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3… 2… 1… ACTION! With Toontastic 3D you can draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoons. It’s as easy as play. Just move your characters around onscreen, tell your story, and Toontastic records your voice and animations and stores it on your device as a 3D video. Toontastic is a powerful and playful way to create interstellar adventures, breaking news reports, video game designs, family photo albums, or anything else you might imagine!

What people are saying:
• Parents’ Choice Gold Award: “Toontastic 3D is a wonderful creative outlet for all budding storytellers, young scientists, or those who increasingly blur the lines between the two – perhaps this is where the next documentary makers and Pixar artists will get their start.”
• Five star rating from Common Sense Media – “Kids are in the director’s seat and have free rein to let their creative side shine with this flexible and easy-to-use storytelling platform.”
• A+ and Editor’s Choice rating from Children’s Technology Review – “Powerful and free, this rich language experience lets you create your own self-narrated puppet shows.”
• Winner of the 2017 BolognaRagazzi Digital Award for ‘Best Kids App of the Year’

• A giant toy box chock full of swashbuckling pirates, transforming robots, nefarious villains, and many more characters and settings to spark kids’ imaginations
• Design your own characters with 3D drawing tools
• Add yourself to your adventures with photos and custom colored characters
• Mix your soundtrack with dozens of built-in songs
• Choose from three Story Arcs for digital storytelling (Short Story, Classic, & Science Report)
• Export videos to your Photos library to share with family and friends
• An idea lab chock full of playful stories, characters and settings to inspire new adventures

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40 comentarios en "Toontastic 3D 2022"

  1. It’s a nice app, but it’s four stars not only because I can’t change the volume of the recorded audio and the music audio, but it lags and crashes sometimes. Normally it would get you 3 stars (from me at least), but the absence of ads gains you a star. I hope this app becomes more friendly to mobile and less laggy, but I would recommend it as a great kids app! Thanks for listening!

  2. Simply amazing. I dont review apps ever but I downloaded this, played around for a couple minutes, and then made a silly 7 minute little cartoon about me, my boyfriend, a ghost, and a secret agent trying to capture our ghost friend. The music system is really neat, you have a series of sliders with moods on them. For instance you can turn up the slider for the mood “Tense” and turn up “Spooky” and the music changes to mix the two. Just a fun little animator!

  3. Nice app! Good for kids who are learning the basics of animation and movie-making. I like how there’s a choice to be able to move the arms and legs in settings. You can voice the characters. You can make your own characters or edit the ones made by the game. You can make your own setting, and add music that doesn’t even effect the voicing! I would like it better if you could put the music for an ammount of time. I’d also like it if you could have more time to move around and such. 2 stars docked

  4. I love it! Me and my son have had fun. Although we worked very hard on a project and if was so great. And then suddenly the app stopped working and said it didn’t download correctly which we didn’t ever re-download it. We were using it up until one day it just started saying that. So we had to uninstall and reinstall which made us lose all of our hours of hard work. My son is very upset about it. He worked so very hard on it. So I think one of their updates jacked it up. Just be warned

  5. Awesome concept though really lacking in areas of actually being able to “set” the scene by actually being able to sit on chairs or simple task like posing the characters to form a story. You can make small trivial effects happen by clicking on some objects other then that it seems you just walk the characters around the screen and touch things to make small short lived effects occur. Liked the character editor though I wish it allowed for importing content. Great potential but at this point it’s still behind most android animation programs that I’ve seen my peers use or I’d use my self.

  6. Really creative settings and a variety of characters to use, although i will give it 4 stars because nowadays whenever i download the app, theres this sign that says, “This app was made for an older version of Android and may not work properly”. And the worst thing is, whenever i pick the rezisable option, it says “you may experience issues or even restart” fix this, please and thank you.

  7. The game is so good! We would play this game in 2nd grade and we had so much fun. But I have 3 suggestions, just to make the game a bit cooler. Maybe we could have a way to copy and paste pictures! And I wish that if you were making your own map, you could expand it so that it’s kind of like the other maps where you can move around and have a larger space. And also, I wish they could let us be able to mix colors and add new colors sometimes. Those are just suggestions, but the game is good! 🙂

  8. Toontastic, as the name suggests, is indeed Fantastic! There are many characters and settings, that literally reads our minds. Super cool app. Just the perfect app to create the video that the audience will always enjoy. A small suggestion though, is that if possible, increase the range of characters, such as when we are doing a science project, better have a scientist or 2. But still, I bet this is the perfect game, made just for kids

  9. Rowan dice:

    Quite fun. I needed a less buggy and money-grubbing alternative for Plotagon, and found one! However, The drawing capabilities are finnicky and difficult to use, and there are little to no backgrounds either. With the drawing program, it’s almost impossible to properly make a background, and there’s no import feature either, so it’s hard for me to even want to bother. I’ll likely uninstall this if I find something better

  10. Your app is very nice and its system is very good. But changing some things will make your app better. For example, if you can make a change clothes system, if you have a smile or crying system of the characters, if you can change the day at the buground night and night and the baground day. If the inner velocity of a room baground is really need…….

  11. It’s a nice app. But the problem is that there are no many objects. There are many characters. But things like rocket,ball and many other things are not there to edit. Also the characters cannot sit or lay down. These things does not make it a real movie and so it is kiddish. The backgrounds are nice but we cannot move the characters along with the graphics. There no drawing tools. It is impossible to draw a new background. If you can remove these faults, then I can give it a 5 star rating.

  12. This game is spectacular! You might be wondering why a 4 ? Well, because you can’t share it to your family and friends, Wich is a bummer. Another problem is that when you make a a custom character form scratch, you have to draw it! It be better if you could choose body parts or take a photo. Please try to improve this thank you for reading my comment.

  13. I love toontastic it is very fun and I enjoy playing it! I love that you can make your own silly characters! I like that you can pick your setting and record! the only thing that bugs me a little is they need to get more characters! but overall it’s a pretty great educational game!

  14. Pretty fun to play around with if you want to express yourself making stories. There’s already character models that you can recolor and move around and premade environments with movable elements and a decent selection of music. It would be nice if there’s an option to toggle on or off voice recording so that we can still make skits even if there’s only music to put as audio, or if it’s noisy around us while using this app…

  15. This app has good graphics and has easy controls 😃 with which anyone can create cartoons but has many limitations for cast and settings and doesn’t have the feature for making our own moves to our characters, and it compulsorily (no option) records audio for the toon. However it functions smoothly and does not crash , the built-in characters and settings are just indescribable, it would be great if had more features. Keep it up Google for making an awesome app.😊

  16. This app is good! Just one problem, whenever I record my voice and finished the scene, the voice doesn’t sync up with the actual timing, can you fix this glitch please, if you do, I will give it 5 stars and I will install the app again.

  17. I love this game, it’s perfect. BUT! It says that the app isn’t updated all the way when I JUST downloaded it. Then, I press check for update or I press okay. Then, I simply play the game. Works fine, but lags a little. THEN, I stop playing and leave. YET, when I do, I get back on later, or the next day. And it says “Not working. Reinstall and try again.” And it never works. I try so hard, yet it’s dumb and doesn’t work. This game is perfect. But, I’d like it to work without that crash.

  18. Please can we pick out as many characters as we want. Can you do the same with scenes. I had a big science report and I my teacher needed me to use this app. She said I needed 10 scenes. Then it did a limit. I could pick 8 scenes. I was in huge trouble. So please update the game. Everything but that it was a great app

  19. I always wanted to be a cartoon maker and I would also like if we could delete the characters we don’t want once we start the movie. I’ve been having some problems with the app adding double characters.

  20. There’s a lot of limitations in it! Like you can’t make more scenes, and can’t use more characters,( I do not know if this is a limitation on a free app because no one mentioned it in the review To me this is a really big limitation‌!)When we do an animation we can see a timer. But when the timer is over, the time for our animation is over. And we can not animate that scene. Then the next scene will have to be taken! And like I said before, the scene also has limitation! Does that make sense!!!

  21. This is really good, but when I installed it in my Redmi Note 9 which is using Android 10, it said that Toontastic hadn’t been made for higher Android version. The result is audio glitches when recording. Please fix this. Can Google add more settings? Such as jungle, beach, farm or house? Give more control such as importing files from phone (maybe make two versions. One for kids, one for advanced users). I use this for my educational contents, so I need more flexibility. Thanks.

  22. imagine your could make your own clothes and hair that would be so cool please add it. One more thing, one time when I loaded some models, they were corrupted/glitched! Please fix if you can fix it I will rate it five stars. Also I have NOT been around to see Toontastic 2D and I want you to bring it back as a separate app please! Also please give the characters facial expressions! Toontastic is like Plotagon and Go!Animate

  23. Uhm. I thought it was cool. I thought this app was a peace of talent! But… Idk what to say but, this is not a good app. The app freezes, when im done recording. And the app wont let me touch my own phone! My whole system freezes!!!! I hope in the future, you’ll figure this out. Good bye, but i may have to delete it though

  24. Me You dice:

    I like that we can do. Whatever feels right for the movie but i would like there to be moré scenes. It would amke the movie better. And i would like the objects in the scene to be interactively useable.

  25. Rjon95 dice:

    I can say it deserves five stars but there are drawbacks I will say I love drawing and animation, but it is a good idea to be a little realistic by developing the drawing, adding new characters and extending the duration of filming. I cannot record anything. I want unlimited time and record the sound well. It does not show the sound and add new places. I also like the beginning when you enter the applicationI know my English is not beautiful but thank you for app and bye

  26. MrCyber dice:

    Honestly this is a great app for kids. But for someone actually interested in creating their own setting and characters, it is a bit more difficult as the drawing option is very basic and doesn’t have that much options, my one suggestion is adding an advanced option where someone can use more brushes or even model something by adding different 3d shapes to make a character or setting for more movement in their custom drawn characters. Still a great app though

  27. The app is great and I love it so much and it is so unique but!!!! There is a only one thing that!!!! When you choose your character the maximum characters you can choose is just six and actually it is not enough you can make the maximum for example 15 or 20 it’s more better and will be more fun. *KEEP GOING wating for more updates * & Thanks for reading my post.

  28. Really good app. You can make your own cartoons or mini-movies and then export and download them. You can make different backgrounds too or use the ones there already. You can make your own charectars too or use the ones already. But the problems are it limits alot of things. It’s very good app though and I recommend it!

  29. It is the best animation app on playstore but it lacks of few things and they are 1. Import characters and sounds from outside. 2. Pause button while recording 3. Voice changer It’s been year this app has an update and if you guys are planning an update then please add those features. Thank you

  30. It’s a fun game but the problem is why do you only fit seven people? And you only fit seven backdrops as well? I don’t think that actually makes an actual movie and I think it’s very childish if you can extend the backdrops and characters from seven then I can give you a five-star rating and by the way it’ll be also thankful

  31. This is a really nice app! On my old phone say internal storage low. When I open it, it tells me to reinstall it. And takes away my progress. How about you can save progress and can you make your drawings move arms and legs and special stuff and edit 3d guys movement and special stuff? That will be cool!

  32. Fun and entertaining app, with plenty of choices: BUT!!!….there is NO help available to tell you how and what to do in order to “animate” your characters, props and Fx, etc. PLUS…BEWARE – it’s a HUGE download!!! (It used 269Mb storage space)! However, it’s an amusing pastime, but not really particularly useful… I, personally, uninstalled.

  33. 2 stars as Terms of Use and type of License is not clear. Whether it can be used for youtube or other commercial use for monetisation without any copyright strike etc. Otherwise seems good app to make animation. Uninstalling for now, waiting for Google to clear the above confusion in their terms of service.

  34. This does not export properly, and has a way to share the video so dated. I cannot get the videos. When I try to export, I wait for it to complete, and then it says it was successfully stored but there is no file anywhere, neither in the Gallery. Android here, latest version.

  35. Vinotha P dice:

    This app is good but only one irritating problem, if I give audio and play it, the audio is going way too fast and not audible, it’s like the characters are standing simply and staring. I don’t know if this problem is only for me but please fix this bug and I’ll definitely rate it 5 stars, otherwise I really recommend this app for everyone for making movies or just for fun….

  36. LIMO dice:

    Google no way you giving up on this app it’s amazing i made some hilarious skits this App is build so clean and effective please add more features so that the characters can interact with every items and objects make it more livley add more functions this App can become a great animation app trust me i see the potential in this App.🤩🤩🤩💡💡

  37. This is great! If you like movies and want to make one get on toontastic! (Keep in mind that it takes lots of storage). Sure you may think oh there short. Make a part two then! Overall great graphics gameplay and best of all the game itself.

  38. I am very much happy with this app. It’s so easy to use. But i have faced some problems lately. So, plzz toontastic team solve my problem. While exporting my video it will be blue screen and only sound is clear we can’t watch video. If yo can solve this issue then i will be very happy to gove 5 stars

  39. It would be even better if you added more scences and then we can also import backgrounds to the setting as well. Also it would be even better if we can write out what the people say as well. Also add more settings to the scence please because the same old ones get boring and also make it to were we can do a long story like a chapeter book or serries

  40. i love the app. its so great and whoevers reading you should get it. but there are 3 problems 1. the time is really short. plz let us choose the time. 2. characters can’t hold anything. 3. whenever you touch a character they start doing something and when i am in the middle of a scene that happens and it ruins the whole scene. its good that the characters move like that. but if there was a better way to activate it would be great. this is not a hate comment. i love the game. but plz fix the bugs

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