Main Street Pets Village Town MODDED 2022


Meet Friends in Town and Play Games using your Imagination and Creativity
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Welcome to a new Adventure in Main Street! Meet your new friends including Bubbles Bunny the Mayor and Chibi the Panda Bear.

Use your imagination and creativity in this Dollhouse game filled with all kinds of interesting places to visit. Bring your Story to life on screen with over 100 Pets total to play with!

Panda, Fox, Bunny, and Kitty are all ready for new Adventures using your Pretend Play skills and Imagination!

Features Include:

– Tons of Locations in Main Street like the Dentist, Salon, Barber, Diner, Apartments, and more!
– Features over 100 Pets to play with giving you the most characters to engage with in all scenes!
– Pretend play is at your fingertips with over a dozen scenes total to engage in and play with your friends!
– Get new gifts when completing tasks to unlock fun toys!
– Pretend play in your very own Town which includes venues that Bunny, Fox, Panda, Pug, Duck, Unicorn, Raccoon, Monkey, Lion, and Kitty all dressed up in adorable outfits for every occasion!

Embark on a Brand New adventure in a lively town filled with fun Music and cheerful characters!


All levels in Main Street Pets are FREE and unlocked for your enjoyment!! Have a Happy Spring Season!


40 comentarios en "Main Street Pets Village Town MODDED 2022"

  1. I like the chores part but there is one thing that I think yall need to change and that is having more places to go to and do different kinds of chores!!!

  2. I’m 8 years old, I don’t have this game before because when I was 7, I didn’t discover this game. so I rate 5 stars cuz I love it. TBH, it’s kinda cute and the best game ever the kids had never played before.

  3. i love this game i cant stop playing and cute😊 characters and with task and i give it 5 stars because it was so cute and amazing and who dont play this game and she/he will get boring

  4. Umm… I like this game but 1. can you add decorations for the houses and I can decorate so it will look pretty 2. Can you make more food and change the wallpaper on all the apartments 3. Can the animals in the game has a closet and wear more clothes and 4. make updates on this game and you can have a garden outside and draw and paint and last one 5. Can you make the thinge everywhere in the aseeif you update it, I will rate it 5 stars ok but this game is pretty good! 👍

  5. I Love this game this game is better than miga town in miga town you need unloke them with real money but in this game you don’t need unloke them cause it is already unlocked this game is amazing and I am very impressed by this game I play this game every day and I will tell my friends about this game cause it is amazing superb….

  6. We Lol dice:

    I love this game because the animals are so so cute 😍 and I can’t stop playing this game.

  7. I love this game and there was no lock in whatever there and their all games are free but some games are not free like City that why I like this game I never delete this game

  8. Love this game,i downloaded it for my daughter to play with and so far she’s having some fun!!

  9. I love it! It’s better than yasa pets, my city and toca boca! TBH, i’ll never delete this!

  10. This game has tasks and maybe a house I don’t know yet I am still playing I’m not playing anymore I promise you it is a fun game

  11. I really love this game everything is fantastic, but I gave it for stars because of u complete a task they will give u something but it too much soon when u hv completed too many tasks by mistakes they will make the other places look someone pls minimize this toys given and the worst part is that u can’t get ride of them but still❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Buddy Shy dice:

    I love this game because there are very features and this came this is a good game for kids I love it

  13. The character’s are really cute x_x gosh I’m so Impressed with the tasks really fun the animations are really cool and I like that it has a different version’s of the characters I’m going to say some random letters becouse don’t have anything to say anymore

  14. Amazing game i love love love it cute voice this will be first game having my five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Awesome Beautiful😇😇😇💙💚💛💜💜💓💕💖💗💘💞💟

  15. This is an amazing it’s so many characters and you can’t change they outfit my little brother love it for kids this is fun they love it and so many word 😍I love it so much

  16. This is a great game.I love the mail room. Besides Toca boca this is a great app cumpiny. You all complain, at least more than one thing is unlocked!☺I’m not saying any thing but you could unlock the dentist because so many challenges happen in the dentist office. Please consider my complaint. Thank you. And more dolls please!

  17. Tejasvi dice:

    The app is very good but I request that we can open the boxes and in the boxes their will be necessary items such as broom ,mop ,dustbin ,toys ,bags , stationary items etc.I wish to have Main Street pets school ,with lots of amazing and creative activities too .I love this game very much so I am giving this app 💯 / 💯.🥰🤩🥰

  18. Omg i cant say it its really fun theres a dentist office a coffee shop diner and 2 apartments and hair salon i like all the characters when you press your fav character like the unicorn you can pick a lot of her different color its fun i complete all the task sometimes it gets hard but sometimes its easy i play all the time and i always said can i have a 5 minutes mom this is cool my sister actually love it keep up the good work and read all my review to beansprites llc ok byee🥰🥰five💎💎💎💎💎

  19. I really love this game!!! First, it’s not forcing ads, second, all of it are free, and not boring to play! I’m very happy about this game, absolutely amazing

  20. I really like this game only two places are locked and I have to say in other games they just lock everything but this game isn’t like those games. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

  21. This game is super AMAZING but the worse thing abt this game wich is you can’t take off the letters I wanted to take off the letter to the house from the post office and why there are tooo many stuff in the second house this is very disappointing , why the gifts are following u everywhere u should work on this game a little bit so it will become world’s best pretend play game I suggest people to install this game please read my commet and update this

  22. This app is like yasa pets. But I prefer this one here!!!! It is definitely worth it!!!!!!! But I would like if you made an spa and a mall and etc. But other than that the app is fantastic!!!!!

  23. The game is interesting and so enjoy ful too.but i dont like gifts .why gifts get in everyplace. But you have to download this 💖👌🏻. I like this game because it is offline and no purchases.🤩

  24. fake hacks and save cats and when it was fun it’s really fun because I gave it a lot a lot a light run run run a lot a Stars now can play it’s fun to play with and silly and so adorable and cool and adorable and awesome you can change her outfit

  25. I like this game please make more of this and please make all the characters free and places please, There are too many tasks on dentist….by the way, Great game!

  26. Omg i love this games 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 ….. And i hate pepole say this game is boring😰…. I Love this games 🌹

  27. I LOVE THIS GAME but I wonder when you can costume the character

  28. This game is cute and so much fun. When they’re drinking at the cafè, why would they eat the whole cup or anything??? I was like, why are they eating the whole cup??? Please fix it but this game is totally fun and so so cute.

  29. I’m rating a four because you cannot change their hair at the salon and when you go into character slots and the pop up of all the versions of that character they all looks the same

  30. I rate this app to five star because she is so cute all children loves this.and she so very cool more friends and family members to the world and you can do it for the first time in the world

  31. This game is nice.l love the game . This game better for toca boca . I like this game. 💜💜💜😊😊😊

  32. Hi l,m jean! , l,m really love this game its soo cute and all town ! I see in photo its too cute like panda,rabbit,and more! U know what play this game , its not but when u plaly this game its soo unfull 😘💖

  33. Very good game for girls my daughter liked it she was clapping her hand went I that I was going to delete it because she was not eating her food she started crying and pulling my hair she is just a 4 year old child stay safe and who ever boo this app they must be boo if they are having trouble then why they install this app u are boo a by the way which one is unlock please tell me ok because my child is not giving the phone

  34. Oh my GOD!!!I can’t say anything because this game was soo interesting.The characters all unlock,the place and the place is big and interesting.So,who read my review,please install this game and you will enjoy ;-).

  35. its a good game . i liked it when i played it for 2 – 3 times . but after that i noticed that there are some odd things going on in the game . Anyway liked the game

  36. I unstalled the app to reset my tasks and it saved them if you have to buy it don’t you will wast money. If you do buy it if you have to pay then u messed up

  37. This app is fantastic you can explore the world and the places are unlocked and the characters you can cook and do much more things I love this game 😘💜♥️🌺

  38. I am 11 years old and I love this game because everything is free .🤞🏼❤️🤯

  39. This game is very fun I can’t stop playing it

  40. Sorry , nice game but please it started downloading again when I put off my phone help your company and fix it , I will appreciate it if you make all places free, I know there isn’t real gain in the game buisness with out money but more downloads will come if it is free making it popular . Yours faithfully me 😌😌😌🤣

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