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Learn addition, subtraction & times tables with the cool educational math game
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Mental Math Games for kids: addition, subtraction, multiplication… With Math Land, children will learn math while enjoying a real adventure packed with action and educational arithmetic games.

Math Land is an educational video game for children and adults. With it they will learn and obtain reinforcement for the main mathematical operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
It is not just a math app—it’s a real educational adventure!


An evil pirate, Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islands filling them with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, find the gems and restore the natural order of things. Navigate your ship through the seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglass to discover new islands.
Solve fun math games to get them. The islanders need you!


Have fun with over 25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the chest that holds the gem. It will be a real adventure—you’ll have to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots, volcanoes with lava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorous plants, etc. It will surprise you!


For children aged 5-6:
* Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers and amounts (1 to 10).
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower.
* Reinforcing mental arithmetic with already learned additions and subtractions.

For children aged 7-8:
* Learning to add and subtract with larger numbers and amounts (1 to 20).
* Getting started on learning multiplication tables (the learning will be done gradually in order to track the children’s progress).
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50).

For children aged 9+ and adults:
* More complex additions and subtractions, teaching mental association of numbers with different arithmetic strategies .
* Reinforcing the learning of all multiplication tables.
* Sorting numbers from higher to lower and vice versa, including negative numbers.
* Mental division.


Our development studio, DIDACTOONS, has extensive experience in developing educational apps and games that combine learning and fun. Proof of this is the success of our other three apps and their—at the moment—over three million downloads worldwide:

* Dino Tim: An educational video game for learning shapes, numbers, and getting started on addition and subtraction.

* Monster Numbers: A real educational adventure that blends pure arcade fun and learning mathematics.

So don’t miss it—download the educational game Math Land!


Educational video game: Math Land
Recommended age: children aged 5+ and adults


Now you can enjoy learning math with the new version of MathLand. We have adjusted the level better in addition and subtraction activities.

We have also improved many islands to make them more fun.


40 comentarios en "Math Land: Math Games for kids FULL"

  1. Definitely a fun Math game for kids. Every game has it’s flaws and this one is no different. There are definitely glitches that happen but they make up for it in strides with no “Game Overs” (AWESOME decision on the creator’s part). It keeps the fun and allows the person to focus more on the Math and the fun. Something to improve on: the way you get the character to move can be a royal pain, but like I said, no Game Overs so it doesn’t cause so much frustration. Overall fun game my son loves.

  2. I am a 76 y/o woman. I enjoy doing Elementary math. I did okay doing algebra and geometry. I am trying to sharpen my brain cells. It is an interesting game. When a person is in alot of stress , math is the first thought process to go. And I thank you for the easy math problems!

  3. This app needs an option of reading aloud what’s on the screen. My 5 yo autistic son adored the game upon opening but while I’m cooking, cleaning or driving I can not read every question to him. He got frustrated instantly after being excited about finding a visually appealing app that can help him with his toughest subject in Kindergarten.

  4. This isn’t for every device, We are using a chromebook that is not touch screen and with the very first game you have to be able to swipe the screen to be able to play so even though we paid we won’t be able to use this game at all.

  5. Fun and teaches math really well. It’s a little finicky but fun. Recommend it to all you 2nd graders learning multiplication and division. 👍

  6. Is there no way to choose what to practice? I would like to be able to focus on multiplication and division, but those seem to be locked until you do addition and collect coins to unlock.

  7. would be nice game without pretty bad pirate controls and extremely buggy terrains (island 15, invis walls, mismatched platform routes colliding to walls mid routes; 10tries to get 10 green coins no go because crystals always pushed me off the platform, happy found some terrain stuck underground coins for collectible)

  8. x x dice:

    This is one of the very best, but before grade 4 is over, you probably need to find the RosiMosi SE collection of apps so your kid doesn’t get behind.

  9. The info states this game is family library eligible but the icon to add it to the library isn’t there. Shame and a waste of money if it can’t be shared with the kids.

  10. This game is to easy just follow the coins and collectibles to make it the end and make sure to unlock all the islands ok now byeeeee

  11. I like this game very much. It has adventures and made learn math very enjoyable. Thank you.

  12. It’s fun to play though i think controls needs enhancement but overall it was a educational fun game.

  13. My kids love this app…but I have 4 kids who want to play….could there be a way to develop profiles for each age level or child???

  14. This is no better than activity books for holidays. If you want some arithmetic in a real game try Calculords, instead.

  15. It is fun for beginners at maths they make you learn whilst having lots of fun i recommend it

  16. I like the game because this way children can learn and have fun doing maths

  17. “I like it because of all the obstacles. I like the math from the wizard. It’s so fun. I like this game every time.”

  18. makes maths really enjoyable. My Math shy son cant wait to play on it.

  19. Tapping doesn’t work since last week. Totally unplayable.

  20. My daughter loves this game, helping her learn maths very quickly

  21. James D. dice:

    Fun and challenging to exercise math skills.

  22. My daughter loves it. It does have some glitches but fun.

  23. Important stuff Coins, Keys, doors, treasure chest & flag Extras for other islands – Boat, Sea coin, floating plant Dangerous stuff Canon balls- They don’t turn and they go fast. Plants – If we get too close to them they bite. Falling Ground – If we walk on theM they rumble and fall into water. You don’t want to fall in the water and it won’t be on all places and they can rumble suddenly. Watch your step! Rumbling Bridges Balls falling in water Watch your step sparkle lava Birds- Moving Cannon

  24. It is a really nice app indeed! Share it to all of our friends out there!

  25. This is a good math app for learning for anyone

  26. It’s fun but it doesn’t have lots of math in it.

  27. It was so sad. I payed the money and had to reset my game😢

  28. Very good for kids, entertaining and engaging.

  29. I love it and it looks like it is going to have to have more time on the way home to get it and get back with me and I’ll let you know if I need anything from the office and get back to have them in the office

  30. Love it because it makes you have fun but do math

  31. Samil dice:

    5 stars for freeness. If my niece loves it iau buy paid version.

  32. dis was magnificent but why only a little levels

  33. Invasive request for reviews. You click don’t ask again, but it asks again ALL THE TIME.

  34. It’s good for children and it is fun.

  35. So fun!!!!! Downloaded for My Grandson, but I’m loving it too!!@

  36. thank you so much our son loves this game

  37. please fix. doesnt let me input age in the beginning.

  38. Love ❤the game so much fun!

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