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We’re reinventing the way you discover beauty, making it 100% about YOU. As the leading source of beauty discovery and inspiration, IPSY combines personalized products, content, and shopping (with over 20,000 products!) to create the ultimate beauty experience.

From well-known and well-loved brands like TARTE, BENEFIT COSMETICS, NYX MAKEUP, IT COSMETICS, and SMASHBOX to new emerging brands from around the world, IPSY brings you the very best in makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, hair, nails, and beauty tools.
Our mobile app is the best and most convenient way to experience IPSY:
• View your personalized products before they arrive in the mail.
• Every month, you’ll hand-select one product for IPSY Glam Bag, three products for Glam Bag Plus, or three products for Glam Bag X!
• Discover more about your picks and share reviews so your subscription only gets better and better.
• Shop over 20,000+ favorites from top brands at up to 70% off. No coupons, codes, or magic words needed.
• Learn more from thousands of makeup tutorials, face charts, and step-by-step guides—all to help you create endless looks.

Once you’re an Ipster, you’re part of something big—a community that’s leaving the rules behind and making beauty a personal journey. And we’ll be with you all the way.


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40 comentarios en "IPSY: Makeup, Beauty, and Tips MODDED 2022"

  1. I subscribed to this for over a year. The first time they increased my fee and took it from my account without approval I let it go. They recently increased again and auto pay more than authorized. No way to contact anyone. No way to get a refund. Just screwed. Not to mention products not worth it. Same stuff over and over.

  2. The app definitely has issues and freezes, lots of pop up ads, at times updates cannot be downloaded, pretty annoying. As far as the company goes it’s honestly not bad, it’s a fun surprise every month. The price is continuing to go up from ten bucks a month to like fourteen. They also email constantly with offers and in my opinion try to trick you into signing up for stuff you don’t want and that I do not like. Customer service is excellent though have never had an issue they’re very helpful.

  3. Emma Lea dice:

    money has been hard so I frequently have to stop my subscription (and I don’t want to pause it) but they have made it impossible to cancel. I have changed my email three times and conveniently the new cancelation email never goes through and their customer service line gives me a busy signal and hangs up. It’s overcharged samples but I like the convenience. I literally have to close that bank account to get it to stop. Do not use ipsy.

  4. I love the ipsy samples. I can not stand the app. As soon as you open it, you are forced to close an ad about gift cards. There should be an option to not see it again. Then you have to close the ad for the Glam X bag. If you accidentally close the app you have to close the ads again and it is frustrating. I would honestly buy more if you weren’t shoving it down my throat every time I open the app. Oh look, another ad for inviting my friends to ipsy. EVERY TIME I USE THE APP. STAHP IT! 🤬

  5. I switched it from three stars to two stars because of how much the app is still freezing and going very slow. I have been using this application for about a year-and-a-half and I was hoping they would speed it up. I just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy, S20 Fan Edition, which is a $700 phone and is very fast, all of my other applications work very good and I’m going off, of 400 megabytes per second, Wi-Fi. I’m hoping they do something to fix how slow this application is and how much it freezes.

  6. Having some issues navigating the website. I wish it could be just a bit or more than just a bit easier for me to look around it and not totally get lost. Otherwise, love my subscription and the makeup. Well worth the price. ESPECIALLY when you want to try out new makeup looks!

  7. I love ipsy. It’s a great surprise every month to try new products. For the 1st year I didn’t know you could customize the products. But now that I do, i usually love everything inside. Plus the bags are super cute! I’ve had trouble reaching customer service if ever I’ve had an issue. But other than that, the products are great

  8. Ipsy is a neat experience. I love getting my surprise bag each month. But the app is clunky and slow. The timeline doesn’t keep up with today’s date, so I sometimes miss getting to choose a product (and I’ve seen that other have this problem). Love the subscription, not the app.

  9. App is not user friendly. It does not work properly fairly often, things won’t load. Overall, I hate the app. The service is a fair price for the products received. I was required to fill our a survey of items I would like/not like to receive and how often. The items that I rated I would like to receive the least I have received at least 1 in every months subscription so far. That is kind of frustrating. I have received some products that I really like though so I will continue at this time.

  10. The app itself has had major issues lately. I cant open it on my phone at all lately. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it multiple times. As far as the products go, sometimes the bags are great and sometimes they are trash. And from what I can tell, updating your preferences really does nothing. But, it’s a great way to try out different brands.

  11. PLEASE FIX BUG! Ipsy itself has been great so far! They have fast, friendly and very accommodating customer service. The one star is for the app itself, after the last update it stopped working. When i open the app, it looks normal for a second or two. The screen goes white, then there’s a pink animation, but then it goes white again and just freezes up. ☹️ Edit: It’s been 4 months and still no update, app is completely unusable.

  12. Love it! The app offers both a standard online store and the Ipsy Glam Bag subscription, and both are great! I highly recommend getting the Glam Bag, and the $10 a month for it is definitely affordable. There are a few things I’m not in love with, though. It’s impossible to say that you absolutely don’t want a certain product in your bag; you can only say that you’re not interested in it, but you still have a change of getting it anyways. Really annoying when you don’t at app need something but still get it. The navigation of the app isn’t the best, either it’s a little annoying to access past bags, which I do frequented to review the products. It’s not like this is something that would stop me from using Ipsy, but changing it would definitely improve the user interface.

  13. The app is really nice. It does lag a bit, but it brings out a nice experience. There is an online shop for the items that you receive monthly. Unfortunetely, it is unavailable for some areas–which pretty much breaks the point of receiving discounts if YOU CANT SHOP. Ive been waiting for months, but still unavailable. Why? What’s the point of receiving bonus points if I cant do anything with them.

  14. I loved the easiness of the app. And that I could see so much on it. But after I downloaded it I kept getting constant ad pop ups! They wouldn’t stop. When I would be truing to just call someone, look online, etc. they would show up. Even just on the home screen. And not just once but a few of then within a few seconds. It got to the point where I deleted the app and they stopped.

  15. 5 stars for the actual Ipsy subscription, 1 star for the app. It hasnt been working for me at all. It doesnt load, it just shows a blank white screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice but it’s still not working. The webpage works fine though. P.S. I’ve had this issue for a week since 9/2. I didn’t use the app during August since I skipped that month. It was working fine before.

  16. I have really enjoyed the overall experience. I have not had any problems with receiving the items. and they are in good condition. But I wish there was a better way or a more in depth way to indicate specific items I don’t need more of. Example, don’t need more brushes but would like other beauty tools. Unfortunately they are lumped together and the main thing sent are brushes.

  17. I love ipsy! But I’m not an organized person, I think it would be just amazing if the app would tell me when and which products of mine are expired/expiring. I have several years of bags and products and I just don’t know what I got when. Please consider a feature like this, or even a reminder email system. Edit: it should be possible to manage the bag and the refreshments in one place. It can be quite confusing. Thanks!

  18. Love this! I just wish there were a few more options to choose from in the quiz. Like, I have a yellow undertone and that matters. I also have blue/green eyes with gold and they change from more blue to more green. And I have dry skin with big pores, but big pores is paired with oily skin in the quiz. And I think there should also be a part in the quiz for people to put what colors do and don’t look flattering on themselves.

  19. Ipsy as a whole service is awesome. Things picked out based on what you select as your preferred style, color, constant use of product, etc. The app has been horrible lately though; it won’t start what so ever no matter of uninstalled and reinstalled and every single time it’s opened I’m asked if I want to upgrade to 25$ box and to update my preferences (despite the fact that I update them all the time). The website is so much easier than the app.

  20. I’ve been with ipsy for well over 3 years now. I love the idea of the subscription but they’re app and customer service are some of the absolute WORST I’ve ever seen. Out of the 3+ years I’ve been with them the app has NEVER actually worked properly. It seems there is always maintenance being done or just doesn’t update or show accurate information. Getting any real help is just a headache and a half. Last time I had an issue I didn’t even bother with a follow up as I knew it was pointless.

  21. Not only is this a good subscription but they have impeccable customer service. I had some problems with canceling a subscription (I needed to stop my subscriptions for personal reasons) and it some how rejoined. I contacted there customer support and explained the situation. In a short amount of time they respond and fully explained the situation. They even have me a refund! Best customer service that I’ve received from any subscription box.

  22. I LOVE getting a make-up bag with goodies every month! I enjoy picking out at least one of my items and I like the bundles they feature throughout the month that you can buy. However, I feel that the quiz you take when you start to get to know you and your beauty likes and dislikes – does not truly factor in when the items are being chosen. I have even went back in and have made sure that my preferences are correct. I still get a mascara every month! That’s the only issue I have with Ipsy.

  23. I think every one who subscribes to ipsy needs this app in their life!! The ipsy app is a perfect shortcut to being able to change your personal profile. It provides an automatic link to Facebook to make it easier to leave reviews. With the app you are also able to keep track of and redeem your points for different choices of products. There are not as many notifications as other apps have. These are a few of the things I like about the ipsy app. Great Job!!

  24. The app itself is fine. I’m so tired of ipsy. Been a member twice, combined 4years. I have updated my preferences and sent messages yet I still get mainly types items I don’t use. Twice, they sent me something that I picked the month before. Right now I get to pick an item for April but, FIVE of the items are things I’ve gotten in the last 6 months. I have enough highlight to be seen from space! It’s inexpensive but, end up giving most of it to my daughter. I’m done with it.

  25. The bags and products are amazing, but the app needs work. Everything was okay for the first couple of months, but this past month, my bag hasn’t arrived a week after it normally has been, the tracking numbers for shipping on the app don’t work if I copy and paste them into the carriers website, and most recently, when I try to track bag, it says that I’m not connected to the internet (I have tried using data and wifi) and to update the app. I have updated, deleted and reinstalled and closed

  26. I’m a bit disappointed and about ready to cancel my subscription. I love how I have the option to pick 3 choices for my bag, but while I’m doing it, my options that I choose change before I’m done picking them. They completely disappear and give a different item. It’s not an issue of running out of stock either because the options I had selected were available for add-ons. It sucks to have it taken away when I really wanted it, just to be replaced by something I won’t use.

  27. Lauren R dice:

    I enjoy the subscription, but literally every. single. time. you open the app, they hit you with a full-screen ad inviting you to upgrade to a bigger bag. Then cue the identical ad on the very next page that has to be minimized, PLUS a banner ad saying the same thing. And of course, they include a note about it in the actual package too. We get it! Full-sized products aren’t what I’m looking for and a “free gift” won’t change that. Dial it back, guys.

  28. I like the idea of paying 10$ a month for make up since I don’t ware it much, but it’s nice to have, but I seem to get the same stuff in every bag but in different brands and colors, it’s mainly, brushes, highlighters, and dry shampoo. I change my personalization settings often to see if it makes a difference but never does. Thinking of cancelling and finding a different subscription, if I continue to receive the same stuff

  29. I only have a few problems first there isn’t a lot of variety it’s always the same things and the same colors despite my reviews and preferences. and second they always take the payment at the end of the month you would think it would be more beneficial to have it at the beginning of the month after people usually get paid! and last… ever since the update I can’t really get on through the app I have to log in through the website. it just stays a continuous white screen. tick tock… I give up

  30. Best beauty box subscription. The options for sizes, the add-ons, and the ability to choose 1-3 of the products you receive is awesome. This ensures that you always get at least a few things you’ll truly LOVE, and few to try out as well. They also really use the beauty quiz to pick the products you’ll most likely love. I hate red lipstick on myself and have never received one! The add-ons include products that are $135+, for just $3, $12, $18, and $25! I paid $25 for a $290 skincare set!

  31. I love all the wonderful variety! The fact you can customize it is so cool. And the bags…id might just order for the bags alone, because they are adorable and I can find so many uses for them, but the makeup, hair and skin products really make it worth it. Also I love the option to add more items. Exceedingly helpful. Would definitely recommend.

  32. I used to love this app, it was very convenient and easy to use. However, it randomly stopped working and I haven’t had any luck getting it to work again. When I open the app, the logo comes up and then the screen goes white. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, etc. and nothing worked. Super disappointing!

  33. REALLY FRUSTRATED!!! I was really happy with Ipsy up until the end… I had changed my payment info after having Ipsy for one year. When my subscription ended, they charged my old account and took the money out for an additional year which was almost $130!!!! I want my money back!!!! And to top it all off, there is NO WAY to speak with anyone about the matter. Extremely poor for a company to not have any personal contact for issues customers might have. 😠

  34. EDIT: CLEAR DATA TO FIX BUG! Only changing my rating to 3 stars from 1 because I had to get that answer from another review instead of the developers who seem to have ignored everyone’s request for help. :/ Love ipsy so far but like a lot of other people, the app just stopped working for me. Every time I open it, it goes to a white screen and just stays that way. Looks like it’s been a problem for a while, not sure why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

  35. I’m already paying for their bags, but everytime I open the app, there’s a full page ad for an upgraded box, and when I close out of that, there’s another ad that takes up 3/4 to 4/5 of the page that I have to minimize in order to get to my bag, purchase, or account info. It’s excessive. I shouldn’t have to close out of two ads to view info on something I’m already paying for.

  36. WOW!! As a 40 something year old, I’ve tried a vast amount of products but hats when I spend $40-$60 on something that either doesn’t work well and ends up in the drawer of failures. These samples are not dinky little one time use samples. The products and individualized profiles are spot on. I’ve LOVED everything I’ve recieved. This App, this COMPANY is amazing and totally worth it. I received a damaged box only 1 time and they immediately sent out a replacement. 10 ⭐!!

  37. I love the subscription as I’m pretty new to make up but I do wish some things were better for the app. I would like more detailed descriptions of the products. I would also like a clear small description of what it in a “dewy duo” or similar without having to click on it to find out its a moisturizer and serum. It would make for easier shopping and I’d probably end up buying more.

  38. The app functions great 99% of the time. It occasionally gets hung up/freezes & I have to relaunch, which usually fixes the issue. Beautiful UI, great UX 👍 The following comments are unrelated to the APP itself: As a subscriber for several years, I’m pleased w/IPSY overall. There’ve been some minor annoyances, (missing/late pkgs, 1 wrong item) but I’d expect that w/any company I do multi-year business w/every month. I’m still a customer, so clearly I’m not TOO annoyed! 🙂

  39. Jessica dice:

    I have received two subscription boxes. I receive several emails a month, pushing additional purchases or flash sales. When I purchase things from these sales, within 20 minutes my money is refunded with no explanation and I am unable to receive the items. Getting in touch with customer service is IMPOSSIBLE. They do not respond to emails in a timely fashion, nor are they actually concerned with solving the problem. I WILL be switching to a different subscription box.

  40. This used to be a great app, even with the occasional issue. Then a couple of weeks ago I started having the same problems with a white screen that others have mentioned, and their updates do not leave me with much hope. Honestly, the convenience of the app was one of the reasons for staying with ipsy. Without that… Well, 2020 is a new year. Maybe it is time for a new subscription box that has technology that is actually supported.

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