Addition and Subtraction Games MODDED 2022


Learn addition subtraction with math games for preschool & kindergarten kids!
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Addition and Subtraction for kids is an ideal app to learn addition and subtraction for preschoolers. This app is designed by teachers & experts around the world. Kids in the age group of 4 to 8 years can learn to add and subtract by playing 350+ learning games! Addition and Subtraction for kids is the perfect companion for preschoolers & first grade students to learn math.

Kids will learn addition and subtraction by playing puzzles, coloring, shooting arrows, popping balloons with funny characters like animals, monsters, and more. They will never get bored of studying math with these math games!
Learning addition subtraction has never been so fun!

What will kids learn from this addition subtraction app?

1) Addition: ➕
– Addition up to 5
– Addition up to 10
– Addition up to 20
– Addition Facts
– Two Digits Addition
– Three Digits Addition

2) Subtraction: ➖
– Subtraction up to 5
– Subtraction up to 10
– Subtraction up to 20
– Subtraction Facts
– Two Digits Subtraction
– Three Digits Subtraction

Features of Addition and Subtraction Math Games for kids are:

– A wide variety of games:
There are over 350 addition subtraction games for preschoolers to choose from. Kids will never get bored of playing!

– Ideal for 4 to 8 year old kids:
An ideal companion for first grade kids to learn addition subtraction & math concepts at home easily.

– Completely safe for children:
This app is completely kid-friendly without any ads. No worries!

– Available offline:
Going on a trip? Download all the addition subtraction games to play offline, anytime, and anywhere.

8 games are available for free. Other games can be unlocked via a subscription.

One of the best Addition and Subtraction Math Games for Preschoolers!

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40 comentarios en "Addition and Subtraction Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Guys this app is so good I recommend it like so much but I got all of them right but I only got like four wrong on purpose to see what would happen and then he was right he said try again like the game to try again so this is a very good one like I tried it yeah it’s good like I was doing addition subtracting it’s good!!!

  2. Very helpful for kids to learn maths .Good app

  3. Good morning! The addition and subtraction games that i can do is my favourite games to play in my life..

  4. Fantastic .it is .so beautiful and nice game to play. my child like to playing.this app to much😊😄

  5. It’s great application for kids.

  6. Not free costs 39.99 or 4.99 for a week trial. They have two mini addition and subtraction games for free. Uninstalling.

  7. Hi. Can you add multiplication and division games in the next update? Trust me you will get a lot more downloads. And my little brother is stubborn to unlock every game by myself but i do not even know how to unlock add multiplication and division games and unlock all the games, at least do these in the next update.. The app is good.

  8. Great way to learn addition and subtraction. I liked the feature where every level has audio help. 👍

  9. L L dice:

    Aweful, long introduction video that had no skip button and took control of the screen.

  10. Looks okay to start until you realize it will only play each game corn like 30seconds and you kid has to reenter the game over and over. Good thing I am still in my cancellation window or in would be really upset!

  11. My baby is 4 and he loves the addition games.

  12. Useful for kids mathematics learning 👍

  13. Heta Shah dice:

    Amazing app for kids to learn addition and subtraction. It makes learning so easy and fun. Kids don’t get bored of playing these.

  14. Very helpful to my 4 year old

  15. Fun Interesting characters makes learning math for kids enjoyable. Addition & Subtraction one of the best math games for kids.

  16. How to buy full version without ads ? So my kid can play without interne tconection while we out of internet coverage durig vacation. I love this apps to help me teach basic match to my kid. And local language will more better

  17. Avinash dice:

    Addition and subtraction made easy and fun! Basic math app for kids.

  18. Mari Yah dice:

    It is renewing its own subscription deducting money from my account without any option for unsubscribing or showing active subscriptions. I want to unsubscribe!

  19. Addition and Subtraction is very nice that why I try to downlowd it my brother like it thank you so much!

  20. This is an amazing math app which helps kids learn addition and subtraction in a fun way. Must download app!

  21. What a fun way to learn and enjoy addition and subtraction! Amazing games with fun graphics!

  22. A fun and an interesting way to learn maths. My kid loves this addition and subtraction games.

  23. Theo Dora dice:

    My 6 year old really love this app very much. It’s very helpful and keep her enthusiastic with math.👍👍

  24. Mahe S dice:

    $40 for addition and subtraction is too much..start free trial , but need to give ur card details…I uninstalled before My trial itself.

  25. Very good game My sister is 4 and she already knows every single number as well how to calculate them, she doesn’t get bored at all because the game is very fun

  26. Very helpful. Excellent and easier way to learn.

  27. Fantastic, this is a very great app for beginers my kids really like. Thanks for the great job.

  28. My niece loves this app everytime I meet her she insists to play this game. Great graphics and easy learning makes the app best

  29. it’s very educational and it help my kids alot cause they stay in the house and learn.

  30. My kid love this game she can learn this very fast addition and subtraction is in her exam,anyway thanks for making this app.

  31. Amazing app for kids to learn addition and subtraction in a fun way.

  32. An easy and fun way to teach kids additional & subtraction👍

  33. What a way to teach addition n subtraction to kids..this app really makes it easy..👍👍👍

  34. Must download for learning 1, 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction.. 🙌

  35. App given 14 days trial but asking for credit card details. Not a free game.

  36. Best app for teaching addition and subtraction to kids

  37. My kid is a good friend and she loves to play with you guys but you can get make up for that too much for you

  38. This game is amazing! My kid love’s this😍 and there is no payment in the app!

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