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Fotocasa is the online property platform where you will find your dream home. If you want to buy or sell your flat, if you are looking for a property or a room to rent, then this app is for you. Our app helps you find the flat, apartment, house, room, office, garage, storage space or plot of land you are looking for, because “there is always something better”.

A property search engine for everyone 🔎

If you want to buy or sell a property, Fotocasa offers you the best catalogue of real estate properties in Spain. Buying or selling houses, apartments and more, as well as flat and room rental.

You can search by province (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, etc.), town, local neighbourhood, area of interest or within close proximity to your current location. The results are displayed in a list or on a map showing all the available properties.

Find detailed information on available properties: photos, features, how to get to the property, energy rating, extras, etc. You can apply filters to narrow down your search even further and find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

> Transaction: Rent, buy, share, holidays, lease, or rent with buy option.
> Type of building: Home, new home, business premises, garage, office, storage space, land.
> Type of property: Apartments, attic, terraced house, detached house, duplex, studio, rural estate, loft apartment, flat, ground floor flat.
> Price
> Bedrooms
> Bathrooms
> Floor area
> Property extras
> State of the property

Favourites ⭐

Save your favourite apartments, houses and properties so you can see them again easily and stay on top of any changes. You can check your searches and favourite adverts from any device.

Alerts 🔔

The Fotocasa app sends you alerts to let you know when adverts that are similar to your searches are posted. You can also activate the option to receive notifications when you have a new reply from a property or from someone interested in buying or renting your flat. This means you can manage any changes in your favourite properties at any time.

Direct messages with property advertisers ✉️

Forget about estate agents and intermediaries. You can find your favourite houses and apartments and contact the advertisers directly. Set up visits to apartments via direct messages, and resolve any issues or questions that might arise.

Advertise your flat for free 📣

If you want to put your flat or house up for sale, you can do so using Fotocasa. More than 480,000 people visit Fotocasa every day, which means advertising your property on the leading real estate network is the easiest way to sell or rent a property between individuals.

The best ideas to decorate your home 💡

And if that wasn’t enough, or if you are not thinking about buying a flat or renting a house right now, the Fotocasa blog, which you can access through the app, features tips on decorating your home, advice for buying, selling and renting properties, and all the latest news on the property market.

With Fotocasa you can access the biggest catalogue of properties (flats, houses, apartments etc.) to rent, buy or sell. Find the perfect home among thousands of properties in every city. Finding a flat or house to rent or buy has never been so easy.

New for this version
In this new release we make improvements so you can manage theautomatic alerts
Fotocasa renews our business. We have changed to be closer to you, to be more real, more practical and more efficient, but with the same expertise as ever.
Discover the new Fotocasa and find your new home

Download our FREE app, rate it and tell us what you think by emailing us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Fotocasa: Houses & Flats MOD"

  1. What’s incredibly frustrating is that if you are looking at particular listing and then flick to another app (typically google maps to look at the location of the house there) when you return to Fotocasa you are automatically taken to the home page instead of where you were in the site, and have to start all over again, which is incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

  2. Excellent app. It’s brilliant to pinpoint an area on the map, see everything for sale and see many photos of each property of interest. The cost per sq metre is invaluable. I would like to see that and the energy efficiency shown at the top along with the price. I would also like stronger search facilities, e.g. “less than 500m from the beach”.

  3. A very good app with decent design. I’m rating 3 stars because when I use the “trace area” tool to select an area where I want to search, if I choose “save as alert” the alert saves the filters chosen like price, number of bedrooms etc, but it doesn’t save the selected area traced in the map. This is very frustrating as I recieve alerts only to realise they are not relevant to me as they are from all across the city and not where I chose. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or its a bug?

  4. Easy to use. Good information on properties. Good selection of filters helps to profile choices.

  5. App keeps crashing for 2 days now but they keep sending continuous alerts

  6. Great app, need to add proper translation for property description.

  7. First I would like to say that I appreciate the hard work by the developers and product team. The app lets you set alerts, and you get notifications for the alerts. There ends the happy path. However the notification doesn’t take you to the listing. So you never know which alert triggered the notification, and which apartment it is. Incredibly frustrating. On top of that most listings have their addresses hidden according to the app, but do have the street number in the title. This means there is a bug, so the listing has no address shown. Especially when selling an apartment the buyer should have the right to see approximately where the house/apartment is. I hope these issues are addressed.

  8. Often sent property outside my price range. Also, repeated mailings.

  9. Impressed with the website design and functionality but there are a few issues. I specified info in English and whilst most instructions are OK many of the property descriptions are only available in Spanish. Secondly, and probably not Fotocasa’s faulty, I sent rental request messages to 6 different businesses last week through the message system and have not had a single response yet.

  10. search engine is very bad, you select the areas for the search and it doesn’t save your preferences. It keeps suggesting houses outside your preferences. In the website Everytime you choose to access your personal searched it asks for your password and username even if you tick the “remember me” button. both app and website are very badly made

  11. Apie42 dice:

    Just started using this app for finding apartment for rent..

  12. Wonderful and exceptional app.

  13. Well the app is more or less easy to work with, but it’s just me or the app is kinda slow about the updates of your alerts?! Is it necessary that it inform us 3 time about the same alert? And it doesn’t get want you say it doesn’t interest you, because it will show it again… I think it’s a shame that we cannot limit the max numof room, because I may want a >2 rooms, but it doesn’t mean I want 6 room.

  14. I don’t like this app so much. it does not save my searches, no alerts are saved nor can I put a favorites list in. everytime I have to start all over again to put in my search and filters. although I signed up and logged in. not many houses listed either. not a recommendation. idealista is a much friendlier app to use.

  15. Seems like it’s necessary to set up an account to edit alert settings and email notifications, it’s not possible to unsubscribe directly from mail. EDIT: very good customer service, trying to solve the problem fast. Will use the app in the future!

  16. Would be nice to block some agencies because they put wrong direction that makes really hard the search only to scam people. It’s impossible to make a report every single time, so if it’s possible to block this scamers the app would much be much more user friendly. Thank you!

  17. I dropped two stars as the app keeps giving me errors and doesn’t show the ads. I downloaded it three times and the same. The app support couldn’t find the problem. I’ll use the website instead.

  18. very nice app with massive catalogue of properties and loads of useful filters. would be nice to add more filters like beach front or with sea view, but even with out it this is one of the best property search app around!

  19. Really hard to work out how to set and save the filters to mark the properties in the desired area. 01-03-2021 – what I mean is that even when I mark on the map the desired area and save the search, I get new listings from outside the area which is confusing and annoying.

  20. This app is absolutely useless.I have asked more than 20 properties and have received one reply to tell me that’s the house advertised was no longer available and I was givien a list of 5 studios used as summer chalets. Nothing is updated.I have not received one call from a single estate agents advertising on this site. No ot one single call from a business advertising nor any private owners. Marketplace FB got more replies in an hour. Utter waste of time and data.

  21. Ala Vie dice:

    Great so far to find appartements and houses

  22. Don’t seem to keep to price requested ! Always far too high…

  23. In reference to property 53026666, 2 bed apartment in La linea, Call cuba… listed by Aliseda property. The images displayed are misleading. I viewed this property months ago, and the cielings in almost every room were falling apart, this is not diplayed in the photos nor detailed in the description on the property. False images should not be advertised, ir should at least be detailed.

  24. The app has some bugs when the costumer sends contact to the property owner. It didn’t give a feedback if the message was sent or not making us send multiple times the same message.

  25. Very good app, quick, specially I like when using the ‘map’ the properties are shown with the prices, what’s very very comfortable ))) a mi me gusta mucho este app, es muy cómodo, cómo utilizas la mapa, tienes las viviendas con precios ya)))

  26. This app has good pictures but what I dislike about it is that at the rent section they dont reply to massages and when u call, they will just tell you they are selling it or not available . If it’s not available I advise they remove the pictures on the app

  27. I think this is a more well designed app than Idealista. More options in the filter and easier to understand.

  28. Ann dice:

    It keeps crashing and making my post unavailable like it’s deleted. I can’t respond to people via message. It’s really bad! I don’t recomand!!!

  29. Not accurate and locations often hidden or totally incorrect. Why would you even think of buying or looking at a house if the locations wrong!

  30. Repetitive adverts… I want to be able to save favourites as well as preventing ridiculously overpriced properties to be regurgitated on me no stop as “new” properties as they are looked after different agents

  31. can be better,if adding more extras in search options. like beach,swimming pool. etc.

  32. Images are not loading for most of the properties. Furthermore the location filters don’t work properly

  33. Good, would like to be more specific with options to narrow down the search- amount of land for example

  34. Easy to use app with full details of properties shown without having to go in & out of the property search.

  35. Very useful, with many offers according to your interest (filter). Well designed and with all the informations about the property. I do recommend this company.

  36. Never get any replies from enquiries made. We have probably lost out on many rental opportunities because of this. Don’t download this app, it’s rubbish.

  37. You can’t draw your chosen area on the map, and there should be a slider for choosing the price range.

  38. Sebastian dice:

    The ammount of push notifications about new places I get from this app is ridiculous and they are not even in the area I am looking for. Uninstalling

  39. I love this app. It keeps me updated dayly. Absolutely worth having if you are looking for a property in Spain 🇪🇸 It mis only English Language For people outside Spain looking for property in Spain

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