Easy games for kids 2,3,4 year FULL


Baby games for 1-5 year olds. Preschool learning games for toddler boys & girls.
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15 easy games for toddlers and babies 1-5 years olds.
Today kids start playing with phones and tablets early. Especially when they are not in kindergarten but at home. Therefore, it is very important that they spend time in kid’s games, which not only bring a lot of fun but also have educational and learning benefits. In our learning games for toddlers, your kid will learn a lot of new and interesting things. This app contains baby games where your child will learn simple shapes and match them.
In our preschool app there are also games for kids in which toddlers learn to draw by tracing in an interactive sea adventure. Our kids games train your babies memory in the famous “memo” game, cool for boys and girls. Kids car games await your children. Your baby can choose its cutest car from a set of 12 cars including police, ambulance, fire, tractor and others. And drive these cool cars around the city with training of reaction when changing lanes to avoid crashes. Our logic game will offer many different tests for your kid where the missing element needs to be placed. Here your child educates logic, colors, sizes, numbers, shapes etc.In our kids games pack, you will also find a kid’s puzzle with cute animals.

All our easy games for toddlers and preschool babies are various and include kid’s runners, cars, “find a pair”, learning vegetables and fruits, building your own unique snowman, learning and many many other educational games.

Every our kindergarten game for kids has a simple interface and nice fun music.
Do not forget that it is not recommended for kindergarten babies to spend a long time with gadgets, watch out for the limit of playing time!

Play and learn with a smile!


Optimizations and bug fixes. Play with more wider smile!


40 comentarios en "Easy games for kids 2,3,4 year FULL"

  1. Thank you for the free version of the game. The activies are really good, good for hand-eye coordination skills, cogtive development and fine motor skills. Just one advice that som game would be awesome if some hints are provided. Even I cannot know how to play the animal hunting food puzzle and also sometimes the little finger cannot touch the screen as smoothly as adult. So please conside about that for the little ones. Over all, brilliant designs and thank you🌹

  2. As far as kids games goes, this is a pretty good one. You get 5 out of the 15 games for free. The games intrigued my son and got his brain working. No advertising banners, no pop up ads. Your kid can play without being interrupted or tricked into buying something. That being said, $5 is on the pricey side for apps but it’s a one time deal. No further in-app purchases. Any kid will get bored with the app Same as they would with any other toy. Put it away for a while then bring it back later

  3. Paid to unlock all the games now a few weeks later I’m locked out of half the games I paid for. I go to setup and hit restore game and I get nothing. It too bad too my 3 year old really loved those games. 😡

  4. Tried buying the extra content and was met with an error. Tried again, same error. Now I have multiple charges pending for this game and nothing was unlocked. Very frustrating.

  5. Paid for full install and game is still locked. This is frustrating for an adult, let alone a four year old that’s looking for more of a challenge.

  6. My 3 yr old son loves these little games 🥰 no ads either!!! He has learned his shapes, how to match objects, and have fun

  7. The best game I found so far for the ages 2 and up. Educational and fun without being monotonous or forced to play for a long time to complete a stage. Thank you for a wonderful game🙂

  8. It is a perfect game for a toddler but it doesn’t have much games half the game you have to buy and the other half that is not alot you can play so i would recommend it but if it had more games.

  9. Fun game, the ones that are unlocked. I don’t understand having a kids game where so much has to be paid for. My 3 yr old is already bored with the unlocked games

  10. Very easy to use, my daughter is 3 and finds this fun and exciting.

  11. Jace dice:

    In game price is 4.99, charged me 5.99 when I went to pay. Beware of what you get charged!

  12. it’s always marvelous when the little ones are having fun

  13. it’s awesome!!!kids can learn with fun.

  14. Best app.. just one issue is to buy every other game available in it 🙁

  15. its good. And my baby will totally enjoy drawing the boat

  16. This app is hard to navigate, im trying to restore and unlock some games and it wont let me.

  17. Nice but I want to unlock all games with our purchasing

  18. Great learning experience and knowledge and skills..so thanks 🙂

  19. This app doesn’t have any way to stop popping up with Anything that keeps being opened.

  20. multiple options with awesome interface

  21. the exact game type of brain challenges that I was looking for my son, which will help him developing logic and gain fun while playing too 👍👍

  22. Hi, like it a lot. I tried to make the payment to unlock the full games, but I couldn’t. Can you help me please?

  23. I wish there were more games that you didn’t have to pay for. My son loves these games but we don’t always have money and he plays the same ones over and over and over

  24. Very good game .this game helps our kids memory and IQ it helps brain power.Iam so happy

  25. This Is a great app to develop logic inside my kid he also likes to play this game in free time and it’s also not harmful.

  26. nice to keep busy children and education also.

  27. The app won’t let me pay to access all the games. You would think they were interested in earning money…

  28. Definitely didn’t keep my 3 year olds attention.

  29. garbage not free or educational. just plain trash. waste of space con job ! I hate it.

  30. Ok but lots of locks which causes error when u try to buy them

  31. Lots of free game avialable in play store..here all lock and purchase

  32. Stuck on the same levels others won’t open

  33. interesting learning games for children to develop their concentration. smills

  34. Good for kids and educational

  35. Not much to do, have to purchase locked levels

  36. My son loves it and it’s easy for him to play

  37. great app, especially that it’s offline.

  38. it’s very good games for toddler

  39. it’s really helpful for kids to learn

  40. Can’t pay full version of the app on my daughters phone via family payment method.

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