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LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is packed with open-ended play experiences and games featuring animals 🐼, buildings 🏠, exciting vehicles 🚒, and trains 🚂 to inspire your toddler’s imagination and creativity through learning—perfect for preparing your little one for preschool.

LEGO DUPLO WORLD is carefully aligned with the highly-regarded Headstart Early Learning Outcomes Framework to ensure it’s age-appropriate and meets the developmental needs of kids ages 2-5 years old. Each activity targets key learning goals for toddlers and preschool kids.

Your child can explore each scene to find out what’s in it, discover how everything works and—of course—play with it! Children also get to build structures using 3D bricks, stimulating their creativity.

Be your child’s partner in play and get them ready for kindergarten! LEGO DUPLO WORLD supports Multi-Touch, so your family can play together and on the go for shared games, learning and adventures.

⭐ 2021 Kidscreen Awards: Best Preschool Learning App—Branded
⭐ American Library Association’s Notable Children’s Digital Media List 2021
⭐ Winner of the KAPI Award for Best App 2020
⭐ Mom’s Choice® Gold Award 2020
⭐ Licensing International Excellence Awards 2020 winner

Fun-filled play packs in this app:

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s journey!
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Please note that this app is free to play but additional content is available via in-app purchases. Google Play does not permit in-app purchases and free apps to be shared via Family Library, so any purchases you make in this app will not be shareable via Family Library.

LEGO®, DUPLO®, the LEGO logo, and the DUPLO logo are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO® Group.
©2023 The LEGO Group. All Rights Reserved.

LEGO DUPLO WORLD is the perfect LEGO game to help your toddler and preschool kid learn while having fun. It’s packed with learning games kids aged 2-5 years old will love.


Now updated with bug fixes and improvements!


40 comentarios en "LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m a family medicine doctor who deals with child development regularly. This app is hands down the best use of screen time. My only wish is that there was an option in settings to prevent the child from switching screens so easily (such as maybe pressing and holding the arrows). My son often accidentally hits them and it’s frustrating for him that it resets his progress on whatever tasks he was doing.

  2. Him Her dice:

    This is a good game. However, theres an issue that I’m experiencing. As a play pass user, the game sometimes forgets that I already have access to the locked worlds. Then I have to click it again (sometimes multiple times) and redownload the world. This can be very annoying, especially when you have a toddler ready to immediately play. Thank you for the game, and your time!

  3. $20-$30 for additional game modes without being able to see or play any sample of them is far too expensive. If I spend that money and my kid doesn’t even like it, then I’ve just thrown $20-$30 down the drain. Each mode needs to have a short demo mode to make sure it’s worth the money. The first and free option is good and my kid enjoys it, but that’s no real indicator of how he’s going to enjoy the other levels. Needs demos or the option to buy and return a level if the kid hates it.

  4. My 2 year old nephew really likes this app, he always wants to play with the cars. I bought one of the extra scenes, which although expensive, is worth the money. However, I would love if they made it harder for young fingers to accidentally move screens or press the Home button. My nephew presses the Home button all the time, so I always have to navigate back to where he was. Some sort of slider to make it harder for him to tap the navigation buttons? That would make me give more stars!

  5. The games/worlds are okay but it is heavily monetized and presents all of the locked and unavailable games, and ads for things like the marvel spinoff constantly to your kids. Individual games are relatively expensive for what you get. Just buy some actual Dulplos and ignore this app. To the response: The price is high given other app prices. We pay almost half your monthly subscription for ABC Mouse and it is exponentially more educational and beneficial. This app is not worth the sub or cost.

  6. Too expensive. my grandson loves this game but he could play only 2 games. If you could allow to play a few more games .I could give 5 stars

  7. Scam toddler app. Crazy high costs of purchases, which automatically load for your toddler to see all the “fun” they’re missing out on. I wish I would’ve known this, I would’ve never given a dollar to the hyenas behind this app. Avoid like the plague. Unethical practices under the guise of “creation”. Funny how all of the toddler apps cost sooo much to make, but adult games and games for kids over 5 never cost an arm and a leg with much better graphics and intense story play.

  8. Mike dice:

    Update removed sound from duplicate world, all other duplicate games still have sound. Was a decent app until this but need to spend a lot of unlock the other worlds.?… $50 is crazy for a kids game on a device

  9. I wanted to purchase the game for my child but it won’t let the transaction go through there and said an adult needed to complete it. I purchased it on my account and it doesn’t go on h r account

  10. I got a new phone and I’m having a hard time restoring my purchase. I was able to get other games back, so I know it’s not the wrong email. My 3 year old loves this game. EDIT: I contacted the developer and they were kind and got back to me in good time. They suggested I download the app from the galaxy store, which I did, and it restored my purchases! My 3yo loves this game and it’s worth the price to me. I use it as rewards for using the potty.

  11. This game is absolutely garbage I think you should delete it its like the add but you have to pay money for the full game it only gives you 2 things to do delete it!

  12. Does not restore purchases when you get a new phone. Poor value for the cost, over $6 for each minigame.

  13. Spent over £50 on opening worlds for my son for it to only go and re-lock every level with no excuse. I’ve got ALL of the receipts and I’m going straight to the legal ombudsman with this… Disgusting

  14. Really great app for my little one. She’s able to problem solve on her own and loves all the different zones and activities to do. The only issue we have is that in the submarine level, you have four people waiting on the dock to get in the submarine, but the submarine only has 3 seat. It makes her super frustrated everyone can’t go in the submarine together. Again super small but maybe only put 3 people on the dock. Looking forward to more zones being added.

  15. Why do they keep trying to get me to buy stuff when I already bought the unlock everything pass? Now most of the game is locked and won’t unlock?

  16. My 5 year old girl loves this game she plays it every day and night I let her play for about 3 hours a day and night she loves it

  17. Special thanks to Aishu at the Story Toys support team for assisting me with my purchases. Excellent customer service!

  18. Great until now. My son loves this game but I went to put it on my SD card along with all the other games and then it said I could not read this data. So I put it back on my phone and I went to see if it needed updated I downloaded the updated version all my purchases were gone over $40 I’ve spent on this game. And it wouldn’t let me restore my purchases said I didn’t have any. So I uninstalled it for now. Guess I’ll try again later.

  19. There is no level free only one is free it is so boring game

  20. Great app. But the price of 1yr access means you’re better off just getting PlayPass. 🤔 No way would I pay that much for just the one app. However it is my 3yr old most loved thing to play (And we only do 1hr screens per week, no computers or TV in the house at all. So it says a lot!). It’s easy to play without being dull. Challenges without it feeling as such. Teaches without them noticing it either. Brilliant.

  21. I hate that it auto-scrolls to games we don’t have and it only comes with the number train. I would have purchased the whole package but it won’t work on more than one device which is very frustrating. If I’m going to pay more than $20 for all the games I better be able to play it on all my devices! How about instead of doing in-app purchases that cannot be transferred you offer the games for purchase (of a full version) in the play store? Then it might be worth it.

  22. I just have a question.. I purchased the whole game for my 3 year old. He absolutely loves the game, and he has problems with many games but he is able to play this one without getting frustrated. Which is amazing!! But my question is.. the payment comes up in my bank statement as “recurring payment” I did not see that this was a recurring payment when I purchased it.. is this something I will be paying monthly/ yearly?? I will change to 5 stars if it’s a 1 time payment.

  23. My daughter loves this game. I had purchased the bundle to unlock all of the levels, but for some reason they’re all locked again. I decided to try and repurchase, but every transaction is declining. Even my Google play credit balance. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing is working. Very frustrating.

  24. Good app in the only free mode available. It was entertaining for my child. However, the rest of the app is behind an expensive pay wall that is not worth paying. Most parents don’t want or can’t pay monthly for a mobile game. This is definitely not the worst mobile game in terms of price, but it isn’t fairly priced.

  25. People, like little children playing this without any permission from their parents, are downloading this and complaining about the amount of money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do the payments, just go on whatever’s free. If you are bored of all the free part, and explored what’s free, go onto another app. That’s so simple. I love the game so much, amazing gameplay, just brilliant! You are wasting the developers’ time on complaining about the payments. No review if it’s about costs!

  26. Amit Vyas dice:

    Awesome experience! My 3 year loved it. Previously she was just watching videos but now this interactive game she loved a lot. With fun, she is learning new things everyday. There are hidden stuff which I was also not able to figure out but my kid was able to. Kudos to the Developers and makers who would have actually created the game for kids. One request, you should update with more interactive worlds, may be one in a year or so and i will keep my subscription on forever ☺️

  27. Worked great on my son’s 8″ ONN tablet. Upgraded to the Pro version of the same tablet (almost identical except Android 10 and faster SOC) and it no longer works. Shows the first two splash screens, then freezes. Paid for the full version, the tablet is brand new and multiple other apps work fine. Maybe an incompatibility with Android 10? Had Family Link installed on both tablets and didn’t change any settings.

  28. This is now my toddlers favorite game. She is almost 2 years old and has no problem navigating the game. It has educational aspects and fun. You get a fair amount for free, no annoying ads. To unlock more it is a decent price, I will be unlocking for my girl when I can. Highly recommend!

  29. Expensive for what you get and it’s a subscription which is.. no comment.

  30. Excellent concept and interaction that my daughter loves more than any other game, however I urge you not to make the same mistake I did by purchasing the bundle only for it to appear still locked within the app. Such a shame as this would have been worth an easy 5 stars had it not been for this glitch. Developers really need to prioritise this as a major flaw and disable this function until the bug is fixed.

  31. Downloaded for my boy and even at 8 years old he is entertained by it. Yes the cost is pricey especially if they want the packs but it gives me some quiet time and it provides an excellent distraction at medical appointments or long drives. I’ve found I don’t need the internet for the game once I’ve done the updates, etc. I do have a question though, when you’ve brought a pack, do you have to buy it every year? I am confused and couldn’t find information about it

  32. I originally downloaded the free version for my son. After about a month or so, I decided to buy the 29.99 subscription for all the games. I made this purchase from the app on my phone, but couldn’t get the purchase to restore on his device. I got nervous after reading reviews that I’d have to pay the 29.99 again to have it on his phone. But, after emailing the support team, they gave me a list of things to try and it worked! Now my son plays on his phone and the games are so engaging and fun!

  33. Colin M dice:

    Misleading! Daughter loved the free games so I paid €28.99 to unlock what I thought was all the games. However, 2 days later a new game has popped up and costs €5.49! Very frustrating as naturally your child then wants the one which is locked. Really disappointed that they con you like this. I understand that new games get created to keep it interesting but is it really necessary to charge so much after paying €28.99 initially?

  34. I just paid the additional $4.99 to add on the new “playhouse” addition. Not even two hours after the charge hit the card it’s saying I have to purchase again. Absolutely not!! This needs to get fixed!! Especially because it’s VERY over priced to begin with.

  35. All you get is the Train game. 1 out of 3 games is free. How is that tons of free content? Want the rest? That’ll be $7.99 for the combo. Duplo Town is a lot more engaging and still free. I get that it costs money to develop games but the amount of money paid for the game doesn’t reflect the gameplay content.

  36. Kids love it, but the additional content i bought today, the bundle for £7.99, is now not showing. No restore working either, after reading comments looks like this has been happening for a couple of months. I dont think its right to still charge people for the content while this type of error is occuring, give the content free untill the error is fixed then charge again. Update. Fully refunded now thanks

  37. Great App, my son loves it, have had an issue with the in app purchases but support has been great so far. The Game itself is brilliant, and I cannot recommend it enough. I see people complaining about the cost of the In App purchases, to be honest, they are less than a McDonalds Happy Meal for something that keeps my son happy much longer. Highly recommended. 2021 update, again had issues with restoring purchases, followed all advice given previously, pleased to say this time a reinstall fixed all previous purchases onto my “new” S8. Still highly recommended even though my son is older than the target age.

  38. I don’t want to give a review since I haven’t really played the game yet. I attended the downloaded for an old Lenovo tablet. After opening and going through the initial screen, it freezes on a sky blue screen with no options touch anything or move forward. I don’t know if it’s an issue with my software so I thought I would leave a message and hope that somebody would respond and maybe give me an idea. I checked all my apps and make sure they’re all updated and a system update. Thank you.

  39. 1 level is free to play to get your child hooked, then you’ve got to pay £5 to install each ofthe other 8 levels 😯 £30 will get you a bundle with 9 levels, but you still have to pay extra when they release new levels (5 so far this year) 🙁 which are advertised in game where your child can easily see 😡 So you’re eventually forced to get the annual subscription for £35 to get everything 🤦 Also no cross platform license or family license, even Amazon and Google licenses are incompatible 🤷

  40. Bluebomb2 dice:

    Overall a bad game for education of young children. unless a kid only needs to know sorting colors, it’s $30 a year for games other than that color sorting game. That’s over $2 a month for a few slightly educational games! Hardly affordable for a non middle class or up family who wants learning to be fun. Greed is a nasty thing and has never just stopped at adults, this is a great example of the modern day version of that. Exploitation of lower class pre adolensence family’s for “learning”.

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