Birchbox MODDED 2022


Birchbox is the best way to shop—and sample—beauty and grooming.
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Now you can have on-the-go, anytime access to Birchbox – the best way to shop for beauty and grooming!

○ Track and customize your monthly box
○ See your entire box history in one place
○ Shop full-size versions of your samples
○ Explore products, articles, videos, and shop offers that have been picked just for you


40 comentarios en "Birchbox MODDED 2022"

  1. I LOVE Birchbox, but this app just keeps getting worse. You have to force stop the app to get it to load nearly every time you open it. The “boxes” option is almost never there. You have to force stop the app to get it to show up. I no longer get push notifications. I didn’t turn them off, they just stopped happening. When I did get them, I would tap the notification, but the app would just open and try to unsuccessfully pull up the homepage. Can’t use my points. Horrible app.

  2. If you are viewing lists of products and choose one to add to your cart, you cannot return to the last item you viewed and move forward from there. You are taken all the way back to the very beginning. Pretty frustrating 😒. Also if you want to filter or sort the sale items, you can’t filter by product category, like lipsticks, for example. You can only sort/filter by BRAND. So you positively HAVE to know what you’re filtering for AND who made the items you’re looking for. Seems self defeating

  3. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!! It barely works for adding promo codes. It runs very, very slow. it SOMETIMES holds the items in your cart, and only some times. Then you have to go back and reload the cart. 8 out of 10 times, the app won’t let you process your order.. it states something like “error, please come back later…”. I also have a Samsung 9 note, not an old phone. AND I have the highest speed internet in the whole Chicago area. Terrible app. It used to work well a few years ago. not anymore.

  4. Chel C dice:

    The fill out profile pop up when you click boxes won’t go away so I can’t see what’s behind it. Navigation is incredibly confusing. The area to buy extra products as a side scroller is completely hideous and not user friendly. The overall feel of the app feels like a middle schooler designed it. Ipsy isnt much better in that aspect, but the buying extra products area is a lot better. This app is so frustrating it kind of makes me want to cancel.

  5. Birchbox is great as a service, though shipping is pretty slow typically. This app is VERY buggy. It doesn’t show all of the options most of the time. I haven’t been able to customize my box for this month because it won’t show the boxes. Probably I’ll have to do it through the web instead, which is a pain. I keep hoping they’ll update it and it won’t do this anymore, but it’s been a long time and no such luck.

  6. I love the products that Birchbox provides. This review is of this app, not Birchbox itself. The app is very poorly designed. The interface is not logical, it’s difficult to find your current box and submit reviews, and it’s a struggle to answer the questions when you finally find the area to post reviews. The landing page often contains irrelevant information, such as info on a box from 2 months ago. I don’t even know how to see my upcoming boxes or modify them, which is a huge shame because this is a big part of why I switched to Birchbox. Please update this app, it cheapens a really excellent service.

  7. Signed up, filled out everything on the website. Downloaded the app, but couldn’t log in. Thought maybe it was because I had JUST set everything up & gave it a day or two. It’s been over a week. I received an email that my box shipped. Still can’t get in the app. Only thing saving it from one star was the prompt response when I messaged about the issue. I’m waiting to hear back. Hope the box will be better & I don’t regret leaving Ipsy. Their app is far superior, so a better app is possible.

  8. This app is very hard to use. When I try to view my boxes, it is blocked with a notification to complete my profile, which has been done (and more than once!). When I go to Discover, it is showing old articles. I have tried to refresh it but instead of showing new articles, it shows older ones and there seems to be no way to sort the articles so it is mostly useless.

  9. good products, but the app is a total mess. most of the time it will log me out and then it’ll say my password is wrong even though it’s correct, and it wont let you reset the password either. 85% of the time you don’t have “boxes” option in the side pop up menu. making it almost impossible to pick a sample when customization opens, because the boxes tab is how you get to that option, and more than half the time it’s not even there to click on. love the products, but the app has too many issues

  10. I signed up for Birchbox to try makeup samples before buying full size products. I received 90% skin and hair care samples in a year, 10% makeup (no exaggeration!). I changed my profile several times, but nothing improved. Also, they send the same samples multiple times, only seem to carry 5 to 10 sample brands. Had i not prepaid to get a deal, I would’ve canceled after the first couple months. App and site both don’t work that great, navigation is confusing. Very, very disappointed overall!

  11. app is “okay,” Birchbox is awesome! I never have a problem with receiving my Birchbox at all and I’ve been getting it for years. I rarely buy makeup bcuz of Birchbox and it totally saves a ton of money on makeup, for sure!! The only makeup I buy is what I love and tried thru birchbox. I don’t know why people are complaining at all, customer service is great. For 10 bucks a month it’s totally worth it and more.

  12. I’m very happy with birchbox itself, but the app needs work. Pages take awhile to load and there is a notification about filing out my profile (which is already done) blocking the half the screen i’m my boxes menu. I reached out to customer service and I felt that they were denying any problem with their app and it was my and my phones fault it wasn’t working. I’ll try again and update with any further development.

  13. FIX UR SITE! Their site crashes constantly which is 1 of the reasons I didn’t continue w/my Subscription (6mo). All “Help” & “Customer Service” links crashed so I couldn’t get help except direct e-mail. I was told to try going thru a browser vs their app. Still crashed. I wish they paid more attn to my beauty profile BUT it was decent. Very pretty boxes but I switched to a sample BAG app. U can opt out whenever or put on hold, little bags r adorbs & I get better personally tailored samples.

  14. Most of the time the samples you get are repeated. They send you items that can barely be use once the vast majority of the time. They aren’t personalized, so you constantly receive items that are either to dark or light compared to your natural color. When they ask if you like things or not it is so that they can be sure to send items that you do not use. They tease us with a rewards program that you can’t partake in because they automatically review items for you. Don’t waste your time/money.

  15. I hate this app, and wish I could cancel. I received 6 mos as a gift and was so excited! Since then, it’s been nothing but frustration and disappointment. I have struggled to make my personalized choice the first month, trying multiple times on different devices to FINALLY get it to go through. You can’t access help in the app, you get redirected to “this page doesn’t exist” etc. When they do respond, it’s not helpful. This month I didn’t even get to make my choice of product. FAIL

  16. I love getting my birchbox every month but the app sucks, at least on my phone, Note 9. I get notifications, I open them and nothing happens. Just a blank screen. I also dislike when looking at the kits I can’t enlarge the photo to see the product. And I get confused when it’s time you choose for the monthly box.. it always seems like I get to pick a sample and a box? Or a sample or a box? I can never clearly tell so I only chose the box. I don’t want to mess up and only get one sample.

  17. Dear Birchbox, PLEASE update the android version of your app. I had an iphone this past November and I can tell you your apple app is like comparing night and day. My boxes list will never load, and the discover feed is about the same. I have resorted to using my web browser app to make any selections or purchases. It’s just that unreliable. I have continually checked for updates, and have reinstalled the app.

  18. I love my monthly Birchbox! Wish I could buy all my friends a subscription but I just can’t afford. Love everything about the company. The app doesn’t always work on my phone. It hangs up, content doesn’t appear @ times. Need a bit of work. But, I’m getting used to its quirkiness. Thanks Birchbox! Love the concept & products! It like getting a present in the mail each month!

  19. This app just seriously sucks. Majority of the time it never loads and its certianly not easy to use. It doesnt allow you to track your box easily and is terrible at letting you keep track of your account. Set up sucks, usage sucks, and reliablity sucks. Let me take a moment too to say their customer service and boxes sucks. Its always repeats and junky samples, especially if you do a ” special curated box”. Go to boxy charm instead. This service seriously isnt good.

  20. Birchbox is great, but I’m about to discontinue my subscription because of this terrible app. It does not load. I have a Samsung S10+. It has never worked on previous phones android either. I cannot change my preferences because of this app so keep receiving the same items over and over. Fix please or I’m canceling.

  21. App is fine, Birchbox sucks. I get the same samples repeatedly. The shampoo & conditioner samples are never enough to even cover my hair, and they don’t always send shampoo and conditioner together. Why? No idea. I rarely ever get makeup samples, and if I do, 95% of them are mascara. Not worth it.

  22. I have been a member since over a year. When the app works, it’s really good. But as I can see, like many other reviews, the app has constantly problems on letting you login and sometimes it doesent show your history, like if you were a new member. In these last days, I have tried everything to log in but without success, it just says “unable to login” or asking you to check your internet (wifi works perfectly..). Please fix this issue asap as I need to change the delivery address.

  23. I have been getting birch box for over a year, I love the box but the app is so bad, i don’t know how it is still this bad! It makes it so difficult and really effects the whole experience. Currently looking into other subsciption boxes purely because both the app and website are terrible for members. Conviently the shoppong part of the app works fine. If I could give no stars I would

  24. My experience sucks with birchbox. They make it impossible to contact them. You call a number that gives you a recording for an email that’s unreachable. I’ve tried to unsubscribe for months because it is not worth even 2 bucks a month. The samples are getting hilarious. You can barely cover your face with a product. It’s a waste of plastic and packaging that goes to land fills. All this and I still can’t cancel. I wish I’d never prepaid. Walmart and target has them knocked out of the game. Both in sizes and values. I want to unsubscribe so bad but to staff is protected by the avengers I swear. You can’t get near them and if you pre pay they take that option away because God forbid a good customer leave. This is why. You freaking suck!

  25. You can sign up for a suoscriotion box monthly, or shop for individual items or boxes sets. Warning: it is easy to spend a LOT of money here! So many pretty things! The app is easy to use, and there are frequent deals and coupon codes. Easy and fun. And dangerous… 😉

  26. This is my 4th consecutive year with Birchbox. I hate to see so many bad experiences, it’s kinda freaking me out bc I JUST went back to them after trying Ipsy out. I’m only 1 month in so if they’re like they WERE, I can assure you it may take a little time but in the past my issues (literally, boxes that didn’t come), they would add to the end of my subscription, I love their attention to my preferences. Geez I hope it’s not going to be a review I end up changing.

  27. This app keeps going downhill. For the past two months, I haven’t been able to rate my samples correctly, and now this month I can’t track my shipments. Not to mention the OLD content that always shows when you open it. It’s really becoming a useless app.

  28. The design / visual aspect of the app is great, but that’s all I like about it. Loading is super slow, navigation is inconvenient, and there’s a banner that blocks part of the “Boxes” page but can’t be closed.

  29. The quality of the app is very poor. It does not all you to see everything on a page, it does not function properly when reviewing products and displays as if it’s trying to fit in the website into a smaller format. Not happy with this one, almost easier to use the website.

  30. I would like to give 0 stars. but I guess I can only give 1. I paid for a subscription and 12 days later it was still processing. I contacted them on the 11th day and was told it would only take 10 days. so I canceled the 12th day. you can’t see precious boxes. and it is a complete scam to me. would not waste money with this company or app. 10 out of 10 would NEVER reccomend. definitely stick to ipsy!! Ipsy is up to date on every bag and always sends products when ordered.

  31. Frequently does not load, or is extremely slow to load. Wouldn’t bring me to the Sale page.

  32. TERRIBLE! I received my first box and it was random things from the different box choices (1, 2,3,4). The perfume sample (which I didnt choose) is horrific smelling and instantly gave me a migraine. When I contacted Birchbox and told them I didnt get what I was supposed to get all they said was no refund. I then stated I would be disputing the charges and they totally cut off all communication and never responded to another text message. Should have just gone with Ipsy – cheaper and better!!

  33. I left a long time ago because nothing seemed to work. Come back and everything is still broken. Why is the app always broken? Can’t see boxes, never get to preview the box, and lately, can barely login to my account without having to enter the password 3 times before it accepts it. NOT USER FRIENDLY at this moment. 🙁

  34. Need improvement. I would enjoy being able to work the app the same as you can with the web browser. The app is very minimal to the point where yoy feel it’s necessary to go onto the web, to do what you’d like to do. I.e view whats in your box and review your products..

  35. I absolutely love this app the only thing that I don’t like about it is the lack of makeup products that I have choices from for the box {period} it gives me a whole lot of options for moisturizer and skin care and whatnot I’m really there for eyeshadow and and foundation and makeup makeup. I love it though, it’s an excellent app

  36. The birchbox app is extremely buggy. It signs you out at weird times. I’ve also had it where I click on one thing and it takes me to something completely different. Its been this way for as long as I can remember. I dont understand why they dont fix it.

  37. it gives me the opportunity to try new products without having to blow all my bank account only to find the colours don’t suit me or if any facial products actually work and then I would buy a larger bottle with the confidence at knowing it’s worth the money instead of a bathroom cabinet of products that aren’t right for me and end up giving them away . plus if you’re buying one as a gift for my daughter or my friend or even my mother in law , they get a mother in law it might help them have the chance to experiment with new treatments that they probably wouldn’t normally buy because a lot of people stick to the same products because they don’t want to buy a larger bottle which can be expensive and they haven’t heard a lot of the newer products and don’t know what their missing ! 💖

  38. Why bother having an app if you won’t make sure it works? I’ve had a sub for 7yrs/an Ace for several. The app always sucked but now it’s even worse. I never get sample choice notifs (notifs are on.) If I happen to remember to look, I can’t view the preview post, sample choice, my boxes or product details in the app. IF the app even loads at all – usually just get a “B” that never goes away! Defeats the purpose being an Ace if most the options are sold out before I even get to see them!

  39. Like others, I can’t log in supposedly due to my internet connection (which is working fine). Even before that, the app stopped showing my most recent box and constantly showed old articles from year ago (March 2018 spoilers, etc). I recently re-subscribed and it couldn’t seem to properly register that I was a current customer again.

  40. At first I loved this subscribtion box but then realized if I went with another app like it I could get full size products instead of paying for the free samples they send us to use. Which is deceptive in its own right. If you go to sephora they will give you the same size bottles and they never last long enough to get a true read on the product.

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