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Engaging Times tables (1-12) for kids. Learn through a fun math game.
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Do you want to turn learning and practicing multiplication tables into an exciting adventure? Then our game is just for you! Help Kelly collect creatures’ photos for the space museum and practice the time tables simultaneously.

Main features:
➜ Multiplication tables from 0 to 12
➜ 87 unique game levels grouped into 11 different episodes
➜ Learning process based on memorization techniques: interval repetition and usage of both input and choice tasks
➜ Adaptive algorithm identifies multiplication facts that are challenging for the child and customizes the tasks accordingly
➜ Additional motivation for a child to advance by unlocking 30 clothing and accessory items for the main character
➜ Great for tablets
➜ Kid-friendly interface

The Engaging Multiplication Tables game is a great way to learn and memorize the times tables.

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40 comentarios en "Multiplication Games For Kids. FULL"

  1. My 8 year old daughter and I are both very pleased with the quality of the app and are seeing improvements in her multiplication skills. My issue at this point is that it seems as if the full version must be purchased each time the app is installed on a device because I am unable to restore the paid version or share it via Family Library. I have it on three different devices and have paid for it twice. Please assist me in correcting this issue.

  2. The best game that helps memorizing multiplication, my 8 year old daughter absolutely loves it! What used to be a fight/constant stress turned into a pleasant quality time after installing the game. In contrast to other “freemium” games that showed tons of ads, this one shows no ads at all – instead, there is a non-intrusive upsell model, after playing a few levels of the game you can unlock/continue with more levels by making purchase. A+++ experience!

  3. Amazing game to help with multiplication facts! You get “lollipops” very frequently, which you can use to buy accessories for your character. Before the level starts, it tells you the facts you will be quizzed on and all you have to do is remember! If you get a question wrong, it tells you the answer and it asks you again later. The overall style of the game is super cute, and I love the koala and the little hats! Each level has a new theme, which keeps it interesting. Superb game!

  4. Finally! Multiplication practice that makes sense to kids! This app teaches the times table in a logical progression starting with the easiest rules (0, 1, 10, and 11) and does a great job blending multiple choice with free choice answers and integrating the previously learned facts into subsequent levels. My third grader loves the animation and the ability to change the Koala’s outfit. My only complaint is the koala walks really slowly, so it can take some time to get through each round.

  5. I am surprised that I really like this app. The thing I love the most is that you can customize which numbers you want your child to focus on. My boys, third grade, lovvvvve this app. They do it for 15 mins 3x a week.

  6. My 6 year old daughter was starting to learn Multplication and I was looking for a game that would keep her interest. This was one that instantly grabbed it and maintained it throughout. She has made great progress. Fantastic game and company.

  7. Great game and great app makers. The game has been great for my 7 year old, who has been rather ambitious. Between the examples and GUI, my son loves this game.

  8. I really like this game and whenever I have free time I always playing and it’s really fun but the only bad thing is it asks a lot of questions but it’s OK because It gets stuck in my head and if I have a test I always remember it.

  9. Absolutely wonderful! No fast pace flashing lights or distracting music. It’s calm and fun and forces my kid to slow down and think. Starts with 0,1,10 & 11 cause those are super easy facts. My kid is breezing thru this and grinning from ear to ear 😁

  10. Beth Sy dice:

    This app made me even more smart on multiplication. i am so glad to try this games i never played this game before!!! if you have even more games like this i will rate it 5 stars again. Thank you so much!!!❤️

  11. Excellent help for kids learning their multiplication tables. This tool (along with tons of work with her family) helped my daughelter with multiplication tables.

  12. Nice game. My daughter, who struggles with maths, loves it. So, I purchased it. I had an issue activating on my daughter tablet(family library not supported). I messaged the developer, who instant got back to me and sorted it. Nice well-made app very please with my purchase. Keep up the good work.

  13. No Family Library eligibility. Have to purchase for every kid account. Update: developer is responsive and supportive and provided me a license code to activate for my other child’s tablet. Limitation of Family Library is that in-app purchases are not supported. I would prefer to pay up front and have the ability to use Family Library.

  14. Emily Woo dice:

    I love the game because the math is really fun when I either get a tool at the end or get more lollipops.

  15. S K dice:

    I think it,s a fun way for kids to learn there multiplcation I’m a kid.

  16. Excellent It help my kid a lot in learning multiplication.Thank you so much!

  17. My ten yearold Downloaded this app without my permition.. But i had great news. Her teacher said that she was improoving Math.!😆 Im soOoo Happy about the news and i. cried..😔 But THANK YOU! for making this game. 5-Stars dor today.

  18. It’s is good but when u unlock game 3 it tells u to purchase with 77 egp every mon

  19. Yorleni dice:

    Hard but fun and not boring I like it you get to customize your avatar witch is a koala I made mine colorful enough and there’s different adventures

  20. I love this game and it is so fun.🤗😘 I give it five stars because I really really love it .🤗 If you give me a lot of energy🤗

  21. My daughter enjoyed this app.☺️ She was able to learn multiplication easily.☺️

  22. So great for my kid and incredible for a kid for learning multiplcation and I tried it out myself and even me got entertained. Thank you for making this game and I hope you make more games like this!

  23. it’s a bit boring to me..but it’s really entertaining for kids 🤣.

  24. It asks you to buy the paid version only after 3 rounds.

  25. really good game teaches you very well I recommend you to download this right now it’s emergency the best thing ever you should download it right now I know I already said that but you should because this is a very good teaching game

  26. Mahshid dice:

    Hello, I want to thank your team. The game is very beautiful and attractive. My son has adhd, but this game helped him learn the multiplication table easily. It is very sad that in Iran we do not have access to global payments and our children cannot play with your game This game makes learning enjoyable for children. Finally, I would like to thank dear Anastasia for helping me. Thank you.

  27. We really like this game because it has so much variety and cute little characters and you can change their clothes!

  28. Once you get to 3 times tables, it becomes an app you need to pay $4.99 for if you want to continue. It’s a good game. I found it for a student in my class and don’t think parents will pay. If you pay the $4.99 does it unlock the entire game all the way up to 12 x tables? Is it a one time fee or incremental ($4.99 gets you 4x – 6 x and then another $4.99 gets you 7x – 9x etc.

  29. Olivia dice:

    Love it, excellent times table game, my daughter can’t stop playing it and it will really perfect her times table in time. The cartoon drawings, colours, and the rewards with different outfits has totally won my daughter over. Thanks for making it, Olivia

  30. I love this app it is easy to use, and it is great for learning multiplication facts. One thing I would like to be changed is maybe different music on diffrent levels and some more adventure. All in all I love this app!

  31. It’s worth the one time payment to unlock the full game. My daughter loves this game. It has been a big help in teaching her multiplication. Since I am homeschooling her this year, it’s been very helpful. She finds it fun while still learning her times tables. the characters are adorable

  32. martin dice:

    My son was struggling with his times tables and didn’t really want to learn them, so we thought we would give this app ago. The difference it’s made to him is amazing he really enjoyed the engagement of the game. In the space of a month he now knows all his times tables and has won a head teachers award for enthusiasm in maths. Thanks you.

  33. This is the best maths game ever! Your character works at a museum on a another planet which needs a new exhibit for an unknown planet. Your character goes to find the animals required, and takes photos of them for the exhibit, and you need to solve maths sums and unlock stuff!!!!

  34. My daughter was finding times tables really hard and did not want to practise with the app suggested by school so it was a struggle to get her to practise. With this game, she loved it and always asked to play and in a month it has made so much difference and she knows all her tables.

  35. I think this app is great because it taught me times and so little time. Even if you’re like for this can help you in like 3 or 4 minutes. This app is so so so so so so cool. I’m only seven and I use this to learn times. It’s super useful in class cuz it makes me know a lot. This app is just great it’s such a big five star you have to buy it. I know it sounded like a stopped but for real just literally get this and keep reviewing five star and tell your friends This is super good get it and tel

  36. My boy finds the cut scenes a bit slow, and the game loses momentum. The way the game progresses, adding new sums to the old ones, helps reinforce the learning without making it rote.

  37. Great game really fun and helps kids and adults a fun way to remember times tables facts

  38. It is a fun way to learn time table. It helps my daughter a lot.

  39. My 9 year old thinks the app is great and not boring and your kids will love it

  40. Hector O. dice:

    Best game ever to learn multiplication. I love it. So much fun!

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