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the app that everyone uses to search for property in Spain, Italy and Portugal
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Find your dream home in Spain, Italy or Portugal as quickly and easily as possible with the idealista app, the leading real estate portal in Southern Europe. And if you are coming to Spain, Italy or Portugal to study, we can also help you to find a shared flat.

If you want to buy or rent a house, a flat or a room in Spain, Italy or Portugal, we have hundreds of thousands of offers in the best places on the Costa del Sol, Canary Islands, Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, the Algarve, Tuscany, Rome, Porto or in that remote village where you can get away from it all.

• Save your favourite listings so that you can keep an eye on them.
• Create alerts for your searches and be the first to know about new listings.
• Filter results to match your search: size, number of rooms, price, etc.
• Contact advertisers directly via the chat available on the app.
• Draw your own search area, explore the map or search your surrounding area.
• See high quality photos, 3D photos and videos of the properties you like.
• Share the properties you like with your friends.

If you want to sell or rent your property in Spain, Italy and Portugal, you can upload listings for flats, houses, land, garages, commercial premises, shared flats or offices, including all the necessary information and up to 40 photos.

Tips and tricks:
• Remember that to search in a specific area, you have to type it in the search box as if you were searching on Google Maps.
• If you get few results, try modifying the filters or widening the search radius.
• If you are going to upload a property listing, take pictures with lots of care and attention. Low quality images receive less attention.
• If you think that something is missing, in the “About idealista” section you can leave us a comment in the “Problems or suggestions” section so that we can include it in future updates.


If you are looking to rent a property, we have good news for you: in our app you can now create a profile with your photo, details and interests, and share it easily with advertisers. They'll get to know more about you and it’s more likely they’ll want to meet you. Try it out!


40 comentarios en "idealista MODDED 2022"

  1. Very helpful app which is easy to use. However, the time of publication filters don’t seem to be accurate. Also would be helpful if properties near beaches could be filtered by view of water and/or distance from the beach.

  2. I wish it was easier to organize the homes that you save. It is so difficult to scroll through everything. I also wish you could name the searches right away. Often you have to go back in and tote them after you create them. Sometimes you want create one on the fly as you are browsing over the map. It just saves it as a random search.

  3. I have been using this app for several years now, and appreciate the improvements it has made. However, one detraction is that they have removed Street View when a listing is available to view on maps. Additionally, it would be helpful if a floorplan was made mandatory to view with each listing as does And finally, I wish there was a way to switch between country searches without losing saved searches, etc. Suggestions notwithstanding, this is a great app!

  4. Great app, shows many houses and has great filters and search features. If you need property this is the way to go. It also includes an extremely useful translation feature for those from out of town. It would be great if this apps developers would spread their area to the US. It’s much better than most US house hunting programs.

  5. Great app. Lots of listings in Portugal. Quick to load, good translation, plenty of information per listing. Would be better if listings of same property from multiple agents could be filtered, but that’s part of the real estate environment in Portugal. Also would be better if these listings were purged after some time, but you can search by recent.

  6. Jeanne dice:

    The only problem for me has not to do with the app but the input by the advertiser. Poor picture quality or too few photos, or too many photos with duplicates or triplicates of photos. Not enough description. IMPORTANT is photo of outdoor space (balcony, etc) & orientation. And of course energy rating.

  7. Impossible to remove the spam of mails from the app… I don’t want to receive 10 emails a day for a simple research. Do I really have to delete my account or get spammed forever just because you can’t add one button to opt out of daily emails? 😑 Edit 1 : Thanks for your answer but I’m not talking about notifications. I’m talking about emails. Edit 2 : then you should check quickly your opt-out settings because it doesn’t work. I checked and unchecked like 10 times. I still receive everything

  8. Well, considering all the other apps I’ve tried, this one by far was the best. I especially liked the correct saving of personalize search areas, the ability to personalize your search criteria and the approach to sensible notification criteria. One thing to improve would be the detection of duplicated ads (aka false ads).

  9. Inadequate The app allows to sort by city boroughs but then doesn’t allow to pick more sub-areas in the same borrough. It constantly sends notifications about “new” listings when these listings have been there for months (a really annoying feature and a waste of time). It doesn’t allow certain common filters (e.g. “private garden” and not just “garden”).

  10. The concept is great but I think you should make it mandatory for the people who list their properties to actually respond! You can view and contact as many listing as you want but they NEVER respond it’s like the whole app is for show and no results. I unfortunately find it very unhelpful

  11. Updated to 4 stars – I’m finding the feature to save and name searches very useful as I’m not sure where I want to go in Spain. For 5 stars I’d like better maps that show more detail and the option to select language for the whole app rather than translate each listing – although the listing translation is great. I’m being picky that’s all. I recommend Idealista to anyone looking to rent or buy in Spain.

  12. I think the app it’s easy to use, easy to save your search and share with someone. I just wished that was the option to search agencies as well, as I was working with one specific agency and it would be easier to search for houses only from that agency. Overall it’s good, detailed, and easy to use.

  13. Regular notifications of a very specific area is just what I need when living out of the country. I like being able to save favourites and make notes for my own use and comparison. Also good to hear if listing has changed price so that I can get a sense of the market.

  14. Great user experience – it could be even better if all properties had floor plans as a default. It’s one thing seeing spaces but not knowing their relationship to one another can be a deal breaker. Otherwise still one of the better property apps I’ve used.

  15. queue pea dice:

    Easy to use and manage, but the info seems to leak easily that I get some scam emails. Also when the suspected property is taken down, it’s nice I’m informed but because there is only a listing ID, it’s really hard to know which one was fraudent, it would be nice if the property title is included.

  16. The best app for a detailed search of all areas in Spain. The only criticism is that sometimes I see the same posts twice or more times. It seems that the people that place the lists are changing one little detail and posting the same house more times to create more traffic.

  17. Update: much improved app, and it’s possible that it’s the best available. Save searches could be better. A number of faults include, returning from looking at a property causes the app to freeze, returning loses your place in what’s already been seen. Drawing a map is very hot or miss, with no accuracy which brings up houses not in the drawn area. The Map does not work at all on an iPad. It could be the best app for searching for houses, but need development to make it’s useable.

  18. Information shortage and map problem. Sometimes it doesn’t show the exact location. Overall this application is good to use. Let’s hope for something better.

  19. It seems difficult to save a favourite filter. Then some places are only available from September, they could be grouped/filtered by month? Why are there not many dog friendly places

  20. Designed by real estate agents. Idealista refuses to add 2 simple filters on the ads (short/long term, and private/agent). So, if you’re looking for long term flats, you have to go through each and every ad and read to see if the it’s written anywhere, most times you’ve to call anyway. This makes it basically impossible to find something in the jungle of flats. And you can’t filter for private/agent either. So you’re forced to go to a few agencies and ask them to find you something anyway. Pity!

  21. John Dowe dice:

    I turned off all email notifications and still I’m getting email notifications regarding my searches. That’s an absolute no go. Get your notifications fixed.

  22. One of the best house search apps I’ve used. My favourite feature is the ability to discard adverts so you don’t end up repeatedly looking at ones you’re not interested in.

  23. Very irresponsible application in terms of customer satisfaction and delivery. They never take off the ads themselves and it leads us as a customer to make calls and hear ‘its already occupied’. If the property is occupied it’s a responsibility of the app to make sure it’s not listed there anymore. Customers are wasting their precious time by calling the owners and getting nothing positive out it. Please hire a good back end team to sort this out.

  24. Rob Abell dice:

    Easy to search and has accurate translations. Just wish they had a “proximity to beach” or “sea/water views” option

  25. It gets better regarding the bugs but still not flowless. Some glitches with photos portrait/landscape transition and swipes.

  26. One major change would be a community based voting and approval system for rental agencies. Some are arguably very professional. Other adverts are clearly posted by Rogue venders and agencies that demand fees and are not flexible with viewings.

  27. It’s a highly informative site. All the detailed information on property, location, prices are available. It’s definitely a must for investors or if you want to buy a property to live.

  28. The app just about does the job, but there are usability issues. The buttons are very small, and I’m constantly liking instead of discarding an advert, or I’m opening something when I meant to discard it. Which means you have to wait for it to load before you can back and try again.

  29. The app is easy to use. You can draw an area to search which is what I use the most. You have a map with your listing. You will receive notifications for changes in your listing.

  30. Great app but wish for a few things. As a former real estate broker I would want: 1) Would be great if you could filter out or collapse the numerous duplicate listings that exist due to open listings. 2) would be great to filter out houses under construction 3) you currently can’t search by land area 4) would be nice to be able to group favorites 5) would be nice to be able to save comments on properties not in your favorites

  31. A Bolton dice:

    The app is very easy to use, user friendly, can save favorites. Draw the area feature is a very nice tool.

  32. Just we can see better but they are ant responsible because of i have to need apparent from long time i am search apartment then send message nobody response me why? nobody call nobody message as soon as possible push of they why post just see ? I have no time if you did not response . Thank you so much

  33. Great experience even for a foreign person. Basic Spanish needed to navigate the app . Great stuff lads jeep it up .

  34. If you are not a real estate agent then you have little chance to sell your place on this platform. It is all about paying to promote your add or even hide your listing address (in France hiding a listing address is even recommended by law! on idealista it costs you 10 euros!). It is not complicated to build a better platform than idealista, you just need to be user centric. Happy to help anyone. @idealista, don’t bother replying my review, I don’t care.

  35. Great app, easy to use, well structured and very detailed. Strongly recommend to everyone who is wondering what is the best app for real estate in PT, ES and IT.

  36. I find many more listings on Idealista than on other sites. One major problem I encounter repeatedly is the failure of the listing agency to respond to emails. In that context it is disappointing.

  37. Easy , good,helpful ,you can even draw a map for your designated areas and use it for finding and posting in various countries and use filters of your choice

  38. Great, find everything based on your filters. Would be 5 stars if there was an option to see prices in Canadian dollars.

  39. Yes, I now have the app in English and I love it! So many properties, easy to view and save favourites. I can’t wait to find my new place

  40. I wish you could write a presentation of yourself. I like the draw your search area option. Good presentations of the apartments.

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