Kids Math: Math Games for Kids MODDED 2022


Kids learn numbers, counting and addition. Fun educational math games for kids!
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Help your kids learn math and numbers the right way with this collection of fun math games and Montessori style learning tools!

Understanding counting, numbers, and mathematics are extremely important for children. From their toddler and preschool years until they’re in 1st and, 2nd grade. Kids need to pick up all sorts of math skills. It starts with learning numbers and understanding basic counting, then moves on to ascending and descending numbers, comparing numbers, and so on. There’s a lot to learn in these formative years, so anything parents can do to help supplement their child’s education is helpful!

Kids love learning by doing, which can be difficult with numbers and mathematics. That’s where our fun Montessori games and math learning games come into play. We’ve created a series of colorful counting and comparing games that are perfect for children of all ages. They’re designed to make learning easy, successful, and fun. But best of all, these games are FREE to enjoy!

Our learn to count and montessori game includes the following modes:

Math with Beads
Kids can learn counting and math skills using the time-tested beads method. Choose between various math exercises for kids, then watch how quickly your child learns! Games in this mode include counting exercises, learning place values (ones, tens, hundreds), and simple math operations like adding and subtracting.

Learning Numbers
Help your child learn to count numbers through simple but fun matching and number-arranging exercises. Choose a number range to focus on to help facilitate learning for different ages — smaller is best for younger kids!

Learning math Montessori style has never been so easy and fun, especially not for toddlers, kids, preschoolers and grade school children. When it’s time to learn counting, number arranging, and comparing, this app will get your family started the right way. Kids love these fun and colorful montessori games, and parents will love all of the extra features.

• Clean and clear interface designed for children
• Learn with colorful and friendly cartoon characters
• Monitor your child’s progress with report cards
• Unlock special stickers, certificates, and other bonuses
• No third party ads, no in-app purchases

Start your child’s education right with these fun, free, and effective Montessori math and counting games. It’s easy to get started, and the whole family will find something to enjoy! Download this educational game today and start learning right away.


Amazing FREE math, counting, and number learning game for preschoolers and toddlers with Montessori style methods. 🎯 No ads or in-app purchases, just fun games for kids! 🤩

📚 We're always working on improvements to help you and your family get the best math education possible! ✔️ In our latest update, we fixed a few minor bugs and added several performance improvements. 👉 Download the new version now, and enjoy the game! 🔥


40 comentarios en "Kids Math: Math Games for Kids MODDED 2022"

  1. Please remove hinting. It is extremely important to brain development, and learning in general, for a child to be able to figure it out on your own before intervention. At the very least, put an option to either turn hinting off or increase the time inbetween hints.

  2. Above average. I would give it a 4 🌟 or even a 5 🌟 if it allowed me to disable the hints, or at least to increase the time when the hint comes out. The hints appear so soon even before my kid finishes doing the calculations.

  3. Wasn’t bad at all. But already the app shows what to be done of which doesn’t make them to rack their brain. Thanks

  4. Visible numbers must be in selected language. And hints for 1st game is good but not for most.

  5. My toddler loooves this and often comes back to it. I love that most of the activities are teaching opportunities. We both love the super expressive congratulatory sound and image effects. I’d like it better if wrong answers in the flying numbers balloon game made a slight reaction but did not burst. Often the child will touch the wrong answers just to get the sound/image effects. This decreases the sharpness of the distinction between correct and incorrect answers.

  6. the idea of the app is great, but theres one big issue – hints. It’s enough that the kid thinks for 5 seconds the game already shows what needs to be done. Even my kid gets angry at that – “i wanted to solve myself!”. Other time the kid gets lazy and just waits for the hint without thinking. It’s especially important when I want to sit with the kid and guide him to solution myself. Please add option to turn off the hints. It’s relevant for all your math games, not just this.

  7. Eli M. dice:

    Tracing numbers on this app is non-responsive and sucks

  8. Al Fremer dice:

    What a great find. My grand daughter is 6 and loves this app. We are doing puzzles, Math and spelling. I connect this up to our big TV screen and she does the exercises on the PC and it projects up to the big screen. Our grand daughter is autistic and is able to succeed at doing these works. This is fun for her and she is able to succeed and be rewarded. I am running this on my PC on “Blue Stacks”. Thank you for doing this and keeping this free. It is worth a bunch to me and her. Thanks

  9. It’s awesome math games Thank you so much

  10. My son got bored bcoz there’s a hint already, he said there’s no challenge anymore..sorry to say but that’s is true.

  11. My heartfelt gratitude to the founder of this app for making it free . I can’t say thank you enough for your heart felt generosity to help us parents . The universe will grant you your best payments for for your kindness and making a difference in both the lives of children and parents. Thank you for very much from the bottom of my heart. This is the only apps that is free so far and no interrupting ads and kids can focus without the ads interruptions. it’s a good apps for your little ones.

  12. Sarah B dice:

    Last week my 2 year old found and downloaded Baby Games by the same creators then he mastered everything and so we were looking for more of a challenge and got Numbers as well. Today he was learning greater than and less than and getting it right!!! he loves the little collectable along the way

  13. I sincerely appreciate the app’s creator for providing it free. I can’t express my gratitude to you enough for your selfless willingness to assist us parents. For your kindness and for changing both the lives of parents and children, Almighty Allah (God) will give you its best rewards. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Since there are currently no other free apps without distracting advertisements, youngsters can concentrate without them. It’s a great app for your kids. awesome

  14. Hi, There may be an option to set number like 30. Then all numbers comparison should be for digits between 0 to 30. And there may be an option to hide image and show only number for comparison

  15. Mary Jain dice:

    Is there any way to deactivate auto answer generated in the counting app? My kid just clicks on the highlighted option rather than actually counting on her own. I checked the app settings but no such option was available.

  16. I like this game because it helps small kids to learn in maths if the child’s are weak in maths so it’s teaching us so we can teach something while playing the game we can learn something while playing game .

  17. Pure soul dice:

    The is great… But is there any chance to limit the numbers the parent want to teach to his kid? Ex: if I want to teach my kid numbers from 1:10 at the beginning of learning and gradually add numbers to learn I need option like that

  18. My Daughter love this educational game. She learned a lot from this. Thanks RV team. You are doing the best of what a human boing should do. Thanks once again from bottom of my heart.

  19. R.C. Siso dice:

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Our baby wants to thank this app…at the age of two, she can count from 1 to 50 and read each number easily. By this app, she can be able to learn more about math.

  20. Hi.. I am struggling to download the Kids Maths app, it says app will be installed soon, Please help, my 2years old daughter loves the shape & color app, we can’t wait to get the kids maths app too, I bet it is just as fantastic & also judging by reviews… Pls help

  21. It’s so helpful am so loving it and my son enjoys it so much. Not only is it educative but entertaining as well. Thank you and may create more of such to help different children out there.

  22. Thanks for the best way for me and my kids

  23. I’ve just downloaded the app and after going through it, I’m pretty sure my 6yr old son may just improve his sharpness in math.. Thank you for helping my wife and I in our quest to educate our children 🙏

  24. Love this application. My 4 year old granddaughter mastered it and enjoys it thoroughly. Very educational and entertaining.

  25. I think this app is best for my little brothers they are twins and the older one is too fast at maths and the 10 minute younger is strggling i need to help him ….. i love them to much …..they are my universes Love you baby1 and baby2

  26. I like this app because it help’s nowing my sister…. How to count, solve the math problem and to adjast the nowing number… And besides of this app… Its my favorite app to.. because even im 10 years old… I do play day and day…. Because its realy good game… And its offlins to… Because if i dont have load then i can just play whit-it… And that is why i gave it 5 star⭐ because its asome app

  27. I wish there was an option to stop hints. It doesn’t give children the chance to think by themselves

  28. It is good, but hints appear far too soon. My child is given the answer before even having time to think about the question

  29. Great great app👍👍 kudos to RV team…i have a youtube channel where i will soon share about this app… really my son loves the apps whether its tracing , numbers, maths, well done guys great app parents go for it..

  30. This will help my daughter,. Cos she’s 4 and she’s very good in mathematics. am sure is the best.

  31. great app from great people. it’s not all about the money, it’s about helping and reaching out.

  32. My granddaughter loves the math games. Thank you for the free app.

  33. I love all this app games…. It’s the BEST kids app EVER… My daughter loves it…. Especially with the NO ADS😁😁

  34. All the apps from this company are advert free and very good contents. Thanks for your generosity.

  35. Don’t think much about the game…just install it.. Becoz they are doing a great job in humanity.. Free access to all, Quality content, Understandable to our loved ones, What we need else…👌🏻🙏🏻 Love from 🇮🇳

  36. what a my little brother really loves this app and he really appreciate that all about numbers tracing and all about Maths and i giving this app 5 stars because it really good app ❤👍🏻👑

  37. really good & helpful for growing up children..Thank you very much for this wonderful apps.

  38. Bula i’m from Fiji and i have a two year old son and with this app it has helped him with his counting and he just loves to learn with it


  40. This is good for children Thanks i think this give some knowledge about how to fix the mat and this is good for children love the subject 🙏🙏🙏

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