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Centriq is subscription-based. Add your first 5 items for FREE then upgrade to keep adding more. See our pricing here: https://www.mycentriq.com/pricing/

Available on all platforms including our fully featured web app: https://app.mycentriq.com

Latest update:
New: Re-arrange groups to sort things your way (mobile only)
New: Switch between groups without going back to the home screen using the new navigation bar
Improved: Notes on mobile now allow for multi-line notes, just hit return for a new line.
Fixed: General fixes and performance enhancements

Don’t forget, Centriq is also available on your tablet and computer in any browser at: https://app.mycentriq.com

Centriq was created by two homeowners who were got fed up with wasting time and money around their home. Our lives are filled with more and more stuff. The stuff is increasingly complex. And when the stuff doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, we’re expected to spend hours chasing down the answer from a million different places.

They asked themselves, “Why can’t everything I need be in one place?”

So they built Centriq. Now, all you have to do is take a picture of a product label and from that photo, Centriq identifies the product and fetches the user manual, troubleshooting guides, parts & consumables, videos and anything else to help you get the most out of the things you own.

You can also easily keep track of receipts, warranties, paint colors, anything else related to your home and your stuff that you know you’ll need quick access to some day.

“Centriq saved my remodel! Thanks Centriq” – Molly B, Palo Alto, CA

“I want to put my kids in Centriq.” – Nate W, Knoxville, TN

Centriq answers the questions:
Is it safe?
How do I use it?
What should I do before I spend money on a pro?
How and when do I maintain it?
Who do I call?
What part or size do I need?
And many more…

When something goes wrong (and you know it will!) that file folder you won’t be able to find won’t do you any good. Instead, put it in Centriq and:

– Never search for a paper manual again or scan manuals yourself… get rid of the box, drawer or folder and use Centriq as the one place for your user manuals
– Learn about any product safety recalls before it’s too late
– Organize all the paperwork from your remodel or renovation project
– Troubleshoot problems yourself before you spend money on a pro
– Learn how to use all the features on the things you own
– Order the parts, supplies and accessories for your exact model
– Keep track of paint colors to save you time and money on touch ups
– When buying or selling a home, transfer the appliance and equipment manuals, service history and information about the home

Major appliances cause 150,000 house fires each year!

Centriq checks every product you add against the national product safety recall database every single day. If anything has been recalled, like the 8 million Cuisinart food processors, we’ll tell you!

Whether it’s a consumable you need often, like a water filter or toner cartridge, or an obscure part for your DIY repair, Centriq is the fastest way to get it.

The user manual and other important support documents are there automatically for every product you add.

Tips and how-to videos specific to each product added. Save money and try that “one quick fix” yourself before you make the call.

All those miscellaneous papers and attachments you know you’ll need one day can actually be found. When you keep them in Centriq.

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mycentriq
Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/centriqhome
Have a question? Visit https://intercom.help/centriq

“2016 Platinum Game Changer Award Winner” – National Association of Home Builders


Performance enhancements and fixes.


4 comentarios en "Centriq MODDED 2022"

  1. A Google user dice:

    worked great for a long while, just recently it locked up showing a screen saying “preparing your home “. I can’t access any of the pictures or data saved talked to customer support and they were helpful with suggestions. I tried resetting the app 3 or 4 times. Nothing worked. 2 weeks later I tried again before removing the app and everything works fine. It’s a great app now that it’s working

  2. A Google user dice:

    I downloaded the app a few months ago. I have not been able to get back to using it yet due to other personal complications. I recall I had some problems with the app and I was told that the browser version worked fine. My problem with that is that I want an APP, not a browser version as the main method. I would consider the browser version only as a backup version choice. On my mobile devices, apps, if well-designed and working properly, are much faster and more straightforward to use.

  3. A Google user dice:

    Just started using the app but upon first impressions, the fonts are too small and too light so it’s very hard to see the items on the screen and this is on a 6.5 inch screen. Please add a dark mode. The UI can be improved visually. I like the ability to access it via the web. I hope that after spending time adding all my items they are backed up and I don’t lose them. Seems like it will be useful as an organizer. The developers appear to be responsive which is good.

  4. Dale & Karen Peckinpaugh dice:

    Just what I needed – A way to store receipts, pictures, and notes about specific products ALL IN ONE PLACE. So easy to input items – just scan your make and model tag, then it finds the product for you. The fact that the app will even find your manual and warranty is a cherry on top. The organization is stellar – Already setup with categories like Garage (with tools, sporting goods, and bikes) and Kitchen (with refrigerator, dishwasher, range, etc) and Laundry (with washer, dryer, and vacuum) and Office (printer, computer, etc). You can add, expand, and customize however you like. The icons are clean and simple and the whole format is very easy on the eye. You can separate items into different properties. Even add vehicles, though it is fairly rudimentary. I would like to keep a whole repair and maintenance log with each vehicle. The notes section is the best way to record this right now.

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