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Get Picky – further your personal skincare journey on Picky. Picky is a welcoming community for skincare product discovery, honest reviews and real life rewards. With tens of thousands of reviews written by skincare enthusiasts, our Picky community helps you discover new products through discussion boards, honest reviews, expert articles and redeemable free product rewards.

– Unlock free skincare rewards to try products from both famous and emerging brands, including K-beauty
– Honest discussions and reviews of 40,000 skincare products from skincare enthusiasts like you
– Share your thoughts and experiences with our supportive community and make new skincare BFFs
– Discover new holy grail products using our ingredient analyses based on your personal skin concerns and preferences, including cruelty-free, vegan, and pregnancy-friendly filters


All reviews are in one feed with our new Discover Tab:
- My Brands: Use the My Brands tab to find reviews for all your ‘picked’ brands.
- Following: Use the Following tab to view all the reviews from all the users you follow.

Find what you are looking for easier with our updated search bar:
- No More Search Tab: Use the search bar at the top of the homepage.
- Updated Filtering: Sort brands and users by all new filters.
- Get Picky: You can now ‘pick’ brands straight from the search results!


40 comentarios en "Picky – Skincare Community & Rewards MODDED 2022"

  1. Could be a little more user friendly. It’s not hard to use by any means, it just takes a very long time to search their database of products and takes maybe one too many taps to get things done. I find this most useful for comparing ingredients in different products. It’s not the intended purpose, but it’s super helpful for showing me when there are redundancies in my routine so I can simplify my self care.

  2. A fantastic app that I’m obsessed with. It is a fun, benefitical, and useful app where you can communicate with others for of your skin needs and concerns. This is perfect for all skincare enthusiasts or anyone who needs help with finding the right products and establishing a routine. Only issue is, the app has a few glitches. It won’t always load, can be slow at times,, esepically for the giveaways and discussion posts. It is why I gave it only 4 stars instead of 5.

  3. This has been a literal life changer for me. I have super sensitive skin and eczema so not having to read full lists of ingredients and then risk taking a chance on products I’m not sure about is awesome. I also found out that there are a lot of really cheap skincare options that are good for me that I previously thought weren’t. My skin feels a lot healthier now because of this app. Only thing that could make it better would be adding makeup to the categories.

  4. So far, this is almost exactly what I’ve needed for my skincare journey. I might suggest a way to connect social media (I review across a lot of platforms like Influenster, it would be nice if I could sync the reviews). I also think this would work better with a skincare calendar/scheduler to keep track of skin’s progress and to see how products are working. Especially if it had a feature to help you plan your skincare regimen by products and let you know which products conflict with each other.

  5. This app is my absolute favorite pastime! I am obsessed with skincare, reading reviews, anticipating my next purchase when I empty a product, etc. If you are in to skincare, and the newest beauty ingredient trends….this app is a must. The app itself is amazing….the giveaways make it even more incredible! I am on so many K Beauty, and skincare pages…I read and give my recommendations on a regular basis. Picky is the same thing…except you get amazing prizes, from amazing brands, in return

  6. Maz dice:

    Deleted the app because it wouldn’t allow me to update my profile from the default deets they issued. The tech team are making no attempt to resolve the issue and now I can’t even delete my account. Utter shite!

  7. This app is amazing! Such a variety of skincare Intel and discussions. Receiving such incredible products through giveaways to review and try. The picky community and the creators of Picky themselves are so dedicated and engaging. I adore this app and definitely recommend you join it! You’ll see what I mean and be super stoked you did! Ya Welcome hehe 😉

  8. The app is good and useful. But since few days I am not able to view the reviews or click on Pick button. Also not able to post a review since the section just keeps on loading forever. Please fix this bug.

  9. Love the app but the notifications isn’t that good. For example when someone upvote or reply to my comments, the notifications only get me to the post but not directly to my comment and it take forever to scroll down and find my comment to see what they are replying about. SO TIME CONSUMING, SO INEFFECTIVE.

  10. I enjoy using the app but technical issues do happen but there is a lot of skincare I’m glad I’ve found due to gopicky. Since writing this go.picky has updated and I for one am really happy with the improvements.

  11. I love love love this app. All skincare all day!! Chance to win Giveaways too. Sounds too good to be true?? It is totally 100% legit!! Download now, micro-influencers! It’s ur ticket to staying relevant!!🥰😘🤍

  12. So many giveaways to enter, customer support and coins galore!! Get the 4-1-1 on all the skin out there ! It’s kinda hard to get the hang of at first, but after a while, you’ll wonder “what the heck was I doing” before this app!?! Come in in girl friend♡♡

  13. Best skin care app. I love how there are available local brands on the Philippines on their list. It’s just that sometimes, searching is slow. It also says, “error occurred” so I have to force closed the app

  14. I absolutely loved this app at first it was a awesome community to be apart of but over the last 6 months it’s drastically went downhill. I barely even use this app anymore, it’s a big waste of time!

  15. The server of the app needs to be faster, i just joined picky and wanted to write a review but it took forever to upload it, please fix it

  16. I love this app for soooo many reasons. The only feature I would add is filtering by country, so that I can pick out products made in the UK. This would be handy for reducing transportation, so would be better for the environment and my budget. I enjoy so many products from abroad, especially Korean skincare but I don’t like the idea of shipping across the world every time I run out.

  17. It’s one of the best Skincare apps I’ve come across, I really love the comparison feature that was added as I can compare the ingredients as well as the skin concerns and attributes. The UI is perfect for me. Sometimes the same product appears twice which is strange and requests are a bit slow to process but overall I love the app for helping me pick out products. What I would love is to add to the app would probably be like Holy Grail product recommendations per year for each skin type.

  18. I really love this app. It has gotten me more into skincare. I enjoyed learning about almost everything regarding skincare and discovering new products through this app. The community is so welcoming too. One thing I’m having a problem with is when uploading a photo review, it won’t attach most of the time or it would just stay in loading. Overall, it’s a great app. Love it! 😍

  19. Zom B dice:

    Great app but i think something’s wrong with my notifications tab. I can’t see my notifications. The circle just keeps loading. I hope it gets fixed in the next update. I also hope that there would be a feature that allows us to save snapshots of our skin so we could see our skincare progress or something like that

  20. This app is more than amazing. Its super easy to use and to search for your products. In one click, you get a full display of your product ingredients. What makes it better is that they classified it as Low Risk, Medium, and High!! Love this app so much. Since I started to use this app, I tend to take care of my skin properly and I began to knew what my skin wants and need. Even though not all products are available, not a problem though. Love thiss!!

  21. I can spend all day on this app honestly. It’s so fun and informative.

  22. Yue Rain dice:

    Great free skincare apps with many activities to do.

  23. I love that Picky is always improving. I have few suggestions. 1. I would LOVE to see an Essential Oil free attribute. Honestly not having this is the biggest reason I don’t utilize the app to it’s full potential. 2. The fragrance free attribute is missing a few fragrant ingredients such as flavor and aroma. 3. There are many repeat products and it would be nice to have an option to report them. 4. It would be nice to have the option to filter products by county both for origin and availability

  24. This is one of the best app ever real people trying products so the reviews are from real people everyone tells there experience with the products they use its a great place to find out about a product that you want to try and ask questions its a real great community.

  25. I love this app but it’s very glitchy. I’ve had the app for 2 weeks and have had multiple instances where notifications won’t load, despite receiving them on my device. I’ve also an instance where the app wouldn’t load and continued to redirect me to the Picky Instagram account.

  26. It is detailed, informative and very helpful. Not just only me but to my fellow skincare enthusiasts. Even for those who are beginning to discover skincare, this is a an app than can truly help them. Not confusing and overwhelming, very beginner friendly. Love that they hosts giveaway and I cannot find any skincare app that’s better than this. Not only it contains products but also fosters interactive engagement through questions and reviews. – glowwfairy

  27. Nandna dice:

    An app with everything you need to know about skincare. Whenever the app crashes, the team immediately fixes it. And there’s always an app update, because they fulfill their user’s preferences and needs. I’ve definitely learned a lot through this app and am extremely satisfied. 😇

  28. It’s a great app to learn and share the knowledge about skincare but one thing that really irritates me is that we need to close and open the app in order to refresh it again and again if this issue is solved it would be great! Edit- Thank you team picky for being responsive and upgrading the features of the app Everytime, I am giving Five stars for the excellent service ☺️

  29. I absolutely love the interface and experience of this app. It’s quick and simple yet highly informative. It’s amazing for people who wish to start or add to a skincare routine but don’t want to spend time on searching good products, as the app simply lists them to you.

  30. I absolutely love this App. It allows me to write my honest reviews about so many skincare products without being judged. I love that Picky has this points system which allows you to participate in giveaway events and I think it is very motivating. I love the new design of the App, it looks amazing. I’m glad to meet so many fellow skincare enthusiasts on Picky.

  31. To say this app is amazing would be an understatement. It’s actually 5 star. I just have one suggestion that will make it complete. I like the fact that I can search for and “pick” my favourite products or stuff I’d like to try out. However, when creating my routine on this app and adding products, I have to search for my favorites all over again. There is no option to add my “picks”. I’d like to get a reply from you as soon as you can. Thank you for this app!

  32. Have noticed app freezes sometimes. The discussions do not load, they just keep trying to but never get there. This happened again tonight (missed reading the Picky box post but that’s okay, always next month if I’m fast enough) due to the popularity of the latest box. Hopefully they can figure out something to allow the app to handle times there is increased traffic.

  33. This is one of the best and most helpful apps! 🤍 I’m so thankful that I found this while scrolling through Google and I instantly fell in love when I had known its potential. It provides skincare products’ information with a lot of reviews by users, and disseminate the most important skincare tips to everyone with the help of experts, which are licensed dermatologists. Imagine getting skincare advices for free. Great, right?! The app has also giveaways which is a plus, and super amazing team!

  34. K. Brenda dice:

    This is the BEST skincare app! So helpful and easy to learn which products are compatible with your skin type, create routines, compare products, fantastic community, and amazing giveaways! The Picky team sincerely cares about their users and constantly making the app even more awesome than it already is. No ads either. If skincare is important to you or you want to learn about skincare, don’t hesitate downloading and joining the community.

  35. Suggestion to have option for combination skin type.

  36. The app looks interesting however while i was answering the quiz there are some questions that do not have my answers. I have normal skin type but the choices i had to pick instead led to me having oily skin type which is not accurate. This can lead to false recommendation while using this app. 🙁 i hope you can modify the skin type choices bec oily dry and combination isnt the only skin type.

  37. T dice:

    this app would be clutch if they included photo and routine tracking. It takes a bit to load some parts like search and moving products around in your routine. I’m surprised it’s free but they have a lot of ads that aren’t annoying because we want skincare.

  38. I really love this app. It helps me to know more about skin care. I also has giveaways which is one of the bonuses you can get. You can also talk or discuss your skin issues with others and they also have dermatologist in the app from different countries which is really good. It’s good to see that this app is improving, y’all should try this. It doesn’t also show inappropriate ads. Doesn’t have ads at all except for (ads about their event such as weekly giveaway- they mostly give koreanskincare

  39. It really do help me to find the right product to choose for my skin and even can avoid any harmful ingredients. This app will be one of the important ways to find out how good the product is and I also enjoyed all the quality of this app such communication on Q&A selection. I also fun to use, hopefully it’ll helpful to more people out there 🤗✨

  40. I love the app lots ❤️ it’s so convenient for people who aren’t sure which type of skincare would suit them and there are variety of choices to pick from. Very grateful for Picky as it helped increase my knowledge about skincare as well. Also they have lots of giveaways as well and it’s the best thing ever!

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