Daily Shopping Stories MODDED 2022


City full of shops for kids with supermarkets, clothing stores and a hair salon
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Welcome to Daily Shopping Stories, the most exciting, fun-filled animated shopping center ever! Buy food, try on new clothes, or get a fresh look at the hair salon. The possibilities are endless!

Daily Shopping Stories is fun, safe, educational entertainment for little ones and older kids alike. It’s the latest in the Stories series, following the popular games Happy Daycare Stories and Sweet Home Stories, enjoyed by more than 2 million players.

Designed for children ages 3 to 10, Daily Shopping Stories includes different spaces with various characters of all ages and professions, as well as a plethora of objects to experiment with. The game develops creativity and imagination while children learn, and improves language skills through the creation of stories.


You can experiment with anything you see. A pair of scissors? Let’s try a new haircut! A piece of fruit? Throw it in the blender and enjoy a delicious smoothie! There are hundreds of objects placed throughout the 16 different areas, as well as characters from different professions. You could create millions of amazing stories!


Discover 16 spaces with 7 shops and outdoor areas, and 13 characters of different ages and occupations. Try on new clothes for the whole family in the clothing stores, weigh the different fruits and vegetables in the supermarket before buying them, change your hairstyle at the beauty salon, and rest after a long day of shopping with a cup of tea on the café terrace.


Experience day-to-day life in an inviting shopping center. Each shop is different and offers various objects to play and experiment with. You can discover dozens of hidden surprises! In addition, as with all PlayToddlers games, you will be playing in a safe environment, appropriate for all ages, without violence, cruelty to animals, or third-party ads.


– Sixteen attractive spaces with seven shops and discoveries to be made in every corner.
– Thirteen characters of different ages and occupations that can be personalized however you like: Hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, beard style, clothing items and accessories.
– Hundreds of objects with literally thousands of possible interactions: clothing, food, toys, and hair salon items are just a few examples.
– More than 70 different articles of clothing and accessories await you in the shops. Choose your favorites and dress the whole family in colorful hats, shirts, pants, and dresses.
– Café and restaurant where you can serve a fruit smoothie to café customers on the terrace, or a plate of sushi with tea in the restaurant.
– Supermarket full of fruits, vegetables, and other foods that you can weigh, ring up, and bag.
– Beauty salon, where you can give free reign to your fashion skills.
– Toy store with dozens of things you will want to play with: video games, stuffed animals, interactive dolls, musical instruments, and sports equipment.
– No rules or goals: You decide what your stories will be!
– Safe, educational, and appropriate for all ages. No third-party ads.
– One single purchase, valid for life, unlocks all shops and characters for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Specifically designed to be played by children as young as three, but detailed enough to entertain and captivate children up to 10 years old or older. Daily Shopping Stories ignites kids’ imagination and creativity and keeps them engaged for hours.

The free version includes two shops, a carousel, and 8 outdoor spaces for you to give the game a try. When you are ready to purchase, you can unlock all of the game’s shops and characters with one single purchase through the app, valid for life.


PlayToddlers’ games address different areas of development for young children and are designed for use by the whole family. The simple, attractive interface allows kids to use the app on their own, heightening their learning and self-esteem.


- Minor bug fixes & performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Daily Shopping Stories MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a good game but it has some problems . Only 3 places is open and 5 or 6 places are lock. And you say that take version on one day to open the places but . It don’t open says (only for grown ups) and give you some numbers and when you write those numbers it said ……. are no available. Why you make this game that you don’t allow to open other places and also central hospital game it’s good but I try to open other levels but ……. it has so many other problems but for now it’s enough

  2. This game is kind of nice, and when I say kind of nice I mean it is the last best game in all Playtoddler’s games. The already unlocked locations are so boring that when I was low on space, I had to delete it. I would also like it that you make all locations 🆓️ and do not cost real money. Think about us in other countries, we will not even be able to find all the money listed because your money to us is a lot. And in my country, 💯 no free Internet, it costs us money that is hard to find.

  3. Hi. This game is great but there are lots of problems.1-It does not have all the characters.2- Lots of the palaces are locked. These problems make the game no longer attractive and repetitive. But you can buy the full version. I don’t know if the play store has the full version. Anyway I love this game so fun and you can enjoy it for hours.

  4. Anis Khan dice:

    I really like the game as i’ve been playing it since a few years now, but the problem is that it glitches and also that to enter most of the rooms we have to pay, only 2 of them are free. Kindly make more rooms free and remove the glitch. Otherwise this game is fantastic 👍

  5. Ngl it was boring. Yes we got a lot of people but not many places to go to. You have to pay for most of the buildings and people. I thought it would be like the best game ever but no THEY HAD TO RUIN IT BY MAKING HALF OF THE THINGS 2.99! If they do add a lot more things free please add a house for them to live in as well FOR FREE i will love it more if they make atleast 5 more buildings free including a house please make that in a new update. I dont do trials or buy things please fix this.👏

  6. Hello I agree with someone else’s idea to add a pet store. It would be so cute to have other animals like hamsters, birds, and maybe even fish that just swim around in a tank. In the pet store you can have pet food and toys. The game itself is quite fun, and my little sister enjoys it a lot. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because now she’s older and doesn’t play it as much anymore, but she really did it love this game when she was younger. 🙂

  7. I love it! But there was a lot of bad things and the bad thing is some places are locked and some places are unlocked so please fix it. But well you guys can download it and do some fun I make sure you guy can fix it before I am getting sad 😆😊

  8. Anna dice:

    I rated four stars because 1. The characters are not enough 2.Most of the rooms are locked 3. Only 2 rooms available ,please check this thing and you have to pay for the full version, really who does that😅

  9. All the other shops except the fashion are locked . This is getting very boring ever since I downloaded it . It was fun for sometime and i saw trhe money we had to pay 19,0000!

  10. This is a great game, but I have some requests. 1. This is a kid game so please make it so you don’t have to pay and can that happen with all your apps? 2. I think this game should have at least 1 or 2 minigames. 3. This is a great game overall, but if these things are added or the Payments are removed, I will give it a 5 star. Thanks! Same stuff for all of your apps by the way

  11. I would love to recommend this , is wht I want to say , but in all honesty this game could be better they all could be better! you can’t play this without paying for it and I’m not paying for it! I can’t play a game with only one or two rooms. so please give us more rooms for free or I won’t be playing any more of this companies games!

  12. Boring. You just drag characters around and they are dull. They just look at the screen not knowing anything. You can’t even make the characters grab stuff. This is a literal Toca Life ripoff. Please make original games this is not fun at all. Don’t recommend it to toddlers or children. It’s boring and a waste of time.

  13. Hi im a 9 nine years old girl with my younger sister. The reason i gave this game 2 stars is that i have many many problems in this game. 1. There are very less characters in the game . 2. Everything is locked except 1 place and we have to pay for it my mom wouldn’t allow me to pay u just Rs.5 ! 3. The park is so boring there’s just one swing . Please fix these problems i beg you!!!😢😢😢bye bye reply to my review

  14. It kind’a got boringgggg after like 1 or 2 mins. Plus you had to pay for everything you only get 2 rooms free TWO!! The rest cost money.

  15. My family can’t get enough of these education dolls. I’m able to run my daughter through life senarios and teach her what different places are like and what we do at them. The jobs people have at them and what to do when you go there. Excellent education tool. Just need take the time to use it with them!!

  16. I like it but the reason I am giving it 2 stars is we have to pay real money for all of your games l am a 8 year old kid so if it was free l would rate 5 golden ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ please change this problem l would really enjoy it☺️☺️

  17. What in the world type of game is this!??!!?😠 most of the shops in the game cost money 😠😡 all there is unlocked is the cafe playground and clothing store maybe if you unlock the restaurant and grocery store I’ll be okay but locking everything is mean some people can’t afford this stuff but until then I’m unstalling this game waste of space! 😭😡😠

  18. The game is great and I like it very much. they want you to pay of course beacuase they also need money i just want one more shopping area for free and thats the organic shop.

  19. I love this game but I found out that there are only three places that are not locked,The second thing is that there are a little bit of people to play within the game that is why I gave this game four stars only.I think you should really fix those things

  20. I love these little toddler games I’m 11 but I still enjoy them! Keep up the good work! ALSO: For an idea you should make a mall or a movie theater or even better a visit to grandma and grandpa! I’m just full of ideas please consider these!

  21. If you’re under at least 15 to under years old you must write it’s a very fantastic game I give it five to five I give it from so much it is so less for it but also I love this game really cool out this game please rate it I want but it is a problem that you must correct I mean you must put so many full must open up and now it all the games are making more money so please stop this city and one thing you do that you open all the shops and other urban games also open everything no rupees like jai

  22. It was a good game but when i did not like it was when the childrens clothing section was closed the only thing children could do is to enter a toy air plane machine and go around nothing else was opened apart from the restaurant and adults clothing section i hate this toddler games all of them are useless to,make me correct them pls fix it.

  23. But I think you should do is try to like like when I was trying to pick a plate out their hand it was just picking the food up so I think you should fix that glitch but overall it was really really really really good so that’s why I’m going to download another one thank you for this game love you

  24. Hi! Im a nine year old girl and this game is really nice, but there is little locations in this game and you have to spend money on almost everything.That is really mean so plaease make everything free until then I am uninstalling this game😥😥😥😥

  25. This game is amazing but there is 1 problem you have to buy the rest of the places plz fix that because some people don’t have mony on there phone and i only get 3 places to play in so plx fix that other then that this game is great I would give it a 5 star tho

  26. When i installed this game i was exicted i thought it was good beacuse,it has alot of space like you,re other games,But it only has 3 Places that are free and the rest are cost of money,And the ladies I cant take of their Glasses and i can,t dress up the little girl pls fix this

  27. It is not good enoug. Most rooms are unlocked and only 5-6 character are there.So the owner of the game should fix this problem. So, that is why I have given it only 1 star.It could be better game

  28. Its just not fair that you have to pay to have fun like it has 1 or 2 rooms but the rest paying like if a child wants to play and have fun u cant because have to pay I really think it should be FREE

  29. Super cute and nice but problemo um alot of paying for full version and we can’t buy but the carnival was awesome so…um…yeah…good game super easy super adorable and yeah i love your games toddler plays

  30. I want u to add a option for making the areas free forever. u can put a ad in ur games and it will make it free forever plzplzplzplzplzplzplz. I am going to delete this game unless you are going to put ads in ur games.

  31. This game is really fun and really nice to play but almost everything is for money way to many things are for money and there are no clothes for little kids, but overall this game is fantastic

  32. This game is nice but one problem is that one or two rooms are available and other all rooms are locked why is this like that. We install games for playing not for paying 💰 please fix this problem….

  33. I wish I could play this game again but I need to tell you that ago the game was working sometimes well somtimes not well but now I am trying to open the game I cant it is written playtoddlers and thats it this is not the only game that does that the game school does that too so I hope you change it.please cause I want to play it quick please read the post and fix it.

  34. Nice game l like it very much but one problem is in the game that we have to give the money then we can have more room first we have only two rooms so please fix this problem and i like it very much

  35. Its nice a little the only problem is some features are locked and it gets boring repeating and repeating the same things it won’t be fun at all so only three stars just please unlock them all fix that only

  36. I like the game but probably other people are righting plaese make the rooms free Thank you but still I love all the games there so fun like make like more play toddler Games like hair salon, football,water park,airport,a town,London, vets,dentist who agreed thanks who ever agreed thanks

  37. it is a nice game but same issue that all rooms should be unlock your game are very nice if you unlock all rooms in your game it would be nice you should have a car in which if family has to do shopping they could take it home means Interconnected

  38. I really really like and love this games and especially to all of games of playtoddlers but im sad because many rooms are not free and it lock and if u want to unlock you will buy it ….. so sad ….. but its ok for me and i really love all of games of playtoddlers

  39. I loved the game! But you should make all the places free! It’s a kids game after all so yeah. Maybe make an airport or something of that nature!

  40. Amit Kant dice:

    I like this game but there all rooms are locked. So, I don’t know how to unlocked there all rooms. Please you can unlocked there all room.

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