Image Viewer MODDED 2022


Multi-format image viewer.
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ImageViewer is a multi-format image viewer, for opening image files.

You can easily view all your photos and pictures on the phone.

Adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation.

View your gallery, set as wallpaper, flip and share with your friends!


40 comentarios en "Image Viewer MODDED 2022"

  1. first thing i saw was an advert when i lodged it .. i clicked the menu… No option to crop .. had an option to obtain a 2nd app called effects editor. At this point i closed and uninstalled this app. My 2nd phone is a Samsung Galaxy s5 with Samsung gallery .. works flawless and crop is in main menu when viewing a picture. Can not find an app that even comes close to that simplicity for my moto phone. Why has nobody made a free gallery, no ads with just crop on main menu???

  2. Eklavya dice:

    Useless App. There are no albums, neither any type of sorting option. It simply displays entire pics on the phone on a single tab. Amateur app. Phone’s inbuilt gallery apps are far better than this.

  3. I downloaded this app because it was the only one I found that viewed PDN files. And it does that job perfectly. It’s just what I needed. Thank you, coders!

  4. The best image viewer ever. It lets me look at my images at full view without that ugly camera notch thats covering it. Samsung really sucks now.

  5. fwverwijs dice:

    For an image viewer, it was not useful for simply viewing images. It began on recent images and when I selected a folder, it couldn’t open the first image.

  6. There has no any means to select files from any folders in internal storage. The Application suggests of selection from predefines folders folders such a “Photo”,”Downliads”

  7. Annoying ad prompting to download other apps keeps showing every time I want to view an image. That makes this app slow to use, useless and anoying.

  8. Tried to open gif, just got an X. Cannot scroll through pictures in folder. Advertisement on top. Completely useless!

  9. you wanna know what happened when I double tapped to zoom? I expected the image to be resized to its true size… not so goddamn close 1pixel becomes 9

  10. Nice basic viewer! Not an editor. Just for viewing multiple file formats.

  11. DDS files aren’t allowed it seems. I tried using the “files” picker but it doesn’t let me pick any files with the .dds format.

  12. It only views photos already visible in your photo gallery, so no use if your phone isn’t opening a larger image.

  13. Sorry.. But stupid app too simple, a lot of Ads can’t read HDr images.. Can’t read jpg and jped… Download or crypted img… I don’t know how that app get 1M Please don’t install it.. It’s a fake

  14. Very basic lacking basic features like fit images to window. Nothing worth to download/ install.

  15. Cant give stars or review i cant get it to install over 3 days 1 24 hr first time the start all over at least 100 times. Suggestions welcomed and needed.!had to give1 star so it would post

  16. it was a waste of time. doesn’t make difference with my in built phone app. still can’t show all images

  17. Having to pay to use is unacceptable when free ones are on playstore

  18. Not advisable. Everytime you swap images the ads show up. Bad apps!

  19. It is very useful to open jpej images. I have downloaded some data from citizens portal that was in jpej images that was not respond by gallery but this app solve my problem.

  20. it cannot open dds files… Only png and jpg… The only app that works is Image Converter

  21. A lot of ads, did not open an image from another app

  22. Fake app can’t even view the file even tho claiming to supporting the file formats.

  23. I tried opening a TGA file and it didnt work instead just showed a X

  24. simple gallery app. no frills. Yet it does the job

  25. image viewer with ad, not even displaying my image in chronological order in root folder

  26. I give 10 stars anything created by Byte Mobile..their apps are easy clean filled with feature

  27. endless annoying adds. not worth it.

  28. Doesn’t work on RAW files for Android

  29. Really good app for finding pics and edeting them aswell

  30. It’s not support .psb file extension images

  31. Full of ads Every click yiu get an ad

  32. Doesn’t play animated pics like gifs and webp.

  33. the .dds file turn yellowie, like very bright but yellow~

  34. Just what I needed. It opens the one picture I want to view.

  35. Very simplistic, but it works.

  36. For an app that is supposed to open images, it failed to do so

  37. Tried 4 jpg images, it couldn’t ope n any of them

  38. Not usefull at all Can’t even open an single image

  39. I could not find additional features compared to galory..

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