Vacation Hotel Stories MODDED 2022


Create your own holiday story in a cozy family hotel. Pretend play game for kids
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Pretend play game for kids 4-14 and the whole family, belonging to the Stories’ franchise of games, with more than 150+ Million downloads which takes place in a doll house which is a cozy family hotel full of characters and interactions.


Welcome to Vacation Hotel Stories, please enjoy this delicious welcome tea while the staff finishes preparing your room. Have you decided where do you want to go on a tour today? Or perhaps do you prefer to relax in our pool?

Vacation Hotel Stories is a luxurious family hotel full of entertainment and chores to do, where countless adventures and stories await for you, pretend play as hotel staff or guests hosted in their rooms, and enjoy the exotic tours.

Designed for kids between 4 and 14 years old, but appropriate to be enjoyed by the whole family, this new doll house game expands the universe of the saga Stories to trigger your imagination and creativity. Creating stories about the day-to-day in a hotel or exciting adventures in its exotic outdoor tours.


In this pretend play doll house game for kids, you will manage a three-story hotel with four different rooms, a self-serving restaurant and an outdoor garden with a pool. Welcoming new guests at the reception and taking care of the room service.

From the hotel you can go to 4 different tours, regardless of the time of year, even summer or winter holidays. A tropical beach, a snow-track, an amusement park or a mysterious forest.

By controlling the time of day, the possibilities of different stories multiply, you can prepare the guests and their families to go to sleep in the hotel room, or perhaps do you prefer to go on a nightly visit to the theme park? You decide!


With so many locations, characters and objects you’ll never run out of ideas for your endless stories. Have fun telling scary tales around the bonfire in a camping night at the forest, and then go to make a snowman on the ski slope, on your way back at the hotel the waiter will prepare a fruit shake while you relax in the pool and plan your next tour.

• Pretend play doll house game for kids and the whole family about the day-to-day life in a vacation hotel.
• A huge and luxurious hotel full of activities: 3 floors with 4 rooms, an outdoor garden with a swimming pool, restaurant, reception and bus station to explore different tours.
• 4 outdoor tours to enjoy: a day in the snow, a picnic or camping in the forest, a night party on the beach or trying the attractions of the theme park.
• Play with 24 different characters of all ages representing different roles, hotel staff or guests enjoying their holidays.
• Hundreds of objects and interactions to explore and lots of hidden surprises and secrets. Have you found the water pistol on the beach or the hotel safe box?

The free game includes 5 locations and 6 characters for you to play unlimited and try the possibilities of the game. Once you’re sure, you’ll be able to enjoy the remaining locations with a unique purchase, which will unlock the 13 locations and 23 characters forever.

About PlayToddlers
PlayToddlers games have been developed to be enjoyed by kids and all members of the family, regardless of their age. We promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment without violence or advertisements from third parties.


Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Vacation Hotel Stories MODDED 2022"

  1. Every one of these apps were an amazing teaching tool for my daughter. During COVID we couldn’t go anywhere so being able to bring these experiences to her was so very helpful. She got to learn what hotels are like and how to go one. I was able to inform her about so much the interactive visuals are extremely helpful.

  2. It’s a great but you can’t really do stuff because how can they sleep when the room’s are not free and nearly every bit is locked and you have to pay to get them. If you change some stuff to make them free that would be great! Pluse it takes ages to load please fix this stuff if can.!

  3. Its a very great game and everything! Love the details of the game and stuff, also paid to unlocked everything! But everytime I leave the game then go back it restarts my progress back to the beginning and I have to waste my time to start all over again so i suggest your should add a save for later button!!!!

  4. it is a fun game for children, especially its colours and pictures. Not much educational but rather fun. If you want to let your child play i’d say that it is safe, no lags at all. I was attracted to this game so i had tried downloading. I didn’t expect the quality to be so good. My baby is having lots of fun playing. Some places aren’t free in the this game, but if you just let your child play at the hotel place it’s absolutely free.

  5. This game isn’t as exciting as I thought, I mean only a few rooms were unlocked, lobby and room 1 1 not even the snow, theme park ect was unlocked. I think this game has potential but no body will like it if this is the case. I’d suggest maybe a 24 hour free trial, then I might consider keeping the game instead of downloading it playing it for 5mins then deleteing it. I hope people found this helpful and the makers of the app will consider this.

  6. I love this game. I payed for the full Version of it. There are no glitches are anything. Although The only thing I would like fixed is for the game to be free. I understand you made the game to earn money, but alot of people want to have fun and play. Some people can’t afford purchasing games. So please make the game free for kids to have fun. Thank you. And if you can afford buying the full version I defintely recommend it. Stay safe!!!

  7. I absolutely love this game. I think it’s fun and semi-educational for kids and it’s so cute!!! But when i first got it the first 5 mins i was like…why is it that there only some rooms unlocked??? Like, if you want kids to have fun playing this game then you should probably just make it free. But i like that the price for the full version is pretty cheap too. If you are looking for a fun game to install then definitley install this one. I LOVE Playtoddlers so plz make more games.

  8. The game is really nice but i wish that all the levels were unlcked. The worst part is that when you want to unlock the levels you have to pay real money from your bank acount but other than that the game is really good and you can do really cool things yeah i like the game.💙✌

  9. I really like this game but I don’t want to pay for it and I know it was going to cost at least for one thing but it’s for the rest of the hotel rooms and all but I think maybe the developers of the game could let you try it out before buying it like maybe give you ad to try it but else from that I love it I hope this made make sense lol

  10. Seriously!? This game is worst than pepi games. All you can do is just stare at the entrance. You don’t have to pay for it. Add two options, give a hard equation,and if its correct, let us use it for a few minuets. Second, just pay for it. I’ll only change my review if you fix this.Now thats all i have to say for this horrible game, toodles.

  11. Love it. My son and I play all of playtoddlers stories games together and I believe they’re worth paying for. We ‘make’ our family and talk about what each person is doing. He is going to be 3 in April and I started buying these when he was about 2. It has helped his hand eye coordenation and general logic skills. He has a little sister now who will play them with me in a year or so. I even play without him sometimes lol

  12. Very badddddd game terrrible in hotel there is only one room open and alll are closed if we have to unlock so we have to give money and most bad thing is that you have to unlock the toar like beach forest snow so you have to give money but I gave one star due to only one hotle room 1•1 room was open only

  13. I loved the idea of this hotel! Though, I think it would be very helpful to have one or two more areas open and making one more bedroom FREE please. Thank you! Keep coming up with great ideas for these Stories.

  14. You don’t have all the hotel you have to pay 3.99 it’s dumb. I have only one room and they have a small little pool and a smoothie place. It’s boring because they have a beach, a ski resort, a forest, and a themed park that’s locked. I deleted this game those reasons any way I hope you enjoy.

  15. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! I didn’t even play for 5 minutes before I realized that the only things that you could play for free is the BOTTOM AND MIDDLE FLOORS OF THE HOTEL! You can’t go on vacation! ALL you can do is use the hotel!! The developers are obviously GREEDY for money! Don’t play this game! I guareentee you will uninstall it in 5 minutes! I love the design, but thats the ONLY thing thats actually fun. DON’T INSTALL.

  16. Amazing game! I love it ever though I am not a toddler. Can you add and delete the characters please so you have more kids and less babys and have like 6 rooms possibley 2.And also make a place with a water slide 2 please.I think this game has a lot of potential in the future!!!

  17. The game is fun,But the reason I gave it 4 stars was because you can only go to a couple places.Im 10 and I love the game,But I’m sad that most of the places cost money,Could you please make some more places free?That would make the game better then it is now.Oyher than that the game is amazing.When or if you make a couple more places free,ill rate it 5.I also really like that you can change what time of day it is outside!The game is amazing,Just please make a couple more places free!Love it!

  18. Great app but here is a tip for y’all who are the creators ok (tip 1: make things free because people won’t pay well , at least the smart people because imagine you pay and the second you start playing trying to go to the other rooms it says pay again) (tip 2 : the game is great but …. But nothing the game is offline and good

  19. I would rate it 5 stars but I dont like that we have to pay for everything. I think that it should be about the kids having fun with the game, not about the money. I would DEFINITELY rate this 5 stars if it was free but until that happens which it probably wont, then im rating 2 stars.

  20. This game is amazing and so much fun to play on my phone and any time I bored I just play this game watch stuff on my TV that I’ve already watched and no I do not waste the bill I still watch it and I love the games there’s so much fun I give it a five it’s amazing give it a great review and you won’t be sorry I’m sure you love it too

  21. It’s good! But all the places are locked. I would be happy if altleast one place is unlock 🔓! This is the reason for giving one star. Only one room is unlock out of four.

  22. I do like this game but the reason I chose to give 3 stars is because some of the hotel is free but the rest u have to pay. Also there are only 7 or less characters in the game please change this but I really like it.

  23. I’m being tierd to give, 2 stars But what is the condition of this game….!!?? All are locked!!! Only one room is unlocked and the swimming pool Uhhh l’m tierd of this game!! Pls fix this… I want update plss!!! By the ways it is okay… In my opinion this game is little bit good ( Middle type of good).. Okay soo pls update this game as well as soon fast pls.. Byee

  24. I like this game but there are a lot of problems: 1. You can not go to other people’s apartment. 2. You can not go on trips. 3. You can not go to the restaurant but you can only go where they sell drinks. So please solve these problems if you do i can rate five (5) stars but anyway i like this game please do it if you want to be popular and have money 💎💰

  25. This game may be fun but l hate that only a few rooms are unlocked and those rooms are the ones which have amazing things . And l also hate that it only has a the hotel unlocked and not the other ones like the theme park , snow , forest and the last one thats why l sa fix this game thats how alot of people will download it because it will now behaving aleast 10 characters unlocked and more rooms and places.

  26. Good game, but every where and some rooms are locked and we need to pay real money to open it. I’m not giving any money to unlock. And I’m also sure that many people won’t give money to unlock. So please correct it🙏. Thank you I hope you can correct it ☺️.

  27. Your games are very nice but the problem is that when ever we start it again, the whole progress is wasted and the game starts from beginning The second thing is you people take very much time to make new games. So try to make games rapidly s that we can have more interesting games to play

  28. The game is very nice but why I gave 3 stars because the problem is you need to unlock all levels . They are only the ground floor in unlocked except the kitchen and in 1 floor only 1 room is unlocked . So you need to unlock all levels so you get good reviews.😊

  29. Daph dice:

    I love the detail of a game, there’s so many interactive items! Yet…All the rooms are locked! I get access to, One hotel room, The Lobby, And the pool. I would like it if maybe we could just watch an ad to unlock rooms? Please?

  30. I love this game because you are going to a hotel when you. When you reach. To hotel. Room you can choose between two. Rooms the. Bad news is. That you can not. Choose the other rooms😿

  31. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh meaning that this game is the worst of all games and it’s so annoying that the other places like the forest, beach, park, the rooms and the snow area have refused to unlock. That’s why I rated this game one star

  32. RAINBOW dice:


  33. This is a good game but,most of the things are with money and that’s kinda annoying because everything is great the animation and everything but can you guys make things free please? It’s getting pretty annoying I installed the school game and the fay care and most of the thing are just with money that’s all. I hope you guys read this and change it to free because my parents are never gonna agree on letting me buy it. 🙁

  34. I love this game but,almost every thing is locked! And all of your games haves every thing locked.I hope you make the places and the characters free it would mean a lot and it will help you get great rates!

  35. Hii everyone i love this game soo much there are only three floors in that some rooms are locked pls unlock it only u needed to fix this problem ok plsss …. Unlock it do that so that i gave 4 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟

  36. It is a great game but not everything is free.😑😑However its great.You could atleast make the whole hotel free.The urban city is great too but only 2 places is free so if you make a new game please make it free. Oh and if I play the game close it and come back everything is back to its place so can not do that.If you make the whole game free then i will give you a 5star.Pleaseeeee😇😇

  37. It was a interesting and best game for children. But the only condition that most places of the game are locked. It is better when one game have with all unlocked. age is not a problem to play these game and best hope for the next games😘😘😘😘😍😍

  38. Good game, but I had to give it a three because of the many restrictions it has. 1. Rooms 1-2, 2-1 and 2-2 are locked 2. Every other location except the hotel is locked 3. I can’t even make a story since everything is locked. I am a kid using my dad’s acount, not a parent.

  39. Awesome for toddlers it has all of these fun things to learn about helping and cleaning and the prices for buying things is amazing.

  40. This game is so nice I love it but is but it is only for the small kids under thing is we can’t unlock all the rooms only few rooms if you wanted to unlock once we have to pay money and full like all rooms will unlock but we don’t know right how it will be fraud or something I didn’t like this is only the thing that I didn’t like this game in this game that a rooms will not unlock okay only for small kids that’s why I am giving 4 stars

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