Puzzle Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles MODDED


Fun educational jigsaw puzzles for kids and preschoolers.
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What’s the best way to build your child’s logic skills and help them recognize shapes and patterns? By playing the colorful and completely free educational app Puzzle Kids – Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Kids takes learning seriously with a selection of drag and drop object puzzles designed especially for children. Each mini-game challenges your child to locate and manipulate shapes, solve jigsaw puzzles, and recognize how shapes fit into a larger picture, all with a colorful and easy to use interface that’s perfect for tiny hands. Any toddler, kindergartener or preschooler can have fun with Puzzle Kids, and they can even collect sticker and toy rewards for completing the games!

Puzzle Kids is completely free from third party ads and in-app purchases. It‘s a free, full featured download that‘s ready to entertain and educate your kids!

Puzzle Kids – Jigsaw Puzzles includes the following games:

1. Shape Matching – Objects appear on the screen along with empty outlines just above. Children can drag the objects onto the outlines to make matches and complete the puzzle.

2. Object Builder – A shape is shown above with a series of pieces scattered below. Kids must match individual shapes and drag them to fit into the larger picture to reveal a fun image.

3. Guess the Object – A mystery object has appeared! Help your child guess the picture using as few clues as possible. Drag colored shapes to the outline for hints.

4. Jigsaw Puzzles – Arrange more complex shapes to complete a larger image. Several jigsaw options are available to parents to help customize the number of pieces and difficulty of the puzzles.

– Challenge problem solving and logic skills with four unique mini-games
– Colorful interface to help kids manipulate on-screen objects
– Helps improve concentration and cognitive skills
– Earn stickers and toys as rewards
– Completely free to download with no third party ads or in-app purchases!

Puzzle Kids – Jigsaw Puzzles is designed for kids and parents to have fun together. It‘s a clever and colorful learning experience the entire family will enjoy, and best of all, it‘s free! Download now and see just how much your child can learn.


Who says learning can't be fun? Puzzle Kids is packed with clever jigsaws that feature colorful shapes and pictures of animals, just the incentive your child needs to keep playing! Kids will build pattern recognition skills while learning how to manipulate & match shapes, all while completing puzzles and earning rewards.

The latest Puzzle Kids update features numerous performance improvements and bug fixes, all while remaining FREE to download with no in-app purchases or third-party ads.


40 comentarios en "Puzzle Kids: Jigsaw Puzzles MODDED"

  1. This app is great, please just improve the touch detection on pieces and woodcarvings in the drag pictures game as it’s the most accessible for small children.

  2. Rebecca dice:

    Absolutely love all your apps!!! My Granddaughter is 3 years old & other games has pop up ads so she clicks & messes her games up but these she loves & learns!!! Thank you all ! I’d give 10 stars if I could!

  3. Absolutely no ads or IAP, an extremely rare gem in the app store that is good app quality, genuinely for the kids and not for profit. I’d recommend you add a ‘donate to dev’ option in the parental settings.

  4. My son is 3 and in LOVE with your puzzle app. I love that it has a variety of puzzle types and rewards for him and NO ADS. He really enjoys the mystery pictures and picking his stickers. Thanks so much. 🙂

  5. Amazing app. This app really helps my daughter and she is getting very good. Thank you for such an amazing app.

  6. My baby boy love the app it’s very good and best to play well done team puzzle maker this is nice and isi to use #MICKEL FROM ZAMBIA 🇿🇲 🇿🇲

  7. Bud Price dice:

    Granddaughter loves it and is learning to work physical puzzles too. What is a “tycoon” game?

  8. I like this game it is fantastic it boost up my mind it makes me intelligent and l learn a lot in this game l’m a role model l’m a fan of this game of yours l want to thank the owner of this game l am smart l always charge my phone when the battery dies for me to play this game whether it’s hot or cold blue or black green or red l like it very much 😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you so much ll

  9. I love your games. Very cute pictures, easy and fun games for my 2 year old to play. Anytime I want a new kids game for my daughter I will be checking to see what games you offer first. The only thing I would suggest is for the app to remember what toys/stickers she collects for completing puzzles. I dont think she minds, but I think it’s a bit of a bummer to lose her collection anytime she exits the game

  10. My 3 in October great grandson all the time wants to play “my puzzle game”. He progressed to doing more complexity in number of pieces. Then went back to doing some of the simpler ones. He is encouraged by the sounds he is rewarded with on solving some pics and delights in winning another trophy for his work. I love that there are no ads and no in game expense. Games that do that are only trying to exploit these young innocent children. Thank you so much for putting the children’s needs 1st.

  11. I love the puzzles game more my frd told me to play . Thank u to give jisgaw puzzles game it is world famous game . Right. It is not good game so bad game i am not happy with this game u have to change little

  12. Thank you so much for the app, my nephew’s going to like this. There’s only one minor problem in my opinion; when you solve a puzzle or drag an object, etc., the lion reads the name of the object aloud, and that’s your only chance to hear it; not very convenient for a kid that has never heard the word before. The lion should read the word again when you tap on the object so that the kid can understand and repeat a word a few times if necessary.

  13. LOVE this app and all the other app created that goes together. when I was looking for a learning that does not only give limited learning activities, this app popped out from no where and I thought it was joke. but I gabe it a try for my daughter when she was 1 years old, now she is 4 years old and learned her alphabets from her and shapes and learned how to put puzzles together here. so when we go to a big store all she wanted to buy is shoes and puzzles. which I don’t mind getting.

  14. Just the best for my granddaughter and myself! I started with Baby Games when my granddaughter was 14 months and she is now 2 1/2 years old. The whole family cannot believe how far she has grown. She asks Grandpa every day to “Paint” which means she wants to paint, do puzzles and so much more. Your design is so easy to use, fun for my granddaughter to use and she is learning so fast! Thank you, Thank you!

  15. I’m not one to leave comments or ratings even when I like an app but I’ll make exception for this app. I was super impressed by not only the high quality of the app itself, but the focus the team puts on educating kids. we definitely love this app and appreciate what you’re doing. I definitely recommend this app to anyone with kids. One more thing! I love that this app has no ads because my little one kept pressing the ads on the other educational apps and it was a pain in the butt.

  16. Excellent 😊 my daughter learning a lot and have a fun with your app, the multi languages option is great for kids to learn and understand differents languages at young age. My daughter have fun saying things to me on multiples languages I didn’t understand but she will, now, I started learning whit her too thanks to you’re development team. 👌 100% Recommended coloring apps too.

  17. Excellent educational games for my three year old. She can navigate by herself and learns new words. I’m really happy as there are many terrible apps out of there and it’s hard to search through them all. This one is a treasure! No ads! Thank you!

  18. Just wanted to say it’s great app great learning and entertaining for children, my kids love it. These days can’t find good app like this been free with no ads so Thank you I am just having suggestion can you please make it harder for changing language. My 2 years daughter keep changing language, last thing I want she say thing in different language while we trying teaching her English

  19. Our two year-old daughter is learning so much with this sweet little game. She loves it and asks for it often! Moving the puzzle pieces has really improved her fine motor skills as well! Thanks! A+

  20. Wonderful app for my 3 yr old grandaughter! She hasn’t played it yet, Ipad and apps for Christmas, but i know she will love it! She loves puzzles! I love this ad free, also!! Thank ya’ll for caring so much for our children! I have 2 of your apps downloaded on here and searching for more! I plan on purchasing several items from the shop! God bless ya’ll! Yes, I’m from Mississippi! 😂

  21. The kids love it, our 2 year old went from mental nutcase to placid puzzlesolver in seconds and sat chilled out and happy while we had family film night.

  22. i love it and so those my 5year old sis this is amazing

  23. I love love love these RVapps for my nephew and he is just learning puzzles and such and this was a great find because he loves Lucas and Ruby. EDIT- I was having alot of issues with all of these apps from this company and i figured out that the problem was that my nephew muted ALL the game sounds on my phone and his tablet! We still played the apps with no sou d because we love them, but now we can hear our favorite little games as well as see them! Thanks for your help!

  24. Lovely puzzles for my 18 month’s. Unfortunately all the sudden it stopped working, im only able to go to ruby or Lucas introduction and then app just froze. Uninstalledd and installed many times with no luck. Restarted my tablet and delete many stuff to make the room in storage but it didnt work ://

  25. My 18 month old granddaughter loves these games. She only gets screentime with me and we share time together with the educational and fun games this app and the other apps this company offers. No ads to interfer with learning. I’d give it 10 stars if i could. Face it, technology is here. Might as well offer your children the best they can get.

  26. My son loves the puzzles, and would play it all the time. Unfortunately now it won’t load past the introduction of Lucas or Ruby. It gets to 99% and just stops. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn’t help. Hopefully this is only temporary, because otherwise this is a great app!

  27. Perfect 5/5!!! This really a great app. My daughter really enjoys playing this game. Plus, there are no ads and it is free! I can be assured that the app is safe to use by my daughter. I still haven’t downloaded all your games but I think I will download it now. Thank you for giving us educational apps that are for free. Kudos to the team who made this game!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  28. 🌟Another Fantastic App🌟 Always FREE, NO ADS ! When I download an RV AppStudio game for my toddler, I know what we are getting. Safe, fun, educational, eye-catching games. TOTALLY free. No locked levels, No tricks, gimmicks or pop-ups. Keep up the great work, we appreciate it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  29. Excellent one, my daughter loves this app & a few others created by the same company. She spends any time allowed with these puzzles or artwork. It would be nice to have more complicated one too! Thank you very much for creating these apps for children, truly for children without hanging adds and offers for purchases !Just one correction (they learn reading phonics at school, not alphabet, so when Lucas spells his name, he should spell like they do at school so they would not have a confusion)

  30. Best game for children specially girls

  31. This game is fantastic my daughter loved it!!!! It is perfect …….collect stickers , collect stamps and all kinds of puzzles… animal puzzle , real animal puzzle…..every thing!! I give it 5 stars …. good job for who made this game and the most important thing that it is offline!

  32. John Doe dice:

    This is the best game for kids I have ever found

  33. I had all the Lucas and Ruby apps on my phone and my son loved them all! I just Uninstalled them because the appearance of the characters changed with the newest update and now he wants absolutely nothing to do with them. I don’t really blame him either “new Lucas” is kinda creepy, please change him back at least!

  34. My son loves this app, but since the last update, he only gets a blank screen when he opens it! The controls seem to be working but he can’t see anything. I had to uninstall it. 🙁 He has a Nabi Dreamtab

  35. Mira Jain dice:

    Excellent efforts by the creators of this app. Somewhere sometimes I get stuck as how to go on next screen. But overall it’s so nice and fun and learn on this app. Education could be lovely 😍 👌 👍. Not want to leave and play more and more.

  36. It’s really silly😡. because it has the reflection of the puzzle pieces and you can do it’s really easy😃. I deleted it 2 years ago. It’s really strange for me when everybody say I like♥❌ it. I know another puzzle game that is really hard and that makes it really fantastic and good♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

  37. Puzzles are great. I love animation, the vibrant colors, the easy navigation to adjust level of difficulty.

  38. Fati P dice:

    Thanks a lot for the founder of this wonderful learning App for my toddlers..I’ve been searching also before a good learning app for my babies and then most are not that really complete or useful and most are chargeable to open other stage or activity..And then Thankful i found this App and I checked the details all are very useful and helpful to babies or toddlers age like my children.Its free and can use Offline 🤩🤗🙂I’ve been using it for long time and recommended it to other Momies as well.

  39. My great granddaughter just LOVES this, she is 3 years old and likes to do puzzles. She does regular table top puzzles and she is very good at figuring them. With this app she is learning and having fun at the same time. GREAT APP!!!

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