create the pool of your dreams. Select your tiles, finish, coping, and pavers then see your design come to life in 3D.

This update includes access to new “Dream Pools,” showcasing how a builder can take your pool design to the next level. You can also customize brand new spas along with your unique pool design. With the addition of two spa shapes, stair placement or deep end placement, and decorative veneers, enhance your pool design for your space and aesthetic.

Don’t just dream about a pool, see it in seconds with the new and improved NPT Backyard App.


This update introduces our newest Dream Pool, Cascade. The ultra custom spa flows over the tile wall and into this modern pool with an infinity edge. Customize it with the NPT collection of products to fit your personal style, view it in your backyard with AR, and then share it with your builder to make it a reality! This release includes updates for saved designs and log in.


24 comentarios en "NPT Backyard MODDED"

  1. NPT Backyard is a great app to use if you’re planning to build or remodel a pool at home. It has a through tutorial on how to use the features and once you’ve customized your pool, you can use AR tools to view it in your space. I found many of the options stylish and modern. My only issue with the app is that it doesn’t track my location correctly after giving persimmons, so I can’t use the “find a builder” map. Otherwise, this is a solid, useful app.

  2. I was interested in getting a pool installed and came across this app while looking into AR for planning. There were quite a few customization options as far as layout, tile, finish, and paver. Being able to place the pool in my yard to get a better idea of things was great. I was an augmented reality skeptic before but this was real handy. Cool app!

  3. The app worked really well to help me see how a pool would look in my backyard in 3D. I was also able to try out different materials to see what I like which is really quite awesome, though I would like to be able to save my favorite tile choices, there are a lot to go through that look similar. Recommended!

  4. Ken dice:

    This is a terrible app. Very slow, clunky and hard to navigate. When selecting tiles for instance it’s impossible to move the pov from the default view angle effectively. The sun shading slider makes no sense sliding towards moon makes the pool bottom more visible, while sliding towards sun casts a hard shadow. Also, there are no options for coping or pavers. Basically useless.

  5. Zero stars! It doesn’t work. Cannot scroll through options. Options not chosen get applied to the design. Difficult to view design. Keeps asking same questions. Difficult to exit. Useless and frustrating.

  6. It was awesome to visualize what a pool could look like in our yard. I was able to create more than five completely unique designs before making a final decision on what to build in my backyard. There were a lot of choices – though sometimes it’s hard to find what I was looking for.

  7. Super useful tool for my backyard redesign! The AR functionality really helped me see where the pool would fit into my yard. Easy to use and very customizable.

  8. So 4 stars bc it’s the best one I’ve seen out there. A LITTLE less easy to navigate for people that are not familiar but that’s all I mean these guys really put SOMETHING out you can work with. And my pool must be planned NOW lol. NPT helped me for real.

  9. Being a homeowner who is looking to put in a new pool, this app is a lifesaver! Cannot recommend enough to anyone looking for a new pool, or anyone who just wants to play around designing pools! Love it!

  10. Seems ok so far, but I cannot get my phone keyboard to pop up in the app to register or login so I can’t save my designs… No point in using if I can’t save anything.

  11. This app is great and fun to use! It’s really helpful to actually see what may or may not work in my backyard before I start getting quotes from contractors.

  12. Thanks, but this is worthless to me if I can’t edit the shape, move the steps, and create features. Also, why no cool decking?

  13. Cool concept but won’t work on my iPad when not connected to WiFi and won’t work on my phone no matter what.

  14. N V dice:

    No ar on android? Is there an option to use ar on android phones? Otherwise it’s completely useless app for android users.

  15. App doesn’t load at all. Nothing but a black screen…

  16. Opens to a black screen on Galaxy S8 and does nothing else.

  17. Pretty photos, but does not work.

  18. It’s a good app. I plan to reach out to the developers directly with some queries.

  19. This app doesn’t open. Screen is blank

  20. Allowed me to visualize some ideas for a pool.!

  21. Now works on my Pixel XL 3 running Android 10!

  22. How exactly are you supposed to view the proposed pool in AR what app is recommended

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