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For businesses, Booksy Biz allows you to manage your schedule & more on the go.
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Calendar, clients, staff members, marketing tools, and more. Booksy Biz delivers all the tools you need to manage your day-to-day, engage with customers, and grow your business.

Download Booksy Biz on your mobile for a simple solution to managing your business. You’ll have access to core business functions while you’re flying from one appointment to the next. If you need the full power of Booksy from your front desk, download Booksy Biz Pro on your tablet or login via the web. Along with core features, with Booksy Biz Pro you’ll get access to Shifts, Inventory, Reporting, Packages & Memberships, and our complete point-of-sale experience.

No matter which path you choose we’re here to help with all of the extra.

➜ Self-service bookings: Booksy works for you behind the scenes, empowering clients to view your calendar and book online 24/7 — without you lifting a finger.

➜ Business management: We help you keep track of all of the moving pieces — your people, your appointments, your clients, and all of your documentation.

➜ Payment processing: Streamline the checkout experience, process payments directly from the app, and offer your clients flexible options.

➜ Built-in marketing: Everything you need to stay busy and increase loyalty. Grow your community, market your skills on social media, message your clients, offer promotions, and collect reviews.

➜ Bottom line protection: Every hour that you put in? Let’s make sure it counts. Reduce no-shows, fill your calendar using Boost, and make informed decisions using performance snapshots.

➜ Responsive solutions: The future doesn’t wait up. We’re here to help your business adapt and thrive with tailored solutions for teams of any size, Health & Safety features, and the ability to offer your services online, or even on the go.

Ready to run your business, your way? Make the leap and here’s a glimpse into what your Booksy journey will look like.

➜ Choose your experience: Booksy Biz offers auto-renewable monthly subscriptions based on the number of Staff Members associated with your account. You can also switch to Booksy Biz Pro on tablet anytime you need more.

➜ Establish Your Brand: Leverage your Booksy profile to tell the world what you’re all about. Upload photos, link to social media accounts, and collect reviews.

➜ Invite clients: Invite loyal clients to use the Booksy Customer App and share your Booksy profile link so that new clients can book you, wherever they find you.

➜ Get them talking: Use Message Blasts and Social Posts to keep your customers engaged so that your skills are always top of mind.

➜ Grow with Booksy: You decide how fast and how far. We’ll help you get there. Booksy adapts to the needs of your business so that you can continue to make plans.

Together let’s do more. Better.


Thanks for choosing Booksy Biz to run your business. We are continuously making improvements to our app to make sure you have the best experience possible. The latest version includes:
• We’re introducing changes in the Services Setup. Now you can add Media and Service Description in the General tab right when you add or edit a service.


40 comentarios en "Booksy Biz: For Businesses FULL"

  1. Loved Booksy until they started trying to phase out Square for payments. The payment process is awkward. The clients tip at the beginning of the transaction, which is super uncomfortable. It makes them feel like they are being forced to tip. Square has it at the end, which makes it a much smoother transaction. The client is then able to choose their own method of payment on accident. I HATE IT. And you have to buy their card reader. Card on file payments are not same day. I’m looking to switch.

  2. Overall a decent app for booking clients. It is beyond frustrating that there is no option to book every 4 weeks (same day of the week/time) it only gives you the option to book it as “monthly” so the day is never the same if you choose that option. Other complaint is that when viewing your schedule for the week, you can not drag appointments to another day. Could be a super easy and awesome fix on Booksy’s end.

  3. Android version has bugs. I can’t see all my clients’ profiles. Just a loading screen. I have to use a laptop to accomplish this task. Also I can’t enter “cents” for tips, just whole dollar amounts. Again, I can only get around this by using the desktop site. This is unacceptable from a business app I’m paying a monthly subscription for. Please fix these issues. Otherwise it works fine.

  4. I enjoy the simplicity of the app, and its kinda confusing to navigate to customize everything because everything is so simple I find myself clicking around frequently because there aren’t labels, just icons. If there were a menu tab I think it would be easier. Other than that though, it’s great. My clients love it, I also love how easy it is for my clients to book.

  5. The app is great and easy to use! My only complaint is the card reader they have takes so long to connect to my phone. It doesn’t stay connected so everyday I have to reconnect it and after a few hours it disconnects and have to keep reconnecting it as if it was a new card reader. And when I try to check out through mobile payment it keeps saying “waiting for customer approval.” But no idea how to approve it. So far no one has been able to help me fix these issues.

  6. I switched over to Booksy with hopes to make the booking process easier for my clients. I didn’t realize I would be charged so much to use the app PLUS a separate fee to send messages ON TOP of the fee for any disputes or refunds …and yet, every👏🏾 single👏🏾 day👏🏾 I have a “connection problem” notification!! I have gotten to your team on more than one occasion about this issue and it is still a persisting problem. I dread having to change again, but it’s a definite possibility as of late!

  7. I am extremely unsatisfied with booksey. As a salon owner I need for booking to run as smoothly as possible. But when it isn’t syncing appointments on the calendar my stylists are getting double booked and it’s my name on the line. We are actually LOSING clientele because people don’t want to have to download an app just to be able to book with us. Not to mention that the cost is way too high for something that other booking sites provide free of charge. I miss Genbook. Bad merge for them.

  8. As a Massage Therapist, the app makes my job a bit difficult when dealing with add-ons. There’s no way to book an add-on without the choice of adding additional time, and there’s no way to block clients from booking just an add on as a full service treatment. I don’t want to have to decline a 10 minute scalp massage every time someone books one. I hope you guys add these ideas to your app, bc Booksy has so much potential.

  9. This booking app is the least user-friendly app I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to manage your booking, change availability, and few options to personalize your experience. I disgusted with the app. I’ve booked people at 11am and the app changes it to 12:30pm. I marked a whole day off and the unavailability disappeared so now I have people booked that day. I get notifications all day about appointments that aren’t for me. There need to be more options on the app and be more organized. I miss Genbook!

  10. I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now. The app is great. However, it has terrible connection problems at times where I or my clients can’t book an appointment. This cost time and money because it frustrates my clients when the app be crashing and not allowing them to book. I thought this issue would be corrected with the new app upgrade, but it still persist. I hope Booksy get this issue resolved once and for all. Overall the app has been a pleasure for me to use…

  11. Always had issues with the app being slow and the features were inaccurate most of the time you can’t get through to customer service and they won’t call you to discuss it has to be done by text. Also the app allows clients to book a service then afterwards they cancel so the don’t have to pay the entire service cost. Shameful

  12. I was a customer of Genbook, which was recently bought out by Booksy. The transition from platform to platform was smooth and easy, and I was hopeful. But almost as soon as the transition occured, Booksy literally shut down their phone support. The ONLY way to access help was via their online chat feature. The first time I sent a request for help that way, I waited 6 hours for a reply. The second time, the old support queue was still active, and it took THREE WEEKS to get a reply. I kept sending messages, to try and get it to trigger something to happen, but since it was the same/original message for help, no one was monitoring it, and there was no way to start a new help queue. THREE. WEEKS. As far as the app goes… wow, just poor. When trying to book someone myself, I would scroll to a day to see what my appointments looked like. I’d click the time I wanted to schedule, and the system would automatically change the appointment day/time to the current day/time. I can’t tell you how many times I had to re-book appointments after I thought I had the right info entered. I run a business online, where I see people for 1-to-1 appointments all over the glove… because I was receiving absolutely zero help, every time a client scheduled an appointment, they thought they were scheduling it for THEIR time zone. It was completely confusing… I missed appointments, my clients missed appointments… And the kicker in all of this, was that right before the merger happened (right before they shut down their phone support), I was told by a Booksy employee that I would be contacted by a different Booksy specialist, who would help me integrate the software and set things up the way I needed them set up. In the 4 months that I was a Booksy client, I never received that phone call. I was so grateful to get rid of this app/company. Confusing for clients, confusing for me, no response durng the most crucial time that I needed help, and now I’m having to re-build relationships with my clients on a new platform.

  13. Sam Gani dice:

    From a receptionist point of view, I’ve had many clients explain their displeasure with Booksy. I have had complaints of clients not being able to book with massage therapists due to Booksy not showing available times. We are also having a problem with Booksy double booking and sometimes even triple booking clients. We have also had trouble opening up our schedule and simply getting clients booked. This is a problem not only on our end, the business, but for clients as well. We have also had clients voice their displeasure on privacy issues such as Booksy not allowing clients to submit a “do not track” request when using the Booksy website through an internet browser. On top of that, forcing some users to download an app just to schedule with a LMT they prefer is a ludicrous business model. Business has indeed been affected in some way, shape or form by all of the above. We have had more complaints and negative feedback by clients about Booksy, then we ever had about our LMT’s and the experience given to them by our business. Overall we have not been satisfied, and neither have clients. An update or overhaul is most definitely needed. However the User Interface is appealing to the eye and very clean.

  14. This app at one time changed my life and my business. Now as of March 25th 2021 I have lost hundreds of dollars in to the $1000 plus range. The automated help option is trash and the email service is just as bad. I was emailed by booksy to update my banking information, every since then there have been payments from haircuts I’ve done that I have not been paid for. I immediately didn’t do anything because I assume it would work itself out and the money was just pending. This is terrible!

  15. The only plus side of this app is clients are able to leave a deposit , which you’ll be charged for anyways. You’ll pay $30 a month for 12 months totaling to over $350 a year plus Everytime they charge you to deposit your own money. You won’t be able to reach anyone of the phone , ever. I have had issues getting a “connect” when the wifi box is right next to me so it’s a error on their end. A lot of their links will take you to a “wrong url” . I don’t know how anyone has patience to use this it

  16. Not happy with this new app. Not user-friendly at all. The package deal doesn’t even work properly. ie So a client can’t pay for a package upfront. ie pay for 4 services and then it does a countdown of how many services are left. Clients are also complaining about the international fee that Booksy charges them to pay online. Maybe that’s why you don’t allow a countdown, so you charge them every time they book. Ridiculous when I’m already paying for a subscription.

  17. I’m new to booksy and I am pleased so far. I’m a stylist and this is a great tool that keeps track of your clients and their services, it’s also a great marketing tool that helps you grow your business. It breaks down your income and helps to set new goals.The support from the staff is awesome, Cory has been very motivating and patient with me. I’m excited to see what’s to come using this app and I’m finally feeling proud and more organized. This one too has helped to keep me focused. Thank you

  18. I love the app. I would love to see an option to rate clients as well. Had so many problems with non paying, rude, late, and just difficult clients, it will be great to have a heads up from other businesses on how clients treat technicians. This will definitely make the monthly premium more worth it. Please have a look at my suggestion. That will definitely deserve a 5star review.

  19. Sami Rose dice:

    The no-show protection and the wait list are some features I LOVE that the previous online booking system I was using didn’t have, and it makes life so much easier. I also liked that I could choose which specific services I wanted to collect pre-payment on. And I love the customer service chat.

  20. Booksy has helped me with one of the most important task of managing my appointments. I love the ease of use for this app & the support is phenomenal. We opened our business 3 years ago & recently reached 240 saves as a favorite by clients using the app. Very happy with the service!

  21. Keye Knox dice:

    I’m new to booksy and I’m pleased so far. I’m A numbers driven person and this a great tool to break down your income and set new goals. The support from The staff is awesome, RJ has been very motivating and patient w/ me. I’m excited to see what’s to come using this app and I’m finally feeling proud and more organized, I even put my personal things/ appts on my calendar. This one tool has changed my vision and help to keep me focused. Thanks

  22. App runs for the most part Smooth for me but i have had clients complain they didn’t see availability for me but i have full days and times open. I also have a discrepancy with the rates that are being charged per service and then the boosting rate % is too high … may be looking soon for a better opportunity that’s less costly.

  23. Booksy verifies expired/false bank details so you CANNOT process your cancellation/no show fee. FYI clients are getting wise to this. Also good luck submitting feedback or a complaint. They’re working on it though… But have been for 7 months when I first raised this issue. Still no further forward. Helping us users protect our income clearly isn’t a priority. Oh & Booksy’s blackout was a delightfully anxiety inducing & stressful event. Thanks for that.

  24. It may send text reminders to your clients late at night and early mornings…but so far I love the features and detailed options for my 2 shops and long list of services! I would like to have an option to pre-book my client on the Droid app with a full view of the previous booked clients and full months 6-8 weeks ahead….. ?

  25. Once you get your reviews up, customer will start to pick up, had a few issues with the app previously but some of the issues got smoothed out. They seem to be updated and improving some things so that’s a plus.

  26. The App is OK, but the customer service is horrible. I have been trying to get hold of them for a week. Wrote messages on the App, sent emails. Nothing from the response team. I’m still having same issues, no consistency on payouts, you literally have to scream to get things done…

  27. Overall the the app is great. Its good if you do booth rent if you are using the boost marketing tool. But, if you work at a commission base salon it’s a double whammy. You won’t make nothing off your client’s first appointment.

  28. Booksy has made my booking process so much easier. Clients can see my availability and book with what works at their convenience. Everything runs smoother. I can build my own portfolio and ratings so that no matter where I work, it goes with me.

  29. The Everything App…Booksy has kept me better organized with my scheduling ,Cheered me on about appointment progress. My clients love the easy booking access, allowing them the opportunity to see my availability that coincide with their’s for appointment timing. less phone usage while I work ..Thank You Booksy you’re a Jewel of a Tool!!❤💯💫💫💫💫💫

  30. LEJEND dice:

    Dream come true! Best most friendly user interface out of any booking app anywhere. Makes it easy to book, schedule, organize, and call to action! Booksy for life!

  31. I love it. It saves me so much time… scheduling took up to 2 hours per day before booksy! Now I just focus on my art. Not paperwork…

  32. Love this App… it’s so Amazing!! It makes the booking experience so Easy ,Quick and wonderful for my Clients. Let’s not forget to mention that Booksy customer service is Suberb!!👏🏾✨️

  33. I enjoy Booksy Biz. It’s easy to use and whenever I needed help the customer service was very helpful. And I love the boost feature. I have had multiple new clients find my profile and book with me.

  34. This has been the best investment made for my business! I have seen a lot of boosted clients come in and I am so happy I switched to this platform!

  35. Roxy K dice:

    the new layout is confusing, it takes a long time to find pending appointments. I haven’t been able to log in or access my account. The technical support hasn’t replied.

  36. Great way of being able to separate work and free time. Books have given me some amazing opportunity s so far and I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  37. So far, so good. Don’t too much like that they charge for Boost clients when I’m already paying for a monthly subscription.

  38. Ly Thị dice:

    Very disappointed that despite investing the time, effort and money in setting up the app, and speaking with 4 different reps, Booksy has been unable to provide me with a single booking! Given the 100% satisfaction rate from all my customers generated from other sources (and who I urged to book through the app), my service clearly isn’t the issue The app is clear and easy to use, but without actually bringing business through the doors it serves as nothing more than an expensive diary

  39. It’s ok but for $30 base rate and $20/stylist I need it to be better than Facebook booking that’s free. It shows available times when no time is available although it won’t let the client book. That’s frustrating for clients and me too having to constantly respond to messages. Then I would like it to open the full month instead of day by day. No one wants to wait around for slots to open daily. Why suggest 3 months adv booking then open the books day by day?

  40. Mr Wright dice:

    Not very intuitive, and no customer support. Pop-ups are a distraction, and they don’t assist with basic account set up. Very frustrating. Oh, and they went live before I was ready – w/o my consent.

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