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Discover our unique selection of jewelry with Pandora. Discover hand-finished charms, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants to match your personality. Fast Worldwide Shipping.

Shop bracelets that are hand-finished from a versatile range of beautiful, lasting materials. Perfect for friendship jewellery or for a more personalised touch. Pair it with a matching ring or bangle.

Jewelry Offers
Whether you are treating yourself or buying a gift,you’ll find stunning rings, gems, bracelets and more in the brilliant sale – with up to 50% off.

Shop a range of earring designs are beautifully hand-finished to keep you shimmering all year round. Pair them with a feminine bangle or necklace to finish your look.

Decorate your bracelets with beautiful charms finished by hand. Style your chosen charms with our delicate rings and necklaces.


40 comentarios en "Jewelry for Pandora MODDED 2022"

  1. This application apparently was made in 1909, there’s no reason why an application in this day and age is so terrible (I’m talking absolute trash and a waste). It’s slow to open which I can over look, but it keeps deleting or losing my wishlist which is for my husband to be able to go into the account look and the list and pick from it something I want AND don’t already own. You cannot select anything to get more info on the item it will not even let you add to the cart, cannot purchase in app.

  2. A.M. dice:

    While I adore all the varieties of jewelry shown on this App, I’m frustrated w/the fact that my Wish List keeps failing to open small enough for my phone to show everything! And the result is, it keeps freezing-up on me.🧐😖😣 I also cannot place an Order thru the App, either! Again–the App crashes repeatedly, &/or constantly gets FROZEN “stuck” w/various Web-Pages (incl. your Order Form) being blown too –as if it’s too big for my phone to fit everything the App’s site is designed to show.

  3. Absolutely trash!! The app does not work. I even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still isn’t working. They either need to get the app fixed or remove it all together from the Google play store.

  4. Ivy C dice:

    App is a pain to deal with. It takes forever to load when you first open it, I can scroll up and down fine but won’t ever take me to my cart. I would press and press my cart and wouldn’t go. You would think it’s frozen but I can go anywhere else in the app. I always end purchasing my items through the website instead.

  5. At first it worked decently, but now it shows error 404 and also error for recording the initial error. Also I couldn’t “heart” anything before, without entering on the main page of the item and it was annoying that the page would start over instead of “remembering” where you left off while scrolling.

  6. Flicks back to the top if you click on anything so you have to scroll through it all again. When there’s over 2000 items its a pain to have to scroll through it all. Can’t add anything to wishlist properly. Things just disappear when you click on the item.

  7. The language can not be changed from Polska in another one, it remains in loading screen if I try so. To unblock this, I have to close the app and start it back, but opens still in Polska. The app should be removed from store if you won’t do anything about this. You have a lot of negative reviews… 1 star, until you solve your issues. Also, I have sent an e-mail to developers and seems to be incorrect. Good job, Pandora!

  8. The website froze or lagged constantly so I downloaded the app which was worse. You can’t save favourites on either platforms without logging in and it won’t allow access to login. When eventually got through to request new password, a link was sent, I typed a new password in and it said link expired!? I’ve tried it on mobile data and WiFi, mobile and laptop and it just doesn’t work

  9. Soco dice:

    Their customer service is the worst. I ordered 3 items at the same time. Tells me it shipped. I get 1 item. I tried to than find out where the other 2 items are. So I call customer service. For 10 minutes the rep kept telling me it’s the post office fault I don’t have my items. But she never even looked up my order to see what was going on. Took 15 minutes to get her to look. Than I put in a customer complaint. Haven’t heard anything in 18 days on it. Even put in a 2nd complaint.

  10. Honestly one of the worst apps. If you’re trying to save time in making a trip to a retail store don’t use this app, it crashes and won’t save what you want I did use it just to see their catalog but had to order the bracelet and 3 charms from the actual store in the mall

  11. Brittni dice:

    Your guys website states “Items are not reserved until payment is made. I got 4 charms and only sent 3, then turns out that item that I didn’t received was sold out, which it wasn’t once. I placed the order, so the whole (Items are not reserved until payment is made.) Is false

  12. Why does your app continually swap out of English? Then once changed, it freezes up. Can you please fix? This never use to happen. Just a recent thing

  13. Absolutely horrible. The website customer service links dont work and now this app crashes. I’ve been wanting my money back for a week and a day, and they said refunds take 3-5 business days. I’m absolutely raged and I’m going to have a talk with my bank to potentially press charges. I’ve emailed Pandora numerous times with my order number and problem. Still NO response.

  14. Shows no images once you select an item. App then crashes. Jewellery looks nice…. I think 🤔

  15. I am not able to “heart” or wishlist all items, there is barely any that allow me to add to wishlist. Also I cannot click on any product to see the full page or even add to cart. clicking on a product does nothing and gives me no option for add to cart. guess I can’t purchase anything through the app? 🤷‍♀️

  16. Don’t get this app. I ordered 3 charms…recd 2. They did replace, but still. Also navigation on this app…crazy…take me back to what I last viewed when I want to go back on a page. There are thousands of charms and you expect me to start my searches over everytime I want to view something? No thanks. I have better success ordering from Pandora authorized jewelry dealers. There is a website list on the Pandora website of authorized dealers. The Source Jewelers ARE THE BEST!

  17. When i create an account and tried to login it tell me to enter a valid email address, tried on a different phone and it doest work but then ill tried again on my phone and it doesn’t let me either.

  18. Very little variety of items….I searched for WEDDING BAND SETS and it told me there were no results. I searched for GOLD ENGAGEMENT RINGS and same thing g: no results….this sucks. UNINSTALLING

  19. Do not recommend. Won’t let me buy anything. App stops working every time I try to place the order. Very frustrating.

  20. the app doesn’t work. it’s in polish. I don’t speak polish. I tried to switch the language to Romanian but when I do so the app clashes.

  21. Worked perfectly at first but I went on the app yesterday intending to buy a pair of earrings for it to not load and said that I had to contact to page orientator or something. It worked fine before but is just not letting me on. I press on and it shows me a link buy goes onto a blank page

  22. Jessy C dice:

    The app seems to lag really bad, and my husband and I were looking into getting new wedding bands. Something that matched better. But they don’t have any. What kind of jewelry store doesn’t carry matching wedding bands?!

  23. morgaly dice:

    Terrible and slow I ended up ordering the wrong item because when I selected the item I wanted it sent me to a different item that looked the same.

  24. Pandora Customer Service has been refunding my 35 Euro since one year! horrible!! I haven’t received the money yet by the way. Not to forget ordering something and receiving something else!!! awful!!

  25. Ok this is ridiculous. I can’t even see the jewellery nothing will load. Its a waist of time. I thought it would be good. But then after I opened the app and it wasn’t working. I decided I would check the reviews and the majority of the a bad. I really don’t recommend this app its horrible.😫

  26. Had no problem whatsoever with this app, everything works and is displayed nicely. Its a very simple app to use and is helpful for trying to find whatever you’re looking for

  27. Toby Tom dice:

    Do not use this app, they’re not official retailers of pandora, its got a low rating for a reason, the app is awful. Tried to order something, which failed, nothing was mentioned and my money was in holding for a couple of days. Just use the official pandora website to save any issues. Hope this helps.

  28. YMAS ATL dice:

    Whenever I open the app I have to keep logging in, whats the point in having the app if it doesn’t keep you logged in whenever you exit the app, other than that the app works great

  29. The app needs more work, won’t even let me sign in. Sometimes it will crash. Needs a bug fix.

  30. It won’t even open… First app I’ve ever installed on the galaxy note that doesn’t load… Effing waste. For selling little balls of surgical steel for $100’s you’d think you could maybe get a normal and useful app. Disgusted

  31. This does not look like an official app at all. Pretty sure its a fake. Dont download and dont give it permissions on your phone. I uninstalled instantly.

  32. It’s great but please add a section to the app where I can list all my charms and bracelets, so even when I don’t have them on I can still show them off

  33. Can’t chose an item. U need to update the app. Get someone working on it it’s been 3 months

  34. It takes so long to open. I have to install and reinstall it several times still i had difficulty opening it

  35. Liz Brown dice:

    Love that I can browse and order easily. Items arrive quickly and are always packaged well. Just live pandora.

  36. Gabby R dice:

    I have tried three different times to purchase on here and it’s always slow or issues with adding to cart smh

  37. Bad app. It won’t open. It’s staying in the loding screen like forever.

  38. App does not work. The 10 % off code they send for signing up isn’t a valid code either.

  39. The app won’t open at the moment which is really frustrating. Just keeps coming up as PLEASE WAIT

  40. im trying to buy some charms but i accidently added 2of the same charms. it wont let me remove one of them and im having a hard time checking out

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