Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game MOD 2022

Let's make Christmas ice cream together!
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It’s Christmas! Come to Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game and make your own Christmas ice cream! We’ve prepared a new ice cream recipe for Christmas! Are you ready? Let’s start making ice cream now!

Almost everything in Little Panda’s Ice Cream Store can be frozen! You can mix and match your favorite ingredients as you like! Unleash your creativity and make rainbow ice cream for Christmas!

Before freezing, you can decorate your rainbow ice cream with any toppings you like! There are 9 kinds of toppings, including chocolate, banana, and even chili! Use them to create different flavors for your customers and give them a Christmas surprise!!

Put your rainbow ice cream in lovely bags to make them look like Christmas presents. Now you can sell them to your customers! Look, customers are waiting in line. They can’t wait to have their Christmas ice cream!

Put on your apron, turn on the switch, and start creating your unique recipe! In Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game, you’ll gain the skills to make rainbow ice cream!

– Multiple flavors and toppings to make rainbow ice cream;
– Lots of cute molds and popsicle sticks to choose from;
– Various beautiful bags for you to use;
– Different machines that are easy to operate;
– Enjoy being an ice cream maker;
– Customers may have different reactions depending on what you offer!

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40 comentarios en "Little Panda’s Ice Cream Game MOD 2022"

  1. Accidental download but I decided to let the kids try it. Slowed my phone down so I uninstalled.

  2. Its cute and never leting us kids bored i like it .

  3. I actually think this game is great to play. There is no paying actual money for stuff like flavors, ingredients, and etc. There are coins you can earn while making ice cream pops and selling it, which you can use on buying more stuff for the ice pops. There are also only a few short ads. This one of the better games I believe from the little panda/baby panda games compared to a few other making food games. 🤗

  4. This game you can learn how to make ice cream good for kids

  5. This game is so cute and children to game🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮 so beautiful😍✨❤😍❤✨😍✨❤

  6. I saw my baby brother played it once and i was like “neat!” and downloaded it and still playing it even tho I’m 14. I wished there could be more flavors, costumers and fruits added in the game, and that we could make used of the extra heavy cream and condensed milk because i think it’s a waste. I also won’t forgive that panda with a blue tie.

  7. disappointment I would love to give this game 5 stars, but every time my son gets on to play a stupid add pops up, it would be alright but it makes him start the game all over again. If I could even pay to get rid of the adds I would gladly do so but that isn’t even an option.

  8. Great,fun the baby bus games in these kind of graphics are more fun and better. I’m 8 years old I know that these games might be for baby’s because it’s from baby bus but it’s still so fun I’m sure that this is the best baby bus game in all of Play Store!!!!! Cause feels like no ads it glitches but short glitch. You should download and try.

  9. This game is going to be so fun for me and I’m only 11 my 6-year-old brother would like this but I don’t think he would like it cuz it’s a baby you think for him but I’m 11 and I like this so good job for your Arts out and good stuff it’s good for kids yay!!

  10. I love this game so much! And there’s so many different types of ice creams that I can make! And I love your games I’m now 10 but I love this game so much! I was playing this game since I was 8! ^ω^ i don’t care if the game is bugging… But I still loved it:3 and there’s no bug or lag appeared!

  11. Nice game i love it from the time i download it but the reason why i did’nt give this full star was because i just need to repeat the same thing again and again make popsicles as usual and sell thats it, you can buy other flavours and fruits by selling the icecreams and getting money from it but still than youll get boring after sometimes espically grown up people but this game is not bad nor good its midium other than that you can download it good game.

  12. Amazing games one of the best Childhood games me and my brother used to play this a long time ago when we were little,So we are kids now we grew up and my brother remembered about this game so we decided to install this game,We love the game and also Babybus Jewel Quest is also the best.#Best ChildHood games ever

  13. Your game is the best it’s so amazing and cool bcuz it’s for kids and for olders or something so I really like your games because they’re so many games to play and I’m sure I will download all but just sometimes heheh and it’s so pretty cool!!! Thank you! *Hugs* ⊂((・▽・))⊃

  14. Awesome i love the game baby bus you were the most cool game producer in the whole world i ever known and i already subscribe in your YT channel cause its not boring to watch and your games are perfect as always and im not gonna bored of it even my brother and sisters are having fun playing every game that you keep up the good work😊😊😊

  15. I just love it and no need to buy things but if you don’t enough money to buy the flavours, shapes and sticks it will lock but anyway this is the best game ever

  16. Miumiu can’t count correctly anymore.

  17. I Like the app because no one needs to buy anything it, so good and I Love it and I give it 5 stars because this was the best app ever even if you get more coins you get more item,s and It is the best game ever

  18. It is amazing, my sister likes it. The panda is cute by the way. You can make an ice cream. Omg, pretty cool. 💋 Fun to play. I wish I can rate it with 10 stars

  19. I installed it for my sister and she even stopped playing with her friends

  20. I love this app it is really good for kids and really fun and cool game for my brother he loved it and I expect more from the productions of baby bus!😊

  21. I love this game but when my sister Starts Playing a stupid add game🙄 but she really loves the game! And me too but a add Comes🙄 When i Start Playing your Game again and the Game is maked for babys but the Game is Fun!🤗

  22. Love this game and honestly I have nothing to say but I reccomend this game it’s pretty great! I’m 8 but I still like playing these games more! My little sister plays this and when I saw it I was like “Great game!” So I down it and pretty neat! I reccomend this for 3+

  23. My 3 year old loves this app! Its very easy to use. It would be really great if there wasn’t soooo many advertisements.

  24. Cortney P dice:

    Great game my three-year-old loves it. I would give five stars if I had the option to pay to remove ads.

  25. Like I liked it so much and it also good I can you different ice creams and I have flavours and elves fruits and like it just good and you can play whatever can do mixed you can do the same colour can you whatever you want in it and I really liked it so that’s why I stop

  26. I love this game sooooo much cause my little brother when I eat breakfast he always stole my phone 🤣 I just say nvm. So yea your wondering i gave it 5 stars cause love it Soo much but the only problem is there so much adds plssss fix it😐😐😐😐❤️❤️❤️😍😍😁😁😁:3

  27. Your games are the best honestly this game is so peaceful and helps me get rid of the boredom please continue this type of games these are really fun!

  28. This is so cool and easy but that problem is every ten seconds oh its an ad so annoying I dont like it not having fun

  29. yuki-san dice:

    I really love this game but the problem is this is hard to find. why because the of the logo it kinda looks like a new game ya know?

  30. this was the first game i play when i was about 5 to 6 years old and i love it until now. whenever, i was 14 years old, i will play this game. thanks for making it perfectly suitable for the childrens and kids.

  31. It’s just a FANTASTIC GAME. I am reinstalling it. So l know how beautiful it is. At last I recommend it to all.

  32. This game hangs in my phone please check this problem. I hope you solve this problem. I requst baby bus game maker to solve this problem.

  33. I love this even I’m already 9 but my little brother loves babybus cooking games than other cooking games and I love it too soo I’d love to play the other cooking games that babybus made😁

  34. Do you know that I love baby panda games but the problem is that I want extra characters and I want to change their costumes. 😃😀

  35. This is a really good app! I don’t know how to cook so I learned from this app and it was my mother’s birthday and I made her some food and she loved it. Definitely recommend this app!

  36. Its a mind-blowing game. It feels like to make real ice-cream and the animals are so cute. I am telling you try it.

  37. It is a fun game for kids my daughter loves this game she can’t stop playing it In my opinion I think all kids should download the app

  38. My brother says yes download it I think he will like it so much 👍👍👍 and never delete it best game from all the other baby bus game he learn so much

  39. It is very nice game it’s a nice nice game I love it and I like ice cream also hahaha I like this game because this is a very very wonderful game there are no ads in between the game so I am giving it five stars thank you ❤️😉😘🤩😂

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