Mimoglow – Skincare Tracker App MODDED 2022


Track skincare routines, products, and get personalized product recommendations.
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Key Features:

Personalized recommendation: Get individualized skincare products recommendations based on your skincare routine usage. Recommendations are updated daily.

Most used products: See which products are most used by Mimoglow community on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Routine: Add products from your shelf to a routine, you can have as many routines as you would like. Mimoglow notifies you when your routine time starts. If you did not use a product, just uncheck that product. If you want to add a product to a routine (like a sheet mask), you can add it directly when you start a routine. If you did a routine in a different order, use long press to reorder your products.

Shelf: Products in your shelf are automatically sorted by expiration date. Add products from our database. Track information about your products like expiration date, purchase date, date opened, size, purchase location, and date finished.

Search: Search from our ever-expanding product database. Product information, how to use, and ingredients are shown here. Mimoglow also shows if you already have a product in your shelf / how many you have. You can also add product notes, and add the product to your shelf. If you love the product, click on the product link to take you directly to purchase from a store.

Add Custom Products: If we don’t have your product in our database, you can add it! It’ll be for your eyes only until the Mimoglow team verifies the information. Once you add a custom product, it’s available to put into your shelf and routines immediately.

Notes: Add notes about a product, did you love it? Hate it? Won’t ever buy it again? You can write notes about a product so you won’t ever forget.

Diary / Selfie: Did you break out today for some reason? Add a diary entry and add a selfie. All routines and diary entries are kept under your account page for easy access.

Wishlist: Have a product someone recommended but you don’t wanna forget? Heart the product from search, and all Wishlist products are kept under your accounts setting.


- Get personalized skincare product recommendations based on completion history
- See what’s being most used daily, weekly, and monthly
- Home page for your recommendations, up next routines, and most used products
- Add product sizes to your skincare products
- Add products directly to your routine without adding it to your shelf first
- Routines are now grouped by active routines and ended routines
- Updated buttons
- Added onboarding screens
- Improvement to notifications
- Fixed bugs


18 comentarios en "Mimoglow – Skincare Tracker App MODDED 2022"

  1. Caitriona dice:

    This app is perfect for skincare tracking and does near everything other apps do, but without charging a premium. I love that you’re able to set a routine but also easily tick off products/steps you might skip without needing a whole new routine. The one time routine feature is also great and something I haven’t seen in any other apps. The database had more of my products than any other and it’s great when you add one the devs actually verify it so it’s easy to re-add when replacing an empty.

  2. Extremely useful app. I find keeping organised with my skincare and remembering when to use my items that should only be used 2/3 times a week very difficult. This app is super easy to use and it’s been so helpful to me. Plus you can keep things you want to try in the future in a wishlist and adding new items is so simple. It’s just a very intuitive and easy to use design. Would reccomend to all skincare enthusiasts.

  3. I love the App. It is well designed. But I think the frequency on routine should be improved. There are routines that we want to do every or 3 days a week or once a month etc… This can’t be done now as you must choose the day of the week to do a routine, not the frequency. Great job so far on the App

  4. Nga Lee dice:

    It’s good skincare routine tracker app I found, but it will be better if I can see how often I use a product when I click on that product from my shelf, and I can delete the product with wrong information I updated (I clicked on delete, but it didn’t work and I still see that product) You also should have a “Rate us” function, then people can rate for your app easier.

  5. I like this app for tracking but it seems unreliable in areas. For example, I turned off the reminders for my routines but suddenly they have started popping up at random times of the day and night and it’s really annoying.

  6. This app is great! BUT, it’ll be wonderful if you add options for notification sounds, widgets on the screen for skincare at the glance (so we can look at the routines without entering the app) and monthly skincare routine!

  7. This is really helpful for tracking your routines, but it will be more complete if the app provide user with option for recurring routine that longer than a week and also provide PAO date section on the product details. Overall, great app!

  8. Only day 1 with the app – but I love the interface and functionality. Didn’t ask for any crazy permissions etc like some alternatives, and seems to be ad free. Love it.

  9. Maggie H dice:

    I absolutely LOVE this app, the only change I’d like to see is to able to change the one-time routine name.. then this app would absolutely be perfect!

  10. Easy to use and have everything we need to track a skincare routine. Just love it!

  11. I personally did not enjoy the experience. I opened the app, created an account and now the app won’t allow me to add any of my products to the shelf.

  12. I love this app user’s interface and also the idea of the virtual shelf.

  13. Its really nice and helps me keep all my skincare products organised

  14. I think the refresh rate needs some improvement.

  15. K L dice:

    They force you to create an account. I dont want to create an account! Deleted.

  16. Nice, there are so many products listed

  17. This is app was a much needed find! Highly recommend.

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