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Best-selling makeup from top brands. Try makeup products with skincare benefits!
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Skincare, makeup and beauty products from top brands with the best shopping experience.

Have another question? Live chat with one of our beauty associates to get an unbiased opinion and recommendation for you. Easily order or reserve products online to pick up in-store.

Beauty products suited for your beauty needs are a click away. Explore sustainability minded beauty brands changing your skin and the earth, black-owned beauty brands pioneering change, and Sephora exclusive brands & product releases!

Discover the best cosmetics, makeup and skincare hybrids, fragrance and more while you earn rewards and Beauty Insider Cash. Shop for skincare and makeup from the brands you love, like Supergoop, FENTY BEAUTY, and Dior. If you are looking for quality at a better price, try Sephora Collection makeup and skincare!

5 reasons you’ll love to do your beauty shopping with us:
• Makeup tips: Scan products in-store to receive ratings & reviews. Check out the hottest brands like Milk, Ilia, Charlotte Tilbury, and Too Faced!
• Beauty rewards: Join Beauty Insider, our free rewards program!
• Hair & nails: Discover nourishing hair masks, everything you need for nails & so much more
• Fragrance: Discover seductive or fresh new perfumes from designers, luxury fashion houses, & your favorite brands

Go makeup shopping, buy the hottest cosmetic products, start a new skincare routine & find expert beauty products, advice & tips. From hair to makeup, nail art, & fragrance – we have your beauty shopping needs covered from head to toe!

Sephora Features:

• Skincare treatment: Protect your skin with hydrating moisturizers, or treat acne, dryness, & pores with our top-rated products
• Buy skincare brands like Kiehl’s, Dior & many more with products best suited to your skin type

• Cosmetics, fragrance, & hair offers in the palm of your hand
• Buy beauty products from exclusive makeup brands like Huda Beauty
• Makeup shopping made simple: browse palettes, fragrance mini sizes, & value sets to suit your beauty budget shopping
• Search makeup by price, brand and more
• Locate nearby stores

• Makeup products with skincare benefits to enhance your natural beauty while providing the coverage you want
• Get healthy skin with skin-loving ingredients while looking your best
• Shop makeup hybrid brands like Supergoop, Milk, and Ilia

• Tools to style & treat your hair for effortlessly luscious locks
• Hair spa: Try conditioners & hair masks from bestselling brands like Ouai, Briogeo, Olaplex and many more
• Shop hair care product sets

• Fragrances for him or her, beautifully packaged and available from Sephora
• Find fragrance favorites or try something new – explore all our fragrance families: floral, fresh, warm & spicy, and earthy & woody

• Shop with Sephora & earn beauty rewards
• Select your free makeup gifts during your birthday month!
• Beauty Rewards Bazaar: Redeem your points on whatever you want

• Beauty comes in many styles – glow, matte, natural finish? Find the perfect product to match your style with our simple Foundation Finder
• Foundation match in just 2 minutes

Download the Sephora App now for the best beauty shopping experience.


• We fixed some bugs and added some performance and UX enhancements for you to have the best Sephora experience.


40 comentarios en "Sephora: Buy Makeup & Skincare MODDED 2022"

  1. Inatay E dice:

    Fix The App!! I USED to think the Sephora app was so easy to use and a great shopping experience! Now it sucks! I try to search a specific brand/item, I browse a bit, then type a new search but it brings me back to the results of my first search, I go through the menu and filter to what I want, the results are STILL from my original search. I have to force close the app in-between every single time I search for something specific – super annoying and time consuming.

  2. Easy to use and the cart doesn’t just randomly disappear like some other apps I’ve used. Very easy to use. I would just recommend to add a general option under each category. For example: When I went to look at the products (gifts,possibly) under $20 category, there wasn’t an option that I saw to see all of them. I only saw options for each category, which is also very helpful! Merely a suggestion and it could be I just couldn’t find it lol. No complaints!!

  3. App is always good: easy to navigate, well layed out, pretty comprehensive and complete content. Functional and pretty much flawless. Personal preference: I do wish “sold out” rewards would disappear and that samples wouldn’t time out of my basket (unless sold out, of course), but I’m pretty sure I know why both of those things happen, so I’m fine… 😀

  4. My first time to use and, although it took me a minute to figure how to add an item to my cart (it’s the floating, red button on bottom right of screen with white cart symbol!), I like like very much. May be specific to my phone, but prices of items are not visible on the first level of the shopping with multiple items on the screen. The block of space avail for each item seems too short and cuts off price info. Was otherwise intuitive and user-friendly, and checkout was a breeze.

  5. d e b dice:

    very frustrated with the current version of this app… when you try to look at the information for a product, you get nothing but a blank screen. the same thing happens when you attempt to view any product’s ingredients, which is rather a serious issue when you’ve got an exceptionally sensitive allergy to an ingredient. 🙃 (in the meantime, I’m going to go back to an earlier version of the app until this is hopefully fixed. if I’m reeeeally lucky, the issue’ll be gone for the time being? 😅🤞🏼)

  6. It is pretty to use! I do enjoy that I can take little surveys for things like moisturizers to make sure it works for my skin. The only down side is not being able to try the products and not being able to color match my foundation. It is scary going off pictures of colors of foundation and I don’t want to be spending $20+ on a foundation that is the completely wrong color.

  7. App is fairly comprehensive and mostly easy to navigate. There are some areas that are not intuitive. For example, I would expect to access the rewards bazaar by the points section of the profile. There are also a few bugs. Sometimes, the product videos don’t play or play with robo-narration. Also, in the sale section of the app, the product options are truncated if the user clicks on an item and then goes back to the list of sale items; the app no longer shows the full list of sale items.

  8. Love the store, love the product! The app needs a little work, when you click to view product in it the pages go blank and can’t be refreshed. You have to close the whole app, go back in and hope it loads properly. Other than that works great, I always order from the app when I can’t find the product in store.

  9. Sub-optimal experience… When adding a look to ‘Your Looks’ it allows you to go through the entire flow of uploading photos, writing a description, selecting all products used, assigning a group — then when you submit it, you get an error message that the looks section “is having a touch-up, oops!” Ok you just wasted a lot of my time trying to share things that would’ve been helpful to your other customers. If you’re “touching up” that area, lock it. Also in-app customer service doesn’t exist.

  10. None of the videos play with my iPhone 11 or my husband’s note 10! Also, I am not able to use the virtual artist on either phone. I downloaded on my husband’s phone just to see if it was a glitch on my phone and it’s not. Something else I’ve noticed on both is that the prices are cut off at the bottom when scrolling. You have to click on the product to see the price. When you click to return back to the search, it resets to the top, so you have to scroll down to where you were before. Fix pls

  11. Easy to search, sort and filter. Love that I can search for a product and then filter by skin type, formulation, finish, etc. Also, like the color match option and try it on live feature to see what the product will look like on your face. App is easy to navigate and use. Never had any problems ordering products and I’ve used it more than a dozen times. The app will suggest products you may like based on your viewing/purchase history, which makes spending more $ almost too easy.

  12. I couldn’t decide between 2 or 3 stars for the functioning of the Sephora app. I chose 3 because I like Sephora. The app is incredibly buggy. For the life of me, not matter what my husband and I try, I am not able to post my reviews for products I try. Only very few went through but all else are “errors.” The app runs slowly, my husband and I have tried different phones, computers, tablets, etc. Please fix bugs!

  13. This application is wonderfully laid out. the design is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate and always has suggestions listed for things you might want to try. The samples you can choose from are diverse. I do wish the rewards had a little wider selection but besides that overall it’s one of the better applications when it comes to beauty supplies.

  14. The app is great. Since getting it I haven’t had to go into a sephora. There are always so many promotions and you can get one free item with each purchase along with your usual 2 free samples. You can pay for everything in the app and easily track your order. There are also many online exclusive items. I will say some sephoras have better sales in store so if you’re looking to get a deal on something specific it might be worth it to check both.

  15. I enjoy using the app for the most part. It’s easy to use and navigate. I like the location feature and I like seeing what events will happen at my local store. I only wish they had a better search function for products I might be interested in and for my previous purchases. Not that long ago I was trying to search my previous order history to look up a particular shade and other than looking at every individual order there was not a way to just search for the foundation. very annoying

  16. Nice app! I wish there were more filters for searches. It would be great to search anything and just see clean products or just see products with a certain ingredient. I also wish you could narrow down the beauty matches for reviews. Currently, it will only show reviewers who exactly match you, but it would great to select only certain things for different products. (Like for makeup, I would want to see matches for skin tone, but not necessarily hair, etc.) Overall, good app though!

  17. The app wasn’t bad before, not the best yet decent, but since this last update it’s a dumpster fire train wreck. Going back takes you to the top of the page and list again, videos don’t load, checking out is a disaster. You can’t see the items in your cart most times, the offer for the credit card gets in the way in the cart, and PayPal isn’t even an option for me in the app now when I go to checkout. The new layout and design are just bad.

  18. Some of the most basic functionality possible is missing or broken in this app. 1. No sharing option anywhere on product pages or elsewhere. 2. No ability to communicate directly with Sephora or their customer support. 3. The customer service page is completely broken – the app itself appears to be trying to handle both the email and support page links rather than allowing the system to handle them properly. The ratings here appear to be for Sephora, and not for this ridiculous attempt at an app, which is barely usable. Don’t waste your time until they get someone to create a functional app.

  19. Love the convenience of the Sephora app for simple and easy ordering and selection of all my high end favorites. Sephora has faced backlash from social media for some of their brands but their products continue to deliver high quality beauty at moderate prices. The skincare and haircare brands available to purchase through Sephora are fantastic, I look forward to buying beauty through this app. I definitely like that this app remembers my card info and has an option to set my default address; it makes future purchases and reorders alot easier to place. You can be matched with other customers who have similar beauty preferences to find new products. Overall don’t miss out on this one if you shop for cosmetics, it is a great app even if you shop at multiple beauty retailers! Their rewards system is awesome, lots of samples of high end products to add to your order if you save up the points for it.

  20. It wworks well most of the time. It can be confusing and frusyrating at times to use. Its great for finding sales online. Its disapointing that sale items run out fast and remain listed. I hate that it gives you the choice to select 2 items – its never what I selected or wanted to try. They say its not a guarantee to receive those you selected or receive any yet the billing and history always includes it as you did receive it.

  21. The app was perfect until the update! Now you have to go on a search to find your B.I. card to scan in the store. Secondly, if you are looking through a brand or the sale section, tap an item you might be interested in and go back to the list… all of a sudden the list of items is shortened! You have to then go back and start all over! So annoying! It can take forever just to scroll the sale section alone! Sephora you paid over a million for your app, fix it!

  22. I liked using the app. It was really user-friendly and not tempermental like other beauty-shopping apps (some make the simple steps like signing in even complicated). You could look up info about the product (how to use it, ingredients, inclusions, etc.) and easily backspace to the previous page. You could also come back to your previous shopping progress without having to start over. I took my time shopping but I could tell that shopping here in the future could be really quick, if need be.

  23. Easy and hassle free shopping… Almost too easy. 😉 The app makes shopping at Sephora a breeze. I especially love that items will often be released to the app first before you can even get them online. The app is easy to navigate and loads very quickly. No lag time at all. I can easily find what I want and go thru the checkout process in seconds. This is shopping by phone done right.

  24. My review was originally 5 stars. However the recent update of the app has made it way less user friendly. It takes longer to get to what you’re looking for. Going back from a product takes me to the top of the list. The try me function no longer works. When I swipe thru pics of a product it won’t load. It’s a mess. I want the old one back!!

  25. All in all, definitely my favorite makeup app. So much more advanced in terms of accessibility compared to Ulta & MAC. Only thing that needs to be improved apon is payment options. The app doesn’t allow you to pay with PayPal. You have to go to the regular website to use PayPal, which IMO, is redundant after you’re done shopping and ready to check out. You have to start all over on the website. It will save the items in your cart but not the promos & samples

  26. Latest redesign broke things again. Tons of old products are showing up but when selecting them, you get “we do not currently carry the product you requested, please try again.” When sorting by New, it puts all labeled New products at the top in no particular order, but unlabeled products aren’t sorting by release date anymore. It’s cool filter & sort are side by side now, but why flip them so sort is on right/filter on left?! On the upside, the Q&A and review filters are great.

  27. Should include number of items left on each products. For example, if I like KVD lolita lipstick, I expect to see how many there are left online in total. I’m not able to see that on the app. On computer you can see “only a few left” at least, but the app seems to not include it. Also, I’d like to see a drop down list to see the color names. It’s difficult to pick/observe by clicking only the colors through the app. PLEASE FIX 🙏🏼

  28. This is the place to rate the app and not the company itself. So as far as we are concerned, the app is pretty good. I rarely experience technical difficulties, though I have on occasion. It’s easy to use and I use it far more than the actual website. I don’t mind the push notifications though I’m sure one could turn them off. I like how quickly I can both place orders but also how quickly I can track them. I’m addicted to many products Sephora sells so the app completely enables my bad habit.

  29. Exactly what a personal care/beauty retailer app should be! Easy to navigate, user-friendly, and intuitive. Love the option to “try on” makeup shades using a selfie (not always color-accurate, but still a great concept with endless opportunities for improvement). I find checkout to be tricky at times; items vanish from my cart for no apparent reason, promo codes drop off, etc. which forces me to spend time re-adding items and codes. Not terribly convenient. The overall concept is good though!

  30. If you’re in it for samples its the site/app to be. It also tracks what I like, and did so very quickly as I’ve only been using the app for a couple months now. I’m not vegan but I never buy anything tested on animals and try to keep away from most acids or alcohol based products. I do wish there was an easier way to see if brands are cruelty free without having to go all the way to the drop down description of the item, maybe a filter option like vegan and others have?

  31. Never had a problem with this app until today. App doesn’t load at all and makes my phone glitch when trying to use it. Even uninstalling and reinstalling and turning my phone on and off again didn’t work. Very inconvenient to only be able to use the website and that doesn’t even show all the possibilities when you search for key terms. Had to go to Google to see they had more options on the website that weren’t listed when I originally searched for the type of product.

  32. One word, disappointing. It makes me sign in every five seconds but it doesn’t work. It says “Hi, Tess” in the corner as if I’m signed in but I can’t favorite anything or earn/use points. The videos don’t play and I can’t use any of the features that require a camera. This app is supposed to make buying makeup easier but I have to drive an hour to the nearest store everytime I want to purchase something. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

  33. The app wont let me leave reviews all of the sudden..? Also, I hate how you automatically go back to the first items when you’re done reading about a product, instead of going back to the place you left off when you were scrolling. One thing that would be cool is if they could add a “SOLD OUT” on the thumbnails, instead of having to click the item, scroll down, and then see that the item is sold out, go back, and start from the beginning again.

  34. They have a large selection for every color woman. There are always products to try that are on sale. Upload your photo to sample face, lip & eye before you buy. Rack up points for every purchase to use to try generous samples, donate, get $10.oo off your purchase or a bevy of more personal experiences. No stress-no problems. Customer service is always helpful.

  35. Vicki Lee dice:

    The app is so simple to use Saved me time to shop at home using this app. All items I wanted were in stock. I was able to receive free shipping, always a plus! My order went through without any problems. I was able to get 2 sample items and a 3rd item with my points! You can’t beat that anywhere. I’m looking so forward and excited about receiving my order! Thank you Sephora!

  36. A Playground For GrownUps Who Love MakeUp! I’ve been pretty loyal to Sephora, for most of my makeup needs. Its a playground of sorts for anyone who loves makeup, skin & haircare products. I am a beauty insider…( basically i spend a nice chunk o’ change in store & on the website and/or app:-) The app is pretty easy to navigate. Love the incentives that comes with being a beauty insider, the different promotional events that happen every so often. Overall, I really like using the app.

  37. M T dice:

    Easy to find what you’re looking for. Also really easy to find your given offers for free items/shipping just for shopping on the app and spending as little as $25 in most cases that I’ve personally seen while using the app to shop for makeup and my skincare needs. Hate to say it,, but it’s easier to navigate and a more pleasurable experience using this app as opposed to using Ulta’s app.

  38. I like sephora, but the app keeps failing. The cart changes by itself with selected items disappearing and the videos don’t work. Super frustrating and a terrible user experience. They also changed the app in a recent update making it more difficult to find promos and rewards. Disappointing especially as Sephora is known for being over-the-top expensive. Makes you weigh pros & cons and decide if shopping at Sephora is worth it.

  39. Apparently this app is not optimized for my tablet. The graphics are smooshed and makes it difficult to read the information on the products. I much prefer the website and really hate that I’m forced to use the app when clicking on an email from Sephora. Knowing that their app doesn’t work well for various devices, they should give you the option to choose.

  40. Useful and pretty intuitive to navigate. There are some annoying defects when returning to the search page, ie taking you to the top of the results rather than where you were, not having your sort/filter selections anymore, etc… But most store apps are bad about that sort of thing anyway.

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