Preschool learning games MODDED 2022


Educational kids games for 2 to 5 year olds.
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15 educational games for early development of kids. Our toddler games will help your baby develop such skills as visual perception, fine motor, logic, coordination, attentiveness and memory. The games will be entertaining for both girls and boys of pre-k, kindergarten and preschool ages.

Dress-up game: Put correct clothes on elephant and lizard.
Pattern game: Match cars by color to develop visual perception.
Logic game: Put bears, goats and fish into correct places.
Shapes game: Sort items while sledding and improve coordination.
Color game: Put sea creatures, jungle animals and fruits into correct spots basing on their color.
123 game: Count and learn numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a colorful toddler activity.
Puzzle game: Kids should sort objects into the corresponding silhouettes.
Building game: Build the space scene and enjoy great animations and sounds.
Size game: Set up houses for penguins and dress them up in a colorful game for kids.
Sorting game: Find correct vegetables and put them into a basket – amazingly fun for toddlers.

Preschool games for little kids are great for pre-k, kindergarten and preschool children who want to learn by playing.

Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old pre-k, kindergarten and preschool children.

You will never find annoying ads inside our app. We are always glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.


Thank you for using our apps. Here are some details of this update:
- improved performance.


40 comentarios en "Preschool learning games MODDED 2022"

  1. Very good, wish there were more of the free games but I’m sure we’ll get them all eventually 😂

  2. Holy smokes. I’m so impressed by my son’s ability to interact with these games and learn. He is 22 months old and these are so great

  3. While my son really enjoys these games and they are educational. I bought the full version for $3.99 about 1 week ago, which my son fully enjoyed. However, as he started the app this morning, it now prompted us to buy the full version again. I haven’t uninstalled the game, so I have no idea why that is happening. The “restore purchase” button is also not working. I click it, and nothing happens. I have emailed them asking to restore my purchase. I hope they do!

  4. Repetition is an important part of early learning and learning to listen is fundamental to that. The illustrations and animations in these lessons are wonderful but vocalizations of what is being done is absent.. If a child is on the app alone (which they often are) how are they to know why they are doing what they are doing? More language please.

  5. This game has great animation and beautifully drawn charaters, but repetitive concepts. I would not have felt so let down for my purchase if it wasn’t for the fact that every game is some iteration of a matching game.

  6. I love this and do my twins. I would love the developers to add sound, I.e. when red appears it is called red, etc rather than just music playing to help educational value. I sit with my twins and go through it but when they are different stages or different games it is more difficult and vocal consolidation from the games would support me supporting them. I hope this is clear. I hope this can happen as I have paid the extra for them to have the games.

  7. The “restore purchases” button does not work. I tried it on an Android phone, an iPhone, and a Fire tablet. It does nothing when you click it. Other people have the same issue. I emailed the developer and haven’t heard back yet.

  8. Great app, but terrible support. I’ve tried to purchase the full-version, which I even paid, but it still didn’t unlock. Contacted support, sent them the receipt I received for my payment, but only got generic, seemingly auto-generated replies. Bottom end I paid but I didn’t get the full app. Great game, terrible support. /Edit to the comment below: I’ve mailed to that address three times, but the only reply I get after a few days is ‘thanks for your review, and please follow us on twitter and facebook’. As useful as a solar powered torch.

  9. Ann I dice:

    There are only 5 games you can play without paying to unlock more and those 5 games were extremely easy and boring for my 3 year old. I am willing to pay 4 euros for a good educational game but I am not sure if thats what i get with the other games. Might be okay for a 2 year old but not for older children.

  10. DO NOT PURCHASE! In app purchases will go through however they can not be restored once moved to a different device or even on the device used to purchase. I’ve reached out to the developer and have only gotten robo-responses. I have a can open with Google regarding a refund. Otherwise the games are great for my kids but I’m unlikely to purchase a single one if the developer doesn’t resolve this.

  11. I love this app and purchased the full version, but after redownloading the app it no longer lets me use the full version. I’ve tried to select the restore purchase part of the app, but it doesn’t work.

  12. My grandson loves them and he’s only 2. He already recognizes the different colors, shapes and sizes. He’s also pretty much learned how to count to 3‼️ Love the game’s could make it harder for them to hit the new app tab!!!

  13. Dan W dice:

    My three year old loves these games and It does seem like it helps her have fun while learning which is hard to find for a 3 yr old. No connection required and it’s all just shapes and association puzzles.

  14. downloaded it and the first game !y daughter tried to play it would automatically go to an add about unlocking for games for a price. so essentially was a waste of data and time because she couldn’t even play. uninstalled.

  15. Purchased the full version. it gave me an error code but charged my credit card. I tried three times. Each time giving me an Error message BUT still charged my credit card. Not Happy

  16. Originally I loved this game so I paid the slightly overpriced cost to get the rest of the games. My daughter really enjoyed it. Unfortunately my tablet broke. I just bought a new tablet and logged into my Google account and got this app back. I downloaded it and with my eager toddler ready to play it i realized she was not able to play the games you have to purchase. It is making me purchase it AGAIN! I emailed the email ive seen in several responses and if they fix the issue ill rate different

  17. It’s a great game for kids, but they make you pay 4$ per tiny game to unlock and only give the option of 5 free tiny games that my son got tired of after 5 mins. RIP off. I dont know who is going to pay 4$ per tiny game to unlock but go on with yourselves. But I’m uninstalling. ✌

  18. Nice, bright, colourful and engaging. My daughter is 2, she’s not talking yet so trying to find ways to encourage her speech. She loves this game. She’s also very good at it. Great affordable little app.

  19. Steven dice:

    Terrible practices that are used to fool children. They allow kids to access locked content only to wave a purchase full version when they go to interract with it. No problem buying the full version, its just a nasty thing to do for kids who dont have the luxury

  20. I bought the full version of this app on june 18th 2020, it was deleted by another sibling. I’m refusing to pay for this again. PayPal says that I can file a claim before 180 days of the purchase. I already emailed you the receipt. I’m waiting for your response.

  21. Only 5 free levels. Just a joke. game runs smooth for the levels that are free. But 4 bucks for additional levels. Make them free for 5 stars

  22. PLEASE fix the restore purchase button. As previously mentioned by many others it does not work. I purchased this game and its still asking for purchase. Please fix it or send my money back please. My children love these games and ive never had an issue before.

  23. Kids really love it, but please add support for Family Library, so I can share with them unlocked content. Update: In that case, do you plan adding full paid versions to Google Play, so it can be shared with kids? Update2: Thank you for your support, i decided (and already did) to buy and unlock content in kids account, since they really love it. Will check rest of your apps…

  24. Similar to other reviewers have mentioned, I bought the full game and now it’s unlocked. Tried restoring and doesn’t work. Tried following the steps from a similar post but doesn’t work. Just don’t waste your money on this unless app.

  25. Cute for the little ones just have to keep paying for the other levels. We thought it was a free app all around.

  26. An a amazing app! My son loves it; especially the matching games. He used to have a hard time matching items but this app has really helped him. Thank you

  27. My son loves the games he has such a good time playing them all he is learning shape number colors and all kind of animals he can’t wait to get time to play thank you for the head start before kindergarten

  28. Paid for the full version. They took the money and the app was reverted to the trial (only 4 or 5 games available) within a week. Not cool. Kid was super upset 😠

  29. My 2 year old loves this app and I paid for the food version, it’s totally worth it! Tons if things for him to do and they educate him!

  30. They are fun little games for children but when I bought the full version my son got bored of it within 2 minutes. I tried to restore my purchase and it wouldn’t let me. I tried several times to no avail.

  31. Deven T. dice:

    Absolute trash that preys on children pressing the Pay to Unlock full game pop up window that continually pops up. Only one incredibly short activity is free. Things like this should be illegal.

  32. I’ve bought the full versions of all of this companies apps. They are very educational for a developing mind. My daughter absolutely loves these apps. Well done to the designers of the app

  33. This is a good app, but after we finished playing the 3 free games we bought the app for 5 dollars only to get an 4 more games that my nephew finished in 20 minutes. Honestly not worth the money.

  34. Decent enough games to keep the toddler entertained but had to uninstall as she kept clicking on the sneakily placed ‘new app’ icon in the corner and downloading more. The prenatal controls are a bit of a joke.

  35. I have enjoed these games. Ive downloaded just about every Bimi Boo game possible i think. My son loves them. Hes two and knows his colors, numbers, letters..and like knows them!!! So worth the tiny fee they charge for the whole program!!

  36. This is a very good educational game. My kid loves it and I have seen his skills getting improved. Learning in a fun way

  37. Is this game appropriate for ages 8-12?

  38. so for it is perfect for my three yro. she loves this game. but we only played two games and it immediately asks for a review, weird but ok

  39. Freezes in farming matching game everytime and it drives my child to cry in frustration each time. Fix the glitches in your game please.

  40. Both my children loved this as toddlers so I purchased the full version. Well worth it esp as it doesn’t rely on wifi.

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