Addition and subtraction MODDED 2022


Learn math while playing
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An efficient educational game for kids.
Great math training for kids to make first steps in learning math.

Perfect for kids to help them learn addition and subtraction.

This application consists of various trainings and games.
Children will learn math easily and quickly.
And the exciting games will help them to improve and to refresh acquired knowledge.

Kid-friendly interface.
Learn math fast and and fun.


Several improvements


40 comentarios en "Addition and subtraction MODDED 2022"

  1. My 7 and 5 year olds LOVE this app, and everyone we show it to, even 10yr olds walk away and demand their parents install it. There are NO disruptive ads, the interface is simple and straightforward, and has just the right level of control to suite the level my kids want. GREAT app. One complex feature request would be to set 2 different levels for the challenge mode, so it’s more difficult for my elder kiddo.

  2. This is a great app for brushing up on arithmetic skills. I highly recommend the paid version, it’s only a few dollars even though the ads are reasonably brief and easy to dismiss now. You can challenge your friend on the same device. I play with my 11 year old grandson who is in grade 6 and his younger brothers 7 & 5. Thank you very much for the great app!!

  3. It makes memorizing your addition and subtraction tables fun because of all the choices you have to learn them. There is the straight up add/sub questions but then they have puzzles and battles against your friends. Super fun and helpful.

  4. Simple clear layout: My son (age 9) has learning difficulties (autism + dyslexia: 2 to 3 years behind age group). The simple layout with neutral colours helps him to focus on the numbers and avoids getting him distracted by mini games. It prevents sensory overload too.

  5. I use this app with Ukrainian students who are Learning English, but I make them say the problem before they solve it. That way they practice their English _and_ their math. They’re disappointed because they can’t install this on their iphones! This game is their reward at the end of class. Great job of including the option to increase the difficulty of the problems, Pavel!

  6. Awesome app. Various ways to practice operations, review mistakes, max. number range up to 100, 2 player race.

  7. I wish there was an option to TURN OFF the counting circles. I wish there was an option to have the problems read aloud to make it more interactive and there were more number identification games

  8. Very good I’m impressed. No frills. Nothing fancy. But objective served! Well done. Good practice for my son. Appropriate for primary school goers. Love the straight forward approach no distractions.

  9. This app is good when working with my kid, we just sit there for 10 min and work through problems. The only recumindation is whiny it gets to double digits it stacks the numbers. Over all grate.

  10. I do not have very good math skills so I want to work on it beginning with addition and subtraction.thank you! It’s helping me out with remembering.

  11. The ads prevent letting kids use the app without parental control. Otherwise excellent and worth paying for.

  12. I loved the way they have segmented the level autistic kid is very much focused as there is no animation no image no sound . Thank you guys 😊 for the app

  13. My daughter is learning math, and absolutely loves the different ways to learn, and it is so much fun!

  14. There’s no way of actually learning it, it just expects you to know the answer in your head. Good for people that already know how to do it, not so good for people trying to learn it if there’s nothing there helping them to

  15. Its helping so much i was no good at maths at school im 56 soon and since using this app ive improved slowly but getting better thank you so much.

  16. Good exercises for first grade through third grade. I like the multiple options.

  17. it is great. Fast pace for any age. My Great grandaughter is 5yrs. old Iam 66yrs. old. i want something that we can both benefit.

  18. T. Dear dice:

    This is better than IXL it’s not very hard and it’s very good for people who need to study their addition and subtraction, like me.

  19. Battle game is interesting.. but more byjus ads are irritating and disturbing the learning…

  20. Easy to navigate, no silly animations, good to practice my mental math.

  21. It is a math game you can play this game with family,friends and by yourself no ads keep popping up whenever you play this game

  22. Great app, it would be better if we can change max and min numbet for each mode.

  23. I hate apps and think there a waste. But this one improved my son’s math skills quick!

  24. Fun and with a variety of games with adjustable difficulty.

  25. Great app, helped a lot for learning math

  26. Finally! A simple app for basic math skills! Perfect for my boys!

  27. J. Srija dice:

    It is very nice I like it it is very useful for my exam and helpful for studying maths please install it.

  28. It is the best app in math you can practise in several method with numbers in fun ways every day.

  29. waaaaayyyy too many ads!!!!!!!! other than that I like the counter.

  30. Really is free. So many options. Child can navigate easily

  31. It seems to help me with maths alot and it’s really useful for kids

  32. How can I share this app with my friends?I would like to show it via Facebook messager but there is no share button.

  33. Best Math game to pass time while getting better at mental maths simultaneously!

  34. Caren M dice:

    Very well put together and keeps your brain working, my 8 year old and I enjoy

  35. Its good app for children who learn basic addition and subtraction

  36. It’s good for kids I love it I’m having fun, my mom it’s happy because I’m being a good student 😊😍 who made this game I’m giving a 5 stars bravoo…

  37. I have learned a lot. the multiplcation and division one is great too

  38. Not good never play I hate it and I hope it brings the dungeons 2 less 2 less 2 less than a crown in gta5 modes the valkano and now it is the first time that I have one but the dungeons and dragons 3 years ago

  39. Good game nice points rewards wish they are really nice to get a ged book done then college and football life

  40. simple & easy to understand. excellent

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