Thomas & Friends: Adventures! MOD 2022


Learn about the world and meet new friends in Thomas & Friends: Adventures!
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Play the new Thomas & Friends™: Adventures! game and learn new things as you travel the world.

Your favorite #1 tank engine and his friends are on an all-new adventure exploring the world, discovering new cultures and learning different languages in this game built specifically for kids! Inspire your little conductors’ creativity and let their imagination run wild with possibilities when creating their own train track sets. Figure out how to solve problems by helping Thomas and his friends with tasks only the toughest engines can accomplish. Listen to directions, play fun games and build the ultimate track in each country for all your favorite trains to enjoy!


• Discover different cultures
• As you play, explore countries such as China, Australia, Sodor & more!
• Learn interesting facts about each country that Thomas visits

• Create tracks in different parts of the world for Thomas and his friends
• Unlock new items and add them to your collection
• Build and play with your very own track sets

• Meet Thomas’ friends and race against them
• Have fun spotting new landmarks as you compete
• Train your conductor skills and win

Please Note: This app is free-to-play but some items can also be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases through your device settings.

Privacy Policy:

© 2018 Gullane (Thomas) Limited. The Thomas name and character and the Thomas & Friends logo are trademarks of Gullane (Thomas) Limited and its affiliates and are registered in many jurisdictions throughout the world.


Discover the world with Thomas & Friends: Adventures! Learn about China, India, Sodor, and other exciting locations. Build custom tracks and race against Thomas' friends.


40 comentarios en "Thomas & Friends: Adventures! MOD 2022"

  1. This app started out great. My grandson loved it and I bought into it. After having paid for everything you could possibly add on, it started freezing. Now, we can only get to the Mattel logo and nothing happens, even after waiting 1/2 hour or more! Not sure I can let this take up space on my device, but if I uninstall, it is like throwing away the money I had invested. Can’t recommend because of this!

  2. Great game, my 3 year old loves it! My only complaint is that we have purchased the full game and it has hindered our enjoyment of the new 75th anniversary content. Instead of winning coins to unlock the new content we have just been given them straight away. Kind of makes it less exciting for him.

  3. Fun game but expensive. I bought the “everything” pack when there were I think only 4 locations for $19.99. Now my son wants to get all the other locations being added on which are $5 each. But the “everything” pack is now available for $19.99 for all 7 locations. Just seems like if you pay the full price from the start, you should have access to all add-ons.

  4. Paid money to unlock Italy for my son, however the game crashes when he tries to collect the first suitcase. Tried rebooting several times but same problem persists. Needless to say we have a very disappointed boy. He was loving the game up until this point. Could maybe forgive this on a free to play game, but having paid to unlock the level I am very unhappy!

  5. Gameplay is interrupted about every 30 seconds to a purchase screen. Having your child run up to you to close the purchase screen every time it pops open gets old really fast. Fun and engaging, excruciatingly frustrating as well.

  6. It’s ridiculous that it seemed like we completed the first destination to find out that to go on to the next destination you have pay to unlock it. Again there is no need to continue using this app.

  7. My son has most of the toy minis, so when we both saw this game we instantly jumped & downloaded this game. Its a little slow at running but looks like its got potential. We’ll see……

  8. I downloaded this game for good play gameplay but what I downloaded it it made me have to wait for 8 hours just with this loading screen and what happened was when I quit off I thought it was going to download on its own but it started all over again and then it turned off automatically and then started over again every time there was an error it started over again and it was just ridiculous God damn it I hate this game

  9. Lots of bugs in this game including the new Brazil release. Play goes black, games get stuck with no option to move on or exit current activity. Super disappointed with the purchase and such poor quality testing.

  10. This game is so good to enjoy for kids. Best of all, you get to play as Thomas and his friends. You could make up your own Railways, have many races, discover countries around the world, and you can meet the majority of all the friends of Thomas. There’s so much to do and enjoy all for children who are so into Thomas and Friends and you have video games of that series already. I give this Thomas and Friends game 5 out of 5 stars. Keep up the good work, Mattel. I cannot say the same for Moonbug.

  11. Yes, the game is glitchy. I am using that to try and help teach patience to my son. It’s hard. What I’m wondering is since I paid for the full version how can I reset it so my son can collect the engines and prizes on the adventures again?

  12. Freezing and shutting down automatically. My child loves the game, paid for it and now they don’t even get 10mins of playtime before it freezes or returns to the home screen. Someone please help me understand what I need to do to fix this?

  13. Got alot of bugs. The race with Yong Bao is very glitchy and you can’t move on from there. Love the Thomas games, sucks that this one is so bad. Looking at all the responses, the developers obviously know the problems but refuse to do anything about it.

  14. I didn’t like this game at all. It is showing loading tracks but I waited a long time it was showing not connected to internet it was connected to internet and WIFi to. And then it is to 0÷😡my Data is gone I can’t do anything.

  15. Fun game, great graphics and user friendly but the only draw back is you automatically get China which is great, but again anything else you have to pay for no unlockable levels unless you buy, my son loves it

  16. Yoshiboi dice:

    The one thing I don’t understand is the whole “pay to play” thing. I get that it’s so Mattel can get more profit but you shouldn’t have everything apart from Thomas and China (I think it was China) the only free parts. And also it takes forever to load.

  17. Really annoyed. Paid for everything to be unlocked anc yet when we go to open Brazil it is saying it needs to download 20MB it gets to 50% and then it says it ant connect tothe internet. No issues with the net as all of the other contries have opened. Expensive purchase to not fully work.

  18. Damn, such a waste of time downloading this app. My brother cries because the loading time is never ends and it says ‘connect to the internet’ after 48yrs. But before it happend i also read the article bout this app that its OFFLINE!, Dang

  19. This app is a big data eater! This is monster! After I download this in playstore, it needs to download again. So I do, It reached 67% then back again to zero. This happens 5 times and I almost consumed 1gb data. This app is so…… Ahhh

  20. Carol dice:

    I have many complaints,1. I want it to be free ,2. I want more locations, 3. It needs to be less glitchy, 4. It needs more characters, 5. Stop Thomas from talking so much. Also Im A 9 year old, so you see I’m very disappointed with this game.☹️☹️☹️

  21. I wouldn’t install this app you can’t even enjoy it without paying money to get new locations I wish it was free and everyone could enjoy it I was excited to play but I noticed you need to pay money and just imagine the kids who got this and they cannot enjoy without asking there parents to buy it for them and with the bugs it’s a cashgrab don’t install this

  22. I really hate how I have downloaded this app before but when I go to redownload it back on to my phone it starts me all the way back to the beginning and I already have purchased some characters and maps but it still wants me to play from the beginning.

  23. downloaded the game for my daughter.a few niggles one you only get one game to play in China the rest you have to pay for two the controls are not great either. I wanted a game other than Match 3 thought might of been ok how wrong was I!

  24. Resource hog! Bought the add-on pack to get rid of nags and adverts – now it keeps freezing and is completely unusable. I can’t even remove the add-on pack. I want a refund.

  25. Stu L dice:

    Mattel: Get a Restore Purchase button in the app, to save all this grief. One star because I can’t leave ZERO. Expensive, but I made the purchase for my Autistic son who is mad for Thomas. Guess what? Took the money and didn’t deliver the update! There is no Restore Purchases in the app so I’ve got a very upset son and have to request a refund. Typical Mattel! 5 STARS To Google Play for Refunding super quickly!! (so I could buy it again).

  26. It was fun and makes me entertain this app shows a really great countries and meet the new trains from other country that people even don’t know. I will give 5 stars for this app!!!!

  27. Just a stupid rip-off. The game gets stuck on a loading screen and eventually it just says that you need internet WHEN YOU HAVE INTERNET TURNED ON!!!! This game is such a rip-off.

  28. OK so not a good start for this game 1:if you’re gonna make cgi make it good. 2:when I finished the start of the game to get to the next stage I had to pay!? over all the reason that I put 2 stars is because I wanted to see if I was 5 I would enjoy the game.and I probably would!.so this game was ok.

  29. My son really enjoys his Thomas games but they are far too full of bugs for how much you pay for it. Please fix them. If you are going to nickel and dime for every bit of content, you need to deliver. Thanks

  30. THIS IS REDICULOS!!!!!The first thing I downloaded this game I was waiting for 15 minutes then it shows “wifi connection gone come back when its online” but it was perfectly fine pls debug the problem

  31. The USA expansion pack doesn’t work so well. My son gets stuck in certain screens with no back button, there aren’t clear instructions on how to unlock prizes…

  32. Paid for it to be unlocked. When my son goes to open Italy and others it shuts down the game. Please fix it, it’s extremely annoying. 27.4.22 Here we are 12mths later and still having the same problem.

  33. this game is good but in some device it can not start if you start this game and loading tracks take a lot of time and then it is said that you need to connect to the internet so just delete IT then it is disgusting

  34. My son loved this game. However, when I paid, it is not properly working. For example, in Italy, when the train gets the present, it seems that it was not taken, and it is not possible to leave train.

  35. Purchased on one tablet and tried to install with purchases on second tablet, using the same account but it will not detect my previous purchase. Should not have to buy multiple times.

  36. Its dumb I can’t do. More levels I have to pay for more stuff so if the creators make more levels and trains for free I will recunsider my rateings.

  37. not the best game!!no instructions and its the same thing over n over again..stuck in china,can’t explore..pretty sad if a kid and adult can’t figure it out..useless app on your phone

  38. Also having a problem with loading, tried on my son’s I pad and my samsung tablets and neither system works. Very disappointed as my son has been looking forward to this.

  39. it’s good but takes a lot time to load. I’ve downloaded it half an hour ago and still it’s not loading. now I’m going to delete it. I hate it. it’s a big smelly poop😂😂😂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😷👎👎👎👺👺👺👹👹👹☠☠ dont smell it. means don’t download it.

  40. Great first level for my 3 year old but £4.50+ per extra level and nearly £1 per extra character??? Robbing gits. Uninstalled.

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