Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone MODDED 2022


Fun baby games for kids. Play baby piano, musical instruments & nursery rhymes.
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Entertain your baby for hours with “Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words”, a fun, simple, colorful, and FREE educational phone game designed with kids and toddlers in mind!

Learning is fun with Baby Games, and there are plenty of mini-games and educational activities here to keep babies interested. It starts with pictures of animals, children can match to the sounds they make. There are also balloon popping games, musical learning modes, fun activities, and more. It’s the perfect baby phone game to keep the little ones entertained.

Baby Games has a lively and easy to use interface that’s perfect for kids between six and twelve months old. One and two year old toddlers or even kindergarteners will have fun with it, too! While playing, children of all ages will laugh and giggle as they explore all the fun activities at their fingertips, helping to develop attention and observational skills along with memory and fine motor control.

Baby Games also features fun nursery rhymes, baby songs, and rhyming games for kids and toddlers in an easy to use child-safe interface. Some of the nursery rhymes include the ABC alphabet song, Five Little Ducks, Humpty Dumpty, Rain Rain Go Away, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and more.

Here’s a quick look at the baby phone games featured in our app:

1. First Words – Kids can learn all about the sounds birds and animals make, complete with pictures to match them with. Play the “What’s this?” game to see how many they can remember!

2. Music Room – As every parent knows, kids love to make noise. Help your toddler develop their motor skills and appreciation for certain sounds by turning them loose in the Music Room. Four different instruments are ready to play with, everything from drums to pianos, trumpets, and xylophones. Babies can make their own music by tapping the screen, and they’ll hear real sounds with every touch!

3. Pop ‘n Play – Kids as well as adults love popping toy balloons. It’s exciting to tap the screen and watch the images burst and disappear! This mode features regular balloons, animal shaped balloons, and smiley balloons, all ready to pop with one touch. There’s even a bonus fruit smash game that helps kids build coordination and motor skills.

4. Fireworks – Look at the sky, it’s fireworks! Babies can tap or drag to create a dazzling show of lights, complete with authentic sound effects. Multi-touch support is included, so kids can set off fireworks with all five fingers at once!

5. Baby Phone – A fantastically fun mode that helps children learn different animal sounds, nursery rhymes, lullabies and musical notes by playing with a virtual phone! Make a pretend phone call to an animal and it will answer, complete with a cartoon face and real sound effects! Kids can press the colorful buttons to hear many different sounds and learn about animals, numbers, and even play nursery rhymes.

Baby Games is the perfect tool to help children, toddlers, and babies to build memory and observational skills. It’s colorful and easy to use, and it includes a number of fantastic mini-games that will suit any child’s preferences.

Note to parents:
“Baby Games – Piano, Baby Phone, First Words” is a free app released with no third party ads or in-app purchases. It’s also a passion project. We’re parents ourselves, which means we have some pretty strong opinions on what we want our kids to learn and play with!

We created Baby Games and released it for free to help provide better learning materials for babies and young children. We follow a strict protocol against third party ads since kids of this age should not be exposed to their influencing content. We also kept it free to make sure more families around the world can enjoy it.

We’re confident you and your children will have a great time with this game. If you do, please consider sharing it with others.

Thanks for caring about your child’s education and well-being!

– Best wishes from the parents at RV AppStudios


Baby Games keeps getting better with a brand new update, just for you! The latest update adds a number of small improvements, along with new Baby Phone mode that helps children to learn animal names, sounds, numbers, and play nursery rhymes. It's also completely FREE to download with no in-app purchases or third party ads!

New features:
- New Baby Phone fun mode
- Nursery rhymes and songs
- Improved interface and graphics


40 comentarios en "Baby Games: Piano & Baby Phone MODDED 2022"

  1. Perfect for littles! My daughter is only 16 months but she sees us on our phones and wants to be able to use them as well. It’s so hard to be able to find one without ads or purchases to distract from the actual app. It also makes you drag the x across the screen to leave the current game so she’s not leaving the game on accident! It has a couple really simple modes that my daughter can do perfectly without being overwhelmed and it makes her so happy. Seriously can’t recommend it enough!

  2. There’s something missing.. this app is almost perfect, only thing missing is coloring. Add coloring, simple, one color pictures, like on the baby’s first words part, the pictures should be available to color. Also I would recommend a simple little reward program, like stickers or toys you can collect for successfully completing tasks or missions. But overall, great work.

  3. I love that there are no ads and they can’t exit/ change settings. my grandson has a genetic disorder and can’t walk, talk, sit up, etc, on his own. we’re always looking for new things for him to do/ play with but involuntary muscle movements & extremely delayed development makes finding apps that will entertain a 3 year old hard, especially ones he can use by himself. most apps for his age are sorting or learning abc’s and he’ll never be able to do that. this one is exactly what I wanted 💗

  4. Update: After digging through the other reviews I found where the developer had already addressed this same issue. I did as they said and it works great again. The developer did reach out to help, but I had already fixed the issue. So it’s a 5 star review for the app and costumer service. It’s super easy and clean. It used to be 5 stars but now I can’t access the songs in the song time l tune rhyme section. I had previously downloaded all of them. That’s my boys favorite part.

  5. Beautifully done! Entertaining and educational! Seamlessly plays all sections of the app, without ads! So good of your whole team to put your creativity into such a parent friendly app. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to make this terrific app! One thing I’d LOVE to see is a way to “lock” the screen so it cannot be exited at all. My little one constantly brings down the brightness and volume menu from the top then gets frustrated with the phone and may throw it if not addressed.

  6. My one year old loves the app it keeps her entertained so i can get things done . No matter what they click on within the app it will make some sort of noise or transition to keep her attention. Only thing I could suggest for improvement is a button parents can slide to disable/able way for kids to still hit the drop down menu or home button as my daughter is constantly doing this in the middle of game play, it would be a super convenient fix for me but otherwise good app.

  7. I love this app. The music room is my favorite. I really wish that the different instruments weren’t on top though. My 7 month old loves playing with it but if she grabs the phone it constantly switches the instrument. It’d be cool if it was just like one button in a corner that expanded to the options across the top when pressed. Just an idea🤪

  8. This has a few cool options for the baby. My baby was about 6 months old and loved the fireworks and music room. It also has first words showing the word and matching picture. The first few are preloaded and theres a list of other ones to download like numbers, household objects and zoo animals. The app has a sort of safety so they can’t back out of it just by touching the screen, but he kept closing it by pushing the home button. Finally figured out how to “kid mode” the phone itself.

  9. I do love this app, as well as my 20 month old son. He has enjoyed it for months and continues to enjoy it regularly.It always puts a smile on his face to watch the opening loading screen of the characters introducing themselves. He also likes to play music with the various instrument options. I wanted to make a comment to the developers, in the section’Play Rhymes’, the song”Mary Had A Little Lamb”the tune is actually set to”London Bridge Is Falling Down”.Other than that the app is perfect!😊

  10. I absolutely love this app and so does my son (he is 9m+)! He is instantly on cloud nine and will come running once he hears “hi I’m Lucas, hi I’m ruby, and we are Lucas and friends”. I love how it has first words, nursery rhymes, instruments, and more. It’s a very nice app to calm an active child for a short period of time. I would definitely recommend!

  11. My 1.5 year old loves this app. Easy to play as he hasn’t gotten the hang of sliding on the screen so pointing is better. Lots of choice, totally free and no ads. 100% recommend.

  12. Christine dice:

    My Daughter is 7 months old and we have been using this app for a month. She LOVES IT! So, do I. Simple games, learning and honing in on fine motor skills grow with her! Def a must for moms with smart busy babies!

  13. Absolutely love this app for our 2 year old and as a speech language pathologist, I definitely recommend this for early learning. No ads is a huge plus!

  14. very good app, my baby actually run when he hears the opening theme when Lucas shows up, and he can still learn other languages as well. Thanks deeply Dave you really did great job!

  15. I love love this app, my baby boy 4month old loves it too, especially calling the animals on the phone and playing the instruments!!! I sent it to all my friends with babies.

  16. This app is amazing! My son is 10 months old and every single app that I have downloaded for him to play with or to just entertain him for a bit in the car or whatever, he always is able to close them out. I like that this app makes it more difficult for him to do that. He also loves the firework activity and the first word activity. Definitely recommend.

  17. Lucas and Ruby peek into the screen occasionally during the popping games. But tapping them does nothing. This teaches bad safety practice. Perhaps they should be holding riot shields. …My daughter likes the game overall. Tweaks could make it great. In the music room, please fix the piano keyboard, compare to actual piano. Allow more than one let to play at a time?…

  18. Stay away from thies app.Never install it. Thies app developers are very annoying. When You Install it,You cant play it,because buges and glitchs come out.Its not stable for todlers and babys.And something is mising.That is colouring and dwaring.

  19. Our daughter is 11months and loves the baby game, and the fact that I can switch between Afrikaans and English is even greater seeing that we are raising her bilingual. I loved this app so much I have already downloaded some of the other kids learning apps from RV, thank you Dave for creating such awesome apps that are free to download and without any adverts. I read your story and my heart warmed up. You are a inspiration, and I wish God’s greatest blessings on you.

  20. Games are great. Very nicely made. My child is personally very sensitive to disapproval. So i would ask to change when Lucas saying “Nah-nah-nah” when child makes wrong choice. It really doesn’t do good and doesn’t encourage to think or try something else. She just stops playing when lucas says that.

  21. Edit: clearing cache and restart is not enough. We had to clear data in app settings for it to work after the update. — Hangs on startup. Can’t select any of the games.

  22. App is good,but some words in Malayalam version are not appropriate for small kids. Instead of ‘Malsyam’ ‘Meen’ was enough. ‘pushpam’ was too much for kids,’ poov’ was sufficient. ‘paravathani’ was not even required for small kids. I am not mentioning all the words, kindly check and rectify those

  23. Amazing downloaded this app hoping it wasn’t the same as all other baby apps that I have seen and downloaded prior to to my surprise it was not this app is absolutely amazing it has the best game and the best part about it is there’s a lock on it so my son cannot exit out of the app very easily. Totally awesome

  24. My wain loves it. Its keeps him quiet and once unclick in something it locks it self so ur child can’t get out of the app and do something stupid and it doesn’t require passwords or anything it’s an offline game and it’s brilliant

  25. An amazing FREE educational tool for your little one who wants to keep touching your phone

  26. Great! My little girl loves it. My only complaint is one bug: when you click on the wolf(in animal phone) it incorrectly says “woof”. It’s supposed to say “wolf”. Fix that and it’s an instant 5stars!

  27. It is just a baby app and it does not have many animals for you to call and if your child plays it will be teaching them how to use your phone because it has the hang up button and a call button Butthead has a good message and it means no harm but how are they getting any profit off of it your guess is good as mine

  28. It was a great game but then they updated it – it won’t download anything in the “sing rhymes” section. I tried to uninstall and download again but it still didn’t work

  29. I really really appreciate this app. With no ads, no subscription, as a new father I would like to thank all the members who made this app with all my heart. Thank you so much and more power. This deserved 100 stars.

  30. It’s really good, and I know this is a nitpick, but could you make a British English language setting? I don’t mind the American voices at all, but when it’s a young child learning how to say words it would be better if the app we closer in pronunciation to the people she is around more often, if that makes sense? This goes for the other apps well, the shapes one for example. Apart from that the apps are all fantastic!

  31. Lilo S. dice:

    It’s a great app, before the update the layout was simple but had many uses. With the update there are more characters and still easy to use. The best part, it has no popup ads or pay to remove ads. They just request that you share this app with anyone who would find this app useful. I think it’s a very useful app to keep your Little One busy for a few minutes or more.

  32. Love the adult locks and features to ensure baby doesn’t simply close out of app

  33. Love it. Just downloaded it for my 9 month old. Great way to distract her while I change her she’s already fascinated by the sounds and animations. Downloaded a few different apps to try out before I finalized on this one, found this to be the best. Also no ads Thankyou!! Can’t wait till she actually understands what she’s seeing but hey never too early to start

  34. LOVE THIS GAME. It is absolutely fantastic for my 11 month old. I can actually keep her occupied through an entire change with this! she gets so excited when she hears Ruby or Lucas say hi when the app is loading! The only issue I have is that the game will freeze but not crash. Music will continue to play but the picture is frozen. Since I pin the game I can’t just close the app. I have to restart my phone in order to make my phone work again.

  35. I can’t describe how thankful I am for these baby and kids games, they are so fun for kids to play with. I love the piano feature, it can help kids learn songs on piano. This may sound weird but the game literally taught ME how to play a bunch of different songs on my piano even though it’s a baby game. That’s how you know its good. If I could give ten star I most definitely would.

  36. Cant believe this is free and ad free 100% amazing for kids please keep it free and ad free

  37. This app makes my 10 month old so happy. We started using it when she was around 8 months old because she was always trying to use our phones. I had an extra old phone, so I installed this there and set aside that phone just for her. She gets SO excited when she hears “Hi! I’m Lucas/Ruby!” We love listening to the rhyme songs, she dances to them! The little games help her practice hand/eye coordination. And NO ADS AT ALL! Big thanks to the amazing devs!

  38. Me and my wife are amazed with the app and advocacy that the studio have. Kudos to the team for developing this app and making it free for all!

  39. After the recent update, some songs are not playing and the animals that would appear in the baby phone (number version) appear to be all elephants. I tried deleting the songs and downloading again, nothing changed. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still the same. After reinstalling, i can’t even download more rhymes or more word categories simply because it wouldn’t load.

  40. We love this! We love how there are so many simple options for baby to play with, it’s surprisingly interactive, and it locks the screen so that the parent needs to slide the exit button to the other side of the screen to unlock! Although it’s very animated, it simulates to depict realistic items. Great job!

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