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Salon appointment booking and scheduling software for beauty pros and barbers.
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StyleSeat is a beauty and grooming marketplace that helps millions of new clients search, discover, and book beauty and barber professionals. It’s the only booking platform that grows your revenue for you by helping you get exposure to new clients and earn more for appointments.


Most professionals double their revenue in the first year with our unique growth features:

– Get promoted and get exposure to new clients through StyleSeat’s marketing program
– When you have last minute cancellations, StyleSeat will reach out to clients and help you fill them
– Get paid more for your most popular time slots
– Get paid when clients no-show or cancel late
– Accept touchless credit card payments
– Take up-front deposits
– Get a professional online booking site that gives clients info about your services and prices
– Get bookings directly through Instagram
– Share photos of your best blowouts, braids, makeup, nails and haircuts
– Manage your calendar, availability, and personal time
– Send automatic appointment reminders so clients show up to the salon on time
– Boost business and get more bookings with email marketing and promotions
– Keep track of important client notes and booking history
– Attract new clients to your salon by highlighting their best reviews


Clients can easily discover and book beauty & barber appointments online. Whether you’re looking for pedicures, lash extensions, weaves, or new hairstyles, StyleSeat offers a convenient way to browse photos and reviews, get important pricing information, and book appointments at a time that works for you straight from your professional’s calendar.

– Browse photos of hairstyles and color and find a salon that’s right for you.
– Never miss a massage with helpful appointment reminders.
– Book recurring appointments with your barber so your haircuts are always on schedule.
– Realize you need to get your nails or makeup done for a wedding but it’s too late to call your pro? Hop on StyleSeat, find their next opening, and book a manicure.
– Tired of the same hairstyles and nails? Browse the directory and find a stylist that’s a better match.


On average, stylists waste more than ten hours a week on various administrative and business tasks. Imagine how many appointments you could fill with those extra ten hours! StyleSeat does the busy work for you so you can focus on delivering great services and getting paid.

– Your service menu is online. Clients can look through your services, read the descriptions, and get pricing information so you can stop wasting time answering inquiries.
– Clients book themselves. You won’t have to schedule a single appointment — no phone calls, texts, or DMs. Once you share your schedule online, clients can find a time that works for them, put a credit card on file, and book an appointment. You get a notification once the appointment is booked and all you have to do is show up and work your magic.
– You get bookings 24/7 Allowing clients to book and reschedule 24/7 means you never miss out on the opportunity for a booking — no more phone tag, texting back and forth, or full inboxes.
– You can easily accept touchless payments with credit cards. Clients put a credit card on file so check out is quick and painless.
– You get detailed reports. See a breakdown of your daily/monthly/yearly sales, deposits, and transactions — no need to manually keep track.
– You get paid when clients don’t show up. The average stylist faces 1-2 no-shows a week. For some, that can add up to nearly $5,000 a year. Set up a no-show late cancellation policy and clients will be required to enter a credit card when they book.


Thank you for being part of the StyleSeat community! We take pride in creating innovative solutions to help Pros earn more money and match Clients with beauty and wellness professionals of their dreams.


40 comentarios en "StyleSeat: Book Hair & Beauty MODDED"

  1. It’s frustrating that you can’t go back and look at the service menu after you’ve chosen one. If I change my mind about a service I’ve chosen, and progressed to the appointment screen, I have to exit out, search for the stylist and start all over. Also I can’t access my list of favorites so if I save someone, I have to remember their name and search manually for them.

  2. The app stop allowing me to make appointments. It declines every card I try. This is frustrating because you have to now contact the stylist to book and that is counter productive because that is the purpose of the app. I tried deleting it and reinstalling and that does not work either. BY the way this is a problem with several stylists, so I know its the app. 😒

  3. In theory, this app sounds fantastic. I was so excited to find a platform to book a professional on with little to no hassle. However, after booking, my professional never got in touch with me. Despite messaging styleseat and the stylist I never received the information for the appointment (address phone # etc), but was charged for it. Along with a tip. Now styleseat is telling me I need to contact the absent stylist for a refund. I highly suggest using a different method to book appointments.

  4. Glitches syncing the clients with their newly set up accounts after I have pre-scheduled the client. Charges your client a fee after every personal appt…even though your stylist is paying them a monthly service fee. I would rather pay $10 more, so that my clients do not get any fees for booking appts on their own. I bought this service to take stress off of scheduling. There seems to be more stress loosing clients due to extra fees and costs. Please add option to remove required credit cards.

  5. I like that the app helps you find stylist based on what you are looking for and pricing. But the scheduling and payment process is a nightmare!!! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! I had an automatic 20% tip taken, even though I tried to adjust it prior to it coming out of my account. Save your money by just contacting the stylist and setting up an appointment on your own.

  6. The interface looks nice but can be very slow, glitchy and hard to use. I don’t like that one of stylists I go to, EVERY time slot is a “high-demand” slot. It’s not something the professional sets, it’s something that SS does to collect additional commissions. It’s hard to turn off the auto pay feature. Which is helpful if a stylist doesn’t show. Couldn’t even find customer service to help when that happened.

  7. using the site is ok. I don’t like how difficult it is to locate the address of the stylist and the fact that you have to pay a fee to book the appt that doesn’t go towards your service. That fee even though it’s not expensive should not be on the customers to pay. The customer did chose to use the app and has no other choice. it’s a convenience for the stylist that the customer is paying for.

  8. Got scammed by someone on that app. I thought everyone was verified. This person prepaid for full amount and it was suppose to be just the booking fee of 5 dollars. They took 2 payments totaling 340 I can’t cancel or anything. I tried contacting the so called stylist, they haven’t answered since. I also emailed styleseat and no one is trying to help resolve or find out who this person is. You guys are verifying people who use text now apps not actual phone providers.

  9. Amber M. dice:

    I used the app twice. The first time everything went smoothly. The 2nd time I booked a different service. The stylist was not able to keep the appointment. So I started a ticket saying hey don’t charge my card because this chic said she had a family emergency. They then charged me for the appointment anyway. Sent me some BS email basically saying we can’t give you your money the stylist has to refund you. But they’re the ones who charged the card to begin with! Total scam.

  10. At first, I thought the app was great. Then it required me to put my credit card on file. I didn’t like it, as I don’t think it’s safe to keep credit cards on file anywhere, but I understood the issues that stylists sometimes have with payment or no shows. Today, I went to book an appt and was charged to book! This is ridiculous! Especially when they have such an awful search engine. Everytime I search a specific service, I have to keep typing it in after viewing a stylist. Very inconvenient.

  11. its like the app has not been pached or updated in 5 years. everything is slow. The map consistently changes my search location with out me choosing to do so. If I select a barber and try to go back to the map it will basically bring me back to the home page instead of my previous search results. If any of the developers actually used the app there is no way they would be ok with the way it is operating. I use it because I moved to a new city , not because its an enjoyable experience. FIX IT!!

  12. I never had any problems It does what it needs to do,but more features would make it worth it.I do like the instant deposit feauture,that’s a better feature that they’ve added. But now it keeps freezing up at checkout. I cant cash my clients out and sometimes they have to pay with card even though they want to pay cash because my checkout screen keeps freezing. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app for it to work. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Overall it’s a good booking site.

  13. The service is convenient. However, there is a bug. After selecting a stylist, when I clicked on the map to view the stylist location, I get an error page. Select the back button and the app closes. I then had reopen the app and start my search all over again. Happened several times. Btw my phone is a Samsung note 9. Thanks.

  14. Do not use these folks AT ALL! They automatically charge you for your appointments and you can’t opt-out (even though the feature appears in your profile). You have to tell your stylist to do it. If you pay cash and then your stylist forgets to cancel or in my case, they try but it doesn’t work, you get double-charged with no way to get a refund from Styleseat!!!! That’s in addition to their freaking $1 booking fee! Booksy is a better service.

  15. I’ve been using StyleSeat for a few years. I’ve liked the app though it does hang up a bit sometimes, but I figured the pros outweigh the cons. But since the last update this app completely sucks. It periodically makes me have to log in which when you’re in a hurry with clients you don’t really have time to do. Sometimes it even tells me that my trial subscription is up. I don’t have a trial subscription, I pay $35 a month for this app! Now I can’t even get onto the app at all., FIX IT!!!

  16. I’ve used style seat for almost 3 years. The last year it’s been awful! App constantly freezes. There’s always a charge for my clients. They don’t respond to emails and have no customer service to contact. You’re charged $35 a month, your client gets $1 booking fee, they take 50% for finding you a client ( even though you found that client), they’re charging 20% for a “popular time slot”, they charge $10 to book a last minute appointment. This app robs you! I’m switching!

  17. Janice dice:

    Used it to find & make an appointment. Everything went okay except when trying to write a review for the salon, it won’t allow me to upload photos. Both on the app and website using the link that was sent to me it is not loading. It’s just keeps showing the loading bar/spin wheel but nothing happens. I just wanted to upload a photo with my review since the stylist did such a great job, but I can’t. It looks like styleseat needs to fix this issue.

  18. I use this app when it was free and loved it. When they began to charge $35 I thought it was a little high more costly than other apps but decided to pay. Didn’t like the higher monthly charge but when they started to charge my clients to book an appointment I had to cancel my subscription. I went to a different app that I love. Im very disappointed in StyleSeat and how they choose to treat their customer base. Charging my clients to book an appointment is unacceptable!!!

  19. I moved to a new area and this app has been super helpful in finding a stylist. Buy, the app loads super slow! Sometimes I just close it until another time when I can be more patient. On top of that, it charges $10 more if you book an appointment during a peak time. What salon does that??! This extra $ will be taken out of the tip! As soon as I can find a regular stylist, I am deleting this app!

  20. I have been using Styleseat for 5+ years. My clients liked booking through the app (until they started charging a booking fee), the scheduler worked great (until an update about 2 months ago). I never used the CC processing, because I didn’t really trust it. I went through and made sure everything was updated and even upgraded my phone, but alas the app still freezes and is useless. I’m not impressed at all!! Using Square apps now and get great feedback from clients and I love it too!

  21. This is a poor app. It’s clunky and slow. It would have been nice if I got a text that my appointment was cancelled instead of an email. I updated my phone number in the app, but somehow my stylist was able to text me at the old number. The cancelled appointment doesn’t show in my appointment history. I can’t edit any notes that I put in for my stylist once I have booked the appointment. Buttons are not always responsive.

  22. StyleSeat has been easy to use so far. The search results aren’t always the most accurate though. I think professionals should be required to upload a picture of their certifications for the safety of their clients. I had a “stylist” mess up my eyelash extensions and rip my eyelashes out because she wasn’t actually certified. There’s also no way to get a refund without contacting the stylist. It’d be better for StyleSeat to act as the middle ground to protect both the stylists and clients.

  23. The search portion of this app is poor. It seems to have some type of bug. It worked fine the first day i downloaded it two days ago, but now the styleseat loading logo continues to flip back and forth and doesn’t provide any results. I’ve forced closed the app and have looked for the latest update. I’m preparing to restart my phone. If this doesnt work i’m definitely deleting this app.

  24. Really disappointed in the app lately. 1. The booking fee issue, regardless of the “retention” reason, we the stylists already pay a monthly service and have our own loyalty programs. The fact that we were not notified instead notified by our clients is unprofessional. 2. A lot of logging out is happening and unable to check my clients file . I really enjoy the system but I feel like it’s starting to take a controlling turn and taking too much of my own way of running my business .

  25. It has been good for me. I have had clients have a hard time navigating the app but once i show them how to work it, everything is fine. I do not like that my clients get charged a booking fee, considering they already pay taxes on their services through me. My clients do not appreciate this feature, so I may be changing services soon. Otherwise this booking app is nice.

  26. Of you already know what you want and who you want to do it, the app is decent. But, if you are looking for something/someone new, this app is frustrating to use. It allows you to sort by date but then will show stylists who aren’t available for the date you want. I shouldn’t have to click “book” just to find out they aren’t available…Kind of annoying. Same thing with sorting by style.

  27. App would be more useful if it would work all the time. Everytime I try to book an appointment, it keeps on saying my stylist is booked for the whole month and no matter how many times you bring it to the next month, it will still say they’re fully booked. Not useful when you have to do last minute rescheduling and you can’t message your stylist so you’re relying on the app.

  28. DON’T USE STYLESEAT! I’ve used them for a few years now and all has been good until recently, I no longer have a “smooth” booking experience with the system, the site goes “unresponsive” about every 10 minutes or more, I use Chrome, I’ve tried Firefox, I’ve uninstalled Chrome, reinstalled and no go! Removed extensions, I’ve tried it all! And now they are charging clients a $1 fee to book their appointments online!! My $35/month is no longer enough!? Currently researching other booking sites!

  29. If you’re looking for salon booking services, look elsewhere. My wife has been using this app since 2014 when it was free. They then started charging $35 a month to utilize the service. I get it. You gotta charge something for cloud/web storage, server costs, employees, etc. Now they’re charging CLIENTS a $1 online booking fee and a $10 early access fee to move appointments up and said nothing about the charges to the stylists. My advice, do not use this service. Schedulista is great. Less $

  30. I have used this app for the last three years and had multiple problems with overlap and ability to use it effectively. I have had to contact customer service multiple times with never a true fix. Until today. It looks like the app is finally up to date. All functions worked easily for me to book my appointment. Thank you for getting the app fixed!

  31. Very Unprofessional! I am a stylist that uses for my business. In the settings there is an option so clients do not have to use a credit card to book an appt. Out of nowhere they’ve changed it making it not only mandatory but their charging all of MY clients a non refundable $1 to book. I was made aware of this via multiple clients! They didn’t even have the civility to inform me of said change. This is a huge turn off. Currently shopping for new booking service then I’m gone!

  32. This application is not worth the extra money I pay monthly. I am currently having an issue with the app closing in the middle of a transaction and have lost opportunities to reschedule clients. In addition, If you have an issue, there isn’t a phone number to call. I’ve been using this app for a few years and will have to cancel my subscription if it doesn’t get resolved. SO FRUSTRATED! UPDATE 2/16/2021 APPLICATION CONTINUES TO CRASH, NO RESPONSE FROM DEVELOPERS WHEN I REQUESTED CANCELLATION.

  33. I have used this app for years (as a professional) and never had a problem (and thats the only reason they get 2 stars instead of 1), until recently. A few months ago the calendar portion of this app started freezing and then it would just crash. I’ve been in contact with support however it takes them at least an entire week to respond to me. All they do is ask for screenshots. I’ve had to lug my computer around for over 2 months now since this issue started. Totally not worth $35/month

  34. Very slow and glitchy. I can barely check my schedule without it taking forever to move screen to screen. Very annoying! They started charging my clients through their auto payment system without my permission. Won’t be using styleseat for long. Although appreciate the exposure but its bot worth the issues I’ve been experiencing for the last year or so.

  35. Can’t see the dates on the “month view”, I contacted the “(no)help desk” to only be told “update my software”, “uninstall and reinstall the app”, “then repeat”… and to finish, “oh, well use the desktop version”. Great job guys, your app breaks and your solution is “don’t use the app”. That makes you Awesome at your job!!! (I can’t wait to tell EVERYONE to uninstall the app, per the helpdesk!)

  36. Although a great scheduling app that holds customers accountable for the appointments that they make, the app kind of plays a “shell game” with your money. You’ll need a credit or debit card to reserve an appointment, upon which it will automatically show you misleading prompts to prepay, with the gratuitous added in. I’ve been using the app for about six months, and I was mislead you prepay when I usually pay cash. It’s better for the barber.

  37. Great app! I’ve used it for about 2 years and it’s really wonderful. so easy to find someone new on the fly. I found someone I can finally use over and over, and the scheduling couldn’t be easier. I hate spending time getting my hair done so I always wait to the last minute and I can always find a time that works for me, even if I have to use someone else they have lots of pictures of there work. Making a choice so much safer then a guess. I have short hair so that’s not easy.

  38. I like the app being in a new state it helps. However I wish they didn’t charge your card until you can verify that the services has been provided. After booking a barber and seeing his ratings I tried to cancel only to find out the cancelation fees were just as high as him doing the job so I kept the appts. The barber did not show up or return calls and text messages but he got paid anyway and now I have to get him to give me a refund somehow.

  39. This app is great. I’ve used it plenty of times. Just make sure to reach the stylist personally because Styleseat will accept the booking for them. I’ve showed up and no-one knew who I was and I didn’t get service either. Only to return home with my natural blowout! Other than that, the stylists are professionals.

  40. From a customer standpoint the app is simple and user friendly. I like having the options to pay in person or autopay. The notifications reminders are also a useful feature for those who book appointments in advance and may forget. Overall I would highly recommend the app for barbers to use because it makes the customer experience more efficient…💯

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