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6,723 décor items to design your house or room interior. 3D Floor plan creator.
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Create beautiful interior design for your room or house using more that 6723 decor elements available in Planner 5D floor plan creator app. Build you home with love, using tips and ideas from interior design layouts available in the app with the help of AR Room visualization or 3D room planner.

You can easily embody any interior or exterior decor of the house, use ready-made projects and add your design, furniture, floors, etc. to them. In Planner 5D there are no restrictions on the choice of a floor plan design, creating a blueprint and a room design: kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

Add interior decor to the room: paintings, clocks, vases, lamps, curtains and more. Build a house and plan landscaping design around the house: a swimming pool, sea or lake, a garden with a swing, and a place to relax. In the application, you can do not only home interior design or room planner, but also the design of a restaurant, café or gym.

You can edit and view your house design and room decoration in 2D and 3D modes. Take a walk through your home or room layout in virtual reality! After that, you can easily do home remodeling, change the interior design of the house or room, add missing decor items to the house.
AR-Driven 3D Room Design Feature – a simple tool that lets you easily configure a layout with your room dimensions and see the final picture in real size.
Design house and room planner app features:
– Furniture catalog: lots of items to use in your designs
– Realistic snapshots: images of your designs’ home and room
– Big gallery: ideas of projects and images of designs of homes, rooms, floor plans created, interior decor, and landscape design by our users
– Online and Offline: you can use the application to create home and interior design of rooms
– Sign in with your, Google+, or Facebook account to use your home design across all platforms
– User interface localized in these languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
– View ideas for your house design using Chromecast (screencast)

– Create floor plans and layouts of your 3d home
– Choose and customize furniture, accessories, decor, and other items from a regularly updated catalog
– Apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations according to your color pallette
– Drag and drop items to any place on your room layout
– Change the size of any item
– View created projects in Virtual Reality mode with Google Cardboard glasses or similar technology

Take part in the COMPETITIONS for the best interior design of the room on the theme of the week and GET PRIZES!
Planner 5D team is inspired by Houzz, Modsy, Ashley HomeStore, Ikea, Williams-Sonoma, Pepperfry, Rooms to go and other great Home Improvement brands

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– Contact us at [email protected]

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Using Planner 5D has never been easier before! Thanks to a newly updated interface, you can now explore even more design features at your fingertips. What’s more, our team has brought the built-in editor to a higher level letting users work in the portrait mode. It has become more stylish and convenient. Still have questions? Tap on the “Report a problem” button to contact our support team.


40 comentarios en "Planner 5D: Design Your Home MOD"

  1. The graphics are cool, but it lacks in design tools. The ability to rotate a room seems necessary. Currently you have to move all the corners around, but then there’s no option to tell what angles the corners are. So it takes 20xs longer to design a room that doesn’t fit in the preset options. You also can’t delete a corner, which is a real bummer if you’ve spent the 20xs to move a room and accidentally click the add a corner option. It’s a cool app, but definitely lacks… even if you’ve paid.

  2. I pay for the premium but I was really disappointed. The library was limited and when adding windows, door or cabinet you can’t set the distance to the right and left of the item. Adding a ruler is not useful because it doesn’t snap to a point like windows snapping to the wall. It really wast of money.

  3. Weird app. If you are trying to even put in the walls of a room which isn’t a simple rectangle, then it gets really difficult. Even if you numerically put in the length of the walls – it will just change the other connected walls. If you are going round entering the numbers for every single wall, you’ll find not one original value left. I found it frustrating and unworkable.

  4. This app is exceptional. I have a basic need to use it for crime scenes. And so I don’t need a lot of fancy stuff. This is 2D and then you can flip it over to 3D. It is absolutely awesome I’m really really impressed with it. My understanding from my extensive research is the app will save whatever I work I do. And then I can get on my desktop and pick it up from there. Very pleased.

  5. I love this app! Huge catalogue and easy user interface! the light in the snapshots is hugley realistic! The several times I had problems with things, Thier support team responded nearly immediately and was exrodinarly helpfull! The app is getting new additions and improving all the time, too! Just a couple thinga I would like to add- like a circular magic box tool, and fix the wallbreak in the middle of windows that are located on a dot, and walls that are not part of rooms. Great job!

  6. It was very competitive, its similar to another web based software I use, its very more mobile friendly which I like but there is no 4K or 8K or design 3D tours. This is just snapshots. There was a new update that made landscape 3D editing a nightmare, joysticks are blocked by UI and no way to revert back Edit: adding 1 more star due to the quickness of the developer replying and reverting the update to a more usable version. Good work guys

  7. Harrison dice:

    I love this game! They offer lots of locations to design and lots of options to design. The filter option in the store is useful when you need to narrow down your options. The wishlist feature would be a great addition because sometimes I find items that I can’t afford at the time and can take a while to find again later. Another great version would be the bathroom to design!

  8. It’s a very effective app and great for interior design, but the fact you have to pay for almost everything and only have 3 ads to watch until you have to wait an hour to get more items is incredibly frustrating, especially if you can’t afford to waste money on apps like these. The sims could give me way more for way less

  9. It’s a good design app, but it could be 5 stars if they would add portrait mode. It’s difficult to use on an Android phone in landscape mode, which is truly a bummer since I paid for the full version. And speaking of paid versions, it would be nice if the fee would cover other platforms. Since it only works in landscape mode, it would be great on a larger display like a desktop pc, but in order to use it on windows, they want me to pay AGAIN for the windows version! SUPER LAME!

  10. Holy WOW, the developers did an amazing job on this app! The graphics are incredible. I love that use of items is unlimited, and there aren’t ads or puzzles like ALL other design apps. Only cons: 1. It’s confusing to learn. It took me like 30min to learn how it works (but it was worth it). 2. I wish there was a tool for centering something, like a window on a wall for example. 3. Lose the freemium s***… it isn’t cool anymore. Just charge like $5 to buy the game, then have all items be free.

  11. Positioning things takes forever, it’s very clunky. You cannot change the size of things, at least not right away. Most of the design options are locked, so you can only use the most basic appliances, limiting your designs greatly. If you do accidentally click on something and change its size (happens A LOT), there’s a pop-up message that you have to exit out of; gets annoying. I played for 3 hours and only got the floor plan, some doors and windows, and a very limited kitchen done.

  12. This has great potential but falls very short of what can be actually done. Half the time if I want to change the color of the flooring, for example, the editing button on the top bar doesn’t show up. I have to add multiple “new rooms” only to delete them immediately, or find some other weird way to get the editing buttons to show. It also extends to trying to flip something a different way. I was really excited about this but I regret spending even $2.99 on it.

  13. I rate this app only 3 stars, and that’s because you have to unlock or pay! (Its over priced btw) I wanted to simply design my room, but no, there’s only like four bedroom doors that you can choose from out of around 100! And you can’t even change the color. After the app said if I want to be able to change the colors of things I immediately decided to delete the app. But other than that it’s a great app!

  14. Free version is horrible. Limited choices. Long ads for every single item. While I understand what a subscription is & how it works, the free version is a complete time sucker. An ad for every single item placed is too much, it takes too long to do anything. Most items still remain locked so it’s an even bigger bummer. The paid version is probably fine. If you aren’t a professional that will use this often enough to pay, use another app, one that has a USABLE free version.

  15. I liked this app, at first, cuz it allows you to view your designs in VR which the other app I use does not. but I realized quickly that the controls are very awkward and most items are locked. I also couldn’t figure out how to add a second room to my design I built from scratch so it got quite frustrating. I think I’ll be sticking with Home Design 3D because it works much better. if your looking for a good house building and design app Home Design 3D is the way to go, not this one.

  16. Very tedious and difficult to use. Finger gestures such as pinching and sliding at the same time do nothing, and trying to zoom out of a room while in 2D seems to be faulty half the time. I’m sure I just need more time to get used to it, but I can’t help but feel deterred nearly immediately, and I’m sure other users have tried to build a blueprint from scratch and had similar annoyances. I’m rating low in hopes that some more user friendly features are added, so future users don’t give up too.

  17. Debby C dice:

    I love this app, but to decorate or even resize decor or furniture items, you can watch an add per item to get some items for a limited time, or pay real money to obtain most items. There are 1 or 2 completely free items in each category, which is very useful for floor planning. You can view your work in 2-D or 3-D. Note for the app developers, in 3-D first person view, when you try a different skin on inner and outer walls, there is a lot of glitching. An optional tutorial would be fantastic.

  18. honestly its an okay game and all but the controls are a bit complicated but if you can get used to it then i guess its fine. also they are lacking a bit of interior designs unless you pay which i will not commit to. if you like one thing from a room, there is not another item where it can match pretty well. they should add more furniture for free!!

  19. Backwards app. I am looking for basic simple layout program to get an idea for building my home. All the BASIC items like refrigerators, stoves and washing machines require a subscription or watching an ad for 72 hour access. How is a jacuzzi tub free, but a standard bathtub requires a subscription?? Useless unless your are willing to pay for it. Common sense would say to give the basic stuff away for free and then once you love the app you’re willing to pay for the upgraded items.

  20. Makes nice floor plans and easy to use in general, BUT, even though I paid to get snapshots which seems the only way to print these out, the best quality was no better than a screenshot. Very difficult to read measurements and text. If you are making floor plans, the most basic need is for a printout. Very disappointed. Glad I didn’t buy the library for upgraded materials and objects before I looked at a plan!

  21. This app is the best of its kind and I would have given 5 stars, but they never add new stuff to the catalog and that sucks. There are 0 sliding doors that go into the walls, minimal pool options, minimal decor, and when you resize things it looks ridiculous half the time (just for starters). I just wish that someone would put some time into this (and maybe a search bar for the catalog that works), if I am going to keep paying $40/year for an app.

  22. The concept it great! I could spend hours with this. I know many use this app for purposes other than fun but I personally love this just to kill time. It’s a fun thing to do and I have a hard time finding a moment that I want to set it down. However, my house designs are pretty much the same. There aren’t enough free items and the wait time is much too long! I’m pretty poor and I can’t afford the full version but would enjoy this much more if there were just a little bit more free options.

  23. It’s alright I guess, there are two major issues that need to be fixed, you have to pay a majority of the stuff for your house, which is expensive, others are free. If you watch ads I don’t mind them because they are only 21 seconds long. The other issue is in order to watch ads to get your free item for your house, you have to wait for 59 minutes, that’s to long for my blood no thank you. Please fix these issues or I will unistall, but it is great the design of the app is basic though.

  24. it’s ok i guess. i uninstalled because i couldn’t figure out how to build on the second floor. I also needed porches and decks and balconies which i couldn’t find on the app. also i wanted to remove a wall but couldn’t find the tool to do it. the joystick in first person was difficult forever me to maneuver. i did complete my first flooe without the outside pretty quick so thank goodness for that, that’s why it gets a 3 star. the catalog is pretty limited. the best part is NO POP UP ADS

  25. EDIT + 3* to 5*: The customer service team with Planner 5D is fantastic. They worked hard and were able to restore my layouts and resolve the glitch. Thanks! Though a little difficult to fine tune layouts due to the difficulty of selecting specific, overlapping elements on a small screen, this app was very easy to use otherwise. It was very useful for laying out multiple floorplan modifications and remodel ideas. However, a recent update deleted all my (presumed) saved layouts.

  26. I got this app a few months ago and love it! It takes a little bit of time to understand the buttons and what most things do, but it’s so fun!! I ended up purchasing the full catalog after 3 days of playing because I loved the freedom of creativity and how you can do nearly anything!! I LOVE THIS APP!! Oh andll my boyfriend had gotten a VR headset, and the VR walk through of the houses is so incredible!

  27. I would’ve rated this as a 5 star, except I lost the whole design. This app provides the best quality I’ve come across. I enjoyed putting together an entire house, and spent the time downloading the furniture, decorating and coloring the rooms. But then one day it was all gone. Update: I was so discouraged and bummed when I saw that my project completely disappeared. I was contacted, & the issue was resolved immediately. Thanks for reaching out. You made my day!

  28. I use this for creating settings for a webcomic. The “camera” takes a lot of getting used to, and this app has a lot of limitations, even with the paid access to the catalogue of items. Still, it’s super powerful and one can do a lot with it. Hope more items can be added in the future. I highly recommend this app for comics creators.

  29. Multi-Year Subscription Canceled: I’ve used this app for years, paying $2.99 per month. But now, I have to watch a long ad or pay even more to simply move or resize an object. Mind you, these aren’t new objects. I’m talking about objects that I’ve paid for in the past or used in the past. The monthly fee was bad enough for marginal content but to pay everytinme I move something is ridiculous. Also, the objects are all Euro garbage.

  30. My Most dice:

    Really fun and good app! There’s a few things I’m missing that I hope could be fixed in an update or two: Function to add a single wall (not a whole room or use the “box”). Search function needs great improvement. A lot of searches yield nothing and yet it is in the catalog, leaving you searching. Be able to tilt roofs. Ability to add a texture to item preselected with a plain color. Bigger or somehow improved color palette. A bit tricky to navigate it smoothly.

  31. Doesn’t work on mobile: Stick to their desktop version online. On mobile, I select a room and try to drag the corners to resize it but it only scrolls the page, doesn’t resize them. Text is too small to read unless I zoom in too close to be useful. Most items are locked behind a paywall and those that aren’t require you to watch an ad to use. Which isn’t the worst, but very frustrating and severely hamstrings trying to build anything.

  32. It’s useless unless you want to pay a subscription fee or purchase a lifetime license. I just want to see what my idea would look like in 3d. All of the basic necessities like standard entry doors, room doors, etc are locked. I’m really disappointed in this app. Theres plenty of apps that do what this one does so I’ll be going to one of those.

  33. Not an intuitive app, getting exact dimensions is a real pain, one should be able to just type in the size needed, instead of dragging things back and forth Add on features are not free, would be nice to say that at the beginning, and not discover it after spending a lot of time fiddling with it. Dissapointing…

  34. Great Idea for an app but the user friendliness is a bit lacking and the appliances and designs are limited. To choose many of the offered appliances, door sizes, window, ect….It makes you watch an ad for almost every thing you do or select. After watching 3 ads it then makes you stop for a full hr before you can continue with your creation. You can avoid the ads if you purchase the app. Terrible business model. I dont recommend.

  35. This app is absolutely fantastic. I’m really glad to have stumbled upon it. My only gripe, for lack of a better word, is that when I switched phones, none of my projects converted over to my current phone. THAT SINGLE COMPLAINT ASIDE, this app is perfect for dream house planning and architectural tomfoolery. I love all the textures as well as the insertable objects and items. Find the featured projects gallery and see for yourself, why this app is an easy 4 stars; No question about it.

  36. Terrible app. There are too many restrictions including that you can’t edit the few items that are “free”. In order to get access to everything else, you have to watch ads but there is a limit. Or you need to get a subscription and that is stupid. I do not recommend. Floor Plan Creator is a better app even though it has less options than this one offers.

  37. App does not seem to want to keep people on it! The ads are tolerable, for unlocking items. Problem is, almost everything is locked and you can only unlock/edit 3 items per hour. Once those 3 items are placed/editted, why keep using the app? You can repeat every hour if you remember to. I get too distracted, plus unlocked items are only for 72hrs. Meaning you will unlock the same items over and over again. Paid price is also way too expensive. Decent quality app, but is a bit of a let down.

  38. I found this app by accident & overall a wonderful app that is very useful. I have trouble with the measurements (the points of each end of the wall) being spot on, which is frustrating. The lack of catalog items for free and only allowed a few ads a hour to unlock. But in all honestly the price for a one time purchase isn’t terrible to unlock everything. I would have gave it 5 star if there was a HELP topic on grid, wall, points, etc on how to make sure walls don’t end up /_| but like |_| .

  39. I want to like this app, but the subscription model is an absolute killer deal breaker… I tried the subscription for a month, $5 for a month! After I had my entire house laid out now it’s expired and every tap I make interrupts me with a full screen popup to buy a subscription. I can’t even move a window now…! This is not such a definitive app that you need to have, or an industry standard like Adobe products, so you can’t quite pull off such pricey subscriptions. Stay in your lane.

  40. App was great for room planning, until they started showing ads that can’t be closed. I don’t mind ads on a free app, but these literally make the app unusable, because once the ad opens, there is no way to return to the app. You have to just close the app and re-start it and keep watching ads until you finally get one that can be closed.

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